Advanced Tactics: Gold offers a unique and infinitely replayable wargaming experience for any strategy fan. Building off of the enormous success of Advanced Tactics: World War II, the Gold edition gives players a more powerful game editor, much improved random game engine, many new features and abilities, and more.
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Release Date: Apr 12, 2011

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July 5

Advanced Tactics Gold 2.21s patch notes

Hi everybody!

Advanced Tactics Gold has been updated to version 2.21s!

You can check the changelog below

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Advanced Tactics Gold 2.21s patch notes

- Fixed a strange filename issue when you where setting an alternate master file in the random game setup screen
- Fixed a crash in Ormands scenario with aircraft model
- Fixed a crash in Ormands scenario with Models
- Added the ModelAllowUpgrades button in the editor
- No more crashes when watching history replay with TOE system enabled
- TOE system did not work well with aircraft and could cause mysterious oil losses, fixed! (already fixed in the private v2.21m)
- TOE system got confused with variant resource use = off. fixed!

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About This Game

Based on the award winning game engine by the same name, Advanced Tactics: Gold offers a unique and infinitely replayable wargaming experience for any strategy fan. Building off of the enormous success of Advanced Tactics: World War II, the Gold edition gives players a more powerful game editor, much improved random game engine, many new features and abilities, and more. Advanced Tactics: Gold also comes with an updated manual and ever-changing and expanding wiki, a freshly revamped scenario bank, new graphics throughout the game, more troop types, as well as some new scenarios. VR Designs has also been hard at working listening to player feedback, so Advanced Tactics: Gold also comes with many incremental changes and improvements based on community feedback!

But perhaps the most exciting feature in Advanced Tactics: Gold is the near limitless potential for replayability. The strong mod community will be able to create engaging, rich scenarios with the vastly improved editor, and players looking to hop straight into the action can enjoy a much improved random game experience that comes with many new rules, actions, and gameplay mechanics.


  • Versatile Engine - The Advanced Tactics: Gold engine is capable of modeling a wide variety of warfare from modern battles to conflicts in fantasy realms!
  • Improved Scenario Editor - The scenario editor is very powerful and allows the player to edit almost any aspect of the game in great detail.
  • Expanded Random Game Mode - Many new features and game mechanics like more unit types, unit fuel, climates and seasons, and more.
  • Form alliances with other players where you can share recon information and support allies in combat in addition to giving units, hexes, and research to allies as well!
  • Loading and saving scenarios are faster as is the AI when calculating and executing its turn.
  • 3 Even-Steven scenarios for play against a human or AI opponent, 3 Tom Weber scenarios: World at War 39-45 (human-human only), pacific war 41-45 (human-human only), East Front 41-45 on top of the already 25+ existing scenarios packed with Advanced Tactics WWII that have also been included.
  • A large and continually growing scenario bank allows you to find dozens of excellent scenarios ready for download and easy install.
  • Easy scenario import from .zip and export to .zip functions to make scenario sharing easier
  • A combat detail screen for those who like to study exactly how each modifier was used.
  • GUI improvements in the form of extra information on landscapes, location types, peoples and subformation types.
  • Watch the AIs turn to study its moves and attacks as they're made.
  • Rule additions include more intense and grognard-like rules like movement delays in hex caused by combat, less predictable air intercepts and persistent battlestack counters.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, windows 10
    • Processor: 1.5 GHZ Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 8MB video memory
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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88 of 100 people (88%) found this review helpful
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4.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 18, 2014
Rewriting my review to ensure everyone would know how awesome the game is. Been playing with the Matrix Store version of the game prior to its steam release. I believe the game has been around for quite awhile now but it is only known to a few number of people. I was browsing the Matrix store a few years ago after hearing about Distant Worlds and I stumbled upon this gem.

The game is a wargame with a lot of mechanics like entrenchement, morale, supplies, etc. The game may not be the prettiest but it is appropriate for a game of its kind. The game looks like a hex-based boardgame with the unit counters on the tiles. The default units look like the actual units but for those who want something realistic then I would suggest getting the NATO counters mod for the game.

Advanced Tactics gold is made by the same person who made the Decisive Campaigns series for the PC. Advanced Tactics is a traditional wargame that sits in the sweet spot between beer and pretzel Panzer Generals to the complex mind-boggling simulation that is War in the East/Pacific. The game is easy to learn but hard to master. The game could be played like many traditional wargames where there are scenarios (I think it includes a WW2 scenario and some scenarios could be downloaded from the ATG site). The best feature of the game is the random map generator where you can tweak some options like expensive research or starting with only the most basic military tech and researching improved units. The randomly generated map could be tweaked from presets if you want more oceans (if you want more naval combat/invasions) or more land (simulate the eastern front) and a whole lot more. Playing random map generator sorts of lets you play the game as something like most 4x games where you have to uncover the maps and capture resource sites and build some fortifications, ports, factories, etc. The cities serve as important hexes that gives victory points. Capturing victory points would let you win the game.

The best part of this game is that you can't win by brute force. You have to put a lot of things in to consideration. So lets say you got the tech for the biggest tanks but these tanks uses a lot of fuel. A low fuel reserve might turn your tanks in to useless piece of scrap metal. So you are not protecting your supply lines? A well-placed paratrooper unit behind your lines would cut your supplies and weaken your forces. You got 100 rifle units and the enemy has only 50 SMG units well entrenched in a city? They will cut you to shreds! Oh you are laughing at that unit with only 15 rifles and 3 machineguns and you think your 50 rifle units could roflstomp them? Well I don't think so! Your oil reserves are dwindling and you want to move your artilleries around fast? Then you better get the horses to drag them!

Its things like this that make this game close to infinitely replayable as every game can turn out differently and you can choose whether to use air superiority, drop tons of troops more that what was paradropped during market garden or do an amphibious invasion that would put overlord to shame, then you have the option in this game! I paid around $50 for a digital copy of this game and I must say that I have no regrets! It is really worth it. It makes you think and does not ensure that you would just start to steamroll over your opponents once you get your advanced units. I will be bold to say that IMHO this is the best wargame ever!
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47 of 56 people (84%) found this review helpful
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333.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 2, 2014
If you like strategy wargames, get This game!
and if you wonder why, a short list of reasons;
1. subformations, instead of producing units, your cities will produce the individual components, it is up to you
to decide how to compose your units
2. command structure, your units will fight better with nearby hq units adequately staffed with Command units
3. supply. soldies need beans and bullets to carry on the war! not only will you have to produce enough supply to feed your troops, you also have to ensure that your troops are within range of their superior command units to recive their supplies.
Units out of supply will be unable to move or attack, and be very easy to kill
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41 of 55 people (75%) found this review helpful
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268.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 5, 2015
Find me another war-game where you play on random-maps against brutal AI. Steep learning curve and patience required, be aware.
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20 of 22 people (91%) found this review helpful
6.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 15
A good design held back by some needless over-complexity and an interface that requires not only a lot of working out but a lot of "busy work" even once you know it very well. As wargames go this is one of a kind and the flexibility of the scenario design system is a real highlight... but, at full price and given the other options on the market, it's hard to recommend. Word is there's a sequel on the way - hopefully it capitalises on the strengths of this while streamlining the UI and some of the other fiddly elements...
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32 of 43 people (74%) found this review helpful
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37.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 18, 2014
Great Game!!! Well worth the investment for any wargamer. Great and simple mechanics, Wonderful random scenario Generator. The best and most elegant production system for this type of wargame. The UI is a little outdated but the depth of strategy is enough to overlook it. At first the some the interface can be annoying and confusing but after a while you begin to understand why it is designed that way and it actually makes for a much more flexible gameplay. I put hours in on this game before the steam release and i just hope this release opens up more players and mods!!!!
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21 of 24 people (88%) found this review helpful
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233.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 13
Just awesome, best wargame around

Also just want to add that there are a lot of scam/spam negative reviews for some reason. Steam should delete them.

BUT this game is the best wargame I've ever played, and that's saying a lot. It is so flexible and versatile and really not that hard to come to grips with. One you learn the hotkeys, things become a snap.
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28 of 37 people (76%) found this review helpful
117.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 22, 2015
This is a great hex based strategy game. The AI is a good opponent too! I wish my friend would buy this so we could play against each other.

Its fun to play matches against multiple AI enemies.

The customizable random world map makes for lots of replayability too.

Lots of different units (just simple tokens on the map) that are upgradable to more powerful versions (fighter III, etc)
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27 of 37 people (73%) found this review helpful
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47.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 5, 2015
It might look rather simple, But its not.

It has a quite deep tactical gameplay. Supplies for units. ore for production of various units you can use in divisions. oil for motorized units, carefull tho once you run out of oil your war machine stops to a grinding halt, tanks and motorized units can barely move, any aircraft is grounded.

It has a small learning curve but once you know what every button does its fairly easy. It also has a random map generator with quite alot of settings. you can even have a civilization alike game. you start with 1 city and HQ with a few units

Cities and factories produce units, wich you can mix and match in self cuztomized divisions. Different terrains with different stats. And thats not even all of it, It would be too many to name.

However all this fun stuff comes pared with a rather funky outdated UI, Alot of time consuming gameplay and tons of micromanagement.

Overall a 8/10 - would run out of oil during an operation again.
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25 of 34 people (74%) found this review helpful
5.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 22, 2015
One of the best turn-based wargames of all time. Notable for having production, supply flow, and tech research - features that are more typical of RTS and Civ games. The core game engine is extremely powerful and flexible, such that there are mods for Roman Empire games, fantasy games, space opera games, and more.
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22 of 30 people (73%) found this review helpful
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264.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 20, 2015
At first I hated ATG:G because it was difficult and unforgiving to a new player. The way the AI plays you'd assume it was cheating, but it isn't. Instead, the AI is exploiting you as much as it can; taking advantage of obvious mistakes. Unlike many other games in the genre, the AI is *actually* trying to outsmart you, outflank you, out-produce you, and generally stomp all over you (within reason, depending on the difficulty settings).

Also... As others have pointed out, the user interface *is clunky*, but honestly it is a lot of fun regardless once you get the hang of the keyboard shortcut schema.
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Recently Posted
3.9 hrs
Posted: July 31
Wow! what a little gem of a game, i would recommend it to anyone seriously interested in the turn based strategy genre.

Ok, so a short time ago i had the urge to play something a little different (i have always preferred RTS) and as i have always enjoyed strategy games, decided to try one of these so called "grognard" titles. I was initially put off by the graphics but this game was on sale at the time so i thought -to hell with it i'll give it a go and im glad i did. Ok so the game isn't going to win any awards for it's looks but underneath it's exterior there lurks a very good strategy game with a huge amount of detail. As the player you don't just move your armies around the map conquering territory you also have to manage your production of raw materials and oil to fuel your war machine as well as your supply lines. Units can be equipped with trucks, trains, transport planes and even horses to make sure your armies stay mobile and that supplies keep flowing and engineers are needed to construct railways and factories to help in this endevour. You also have complete control over things like unit production, research and the size and composition of your armies as well as your command structure. As you play the game, things like terrain and weather come into effect which gets you really thinking about how to plan an attack - mechanized units will struggle to move through mountainous terrain, tanks will get bogged down in the mud after heavy rain or melting snow and planes are rendered ineffective by fog. Armies can get flanked, surrounded or cut off from supply and things like morale, unit experience, entrenchment and suppression all come into play when the results of battles are being calculated. The game features a random map generator which is able to produce enormous maps made up of literally thousands of hexes and allows the player complete customization over the type of world they wish to play on giving the game almost unlimited replayability. I think the best thing about the game is starting out with just one hq unit and finding later that you are commanding a vast army of ground, air and naval units and fighting a war against your opponent where all sorts of tactics come into play - bombing their cities to reduce production, attacking supply ships with submarines, carrying out air recon and interception etc. If i had to pick faults with the game i would say the graphics aren't very good, the ai puts up a fair challenge (for a beginner like me) but would probably be too easy for more experienced players, alot of micromanagement which isn't for everyone and lastly the price of these games are usually very high (due to them being a very niche genre i guess). I would recommend buying this game but try and get it on sale. Overall a very accessible game for players new to the genre not to difficult to learn but enough attention to detail to keep you thinking and interested, alot easier to play than say the 'Hearts of Iron' games but with less detail and features.
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0.7 hrs
Posted: June 24
I love a variety of indie, casual, and good classic games. This game is not that any of those. I also have a lot of patience to figure out games that are poorly built and hard to play. This is game is not worth it. It looks and feels like a 20 year old game, but not a good 20 year old game.
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6.0 hrs
Posted: June 23
This game is very good. I recommend it on sale for sure.


Solid 4x gameplay, production system is very nice.

TONS of replayability.... map generator is great

Lot of options.... you create your own divisions, outfit them however you like. There's room to try any strategy you can think of really.

Easy to learn... I figured it out pretty fast, it looks intimidating but its actually not bad at all.
Just watch a couple youtube videos, there are also tutorial scenerios.


Great supply system

Lot of combat options... probing attacks... air/arty support...entrenchment...encirclement

Multiplayer support

Decent tutorial / training scenerios


UI takes some getting used to. Mouse wheel should be able to zoom instead of clicking a button

Icons should be larger. More tooltips should be there.

Learning the hotkeys is essential (not many)

Outdated PBEM multiplayer

Tutorials could be better.
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1,849.6 hrs
Posted: June 18
A really great game, it is my favorite game, and here's why...

Random Games
The random games and the editor allows you to play this for a decade straight, every random games match has led to a completely different match, and can be randomized more with the ability to choose size, age (How flat the terrain is, older is flatter), weather (None, or Tropical to Arctic), and more

The editor is very, very powerful, it (As in the description of the game) is very versitile, all you have to do is, a couple clicks of a button, and nearly everything is able to be changed, or replaced all together. Rulvars allow you to change the rules of the game, SFT's allow you to add or take away units from the game, Items allow you to change how you build the SFT's or resources. The editor is also ingame, and on the main menu!

Custom Scenarios
There are base scenarios to choose from, but many of them are the classic version of the game, Advanced Tactics, however some have the rules and SFT's of Advanced Tactics Gold. The scenario bank though, at, allows much more ability to choose a specific scenario of your choice, also there are mods that change the graphics, the Units, and the timeline of the game

New Dawn-
New Dawn allows much more in the singleplayer and multiplayer experience. Generals adds a personilization feel of the game, with the ability to change the name of them and name them Bob, for example. The Tables of Orginization and Equipment (TOE) system allows much less micro and allows you to have a specific template for units. The SFT designer, in New Dawn allows you to make Armor/Armour of your own.

Of course, every game has its flaws.

Interface is crowded (Hardcore Strategy fans will most likely deal with that)

Bad AI- The AI can't even handle supply well!

Bad Graphics- of course, the game has outdated graphics, but cut it some slack, the most recent graphics update was in 2011 when ATG came out! Compare the graphics to HOI3 if you want a somewhat realistic graphics comparison

Bad tutorial- The game lacks an ingame tutorial, of course DasTactic, and the strategy guide will help a lot with that.

Overall, the game is very good, after the begining stages of learning, you will like this game, and with a helpful community on MatrixGames forums, and the Editor and scenarios, this game is really great
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1,092.7 hrs
Posted: June 18
Oneof my favorite games of all time. This, in my opinion, is the best evolutionary step from Panzer General. Things get a little more complex/realistic, yet the rock-paper-scissors combat remains. If I was training somebody to learn how to play the monster hard core wargames, I would teach them Panzer Corps (basically Panzer General), then this game, then move them to something more complex yet. I have no reservations about this game and highly recommend it to people who are kinda interested in wargames, all the way to full Grognards. There is still plenty of PBEM games to be had and a still thriving community online. My highest rating to this wonderful game.
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37.1 hrs
Posted: June 15
A fantastic little wargame, with tons of replayability and incredibly easy to modify to fit the player's desire. Really quite good.
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1.2 hrs
Posted: May 22

Time for another one hour playtime review!

This time Advanced Tactics Gold by Slitherine

ATG is a strategy game. A hands-on, nitty gritty no hand holding strategy game. To be able to play it successfully I would recommend to read the PDF-manual (140 pages) at least once or, even better, several times. To learn by playing is probably doable but very, very frustrating. It took me roughly five minutes to figure out how to order an attack, since I didn't take the time to read the manual. The learning curve for the game is pretty much straight up.

The game puts you in charge of everything. What to produce (supply, research or troops), where to produce it, how to distribute it, command over troops, creation of armies, where to attack, with whom and how. The list of what you have to manage is long and it's really easy to get lost by all the details you have to manage. Having its roots in the strategy boardgaming tradition I can see how a single turn easily can be upwards of 30 minutes in the larger scenarios.

It's not pretty. Being a computer strategy board game it eschews fancy graphics, instead showing the typical square markers for your troops on a functional but quite drab map.

These kind of games are really hard to rate. For a casual gamer, I can't recommend it but for a hardcore strategy fan it's really good (especially since this sub-group usually don't care about graphics at all).

So, no score this time, but it's really not for everyone....
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1.4 hrs
Posted: April 29
Easy to use. Lot of fun
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30.7 hrs
Posted: April 28
I bought the game after the New Dawn patch, and it is an excellent combat-oriented TBS.

You can now edit your units and control your subformations much more easily. It has random generated maps and you can edit a random map before the game starts, creating small land bridges etc. The supply system is fun and realistic, ...the formation never dies!
There is also a HQ system; Generals gain experience and keep your troops supplied and increase their effectiveness. Combat is well thought-out, well defended/entrenched hexes cannot be broken by simply spamming units and raiding them over and again, and (with default rules) you cannot build one massive invincible unit; rather you have to have the right combined arms, the right placement and the right strategy.

I learned the game quite quickly, from 'dastactic' on youtube and the 20 page strategy guide.
I like it a lot.
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Foo Fighter
57.9 hrs
Posted: April 17
Great strategy game! It's without a doubt a thinking man's (or woman's) game. You can play everything from a basic infantry to capital ships. Tons of scenerios (free to download) to play but the real gem is playing a random generated map. One of the great aspects of the game is the concrete engine and how it handles supply. To fight you need supply and bleed to death if you're forces are cut off. Create your own divisions, rename them (if you want) and assign them to a HQ. Heck you can even create your Div model and use that to create and supply new units. To get a handle on this game and see how it plays check out YouTube as there are some great YouTubers that cover this game and it's mechanics in detail.

The AI is actually pretty good in this game too. It will use & exploit openings to turn your smile to a frown. You can chose how bad or brutal the AI is in each game.

Again the life of your forces are supply. Unlike other games that simulate supply, this game will actually show how supply is reaching (or not) your troops to you can plan rather you need to hold the cross roads or build another one. If you cut off and surround a powerful unit you can just sit back and let them bleed dry. Unless they can mount air supply drops to that unit it will starve and become unless. But then again if they use their cargo planes to resupply they'll have to fight through your air intercepters. Use engineers to build roads or bridges across streams and rivers for better movement and supply. Chose exactly use each of your cities produce and supply your HQs to wage war or to pepper up defense. All your choice!

Really the only downside to this game is it's clunky UI (feels like it's from the 90's) which could use a huge overhaul. If they did that I'd probably buy it again just on that alone. This game does have a bit of a learning curve but like I said watch some YouTubers on this game and the rest is up to you.

Battle on!
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