The vast continent-spanning city of Collosatropolis has finally reached the limits of its expansion. Tall buildings cover every available space. The air is thick with smoke and poisonous chemicals.
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Release Date: Jun 2, 2004

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About This Game

Platypus is a fast, frantic and fun arcade-style shoot-em-up!!

The vast continent-spanning city of Collosatropolis has finally reached the limits of its expansion. Tall buildings cover every available space. The air is thick with smoke and poisonous chemicals. Parking is a nightmare.

The Collosotropolan leaders have decided the simplest solution is to invade the neighbouring country of Mungola. They don't anticipate much of a struggle - Mungolans are simple, earthy types without much love for industry. In fact, Mungola's entire defence force consists of a single squadron of fighter planes - the venerable F-27 "Platypus".

What possible threat could a few antique aircraft be to the mighty Collosotropolan Battle Fleet...?

To the Mungolan people the venerable F-27 "Platypus" is their last best hope for freedom!


  • Unlimited Play
  • Two-Player Simultaneous Action
  • Stunning Claymation Graphics
  • Addictive, Exciting Game Play
  • Adjustable Difficulty Settings
  • Perfect for the Entire Family

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Pentium® or AMD® 1.3 GHz
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 32MB 3D Video Card
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
122 of 156 people (78%) found this review helpful
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Posted: August 16, 2014
I used to play the demo for this when I was a child, never thought I'd see it on Steam. It's a little harder than I remember, still good.

I'm really good at reviews...
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50 of 56 people (89%) found this review helpful
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7.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 16, 2015
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45 of 58 people (78%) found this review helpful
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0.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 17, 2014
This game is my childhood it is challenging and has a amazing soundtrack it is alot more fun if you have friend playing it with you though
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44 of 60 people (73%) found this review helpful
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1.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 18, 2014
I'd never thought i'd see this on steam. It's such a joy to see this again. Thank you 10/10
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20 of 21 people (95%) found this review helpful
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2.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 5, 2015
I love these claymation games. Nux is fantastically quirky, and Platypus does not disappoint. Although there is only one method of play in this one (side-scrolling shooter,) it's varied enough that it does not lose its appeal as you play. The bonus items for weapon upgrades are nicely varied, the game tracks your score percentages per section, and some of the bigger ships that you destroy will drop bonus points... in the form of FRUIT that you need to collect before they fall off of the screen. lol~

You start off with four lives, and two credits. When you lose your four lives, you can continue by using one of your credits, which gives you four lives again... Of course your score resets when you continue, but the game will save the highest score you gain for the leaderboard.

It also looks like a second person can join in and play with you, as there was something on the screen that said to press a button to join.

Platypus doesn't seem to be controller-compatible, but using the mouse to play gives you plenty of maneuverability. There's no click-click-click, either; just hold down the left mouse button to shoot continuously.

There are weather balloons that float across the background giving you hints such as, "Shoot the stars to change weapons," and "Special bonus for passive resistance!" Hah! Try not shooting anything and live through it, I dare you! If you die even once, it ruins your "passive resistance" because you'll usually take something out with you, and you'll get NO bonus. ;D

Platypus is yet another delightful arcade game by Idigicon, and I've happily added Platypus II to my wishlist.
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28 of 38 people (74%) found this review helpful
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Posted: October 26, 2014
I am Tigerfrost. I would like to apologize for anything that is miss-spelled or any grammar issues. Thank you.
If you'd like to skip straight to Pro's & Con's, please move to the bottom of the page. Thank you.


How I Found Out About "Platypus"
Oh...this goes way back! Years and years ago. When I was very young, didn't know about things like Steam, or retail PC games, I was always playing Flash games online. One site that I would play on all the time, had a little game called "Platypus". This was one of those games you came across that you had to download a free trial that only lasted an hour or so. Of course, I did. I believe the free trial only contained the first level of the game.

I loved the game so much. Over about four or five years later, I went on a search to see if I could find the game's main website (Because Steam didn't have the game at the time). I found something similar to it, the game was around $2-$5. I didn't trust the site, so I did not purchase the game. Now, just last night, I noticed "Platypus" in my recommended on Steam, so I HAD to buy it. Boy, was it a blast to the past, and a nice thing to see Level 2-5, levels I have never seen before.

Unfair First Impressions
I tend to see a lot of hate for score attack & shoot 'em up games. I don't mind these kind of games as long as they are fun for me. "Platypus" takes both these genre'. I also see hate for side scrolling shooters which "Platypus" is also.

Therefor, you may here people say bad things about these genre' or about "Platypus" itself. Some people will say that about the genre and not even try the game itself. This can rub off on other people, causing them to do the same thing. Then that can rub off, and keep going like a virus.

Review Of "Platypus"
"Platypus" is a side scrolling shoot 'em up/score attack game. It uses a rare unique graphic style. It uses claymation which means everything you see in-game is made of modeling clay to add a unique design.

There are five total levels with about four or five areas in each. In each of these levels you will find a wide variety of enemy types & power ups.

Though the game itself isn't really the 'best' as it is quite old, and it seems that the dev. is no longer supporting it, the game still runs smooth. There are no resolution options, nor is there any audio options other than "Turn Music On/Off". The Steam overlay also does not work while the game is running.

However, the challenge in the game is there. It will get harder as you go along. Anything can destroy your ship, enemy fire, coliding with enemies, etc. When the screen gets really full, you'll find it harder to survive. The challenge isn't to much, that I feel over whelmed. It's a really nice fit.

The game also includes a 2-player option. Player 1 (Yellow ship) plays default with the "mouse", but a second player (Red ship) can join in under the controls of a "joy" or "keys" (Arrows to move, control to shoot). Player 1 can also use the different control settings, but both players can not use the same control setup. What's also neat is if you don't have anyone to play the game with, you can spawn in Player 2 and use it yourself, along with your main ship. This is difficult to master, but will help out along the way. Still better to have someone to play with though.

Content (Enemies & Power Ups)
"Platypus" contains loads of enemy types, some generic, some unique. The game also includes a few different power ups to defend yourself.

In "Platypus" you can come across enemy ships that fly in an "up and down" maneuver, fly straight from left to right, right to left, pull up or go down, etc. Not only that, as the levels go on, you'll notice a lot of the ships to start shooting at you. Now the weapons fired at you could consist of, a single shot in your direction, a fast shot that moves one direction, or other things like "rockets" that follow you.

To defend youself, you have a few different weapon types. I'll only name a few to avoid spoiling too much. You have your main cannons which are default, and have a slow fire rate. Then you have things like the traditional cannon spread and cannon fire rate increased upgrades.

Along with weapon types, you also have sort of.....pick ups. That can be dropped from enemies, or crates. These consist of fruit, like grapes, and bananas, which give you score points when picked up. Inside things like crates, you can find items like x2 score which will double your score income, and coins which give off a lot of score.

Pro's & Con's (Overall Rating)
"Platypus" is a very fun side scrolling score attack shooter. That is easy to play, and very addictive. Despite it's problems, this game is a cheap purchase that anyone can enjoy for hours. Especially with a friend.

+Unique claymation graphic style.
+Fun & challenging five level experience.
+2-player available.
+Catchy soundtrack that is full of nostalgia.

-No resolution option.
-No custom sound options.
-Steam overlay currently does not work (Though this does not degrade the final rating of the game).

Overall rating: About a 13/15 (Fun Experience For The Whole Family)

Credits & Disclaimer
Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I hope this helped out with your decision on whether to make a purchase or not.

Remember, this review is based off of opinion only. You may not think the same way as me towards something, but that's okay, because we are all human.
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14 of 17 people (82%) found this review helpful
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Posted: August 15, 2015
From nostalgia trip on to steam
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14 of 18 people (78%) found this review helpful
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Posted: December 14, 2014
Platypus is another Shoot 'Em Up game, which doesn't do much different from all the other games from the same genre. What does set this game apart is the art style. The graphics look cartoonish which work really well and is easy on the eye. The gameplay ofcourse consists of shooting enemy aircrafts and dodging bullets (or enemy planes/debries).

Personally, these kind of games only enjoy me for a few minutes, mainly because i'm not good at them. Still, I would recommend this game if you're a fan of the genre.
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10 of 11 people (91%) found this review helpful
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1.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 20, 2015
this game is just amazing!! takes me back years,i wish there was achievments and far more levels with even more weapons and ship upgrades,other than that,i have 0 complaints,its just a stunning game,and the use of the clay mation is,well lets face it the best ive seen in years,i dont think ive seen a claymation game before but if i did,no game could match this one,id recommend it to everyone
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11 of 15 people (73%) found this review helpful
1.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 29, 2014
A classic! A rare gem in the world of claymation video games, Platypus brings "FUN" back into "horizontal scrolling shooters". Okay, okay, I know "FUN" is not in those words but let me explain why it's a worthwhile game (weather on sale or full price, that's up to you). All you gamers who played it as child, already know what I’m talking about.

Platypus, the beautiful brainchild of Anthony Flack, is the name of the plane(s) defending its home state against a much larger, invading country, and is also the name of the game. The core of Platypus is perhaps the artwork, done mostly (if not entirely) in claymation. From the ship to background to the counter keeping score, you really have a sense that you're in a “Wallace and Gromit-esque” world. The detail placed on creating the world is breath taking and considering the original Platypus was released well over 15 years ago, it is safe to say the graphics have aged beautifully (well, not at all for that matter).

The gameplay is pretty standard for horizontal shooters. You can fly solo (default is mouse) or with friend (default is keyboard; note: co-op/multiplayer is local on one machine), with three levels of difficulty to select from (easy, normal, and hard). During my initial plays I found that the game, both from menu to menu (short loading periods, which does depend on your machine somewhat) and during the actual game was very smooth. Nothing felt choppy and things seemed to mesh together. Perhaps one of my favourite, but very subtle game mechanics is when you move your ship up, the world/camera also seem to move up, and vice versa for when you move the ship down. It give the game a strange, pleasurable feeling of movement and gives it a live-action feel.

The game does seem a bit simplistic, and linear in nature, compared to some games made today. It would be nice if there was more to the main menu. For instance you have to start a game, die or exit before you see the scoreboard; it would have been nice to access the scoreboard directly from the main menu. The music might be a bit dated by today’s standards, perhaps, but it does bring with it the nostalgia of the ‘80s/‘90s and synthesizers. Oh yeah, it still has the “credits: #” which is nice throwback to the days of yore gaming.

Overall Results
Overall this is a classic, kick-butt game. I have only played it on easy, and it does make for nice, passive, kill-time type game. Would recommend to have either for yourself if you’re feeling nostalgia/want something to pick up and play, or just for your inner chi–…I mean if you have kids and want to introduce them to the world of horizontal shooters. (At the very least, give the demo a try).
Score: 9.7/10
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Recently Posted
2.8 hrs
Posted: October 20
Very nostalgic game, I played this when I was a kid.
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13.4 hrs
Posted: October 19
I got the Platypus Mega Pack on special and this game is a perfectly simple shoot-em-up and it's nice to look at, too. And it was made by a New Zealander which is cool. Claymation gives me nice nostalgic feelings.

I'm hesitant to play the sequel after seeing it's bad reviews. I can't imagine how you could screw up such a simple formula though. Anyway, it's fun. Video games are fun. The internet is the future
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0.4 hrs
Posted: October 15
i played this game when i was 2 years old and like, hearing the soundtrack again for the first time in ages gave me the chills.
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dr Madman
1.9 hrs
Posted: August 28
old school pew pew fun
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Daddy Darkholme
7.7 hrs
Posted: August 27
An excellent shooter game. A bit easy, but a bit hair-pulling as well. Don't play this if you're expecting a full on japanese bullet hell game. Good, unique graphics and an amazing soundtrack. Play it, it's a nostalgia fuled trip.
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2.9 hrs
Posted: August 27
Call me a liar but I got this the same year it came out.
I played it so much i finished the game even upside down.
The amount of nostalgia that came from this.
I forgot it's name for more than 10 years,but i didn't forget it.
Because it was on sale,and i so happened to browse from the cheapest to the priciest games I find this old gem.
Thank you,GabeN for having this nostalgia filled piece of art on Steam.
And thank you,Idigicon for making this masterpiece.
I'll see you in about 100 hours,bye.
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Enemy Spotted
1.7 hrs
Posted: August 14
The title says it all
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[FXRT] Latein
1.9 hrs
Posted: June 6
This game is a claymation 2D side scrolling shoot em up and it can be very hard the first time you play it but when you get use to it becomes easier and after i had about 5 deaths before i completed the in about 1.9 hours.
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egg sandwich
0.5 hrs
Posted: June 4
squishy shooty
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Walje gun
3.4 hrs
Posted: June 1
pls can you gift me some games like this ? i like this game so much. i\'d like to get some games like this ! pls gift me :(
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