Asteria is a fast paced indie platformer, wrapped up in a sandbox sci-fi world where everything is destructible, mineable, collectable, craftable and creatable.
User reviews: Mixed (129 reviews)
Release Date: Jul 3, 2014

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“A refreshing dose of efficient technology and ranged combat.”
Escapist Magazine

“The latest promising iteration of the sandbox genre.”
Gaming Trend

“Pretty much better in every way!”
Fedora G4mer

About This Game

Asteria is a fast paced indie platformer, wrapped up in a sandbox sci-fi world where everything is destructible, mineable, collectable, craftable and creatable. You play Ryker: the only surviving human colonist after your people were wiped out by local aliens. Now you’re stranded on Asteria, with no means of escape. This isn’t just about survival, it’s about revenge. Build your safe haven and go track down the aliens who destroyed your colony.

Key Features

  • 9 Hand Crafted Dungeons to Discover and Conquer
  • Ranged Mining and Fighting
  • 100+ Items Over 9 Tiers of Gear
  • 900 Slot “Hypercube of Holding” Inventory with Unlimited Stack Amounts
  • Full Mod Community Support
  • Creative Mode
  • Multiplayer!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10 compliant video card with 512 MB of RAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Helpful customer reviews
12 of 16 people (75%) found this review helpful
2.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 19, 2014
Asteria delivers a mixed experience. If you are a fan of games like Terraria, where crafting and exploration take center stage, Asteria's game mechanics will feel very familiar. Set in a futuristic world, you are the lone explorer on an alien world. Instead of Terraria's pickaxes, you have a energy gun that breaks apart dirt and rock alike. Despite the intriguing premise and occasionally clever game mechanic like however, Asteria disappoints in several ways. First, and most noticably, is the crafting system, which, while varied, does not provide tool tips or organization that helps the player figure out how to obtain the next material. You never quite know whether a required upgrade will need to be crafted or found as a creature drop, and trial and error is the only way to find out. It would have been helpful to have an indication that certain resources were only obtainable from killing certain mobs. The second thing that I found disappointing was the difficulty. The main game play is quite simple, as there is no real penalty for death other than backtracking your spawn point, but boss fights are another question entirely. I felt that the boss fights were much harder than regular gameplay, and for me, had the effect of bottlenecking me at important progression points. While games like Terraria use a similar progression system for obtaining new gear, in Terraria you usually have multiple boss fights and upgrade paths to alleviate the frustration of continually failing at the same boss. Unfortunately, with Asteria, you need to try and fail repeatedly without the benefit of any alternate route or upgrade path. On the positive side, the background graphics and audio are quite well done, even if the actual platformer foreground graphics are somewhat drab and uninspired. The game does support the Steam Overlay as well as widescreen and multiplayer modes, but lacks controller support. In all, Asteria is a game that will appeal to sandbox gamers and platform gamers alike, but will likely frustrate more casual players.
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16 of 26 people (62%) found this review helpful
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15.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 4, 2014
Indie developers have built up a reputation as risk-takers; willing to blend genres and ideas more readily than big developers in order to create the next big thing. Asteria follows this ideology, describable as Terraria in a grim and futuristic setting. With laser guns.

In its 2D setting, Asteria embodies a sense of the epic from the beginning in its action-adventure confines right off the bat. The key selling point is the openness of the game; in which you are given free reign to go and do whatever you please from the first second. You can mine for items, explore your surroundings, or even just do something as simple as blast holes in every enemy that crosses your path. You are not forced to follow a linear path; you can simply play the game as you like, which ultimately results in an immensely fun experience.

It uses a mix of beautiful pre-drawn backgrounds, while, in the foreground, we get equally pretty 32-bit style graphics that evokes Super Metroid – we control a hero who wears a combat suit that could put Master Chief to shame, running around the sub-terrain killing many strange enemies, all stylised in a dark but undeniably very pretty way. Indeed, Asteria wins many points in the visual department.

Asteria doesn’t just impress in the gameplay, fun and graphical department, it also sounds amazing. The gameplay is accompanied by a rousing soundtrack that wouldn’t feel out of place in a big-budget Hollywood movie. It really contributes to the scale of the game; the worlds you can play in are massive, and the music appropriately reflects that.

The idea of a large and non-linear game may sound daunting to many, but this game has a lot to offer, and as such, Asteria is worth your time. Artistically, it impresses, but the depth of gameplay here will keep you hooked long after your first play.


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16 of 26 people (62%) found this review helpful
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 16, 2014
Poor man's Terraria/Starbound. Too bad, because the environment looks nice, the soundtrack is not irritating and there are some neat little feats like interesting fluids' physics and while dwelling underground you need to be careful to not choke yourself on fumes.

But worlds you encounter are
and uninspired
and it all boils down to ping-ping-ping some little crabs and zergs with lasers all the time collecting thousands of dirt, until you eventually hit a jackpot with some actual crafting materials, equip yourself a higher tier and go to the next dungeon with the boss. After an hour of looking after iron and coal to complete my tier 2 equipment to finish the first dungeon I can't take it anymore. The crafting, terrain modifications are so lacking it puts the initial Terraria's release to shame.
Maps are small, it's a matter of few minutes to run through one end to another.
At least you can dig through dirt a lot faster than swinging a wooden pick-axe in Terraria's first minutes.
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17 of 28 people (61%) found this review helpful
8.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 8, 2014
Keeping this short and direct. This game just makes you wish you were playing Super Metroid (which it rips off big time) or Terraria. It has nothing particularly good to offer aside from the shock factor from using a nuke, which ♥♥♥♥ing annihilates everything.
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7 of 10 people (70%) found this review helpful
32.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 19, 2014
As the other reviews note, similar to terraria and starbound, though feels scaled down. Probably a good thing as the crafting system and number of items aren't overwhelming in comparison. Mine, craft, boss level, upgrade.... and repeat until you reach the end. No real need to build a house or furnishings, just weapons and armour, and defeat the bosses.
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6 of 9 people (67%) found this review helpful
5.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 21, 2014
I hate giving bad feedback but I am very glad, I spent a little bit under 2 EUR for the game.

Here a few things that I didn't find enjoyable:
- The crafting feels very generic, going from iron, steel, copper, gold, ... is always the same in terms of the most important tool, the mining tool. It requires you to go through the highest dungeon you can find by crafting a dungeon drone (or whatever they are called), so craft mining tool -> collect materials -> find dungeon -> beat dungeon -> craft next gen mining tool -> repeat
- the combat feels bad, never noticed this before but it feels bad when there is no "pause" in between damage ticks when one touches an enemy, you can simply drain your entire life in a second with the right kind of mob - none of them having an attack animation

I am very sorry not to find anything enjoyable with this game, it looked nice actually. :/
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
9.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 22, 2014
I wish Steam had a "Thumbs Sideways" option.

It's an OK Terraria/Metroid fused game. Fun at first, but gets really repetative. It lacks the creativity of Terraria and the sense of action of Metroid. Pick it up on sale, otherwise avoid.
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
8.0 hrs on record
Posted: September 24, 2014
Be aware Asteria is only superficially similar to Terraria, it is really nothing like Terraria. The main gameplay is a platform jumper/shooter. If you are looking for a new sandbox/crafting/survival game, look elsewhere. The 'crafting' in the game is just a way to limit level ups--you can mine and gather resources but you can not move on to crafting the next tier of equipment until you beat the level boss which holds the singular resource you need to create the next level of mining device.
The controls also feel loose and the jumping is floaty. The soundtrack is beautiful though. It's really something nice to listen to while you play this lackluster platform jumper masquarading as a crafting game.

If I could give you my copy of this game, I would. The game is not worth $1.89. . .the soundtrack would be worth about $1 if I could listen to it outside of the game.
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
12.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 2, 2014
Good game, very fun. Had a blast, but it suffers from a lack of replayability. Once you get to the end, there is basically nothing to do. Nevertheless, there is a good solid 12 hours or so playing, depending on how good you are at platforming. Playing online with friends online is a hoot too. There are platforming elements, and very simple crafting. The crafting doesn't go as deep as games similar to this do. Overall, I enjoyed the game very much. It is a good, solid, fun game.
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
16.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 18, 2014
simple explanation:

- a pretty bad ripoff from terraria.

long explanation:

game mechanics are pretty bad, there is no break between damage, monsters spawn instantly

it even has a "unstuck" button, because you will get stuck in some walls.

considering its mainly focused on the platform thing, thats was dissapointing

it lacks of crafting/building/creative aspects you expect from terraria game-like

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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
23.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 15, 2014
Terraria + Metroid = Asteria.
This isn't a bad thing if you like both games, not at all.

The game is streamlined, fairly challening and kept me entertained right up until the end.
My only complaint is there isn't vanity items and such like Terraria has.

The controls, music, exploration, etc are exactly like Terraria, except that this is futuristic. Later on when you farm ores, etc you'll have great items with which to do so and cut large swaths of the world away.

-Gameplay, Music, Exploration

-Items don't require you to figure out paterns, everything you can build is clearly outlined, you just need the materials.

-When you mine, gas is expended so you can't continually mine. You have to be smart about how you do it so that the gas escapes upwards into the atmosphere. This sounds like it's annoying but it's actually a good feature.

-Inventory is limitless, so no micro managing how much stuff you can carry.

-Controlls. They are exactly the same as Terraria; which is perfect.

-Weapons , there are some really neat weapons in the game and the weapon progression isn't to steap.
I havn't had a chance to set off the nuke yet :)

-When crafting it defaults to making the MAX # of a unit. This screwed me late in the game because of a mistake I made crafting way to many of an expensive item. I forgot to quit without saving..

-There's a bug or issue with portals sometimes in which you go back to the starting area of the game, not the portal you're saved too. I lost where my home base was and it took me about 2 hours to find it again :)
This is arguably not a con!

If you like Terraria, you'll like this for a good 10-20 hours if you're so inclined to finish it. It's got all of the base things that Terraria has and it's put a nice spin on things.
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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
3.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 2, 2014
The gameplay does not feel like a sandbox. Instead, you mine resources for the first dungeon, then go that dungeon, after it you mine resources for the second dungeon and so on. Dungeons themselves are not generated but hand crafted instead, completely breaking the sandbox atmosphere. The worse thing is that the most of the time you spend in every dungeon is jumping on platforms, falling down, and parkour again and again.

Overally the game gets very dull and boring once you begin to understand its non-sandboxness. There are no trees, no houses, no decor, it's not even near Terraria.
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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
11.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 21, 2014
When compared to others in the genre, it's uninspired and lacks content.

I've checked out most of the games of this type that are out there, and I can tell you:

You can get your money's worth a lot more easily elsewhere, and have more fun while doing so.
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4 of 7 people (57%) found this review helpful
28.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 5, 2014
This game is like a souped up version of terraria but 1000x better. It is a must buy. I am having so much fun with this game.
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6.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 21, 2014
Best soundtrack in a game.
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23.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 27, 2014
I was going to write a good review, then I reached the end abruptly.

in my 8.2 hours of playing I finished the game, but a good 3-4 hours of it was catching up a friend in multiplayer, so the game can be wrapped in about five or six hours if you have played a survival game like terraria and such before, and a few more if you arent really good at platformer/shooters, I found a couple "Exploits" that helped me along a bit.

Unfortunately, the content is extremely limited, and consists of a set of portals (Which, by the way are not as random as the game would lead you to believe) every tier portal was the same in multi and single, so there is about 9 'dungeon portals' to clear out. and the same number of tiers of ore, unfortunately these tiers kind of overlap and you can easily skip a few if you craft and are good at platformers, once you reach the bottom and clear the last portal: Thats it: it gives you "God mode" and "Creative mode" and infinite everything. some of the dungeons didn't even have bosses, just "hard" Rooms (high damage enemies) at the end of them. Other reviewers have experienced the same thing, its nothing but a numbers battle, very unimaginative design, anything it didnt steal directly from terraria (Except the projectile-based mining! That is the ONLY redeeming mechanic I found, personally... but the rest of it..) was not very good. Clunky inventory/hotbar, movement feels very rigid, and aside from increased jump and reduced fall damage, theres nothing cool like a jetpack or wings or doublejump to help you move around.

For ten bucks there is quite a few more action platformer survival games that will keep you playing for longer, and have a better progression model, as well as much more varied content, as this is reall just "Mine to next portal, clear, craft, mine to next portal...."

There are some pretty obvious and game breaking bugs too... i hesitate to mention them here so...

I could have probably had a bit more difficulty with the game, but, I love my hardware and I macro'd a fire button and since the blaster has 0 cooldown it fires rather fast, gg until tier 4, then I found out if I hold an item and shoot it would (About 80% of the time) fire charged up shots rather than standard ones, and still work with my macro, so I had a rapid-fire charged blaster to get me through some of the tougher battles (Which as I said, were just high damage enemies, nothing "Hard")
************************end exploits/spoilers**

TLDR: Great concept as games like Terraria have proven, but heavily lacking in content and very short. Also some very game breaking exploits/bugs. For ten bucks you might as well spring for Terraria, or Edge of Space, or countless other games in this genre. This one is NOT in early access so this is a finished product. Money could have been spent elsewhere.
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1.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 11, 2014
s'all right. bit like turrican with mining and crafting.
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12 of 23 people (52%) found this review helpful
2.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 28, 2014
It's Terraria but worse.
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2.0 hrs on record
Posted: September 17, 2014
- Interesting Storyline
- Good for those who like games similar to Terraria
- Mulitplayer Support
- Quite boring gameplay
- No proper tutorial
- Flimsy controls

Overall: 5/10
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4.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 5, 2014
Another Terraria clone....BUT the resource gathering is a lot quicker.

Initial thoughts on this one are very plays very well.
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