You play as a young mercenary and travel from soul to soul to avenge your fiance and her family. While finding a way to change the flow of past events, you will encounter many obstacles and meet new allies. Will you be brave enough?
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Release Date: Jul 7, 2014
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About This Game

In this turn based RPG for Windows you play as a young mercenary and travel from soul to soul to avenge your fiance and her family. While finding a way to change the flow of past events, you will encounter many obstacles and meet new allies. Will you be brave enough?

This game aims to revive nostalgic moments for good old RPG fanatics (such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3...). Our game has no game over screen; once the hero dies, his soul is sent to the underworld, to meet the Soul Giver. At this point, it is possible to re-embody a new body (therefore several choices of classes: Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Hunter ...). In addition, once a character masters a technique, it is learned permanently in the mind of the hero. It is therefore possible to transfer a warrior's ability to a magician. This leads toward interesting gameplay combinations.

What makes the game unique and fun to play:
- Dark, mysterious and ever-changing storyline
- Unique class & death system
- High replay value.
- Various treasure hunting.
- Easy crafting system

If you are a fan of old good RPG games, this one is surely for YOU!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (32 or 64 bit)
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2.8GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Video card with at least 32MB of RAM
    • Hard Drive: 190 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Integrated Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Logitech/Xbox 360 controller or a keyboard
    • OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (32 or 64 bit)
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Video card with at least 64MB of RAM
    • Hard Drive: 190 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Integrated Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Logitech/Xbox 360 controller or a keyboard
Helpful customer reviews
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3.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 8
When you hear people on Steam lament about "another RPG Maker game," it's because of stuff like this.

The writing isn't bad, no. It isn't even worth referring to as "writing." This may have been made by some youngsters or something because this reminds me of the kind of thing I wrote with my buddies back in middle school because of the absurd lack of depth to anything and childish dialogue. EX: Main character walks into a monastery and comments, "This monastery is s**t!" or some such. He just uses profanity and yells at things I ASSUME so that he sounds like some kind of cool dude with a 'tude or something? That's half the time. The other half he's just blandly helpful. He loves his girlfriend (or I guess you could choose to not tell your girlfriend you love her?). He's mostly helpful, but he complains a lot. Which is probably supposed to be some kind of parody of RPG tropes and their bland fetch quests and such. Maybe he's supposed to be bipolar? Regardless, there are a ton of easily avoided spelling and grammar mistakes (EX: use of the word "abandonned").

I'm not just ragging on these guys for choice of words and typo's, though. Oh, no. The story itself reads like a kid wrote it. Seriously, it's like Axe Cop only not hilarious or creative. For example, at some point you enter a village and are asked to go to a cave to stop... bandits or something (?) from attacking said village. A mercenary guy joins your party to help you as he is emotionally invested in helping this village, I think. In the cave you fight some kind of ghostly knights and an ogre. Then you stumble upon a time travel amulet for no reason. The main character goes "Sweet!" and finds out how to go back in time. The whole reason you came to that cave (remember the village being attacked?) was completely forgotten the moment you stepped into that cave and the warrior who joined you silently sticks with you for the rest of the adventure, given no characterization or lines of dialogue again (save for maybe pointing out the amulet is a time travel amulet). Later on, after you're done using the time travel amulet, a pop-up tells you the amulet is now broken. I can only assume this was some kind of afterthought when someone asked, "Why don't they just travel back in time again?" Maybe it only held enough magic for one use, but where does this place you in time? And why was the demon you were chasing exist in the same time line? It seems like when it broke you went back to the future and yet he's there with you. What kind of sloppy nonsense is this!

The whole game is like this. The first town has you start in a prison that you break out of. But then it's said the prison guards somehow hold the town hostage. So, doesn't that make them warlords or something? Not just "prison guards?" Why do they bother running a prison? Did they turn the castle into a prison? And they all live there? What?

How about the combat? Well, it's overly basic. I guess some people think this is par for the course for RPG Maker games or JRPG's, but I think it's plain lazy. Sometimes you have to heal or manage your mana, so I guess that's something. But there's so little strategy and so much overlap between the classes.

If there's one consolation it's the music. Sweet Christmas, this person poured his/her heart into it. I mean, it's not that it's outstanding. You know? Like I'm not rushing to get the MP3's onto my iPod or anything. But there's actual composition, effort, know-how, and emotion in it. There's even a live (I think) guitar in there! I'm a sucker for metal, true, but those boss fights were intense ONLY because of this chugging distortion and orchestral synth-work. Composer, please, whoever you are, ditch these guys. You actually have some amount of talent and skill! These guys can't even piece together any kind of semblance of a game.
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Posted: August 31
The game is honestly real 'Eh' as a whole. The Music is decent for RPG Maker standards, but...the story is crap at best, party members are basically tag-alongs who say NOTHING after they join you (Hell, the last party member you get joins near the end of the game and is level 10, when you're pushing the mid-teens, easy, and there's an optional party member that you can get...if you beat a bonus boss who can kill you rather easily early game AND has the gall to tell you to PAY HIM to join you to boot) and the choices you get...they really don't amount to much of anything.

Hell, the 'last areas' you travel to on the main map? YOU CAN GO THERE BEFORE HAND AND CLEAR THEM OUT IF YOU EXPLORE. Want to get above level 15-16? (Yes, that's the level my main character was at end game) GRIND IT OUT ON THE MAIN MAP, WHERE YOU GET DOUBLE DIGIT EXP FOR YOUR KILLS. And god help you if you thought crafting was worth jack, you get low-level consumables and MAYBE Low/mid-level equipment from it. That's it. It's best use is to make a little extra cash, but seriously, that's it. It's not worth the 5$ price tag. I'd even argue it's not worth a discount price. If you can get it for a buck or less, you can argue about buying it, it has New Game Plus if you -really- want to play it through again with everything you had before, but there's so much overlap on classes and abilities it's not really worth trying other classes. (Hint: Mages will -never- do as much damage as the other Melee classes can, no matter what).
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3.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 28
a nice little RPG in the style of a JRPG. The battles are pretty basic and easy to get a hang of, i think the most effort was put into the story which I find to be interested and the main reason I kept playing.

Personally I never found the game very difficult and some your characters seem a little overpowered. The game is a bout 2-3hrs and can easily be finished in one sitting if you have a spare afternoon.
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Posted: June 18
Memories of a Vagabond is a very simple RPG made with RPGMaker. The game is very short, takes around 2-3 hours to beat but there is a New Game+ Mode which is the same game but allows you to retain your character level and items. There are three different classes which you can switch even in the middle of the game. The story could have been better.
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Posted: August 20
"Memories of a Vagabond" was my first ever JRPG style video game. You play as a hero whose fiance is kidnapped by a demon. You need to rescue her.

The game features really nice old school Nintendo style graphics, interesting maps (including villages, cemeteries, castles, mines, monastery) and a wide range of enemies to fight. Fighting is pretty intuitive, but very basic. There is a limited set of items to equip. The music is good. It sets the mood perfectly. There are various themes for various settings.

I was on the verge of recommending the game, because it's OK (a little short, though; 3.5h is enough for normal difficulty), but be prepared that the storyline is reeeally weak and the dialogues are just moronic. The characters have no depth at all. They try to deliver funny lines which might be funny if you were a 14-year-old with serious brain damage. They are not. Seriously, the characters say things like "Holy sh*t, a cemetery!" while entering a cemetery or "What the f*?" when they see a squirrel. The story is random. I have no idea why the angel keeps helping me, why prison guards torture people in the prison or why I can buy a Beretta style gun in old village shop in medieval world. Why? Why? Why?

AUDIO: 7/10
STORY: 1/10
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