The unique word puzzle which combines the skill of Sudoku with the knowledge of Scrabble®. Lexica has been featured in a number of UK daily newspapers but is now available for the first time in an interactive form.
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Release Date: Jul 4, 2014

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About This Game

The unique word puzzle which combines the skill of Sudoku with the knowledge of Scrabble®. Lexica has been featured in a number of UK daily newspapers but is now available for the first time in an interactive form.
Slide the letters into position to form words and solve the puzzle. It’s easy to get started, watch the tutorial, pick a level of difficulty to suit you and get puzzling. Improve your times, work through the levels and become a Lexica word master. Lexica is packed with word puzzles in 3 levels of difficulty.

Key Features

  • Great interactive tutorial to help you learn the ropes quickly and easily
  • 12 puzzles per pack with 8 packs for each difficulty level!
  • 3 levels of difficulty – easy, medium and hard – take you from novice to expert
  • A total of 288 rounds to play throughout!
  • Measure your progress with live stats and ratings
  • Run in small window mode for a quick challenge while using other applications
  • Complete all 13 Steam achievements to prove your skills to friends!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.6GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024x600 resolution
    • DirectX: Version 9.0a
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: On board
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Mostly Positive (214 reviews)
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 8
simple but challenging.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 30
Product received for free
bad game :/
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
47 of 52 people (90%) found this review helpful
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9.7 hrs on record
Posted: March 1, 2015
(Full review follows below)

  • Game Name: Lexica
  • Original Release: 2014
  • Genre Tags: Puzzle; Casual; Word Game
  • My Overall Grade: B-
  • Estimated Playtime (Campaign): 8-20 hours
  • Multiplayer Aspect: None
  • Recommended To: Puzzle game aficionados; Casual gamers

Lexica is a “digital puzzle book” more than it is a game. The puzzle style is derived from a marriage of elements from crossword puzzles (namely: Scrabble), and logic puzzles. It creates a unique blend of traditional puzzle experiences that feels both novel and nostalgic at the same time. You fill in a crossword grid to solve each one; however you don’t get clues to what the words are. Instead you must adhere to the simple rules: use logic and knowledge of English linguistics (i.e.: morphemes) to figure out what letter goes where.

You are going to want to have a strong knowledge of the English lexicon if you are going to really enjoy the puzzles and be able to solve them without looking up answers / or just getting lucky. Many of the puzzles contain extremely obscure words that are rarely used in everyday conversation. Even with a strong vocabulary, you will probably encounter some words you don’t know the meaning of. The more difficult puzzles can be quite tricky and you might have to discover words you don’t know by using your understanding of linguistic morphology in the English language.

If you are confident in your English vocabulary, and if you enjoy logic-puzzles, then you will probably enjoy Lexica. The puzzle style is quite innovative and solving them can be quite satisfying. If you get stumped you can skip a puzzle and return to it later. The game is quite relaxing and is great if you don’t want to play an attention-intensive game at the moment. It also makes for a good side-activity while you’re watching the game or are bored at work/class.

There is a good amount of puzzles that will keep you busy for hours, especially if you don’t cheat any answers. But once you beat everything, there is no random level generation, and you can’t even redo the puzzles you solved (but you would already know the answer anyway). By the time you beat it all, though, you will probably be ready to move on.

In summary, I enjoyed Lexica. It combines traditional themes from Scrabble and logic puzzles to create a unique experience. If you enjoy those types of puzzles, you will probably want to check out Lexica.

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61 of 75 people (81%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
5.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 16, 2014
Lexica is similar to a crossword puzzle but with a twist. You have letters above, below and to the sides of the puzzle. You then slide those letters into place. Top and bottom letters slide only up and down. Side letters only move left and right. You will slide these letters making words. It will end up like a completed crossword puzzles. So the first letter of a word might have a choice of F L A P. The second letter might have A R. The third letter of the same word might have R U T. The words you're assembling intersect with other words so competing one word will lead to a basis for other words. It is a great system. Words everywhere from far, sop and dot to impact, craven and scruff.

There are a lot of puzzles here, over two hundred. Each subjugated to puzzle packs of 9 puzzles in three difficulties. You can play any puzzle at any time. When you play a puzzle it starts a timer to determine how long it takes you. You can go to the next puzzle or back to the menu, but Lexica saves your game and remembers your time. When you return to the puzzle, your time is still there.

This is a difficult game. The first nine puzzles are easy enough, but even on easy, the game cranks up the challenge. This game could still be for you. It is a good coffee break game that you can complete a puzzle or so in 15 minutes. It is a great game for people with a big vocabulary, but you'll never have words more than six letters long.

The game doesn't grade you except for your overall skill rating in the stats. It doesn't feel like completing a puzzle is an achievement. Its just onto the next puzzle. The game keeps going progressing in challenge with no easy puzzles between to give your brain a break. The challenge and tedium begin to outweigh the fun and joy of solving a puzzle. There is no reward like unlocking new puzzles when you already have over 200 to play at once. In fact the game takes away puzzles. When the puzzle is complete, YOU CAN NEVER REPLAY THAT PUZZLE. So its gone. You can see its time, but that is all.

I like the game, its a great system. I felt it is more difficult than fun. That doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. If you need to keep your vocabulary sharp or if you need a fresh take on crossword puzzles, this could be the game for you.
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25 of 29 people (86%) found this review helpful
32.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 6, 2014
Edit: Today, when I went to play, all of my existing puzzles had been wiped as if they had never been touched. While I'm glad that we can now replay puzzles in an attempt to get a better score, they have removed any form of showing where you left off. I now have no idea which puzzle I was on last and have to click around to find where I was.

Edit 2: And they've cleared all of my achievement progress with this new change...

Edit 3: Very late edit, but just thought I'd update in case anyone cared. So after talking to one of the devs I've learned what happened to my game seems to be an inexplicable glitch. Neither of us are really sure what happened, but there's no way to recover the undone puzzles and achievement progress aside from just doing it all over again. I appreciate the time the dev took to talk to me and look into things though, and for that reason my review will remain positive.

This game is generally entertaining, but there are a couple of major issues I have. The first, and largest, would be the use of unheard of words. By unheard of I mean obscure animals, variations of existing "words" (an example being miaow, which apparently is the British version of meow), and some shorthand phrases you'd never expect to see. Another issue I have is after you beat a puzzle you can't play it again, even after some amount of time has passed.

Other than that it's a pretty fun game. I'm sure I'll finish the rest of the puzzles, albeit with some frustration when coming across thing like "sl" and "miaow".
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22 of 27 people (81%) found this review helpful
10.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 13, 2014
What is Lexica?

Lexica is a puzzle game where you have a set number of letters that each slide in one direction from a side of a crossword puzzle like box into the fields designated for them. So the letters to the left and right will only fit into the rank they are at, while the letters to the top and bottom will only fit into the file they are at.

The difficulty in the game stems entirely from trying to find out what words you need to create. Since the game has three difficulties and is entirely in English, a good knowledge of English language is recommended to play this, otherwise you will spend a lot of time trying to figure out words since usually there would be several ways to fit all letters into all places, but only one where all designated ranks and files will contain English words.

There is a total of 96 puzzles, divided into eight "puzzle packs", per difficulty - easy, intermediate and hard -, making a total of 288 puzzles in 36 packs. Since the only requirement for achievements is to complete all puzzles, 100p are definitely possible for everyone, although they will go a lot faster if he knows English language well and has a bit of geometrical thinking.

The sound is nothing special, I usually have it off and music playing instead. The graphics are good enough, as you can see on the official screenshots. Overall the gameplay is the only selling point of this. For me, at a good but not perfect English level, the harder levels seem crazy at first view, but the easy ones are fine.

The one thing that I really dislike is that only certain letters are used for achievements. Here I would have liked to have 26 achievements with one letter for each one, like in Lyne where you eventually can use them to spell out words on your Steam profile (achievement showcase).

For linguistic puzzle fans

(Note that at the time of writing this review, on 14 December 2014, the game is 90p off, at this price you definitely should get it!)
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16 of 21 people (76%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
10.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 22, 2015
I'd give a thumbs sideways if I could.

The game is ok but the choice of words is bad. It also pops a window in front of the level right after you complete it so you can't even see the weird words you just managed to form.

If you are a native english speaker or words like jibe, sty and ebb are part of your english vocabulary then you may enjoy it.
I'll probably finish it but it's not fun like crossworld puzzles. More like scrabble but there's only one correct solution.
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17 of 23 people (74%) found this review helpful
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30.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 22, 2015
A cromulent game which has embiggened my vocabulary
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19 of 27 people (70%) found this review helpful
4.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 5, 2014
..Revised Review..

It will take you some time to get into the game but when you do it's a lot of fun and solving puzzles becomes very satisfying.

The point of the game is to slide letters into slots that are arranged like in a crossword puzzle. There are letters placed all around the four edges. They can be slid along a vertical or horizontal axis. In order to find the right position of them all you'll have to work with probabilities (common English word endings e.g.) and methods of elimination, like you would in a game of sudoku.

I was quite frustrated at first but now that I got the hang of it it serves as a nice destraction every now and then. As a lot of the words repeat it gets easier to guess them over time. Also, sliding all the stones onto the board and shuffling them around until you recognize one or two words works well when you are stuck.

For a price as low as this, you can't go wrong if you're a fan of word puzzles.
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Recently Posted
2.4 hrs
Posted: October 15
This is a good abstract twist on the standard crossword puzzle. I'm currently grinding through the medium pack now.

Enjoy guys!

NZXT H440, Asus X99-A, Intel i7-5820K Haswell-E OCd 4.5Ghz, 32GB corsair 3000 DDR4 (4x8GB), Asus Strix 980TI OC 132%(1490Mhz boost), 1TB SSD, H110I-GTX, CX750M, Acer 27" 1MS, 144Hz 2K, Asus 27" 5MS 60Hz 1080P.
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1.4 hrs
Posted: October 9
Product received for free
For not-natively English speaker, I think this game can be extremely hard to play due to vocabulary of one's. But this is a puzzle and it's supposed to be challengeling. Mechanics, graphics and concept is great. So, that's a definitely thumbs up.
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16.8 hrs
Posted: September 26
Excellent low cost word scrmable/puzzle game.
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0.1 hrs
Posted: September 15
Sadly the game crashes when I start it.
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5.8 hrs
Posted: September 12
(Key received from the fine guys at Failmid. You guys are alright!)

Unfortunately, this was not a hit for me. Lexica is another word puzzle game that pretty much makes my head spin as I have to scramble and unscramble letter arrangements to find words...once again. Ugh!!!

Names are words, some typo words are words, and occassionally, you'll drag a letter and it'll get stuck. Dragging a letter sometimes doesn't work in a game all about dragging letters. Let's not forget to mention that once you beat it, you can NOT replay any puzzle without implementing a tricky method because the dev never implemented a REPLAY option...

The overall layout is nice, but I'm not a fan of these word games...they make my head spin. At least I have not had the misfortune to deal with an *sshole dev like the one who made Ace of Words, that's something.

3/10 Not something I'll revisit upon 100%-ing it.
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The Antwonette Starqweisha
0.2 hrs
Posted: September 12
This game is pretty challenging, but fun, i'd recommend this for sure
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0.8 hrs
Posted: September 12
this is a good game
if you like scrabble, you gonna love this one.
really worth the price
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