Take command of the German army through some of the most famous battles of the war, leading the mighty Wehrmacht on towards Moscow. The variety of maps and battle situations is what makes Frontline so different and engaging: players are confronted with blitzkriegs, trench wars and dog fights, but also unusual situation such as missions...
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Release Date: Aug 8, 2014

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“If you're looking for a cheap, fun tactical combat game that's simple to grasp and satisfying to master, Frontline : Road to Moscow comes highly recommended.”
08/10 – Strategy Informer

About This Game

Players command the German army through some of the most famous battles of the war, leading the mighty Wehrmacht on towards Moscow.

The variety of maps and battle situations is what makes Frontline so different and engaging: players are confronted with blitzkriegs, trench wars and dog fights, but also unusual situation such as missions to capture an armoured convoy, recover important documents, capturing strategic positions and destroy fortifications.

Units will upgrade throughout the game, based on combat success and experience. This will prove to be an extremely powerful tool to progress in the game providing the players with a personalized army depending on their style of play.

30 battle scenarios: all inspired by historical missions which took place between the summer of 1941 to late 1944

  • Land, naval and aerial combat: all units have strengths and weaknesses encouraging different uses, adding an extra strategic layer to the game. There are over 100 of them!
  • Unlock and upgrade: units will develop unique abilities based on the style of play. New units become available when progressing through the campaign>
  • Maps are created to reflect the real terrain and their dramatic impact on gameplay

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Pentium 4
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256Mb Vga Card
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
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65 of 85 people (76%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
30.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 24, 2014
Wargamers beware, this a game, not a wargame. Ignore the war-like window dressing, this is the product of poor, lazy programmers with only a vague idea of the conflict this game purports to represent. When you run into the proposterous KV6 Land Battleship, you know they had no intention of delivering the wargame they advertized.
The software crashes so badly that cntrl/alt/delete often fails to boot, forcing you to pull the plug/battery (in 30 hours, I had to pull the battery 5 times).
The KV-2 is rated with a 4 space range, but it will shoot at least 6 spaces to kill your units. Other units will shoot farther than they tell you they will. Other than that, the unit statistics are utterly absurd.
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Not Recommended
0.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 11, 2014
Plays like a mobile port. Getting tired of these mobile ports that don't state that anywhere, at least not that i've found. Would not have purchased. Regret my decision. And i'm a huge fan of strategy games.
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25 of 28 people (89%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
41.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 7, 2015
This is a rather bland game, it's a botched mobile port, but even for mobile there are better free Panzer General type of turn based wargame (Open Panzer for example on Android).

This is a very light take on the wargame genre, basic mechanisms are ok but attention to details is very poor. I actually had the feeling It was in beta condition, they are so many glitches and bugs the game doesn't appear to have been seriously tested.

I played through the whole game on the harder difficuty setting. There is some substance as a strategy game, however it bears only very little resemblance to proper WW2 combat. Mostly because units values poorly reflect the historical units. I found that the best overal strategy was to spawn as many as possible cheap units like basic infantry and AT rifles squad, supported by some artylley. AT rifles are ridiculously overpowered.

- Some units values feel seriously wrong.
- Panzergrenadier icon are in camo dress and equipped with Panzerfaust, while the battle is in 1941 !
- UI is typical mobile stuff no effort to improve for PC, no keyboard shortcut, very basic menus
- The detection zones for mouse clicks doesn't match with the menu buttons gfx
- Mouse click are somewhat unresponsive
- tooltips are sometimes displayed partly of the screen (poor programming)
- If you capture an objective hex and UNDO your move the hex is still captured (poor programming again)
- occasional bugs and freeze (did I say poor programming)
- On some missions you can complete all objectives because some hexs are unattainable, the hexs are properly depicted on the map, but you can click on those hexs as much as you want nothing wil happens.
- All units have anti Infantry, anti Tank and anti Artillery values. However on the purchase screen all units are listed with an anti artillery value of zero. Then if you later inspect units values on the battle map, you will have the prope value. This is just another careless bug.

The gfx looks good when you look at still images, but animations are not so good, for example the infantry figures hold their rifle pointing toward the sky, and when they fire the anim just fire upward in the sky instead of pointing toward the ground target.

This is just a qucik attempt to make money.
There are much better option for PC game. Just play Panzer Corps, which is superior in every way.
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15 of 20 people (75%) found this review helpful
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4.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 27, 2015
Frontline: Road to Moscow is a turnbased operational level tactics game (which is how the developers classify it). In terms of complexity level, the developers claim it's "Introduction", which I'll agree with. Everything is quite straight forward and easy to wrap your head around, even if you've not played any games like this before.

But is it a good introductory operational level game? Yes and no. It's easy enough to get into, and even someone who is new to these kinds of games will be able to play it almost instantly. It does not leave a good first impression though, with the early levels being rather boring. Chances are that unless you know that you like these kinds of games, you're unlikely to feel motivated to push through the first handful of levels. The later ones are a lot better though, and while the game never becomes great, they are still entertaining, and display a surprising amount of variety.

In terms of visuals, the game has a slightly cartoony look to it, which makes it feel a lot less dry than many other wargames on this scale. It's not for everyone, but I found it quite appealing. The sound is alright, there are a few different tracks playing in the background and they do the job well enough, but nothing stands out. The sound effects give you an idea of what's going on, but again does not stand out.

You only get to play as the German side, which is a shame because both the Germans & Russians seem to be fully developed, and it should not have been very hard for them to make a few scenarios that lets you play as the Russians. On the other hand, there are a lot of levels for the Germans (30 in total). In terms of historical accuracy, the game is not on par with many of its competitors though, and while it gets the broad strokes right, the developers did some almost embarrassing mistakes, like placing cities in the wrong place on the level select screen, and the scenarios are "inspired by historical events" at best. This is bound to annoy diehard WW2 history fans.

Overall, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this game. It's by no means bad, but if you're looking for a great entry level wargame on this scale, take a look at Unity of Command. If you're looking for something more complex to sink your teeth into Panzer Corps is a better choice. Still, if you've played Unity of Command, and are looking for another simple game to pass some time with, or if you just want a wargame that you can jump right into, where you don't have to spend hours with the game just to learn the basics, Frontline: Road to Moscow is not a bad choice.
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Not Recommended
62.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 12, 2015
- It's cheap
- It's a WW2 military strategy game set in the Eastern front
- You will develop a healthy fear of Katusha rocket launchers

- Bugs! There are a variety of unit selection and interface bugs, the worst of which is that the menu button at the top of the screen activates if you click anywhere near it. You will be annoyed. See also: accidentally resupplying units with no undo button.
- I get that the developer is trying to take the player on a tour of the eastern front, which means pushing you back to Berlin. But it doesn't make sense to lose the war when crushing every single battle. I mean seriously I'm winning like someone surgically combined Guderian and Rommel into some sort of super-general. But that's only because of...
- Crippled AI. CPU opponent will just happily let you pick apart their giant armies one unit at a time. No attempt at all to take advantage of the tactical situation. So it becomes just a matter of your giant blob of artillery wandering around the map in a particluar order like WW2 mahjongg.

A deeply frustrating game that still somehow managed to suck me in for a bunch of hours. Unsatisfying as strategy game, too buggy for a casual game. 2/10.
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6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
6.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 6, 2015
Another Panzer Leader wannabe, and again it fails short. It is quite remarkable that no one succeeds in attain the same level of play experience as that old game.
This games add nothing and lacks several features that made that old game such a joy.
thoght i would have a nostalgia trip playing this, but it was just a boring grind lacking in charm and novelty.
Not even the low price I payed was worth it, lost interest in continuing play after third something scenario.

(and the AI is just A and not I)
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8 of 10 people (80%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
6.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 12, 2015
Well, to start off, I'd like to say this game is extremely addictive, yet incredibly broken, I'd dare to call it short too, with me having played just about 4 hours and I'm nearly at Moscow (Of course I guess the game is gonna be linear and I'll be pushed back for magical reasons) and unfinished.

And make no mistake, the russians side is literally off-limits.

However the game is still for some reason satisfying, I've been playing this for a little time, when suddenly a thought struck my head, "Why am I even playing this load of :) The answer was the actual variation in the game is fun enough for me, coupled with the simple gameplay, I got the game from the 1-doller bundle on The Humble Bundle. It is worth that. Not 10 euro. I'd leave it up for yourself to decide if you feel the Summer Sale makes the price good enough, but I wouldn't buy it. It does do it's job of being a game about the eastern front okay, not good, because I've snooped around, and I somewhere reember reading that some locations were off place? Don't quote me on that though. That's not something I actually rage over...

There's air battles! Which are fought as far as I've played, strictly air for your side, you will however, be fighting russian ships and AA along with their own aircraft, on the ground battles, you're fighting with Infantry, Tanks, SPGs and AT-guns trying to kill off some of the later game russian Tanks, Infantry, Mortars (Why don't I get those? D:) and all the russian variants of the other things.

Bugs however include: Your units have special abilities, like entrenchment, AT-grenades, charges, and a variety of other abilities. However if you move your unit, and find out it was a bad idea, say you wanted to entrench instead of charging head-on due to the casualties it would create. First of all, you may under NO circumstances deselect the unit if you even want the Undo button to be there, and when you actually press it, you'll find out that poor programming has made it so that you can't use that special ability anyways :)

Airplanes also somehow still have some of the Ground unit statistics, like Ground Attack, armor attack and what not and not Fighter attack, bomber attack, ground attack, like it should be.

Overall a below average game and I am outright disappointed at Slitheryne, making cool and awesome games like Close Combat and Quadriga (Yes I like that game) to mention a few, and then they make this. It's not recommended for me, because I can't know if you get addicted like me, and I'm generally disappointed at it... 10 euro, BAH.
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8 of 11 people (73%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 14, 2015
I've only played a little bit of this, but I don't think I'll be playing much more.
The game is so simple, it comes across as a somewhat subpar panzer general clone.

The interface is also poor, it doesn't clearly indicate terrain status such as movement cost/ability and what tiles will give you cover.

I'm really not a fan of the way it stylisticly depicts infantry as torsos either.
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7 of 10 people (70%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
0.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 8, 2015
Very simplistic war game. Not what you'd want if you're buying the type of stuff you expect from Slitherine.
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21 of 38 people (55%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
0.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 1, 2014
Just bought it tried to play it- no go . Tried to stop it -no go . checked forums -no help . deleted game . much better . another to add to the list of games which dont work from steam.
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Recently Posted
0.3 hrs
Posted: September 24
And yet another Slitherine disaster. For the largest computer wargame company in the world, I am severely disappointed in their support and quality control. Avoid.
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23.7 hrs
Posted: March 22
This game is catered to the entry level war gamer, while it has a panzer general feel it lacks the depth and challenge the older general games brought. While there is a lot of good deep, strategic WWII games, there is not allot of new content for the entry level or causual wargamer. I think this fill the niche, but it could definately have been better.
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9.2 hrs
Posted: March 22
It is pretty hard to stuff up a unity engine game, but this is a bug filled disappointment, & a step down for Slitherine. Fog of war that doesnt disappear, but you can get artacked out of, they a unit that you must destroy to win runs off into it, so I had to spend 30 miuntes playing some kind of mine sweaper trying to find it.Cities in the wrong locations. Objectives that do not register (ie capture all cities in the Kursk scenario). No mini map, but frustated by a really slow scroll on the main map. The most annoying feature... save & exit... losses you all progress on the mission FFS! That just got me angry! As you can only 'Save & Exit' & on the third paly through of the big battle of Kursk I wanted to be able to try & fulfill all the objectives. Exit & unistall. Disappoinred.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: February 24
Seemed fun at first. But then I realized it was the usual churn-it-out garbage.

Campaign is NOT dynamic. If you dont win the battle, your done. do the battle over. If you still cant win, Keep playing the same battle over and over till you give up. Its the usual near sighted "you gotta win every battle or you lose the whole war" mentality that is so far away from realistic that it kills the game.

If there was a Dynamic campagn (al la Steel Panthers 1, 2, or 3) maybe it wouldnt be as frustrating because the underlying mechanics of play arent too bad (Not necessarily good, but not TOO bad)

If you get it 1/2 price and dont mind throwing money down the toilet give it a try. But its probably not even worth that.
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23.3 hrs
Posted: December 27, 2015
Good fun game with a very unique mechanic. Reminds me of diplomacy. But no real longevity about it.

It probably seems harsh that I say "Dont recommend" but I think its a big ask on a lot of people to take a chance with it. It has an obscure combat mechanic and should perhaps be treated like more of a puzzle game than a wargame, blurring the lines but not doing either side that much justice
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22.2 hrs
Posted: August 17, 2015
As entry level introduction to WW2 turn based strategy or a quick dip in and out this game is fine. Picked up as part of a bundle or steam sale it's excellant value for money and not too bad at it's usual retail price of £7.
You can see it's mobile gaming based lineage with flaws showing on ocasion wth clunky interfacing or the odd presentational glitch. On the plus side it's very accessible and quick to pick up with a fairly long campaign for something so cheap. It has a good mix of ever changing historical units present although you are limited to a set choice per map.
Overall F:RtM doesn't stand up for scrutiny against heavy weights like Panzer General, Hearts of Iron or Close Comabt but is a good pick up and play alternative that will kill a few hours whilst you wait for their successors to be released.
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13.0 hrs
Posted: August 11, 2015
This game I thought was actually kinda fun, but it has some seriously fatal flaws

let me tell you a story first though, so in the beggining I had high hopes for this game, and then I got through the first couple of levels.
So the game actually felt pretty good in those levels, but the extent of what they teach you is in the first level, and that is not a lot. the only way to get mor info on the game is scrolling through somet tips on the loading screen.
so continueing on, about halfway through I discovered a fatal glitch to the game, if you press the end turn button twice fast enough, you can skip the computers turn.
this is where I started having the most stupid fun with the game, running my paratroopers across the field to the nearest town or what not, but it just got old to fast.
and towards the end of the game I ran into more and worse glitches. The ones I hated the most are 2 specific ones: 1, on the last 5 or so levels I had completed objectives that when winning weren't counted as me doing them, and the worst one 2, a glitch on the final level that made it so that every single unit couldn't move. I could select them all but if I tried to move them or make them attack, nothing.

all in all I liked the game a little ( not enough that I will play it ever again), but that is probably my stupid love for stupid glitches
this game I got for $1 a ways back from a bundle so I didn't waste to much money on it, but looking at $10 down for a game that is super glitchey and not that good, when I could get civ 3 for the same price. I seriously can't recommend this game unless it goes on a super sale.
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13.1 hrs
Posted: July 1, 2015
I like it so far. Was hoping for something like Panzer General 3D, and it pretty much is like that, but less animations and probably less units/tactics. Still a nice turnbased WW2 game until next PG is released.
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