Ever wanted to punch a bear IN THE MOUTH? FIST OF AWESOME asks the eternal question "what would happen if bears took over the world?" and answers it with the epic tale of a lumberjack travelling through time punching bears in the face to save humanity.
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Release Date: Jul 3, 2014

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About This Game

Ever wanted to punch a bear IN THE MOUTH?

FIST OF AWESOME asks the eternal question "what would happen if bears took over the world?" and answers it with the epic tale of a lumberjack travelling through time punching bears in the face to save humanity.

If you like bear puns then you're in for a treat. If you also like games like Streets of Rage, Double Dragon and Final Fight then sit down, pour a scotch, and get ready for the greatest time-travelling-lumberjack-em-up of all time.

Key Features:
  • A lumberjack who travels through time punching bears in the face to save humanity
  • Develop Award Nominated soundtrack by Brendan Ratliff aka Echolevel
  • Okay-ish pixel graphics
  • An impawsible number of bear-themed puns
  • USB & Bluetooth controller support
  • Like Streets of Rage, but with more bears

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Vista or later
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compliant video card
    • Hard Drive: 60 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS 10.6+
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compliant video card
    • Hard Drive: 60 MB available space
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Posted: October 9, 2014
This game made me physically mad.
It looked cool. It looked like a fun arcade fighter. But in reality its nothing but a pack of lies.

Let's start with the enemies first.
The devs found it a great idea to create only two real enemy types: Bears, which are the level's boss enemies, and, also bears? I can't tell if the second enemy type are bears since the bosses are clearly defined as bears but the common enemy looks more akin to a human-bear-squirrel freak of nature. And while there are several variations of this Humabearrel each one does the EXACT. SAME. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. THING. It feels as though I'm playing the same level over, and over, and over again. It goes like this: fight squirbearmen, fight actual bear, go to next level. The silly gimmicks of traveling through time don't change the enemies at all except for amount of health, which, while im on that little part, IS ♥♥♥♥ING RIDICULOUS. You start off with the "bear"(don't get me started on how much they used this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ pun) minimum of damage that youre able to cause and each enemy has health into the hundreds. Endlessly doing single digit damage on an enemy that you know will take forever to defeat is tedious as all hell and gets boring after all of ten seconds. And the enemies never end either. You all must know about how in a normal arcade beat 'em up how you fight maybe one or two enemies already waiting for you and then three or so more jump out and attack, correct? Well in this game I constantly found myself against hordes of freaky squirrelbear ♥♥♥♥♥, wondering when, oh when, will I be able to move on? Combine that with their massive healthbars ad you see why it took me 2.2 hours to finish what should have been a mayyyyyybe 45 minute game. ♥♥♥♥ing A, did i hate those endless, boring, tedious parts. Not to mention the bears send you flying on every hit and the manbearpig♥♥♥♥ers stand over your napping body to wail on you every time you get up. And by wail, I MEAN WAIL. Every hit from them stops you from moving and if you're trapped between them well gg no re to you cause you're ♥♥♥♥ed.

And now they storyline. This has spoilers, so if you plan on buying this game (protip: ♥♥♥♥ing don't its horrible) avoid this
So the story is youre Tim Mc♥♥♥♥face, some random ♥♥♥ lumberjack guy (had to interpret this from his clothing) who ALL OF A SUDDEN gains a talking fist named, you certainly guessed it, Fist of Awesome. This fist's entire purpose is that it guides you in your quest, and even that wasn't explained all too well. In reality all it really does is help make ♥♥♥♥♥♥, ♥♥♥♥♥♥ jokes and un-BEAR-able puns. Tim here and his mighty jerk-it hand suddenly arrive in an alternate reality where bears rule. So what's the first reasonable action you ask?
They punch deers.
I don't know about you but this is flawless. 10/10. roll end credits.
But seriously, ♥♥♥♥'s bad man.
So anyway you realize bears are the true enemy and go on a long ♥♥♥ adventure where you learn that somehow the bears have a time transport train that brings them back in time to breed with past bears and create new super bears and repeat. I could not be making this up. That is how it goes.
So you beat the time machine to explosive death and save your world, right?
Of course not it's never that easy, because the bears have fixed the machine and made everything worse. Bow Bear-ba Fetts fight you as you make youre way to Bear-hatten and into a strip club called "Bare Bears" where you find OH HEY ITS FOA'S BROTHER WHO AS IT TURNS OUT STARTED ALL OF THIS ♥♥♥♥ AND KILLED HIS BROTHER WHO IS NOW YOUR HAND MAKES SENSE AMIRITE GUIYS????????????
So this ♥♥♥♥er then transforms into a massive bear thing and you kick the crap out of him and you win. Fist of Awesome somehow stops possessing your hand and it turns out its now your wedding day. You then talk to some people and accidently walk into a guy who calls you lover and gives you a big sloppy kiss cause it turns out thats the gay ending. Literally.

All in all, 0/10 worst game ever.
Much bad.
Do not buy for any amount of money.
Don't even buy it for free.
It's that level of complete ♥♥♥♥.
0/10 game that runs on the 0/10 engine with 0/10 graphics 0/10 storyline and a 0/10 soul.
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Posted: October 25, 2014
I have seen bad reviews of this game. But I think those people just don't get it. Fist of Awesome has a special brand of stupid, sometimes sarcastic, humor that I really love. This is one of my all-time favorite games. It only takes a few hours to complete, but there are many characters you can play in arena mode, adding to the replay value. However, I am quite easily entertained. So take this review with a grain of salt.
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2.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 15
I picked this game up in the humble bundle. Did not expect to loose two hours playing it and enjoying every minute. While I image that combat can get stale for some, the humor is great. A good game to play after work when you want to relex and not think too much.
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Posted: January 31
The gameplay is boring and extremely repetitive.
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Posted: January 16
Picked this game up as part of a humble bundle, had never heard of it before that.
Good: The humor is the best feature. There's plenty of pop culture references, without being meme-spouting. The arena mode is a nice addition/change of pace.
Bad: I beat the story mode by just spamming the main attack and an occasional jump+main attack, even all the bosses. None of the enemies drop anything, nor are you allowed to bash open any inanimate objects. Would be nice if they dropped coin that could be used to buy something or temp. weapons as many ohter beat em ups do.
Ugly: the level designs, I get that its the retro/pixel style art, but most of the bgs are cheese.

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Posted: October 5, 2014
I can't really add anything that hasn't been said in greater depth by earlier reviewers so I'll sum this up briefly:

Quirky humour barely sustains interest over the repetitive and tedious mechanics, a lack of any pickups, combos or meaningful level ups makes the game feel like a chore after the first few levels and kills replayablity. Would not buy at full price though the now reduced cost maybe worth your time if you found Final Fight or Streets of Rage too long or hard.
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Posted: January 16
Incredibly short (under 2 hours) so only get it dirt cheap. Even if it wasn't short, still get it cheap because it basically shares the same game engine as space inavders for atari. Everything about it is hilariously bad. For one thing, the sound effects are laughably awful. The music is good though and the controls work fine (I used a 360 controler). The game has charm though so if you can get it for a dollar then it's worth it for a playthrough.

Kicking bears in the nuts then comboing them ftw.
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Posted: January 15
It's hard to get more monotonous than this, but at least the game has something resembling a sense of humor.
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Posted: February 8
Writing, art, music & story: Awesome

Gameplay: garbage.

I'll give the devs A for effort, but in the end, gameplay for a sidescrolling beat-em-up is just horrible if you grew up on stuff in their heyday from the NES/SNES/Sega/Arcade era. If you grew up playing Double Dragon, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Final Fight, TMNT arcade, etc, the controls are just really so clunky and un-satisfying. Same with killing normal mobs it just doesn't feel as visceral killing destroying them compared to games from over 25 years ago.

This may sound like an oxymoron givel that it's pixel art, but this game is a good example of developers that put graphics over gameplay, and it's a real shame given the game world's novelty potential.

Verdict: even though I got the game as part of a bundle, I couldn't even slog through 10 minutes of it. Sorry devs, but you guys didn't do your homework. You've really got to raise the bar given the history of the medium. I've played free flash games that are more fun than this. Do better QA & Testing next time.
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Posted: January 18
This is a pixel beat 'em up.
Bit copied from the era of the 90 games.
Personally very big fan of.

Story is that you travel through time dimension.
And you come in the most crazy places nearby.
In short, funny story for something different.

Game controls are easy to learn and pick up again.
Pretty simple with a 4 action buttons and some funny moves.

Sound effects are sometimes very poorly done.
Background music sound pretty good overall a cool 8 bit beat

Unfortunately only story mode and arena mode.
No offline and online co-op mode, find this very unfortunate.

It costs only 3.99 but find it not worth it.
Buy it for 0.99 or less which I think is worth it,.
It is fun entertainment for awhile.

I can appreciate game for what really it is.
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Posted: January 15

Ok now to the serious review :P Ok i like Fist of Awesome !! Its nothing flashy or big here but its a decent and funny old school brawler ! The controls are fine but better with a controller ;) The gfx are nice old old old old school pixel art :P I say give this one a go and go and kick a bear in the nards !!
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Posted: January 15
A tounge in cheek Double Dragon style game that does not take itself to seriously. It seems bears have taken over the timestream and changed the world, much like the apes did in planet of the apes. It's open season on your family and you in this zany adventure.

- Funny characters
- Decent game mechanics
- Another pixel game (♥♥♥♥ I am tired of these, cant anybody find a style anymore)
- No replay value

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Posted: March 7
Gaming community, I have a dream. I want to make a beat 'em up video game, but with one singular enemy type, and also the singular enemy type is a bear and there are a lot of bear puns. Every line of dialog in this game will be a bear-related pun, there will be two main characters who are both completely devoid of interesting, fun or memorable personality and the gameplay will be the most painfully repetitive thing ever created. There will be one boss in every level, and that will be the same boss but with a different skin every time!!! All I need, gamers, is help... from you.

This project was successfully funded on July 1st, 2014.
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4.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 15, 2014
Overall I had a great time with Fist Of Awesome. I laughed and tapped my foot through every level, and immediately started my second play through on a higher difficulty after finishing the game. This game has the perfect blend of great art and music style, humor and fluid game play, and one of the best credit theme songs of all time. Fist Of Awesome is priced perfectly and left me with a smile on my face and nostalgia in my heart. This is a great indie title and has earned 7.5 out of 10 from me.

The story of Fist Of Awesome is a timeless tale about a lumberjack called Tim Burr, who must fight his way to the truth, and set right the timeline that has seen his home destroyed and his family taken from him. Tim is empowered with the mighty Fist Of Awesome, a talking hand that guides his travels through the damaged timelines searching for the cause of the temporal disturbance. Along his journey Tim must face off against super advanced bears, deer and buffalo who due to the timeline alterations have risen to be the dominant power on Earth.

Fist Of Awesome's story is silly, but that is what I fight Bears was aiming for, and each funny one liner, pop culture reference or throw back to old school gaming is so perfectly delivered that the player will have a great time and laugh right through to the end. The fist play through of the story will take the average gamer no more than an hour to complete but with this in mind I was not disappointed by the playtime, and instead finished the game feeling that I had a great bit of fun getting there.

Fist Of Awesome's controls will be instantly familiar to anyone who has spent some time playing side scrolling fighting games and are easy to get the hang of. The combat is basic in concept but as enemies become more resilient in the higher levels a degree of strategy is required to progress. Each time zone Tim progresses through culminates in a boss fight which is started off with some funny dialogue and are a decent challenge to the player.
Tim gains points and levels up throughout the stages depending on the combos the player can land, and is able to allocate one point to life, strength, speed or special per level. I had a great time with the general game play and leveling system, with the only let down being that enemy types were a bit too samey, and didn’t use their type specific attacks often enough.

The 8-bit art and music style of Fist Of Awesome is brilliant, and further enhances the comedy of the game. I found each level to be entertaining and beautiful in its own way, and enjoyed the well paced soundtrack throughout this crazy adventure.

For my full review and heaps of other delicious content see Glitch
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Posted: February 23
To start with, I reinstalled the game just to post this... and WILL be inmediatly deleted again once I do.

This game came with a bundle... Great games came with that 7-pack, some quite decent and entertaining... but this is the worst game that could be picked to be part of that bundle. So bad I see it on my gamelist and I feel tricked, robbed, filthy...

It's the "adventure" (an idiotic one) of a lumberjack caught in another dimension full of antropomorphic animals with bears as their leaders and humans as pets... yikes. Controls are uninterestingly plane, graphics are pixelated as some kind of lame and unsuccessful attempt of oldschool (pixel art for this is quite horrendous), little and stiff animation, and it moves ssssssssooooooooo sssssssloooooooowwwwwww to be even entertaining for a while.

Some people even say that this game has sarcastic and stupid humor. I don't remember to have laugh a single time.

I can asure you I'll not play it more than the 15 minutes I dedicated to it. Just not worth it.
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Posted: February 3
Good games meet expectations. Great games meet expectations with flair. Amazing games exceed expectations and meet game desires you didn't even realize you had. Like punching a bunch of stripper bears with nipple tassles.
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Posted: February 8

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night everyone! :) I hope you all are having a good time, and let's start reviewing this game. In general, i recommend this game, because its simply awesome! :D It's not my genre, I don't usually play games like this but this one has earned my respect. And why? Let's find out below!

Presentation: 5/5

I gave five out of five to the game's presentation because the overall quality of the game is excellent. The menus are well laid out and easy to navigate, You can play with different characters, It's pixel graphics is nice, and the most important factor why i gave it five out of five is the atmosphere of the game. I found it very nice, and you can imagine yourself in the middle of a bear apocalypse, which is pretty funny :)

Visuals: 4/5

This game is OK to look at, I can't really score this one, because this game aims for a specific style. It isn't bad or good, It's okay.

Gameplay: 3,5/5

I couldn't really decide between 3 and 4, so i give it a 3,5. This game can be good to play sometimes, and can be boring sometimes. In this game, you have to box with bears, which is a nice entertainment factor, instead of those silly bandits in most of these fighting games. At the beginning it's really fun to play. But when you get into the later stages of the game, you find yourself repetitively pressing the same buttons against the same enemies. In this game, there are 2 kinds of enemies, a slim bear/fox mixture, and a real big bear. Every level consists of 3-4 waves of enemies, and then a big boss (the real big bear). Every single level is the same, but the enemies wear different clothes and the background changes. The game tries to hide it (and it does the hiding very well) , but it feels repetitive. I completed this game just by smashing the S button all the way :) But there are some interesting things in the gameplay, for example the skill system. You can level up in this game after every stage, and, i couldn't really get it how it works, you just go and level up. Without experience gaining to track your progress, This makes leveling pretty unpredictable. Sometimes you gain 2 levels, sometimes 1. Pretty random thing. But, when you level up you can choose which skill you want to improve. Every level up you gain 1 point which you can spend on increasing your Health, Power, Speed, and the Special Skill. I liked this part of the game.

Humor: 5/5

OHHH MY GOD! This game is so funny! I actually completed this game because of the high amount of sense of humor this game has. The creators must be comedians, or i don't know, but i was falling out of the chair all the time because of those jokes. For example the strip bar in the game, which is called "Bare Bears", and un-bear-able, and these silly jokes. I laughed my *ss off literally. This game is only good because of its humor, in my opinion. As i've said earlier, this is not my genre, but who wouldn't want to laugh?

Audio: 4/5

Audio isn't that bad either. The sound effects are good, there are some funny ones like the one at the jumping kicks (WOHOOOOOO or something like that), and the normal punch and kick sound effects. The Backgrounds musics are well done, i haven't got any problems with them. They always fitted the scene.

Plot: 4/5

The plot is pretty dumb, but easy to understand and good! :) [SPOILER ALERT] The game starts with the protagonist's (Tim Burr) celebration, and then some noise comes and the screen flashes, and everything turns bad, his house is on fire, the forest is burning. Then suddenly from the middle of the nowhere, Tim Burr's hand(just one hand) changes into the Fist of Awesome, and it begins to talk to him, surprising Tim. Then they beat up lots of enemies, and so on, and they travel in time with Lorentzian Traversable Wormholes. They go back to Dinosaurs, to Medieval ages and other places. It's pretty interesting. The game even tricks us, when we destroy the time travel machine(near the end), the time travels back to the celebration, where we think that finally the game is over, The leader of the bears (The Fist of Awesome's brother) repairs the time machine and everything goes wrong again. And then we have to struggle 2 more levels to complete the game, at the end killing the Fist of Awesome's brother. And then, finally we get back to the celebration, where we find ourselves that this celebration is a marriage, and everyone congratulates our actions. And then at the very end, we have to choose who to marry, a stinky lumberjack or a girl, sadly, i didn't read the last texts just ran to the lumberjack and he kissed me, well, i was surprised a little bit. [SPOILER END] In summary, i liked it, it was fun.

Value: 3/5

This game isn't really valuable, get it for sale when it's 1 euro or in a humble bundle pack, This is the kind of game which you play once, you complete the short story under 2 hours and just leave in your steam library to rest. But if it's 1 euro or under 1 euro, you should get it, you won't play it for more than 2 hours, but the laughing and everything will totally worth it! :D


I liked playing this game especially, I don't think that i'll ever play it again, the minutes i spent playing this game wasn't wasted.

This is my first Game Review, i hope you liked it! :) Feel free to comment, i'll answer anything :)

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Posted: January 29
3.99 for jokes about bears!!!

Buy this? Download this? NOPE!
i waste 190MB :v
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Posted: October 15, 2014
You fight bears...what is there not to love...
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Posted: October 12, 2014
Ever wondered what it'd be like to punch a bear? Me neither, but this game answers that unasked question and after completing it I've come to a conclusion; I ♥♥♥♥ing hate bears
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