It’s the year 1850, and there are great times ahead! Establish a transport company and be its manager. Build infrastructure such as railways and stations, purchase transportation vehicles and manage lines. Fulfill the people’s needs and watch cities evolve dynamically. Train Fever runs on an engine specifically developed for this game.
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Release Date: Sep 4, 2014

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"A compelling Transport Tycoon replacement with a few annoying yet surmountable flaws – enjoyment is almost inevitable."
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February 27

USA DLC officially released

We are excited that today the Train Fever USA DLC was officially released! The DLC is available for free and features a complete American game mode.

Equivalent to the original European game mode, the player starts in 1850 and experiences more than 150 years of railroad history. More than 50 realistic American vehicles including trains, buses, streetcars and trucks are included.

To make the American experience complete, landscape and towns are modified as well. Wild West stylized American towns spread in a desert landscape and wait for a transport tycoon to be connected to the world. Also, environment elements like trees, streets and the sky have been adapted.

All vehicles are realistic. Models and textures have been developed by using blueprints and photographs of the original vehicles. As a result, the USA DLC depicts quite a piece of American railroad and transportation history.

The USA DLC has been developed in close collaboration with the modding community. We are excited that modders have contributed more than 15 vehicles. It’s great to see such an active modding community. To further support modding activities, together with the release of the USA DLC modding support was significantly extended. Most important, mods can now be enabled and disabled in-game. Also, there are more modding possibilities now.

Because the modding system has been completely reworked, we highly recommend that all players who have installed mods should clean their game installation. To do so, please first delete the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Train Fever\res” folder and second run the “Verify” option in the Steam client (Steam Client -> Train Fever -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache”).

Please find the announcement including a trailer and images here.

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February 23

USA DLC to be released this Friday

Today we officially announce that the Train Fever USA DLC will be released this Friday, February 27. The DLC will be available for free and features a complete American game mode.

Equivalent to the original European game mode, the player starts in 1850 and experiences more than 150 years of railroad history. More than 50 realistic American vehicles including trains, buses, streetcars and trucks are included.

To make the American experience complete, landscape and towns are modified as well. Wild West stylized American towns spread in a desert landscape and wait for a transport tycoon to be connected to the world. Also, environment elements like trees, streets and the sky have been adapted.

All vehicles are realistic. Models and textures have been developed by using blueprints and photographs of the original vehicles. As a result, the USA DLC depicts quite a piece of American railroad and transportation history.

The USA DLC has been developed in close collaboration with the modding community. We are excited that modders have contributed more than 15 vehicles. It’s great to see such an active modding community. To further support these activities, together with the release of the USA DLC modding support is significantly extended.

Please find the announcement including images here.

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About This Game

Train Fever is a railroad-focused business simulation game. In other words, it's a modern-day Transport Tycoon with procedural content and a sophisticated city simulation.

"It’s the year 1850, and there are great times ahead! Establish a transport company and be its manager. Build infrastructure such as railways and stations, purchase transportation vehicles and manage lines. Fulfill the people’s needs and watch cities evolve dynamically.

Train Fever runs on an engine specifically developed for this game. The engine has a great innovative scope and is specialized in procedural content and urban simulation. A key point is the fact that there is no grid that game objects have to be aligned to, allowing for a great degree of freedom.


  • Randomly generated, modifiable terrain with realistic dimensions
  • Advanced passenger simulation
  • Dynamically simulated urban development
  • Procedurally generated buildings
  • No grid - that is, the game world is not limited to 90 (or 45) degree angles
  • Vehicles from more than 150 years of transportation history
  • Passenger and freight transport
  • Achievements and experience points
  • Detailed 3D graphics
  • Freely adjustable zoom factor

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 512 MB, ATI Radeon HD 3850 512 MB
    • Additional Notes: Mouse with wheel
    • OS: OS X 10.7.5 or higher (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 512 MB, ATI Radeon HD 3850 512 MB
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.10 or higher (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 512 MB, ATI Radeon HD 3850 512 MB
    • Additional Notes: OpenGL 3.2 core profile
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25.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 19, 2014
Date of writing this review: 20/10/14. Some of my criticisms may have been addressed by the time you are reading this.

Firstly, I would like to state that I got this game 2 days ago, and I already have 16 hours. In my opinion, the game is the best tycoon game since Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

However, there are a few negatives that I would like to address, and because of these few negatives, people are not enjoying the game, or buying it.

- Dumb Name. Why didn't they call it Transport Fever!?! Would have made much more sense as the game is not only about building train lines.

- Minimal Tutorial. Despite this game being a very complex game, the tutorial is almost laughable. However, there are several community made tutorials to which aided me in learning the game, my favourite one being this one

- Rail Building could do some work. In order to build railway, you must do it in several chunks. This is as the game tries to average out the terrain, so that the rail will not go on a gradient - which can cost an absurd amount of money if the rail goes for too long.

- No Airports, or Boats. The airports I can somewhat understand, however the boats I do not. Each map has a river along it. It is crazy to think that despite this, they didn't put in a chance to add boat lines! I do hope that they add these features into a future update, or even a DLC.

- Only 4 Resources. I understand that with this, they were trying to go for the simplistic approach so that the learning curve isn't to big, however at least give me a chance in a settings menu to have more. The game does have excellent modding support though, and so I am sure that people will make mods in order to address this issue.

Once you look over these issues, it can be seen that the game is amazing. All up I am going to give this game an 8/10, and would still reccomend you to buy it, despite these issues. Also, if they do fix up these key issues, it could easily be a 10/10. Enjoy the game, and should you have any further questions regarding the game, feel free to add me and ask me some questions!

(This is my first proper review, so could you leave me some feedback? Thanks guys!)
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37.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 5, 2014
This game sadly feels like an early access, the game works but a lot of stuff are missing and it makes it really unbearable after a while.
I wonder sometimes if the dev played any other games like Transport Tycoon Deluxe, Railroad Tycoon or Cities in Motions 2 and if they even played their game !

+ The scale : big map, big stations, long trains, big cities
+ The simulation : cities grow with your changes, each cargo/passenger is simulated, cities got residential, commercial, industrial and leisure buildings.
+ Good building options
+ It's 3D, not particularly pretty but still nice though a bit empty and green.
+ Mod support (hopefully)

- Poor performance
- The UI is appalling
- Lots of options are missing (key bindings, UI scale, mouse speed, etc)
- A line will always use the same path and platform so 2 trains from the same line can't wait in the same station (or it is not as simple as it should be)
- The building tools are annoying. Why use drag and drop when you could just click once to start and click another time to just finish a segment then accept it or move the ending point. Not to mention you have to build segment by segment, can't do multiple points. Really annoying when you're building complex paths.
- Bridges and tunnels are a pain to build and they're way too high/low. Too much collision during building overall.
- Rails can't cross eachothers. You can't control what you wanna bulldoze so you'll end up destroying the 2 segments of a crossing when you only want one.
- No AI
- To replace a vehicle, it needs to go to a depot and you have to change them manually one by one ... REALLY ? After 25 years, I had like 30 vehicles and couldn't bear having to micro manage this part. Stopped playing right away on my first game. Depot aren't really fun to manage, trains don't need to service.
- The cargo chains are limited (but mods seems to fix that)
- The first 50 years are boring to me, not a lot of vehicles available (6 engines maybe ?) and they're extremely slow.
- Can't upgrade a station, have to pause the game, destroy it then build the new one. Stations limited to 5 platform. But since one line seems to use only one platform, you don't need more right now.
- Simplistic : the economy, the train tracks, etc. Did I mention the economy ?
- No map editor (yet)

And I'm probably forgetting some stuff.

Most of those points can be fixed but there are too many problems right now to make it really enjoyable.

I'm optimistic and hope they will sort everything out cause it got good foundations.
And hopefully, mods will make this game really complete.

Now, I don't recommend it, it's not finished and can be really frustrating. We'll see how they patch that game up.
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6.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 4, 2014
It's good, but needs work. Some parts feel fustrating and not thought out properly
The good:
The look and feel of the world is stunning, lots going on and everything is visilbe
The Ease of setting up routes
The soundtrack
The cargo distrbution makes sense

The not so good:
Limited vechile managment, you can't just upgrade a vechile, you have to send it to depot, sell then buy a new one
Can't upgrade stations, you can't just add some more tracks to your station, you need to demolish it and rebuild it
Track buidling is fustrating, it often takes sevral attempts to get 2 tracks to join nicley
Actual managment of the company is non-exsistent

It's a good game and i will be playing more, it just feels like there could be a lot more ecspeccially for this price point. The main factor is building track feels limited once you built it, upgrading the layout is not easy

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5.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 7, 2014
I've played a lot of economy sims, from the Original Sim City (with 256 colors) through the reboot, as well as the original Railroad Tycoon, 2, and 3, Sid Meyer's Railroads, Transport Tycoon Deluxe and OpenTTD, A-Train, Locomotion, and others. I have a long history with the genre, so I've played the best games and maybe my standards are a bit high, but I was hoping that Train Fever would make a splash and bring something fresh to the genre. It sadly does not.

Let's start with the good parts. The graphics are excellent as you can see from the screenshots (at least when you're zoomed in), and watching the trains run using the chase cam is pretty relaxing. The camera is very well done and the scenery is nice, from water to trees to lens flare. Not having played the $4000 Train Simulator I can't compare the graphics but I think there's probably a price differential to consider.

So, on to the rest of the game i.e. the economy, laying track, running trains (technically there are busses and trucks too) and such. This is where the game falls flat. Your economy is based on transporting people between towns and different types of businesses (think RCI from Sim City), or industrial goods. The industry component feels a bit like an afterthought and is way less detailed than, say, Transport Tycoon or even Railroads. I was hoping for something like Transport Tycoon's shipping tables, or OpenTTD's town growth ruleset.

Laying track is tedious. The UI is clunky and track placement is frustrating. To place track you click and drag, and then click a checkbox or cancel button. They did this so they can hide an elevation button in the confirmation popup, but it's awkward. There are a combination of things that make track hard to place: Minimum turn radius, arbitrary collisions with things like terrain, rivers, rocks, roads, etc. It's sometimes impossible to build a bridge or an intersection so you get stuck. By comparison, placing track in Railroads was amazingly simple, and still built decent-looking lines most of the time. OpenTTD gives you way more feedback and control over how track gets placed. I think a sandbox mode might help with the track building parts.

Running trains is tedious. The first trains that you get are super slow. They take forever to get anywhere. Vehicles eventually cost too much to maintain and need to be replaced, which means selling them and setting up new ones from scratch. To unlock more trains later you have to wait 50 years of game time, which is several hours at max game speed. The content gating sucks. Also you need a positive bank balance after 50 years (which you can get by taking up to 10,000,000 in loans to cheese ahead). Repeat that process for 200 years or so. 1850-2050. Managing routes and trains and track and depots is a pain, mainly because placing track is so finicky, and the UI is not streamlined for things like upgrades and replacements.

The economy is weird. Running trains often seems to be barely profitable. The rail and trains are very expensive, and the trains run so slowly and the income they produce is tiny. It's very easy to run at a loss after spending a ton of time and money setting up a route. From this respect, I feel like the simulation difficulty is similar to Railroad Tycoon, but there's a lot less information provided to you about markets, supply, and other things you would need to make informed decions about your lines before you build them. I suppose the saving grace here is that you can dip into 10 million dollars in loans to figure things out.

Once you've actually built the route the UI is pretty good about telling you how frequently your transportation runs (e.g. bus every 8 minutes) and how much money each vehicle earns and costs you. I guess you can just bulldoze stuff that loses money. But after all that time invested in getting the track to actually connect, and setting up the routes, this just kinda knocks the wind out of my sails.

The final aspect that's missing is motivation. For me as a player there's really no reason to continue playing. There are no objectives to complete, no subsidies to chase after, no AI opponent to run out of business or perform a hostile takeover on. There's really no carrot to entice me to stick through some of the tedious game mechanics.

If the track placement and UI were more streamlined so I could focus on running a rail business, I might have the patience to figure out the nuances. But as it stands it's just frustrating to play. Once I get a route setup that makes money I don't want to touch it anymore.
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34.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 5, 2014
EDIT 2 (08/12/14):
Devs are still working on this game so that's great.
They added some nice little details (cars now stop at a railway crossing, barriers along highways) and new useful things (upgrade tool mainly) over the months.
Some important things are still annoying though:
- Can't upgrade a road crossing rails without having to demolish the whole thing
- Can't build a road crossing rails (only the other way around)
- Definitely needs an easy upgrade function for train stations
- Needs more information/tutorials overall as this is not an easy game to learn for people without any patience at the moment.
Still a great game though!

EDIT (06/09/14):

My initial review below still applies but I just want to add/clarify some points after playing more hours on the game.
- After extra time and reading online tutorials, the cargo business makes a lot of sense and is actually quite simple to understand.
- My comment about the game being challenging is true. However, I've found out you can just easily borrow money (by $100,000 increments) and it looks like there is no limit to that.
Basically, it is up to you to decide if you want to make this game challenging (by not borrowing money) or make it easy by spending carelessly and hitting the borrow money every 2 minutes.

INITIAL REVIEW (04/09/2014):

This game is fun and works pretty well! I completely get the passenger side of things but I really don't get the cargo things and the tutorials are really basic (they don't even mention the cargo).

I had a lot of fun playing this game so far.
However, there are a few annoying things:
- the mouse to edge of screen scroll doesn't work well at all so I just use my keyboard to move the camera. (This is definitely the most annoying thing of the game, I mean, edge of screen scroll is the base of any simulation/strategy/tycoon game)
- upgrading train stations (making them longer or adding lanes) is really frustrating because you need to destroy the existing one and buy a new one instead. This becomes really hard when the city developed itself around your first station. You end up destroying all the buildings around.
- line management for trains is a bit annoying sometimes and you can end up with 2 trains on the same lane for an unknown reason and the 2 trains end up waiting for each other without moving so you just lose a lot of money until you notice the issue and sort it out.

I hope the devs will continue to work on the game and publish updates in due time to optimize the game.

What I love:
- Decent graphics with huge zoom into the towns
- huge random maps
- cities development - you can really see the impact of your transport business
- building tool easy and efficient
- line management is really easy and effective for buses
- challenging - Banished effect there: everything goes well then everything goes to s**t very quickly due to bad planning
- the soundtrack!!!

I definitely recommend this game to anyone who love Sim City or similar and want to focus specifically on transportation development instead of building the town yourself.
However, the price is a bit high. I've got it with the 10% pre-order discount but I would recommend getting it on sales for $20-25 at the most.
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131.0 hrs on record
Posted: September 9, 2014
I played a lot of economy sims before. (Railroad Tycoon, 2, and 3, Sid Meyer's Railroads, Transport Tycoon Deluxe and OpenTTD) I was really looking forward playing train fever and i'm pleased with the game so far. The primary focus of the game is it's realism trough time and i really like the gameplay that comes with it.

Graphics: Amazing ( i'm running the game all maxed out and it's very smooth) the vehicle details are amazing, they look and sounds as they do/did.

Gameplay: very good and easy to learn.

My first game (easy/flat and small map) was really to learn and understand the game. My game lasted from 1850 to 2050 in over 10 hours of play ( i don't know how other people can rate this game with so few hours of play).

The 1850 to 1900 period: everything is quite cheap and you need quantity to make up for the slow speeds. creating your network is very easy.

From 1900 to 1950 i upgraded my trains, downsized my fleet and had to close down a few branch lines to keep my finances in
the green. ( Ihad build way to much lines and my frequency way way too high, beginners mistakes) the quantity of road vehicles decreased even further. At start i thought upgrading vehicles was time consuming, but in the 3rd upgrade round it took me less then 5 minutes for over 60 lines with a total of 250 vehicles at start. Trains are also easy to replace if you build a depot that is always reachable or build a depot at the start and the end of the game.

1950 to 2000: Wonderful era of fast loco's and powerfull loco's but not really eco fiendly. their upkeep is amazing so only usefull on main routes. The game offers some other loco's wich are not that fast but are fast accelerating, so perfect for branch lines.

2000 to 2050: if you make it this far money should not be an issue anymore, towns have grown so much that there are enough passengers for all of your lines to make a profit.

Tip: if you have trouble keeping in the green make sure you start early with factory's to upgrade. this will generate a lot of money. to do so supply the factory's with raw materials. (raw material sit grow with the factory, so one site/source of raw material is enough to supply one factory (keep this in mind opentdd players, i made this mistake too) to make sure the factory grows fast you need to provide a conection between the factory and some towns around it ( click on town names to see how much cargo they want). by doing so the factory wants to produce a lot of goods. My steel mill had 2 incoming lines each good for 2 milion a year. and 4 outgoing lines suplying city's, all for 1 million a line. this means a total income of 8 million a year!

Tip 2: Planning, for passaenger service to be profitable you need a steady network with good coverage,plan this from the start. not all lines can be main lines this will be way too expensive later on in game. a early planning of what will become your main line and wich lines will become branch lines saves a lot of money later in game.

Tip3: Group stations, click on the station icon above a station, a popup window will appear. click on group and then click the station icon of a other station next to it.

My second game was way more organised and even better to play even on medium dificulty, at the moment i'm playing a Hard game and untill now i am still in the green.

Conclusion: I played almost 70 hours so far, the game is definitly worth the €25,- If you like this genre learn to play this game and be suprised with it. It will take you some time to learn but it is worth it. Updates can only make this game better and diversity in vehicles will only make this game even more fun to play.
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271.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 31, 2014
TF this is the quintessential PC game -
more so than any other title I've enoucntered in recent years – very challenging and complex yet also extremely rewarding.

Excellent job done on the game mechanics – feels like a true sandbox (unlike other titles in the genre that emphasize bling - the latest simcity for example) - whichever way you choose to manage the transport challenges the game puts forth - it will present you with still more.

Be advised - just like any oldschool PC game - some minor bugs and annoyances still need to be worked out - still, those little irksome points (like upgrading vehciles) actually don't hurt the experience and even end up adding to the challenge and fun.

If you are a Strategy/Sims/Transport PC gamer with OCD tendancies - stay away from this game - it might take away from you any hour you're not sleeping or working :)

I Love it.
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158.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 4, 2014
I love the game, it is fantastic watching your networks come to life and make money. That said it is not perfect, it took a while and plenty of experimentation to learn how things work, and, as previous reviewers have said, there is still work to be done on several aspect including industry, interface and gameplay balancing issues. I am very encouraged that the developers are working to fix these things and believe that once the modders get to work this will be the foundation of the next generation of train/network games. Thank you Train Fever!
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104.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 4, 2014
Update 31/1/2015:
This is a great day for Train Fever! The developer released a new update addressing performance issues regarding stuttering. They improved the game engine to utilise the processing capacity better by improving multithreading of calculations. Therefore the game perfomance increased and plays overall much better. This is a great improvement and ensure the game is stable for the long run.

Update 27/11/2014:
Today the game is been patched again, featuring animated road and rail crossing where vehicles stops for the train. There is also a new wagon to carry wood. Therefore I can say the developer really trying to improve the game constantly and they working hard to get the game to work on everyones computer. There is some fixes for the new Intel HD4xxx, but make double sure you laptop support the game's hardware prerequisite.

Update 12/11/2014:
The developers constantly patching the game and today I've receive waypoints. This greatly enhanced the gameplay and options available. Before waypoints was there, it was a struggle to specify which line the train must use and which line not. Now I can assign a train to stop at a specific platform, drive on a given track and much more. I highly recommend the game now after all the effort being put into the game by the developers. I'll give this now a 7/10 and after the mods, 9/10!

Original review:
This is a pretty game, nice to look at, decent graphics and lots of details. But this game is pure basics, you cannot compare this with other game like OpenTTD or Transport Tycoon, nor Railroad Tycoon or other transport related games out there. This game is unique in its own way.

To list the good things:
  1. Nice graphics
  2. Basic gameplay
  3. Excellent modding support at
  4. Freedom to build rails everywhere :) Train Fever!!!

The downside:
  1. Not exacly a clone of Transport Tycoon, lots of things change, actually simplified
  2. Lack of variety of freight types to transport, there is only 4 different types: coal, iron ore, oil and goods
  3. The game is still in its early stages, I wouldn't say its suppose to be early access, because the game working stable on my computer and the base game is there as it is supposed to be, but lack additional content which was expected, like water transportation, more variety of locomotives and carriages, ect.
  4. This is more of a surveying simulator, lots of collisions and bridge pillar limits. A steep learning curve to know what can be done and what not, when building rails or roads.

I'll give this a 5/10, but with the mods available and awesome modding community, 7/10 will suffice. Make sure to get the mods. Its like Skyrim was, good game, but 10 times better with mods!

Many people have trouble to run this game, usually the same people moaning over and over. Therefore, make SURE you have the right hardware as listed above. Don't even think this game will work with Intel graphics, many players complained about this. And also look out if you graphics card support OpenGL 3.2. You will need this!
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250.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 15, 2014
Train Fever attempts to take the railway and transportation management genre to the next level by including elements from many of the past greats. The strongest influence on Train Fever is Transport Tycoon. The Train Fever website acknowledges this by including a small section devoted to the history of this genre. While Train Fever attempts to resurrect and bring rail and transport management back to modern gaming, it fails at standing out among other recent similar titles.

Train Fever tries to be the Jack of All Trades. It includes city public transport, inter-city travel, and cargo supply line management. By putting all these features into one title, not one of them feels fully fleshed out. It may gather a curious audience who has played a game that simulates one of those features well, but it will not hold their attention for long as gamers will find their favorite feature lacking.

The cities are not as large as cities presented in games like Cities in Motion, and the populations are very small. Most cities will start with a population under 200 in 1850. Unfortunately, by the year 2000, it will be a struggle to get their populations north of 1,000. The cities grow dynamically, depdending on how far the residents can travel on your networks in the space of 20 minutes and how well supplied a city is with finished goods, but they never feel like a metropolis. Managing travel within a city may be done with 1 or 2 bus lines, easily getting 80% line usage from the population. The population is not divided by class, either, and every person feels the same, with random destinations (one building each) for home, work, shopping, and leisure. Which one a person picks to travel to seems random, and times passes so quickly (1 day per second), that there is no illusion this person is alive with a real schedule to keep. Cities are so small that many players have stated they do not bother with public transportating within the city limits and focus solely on intercity transportation.

Intercity passenger transportation is a bit more interesting. Traveling from one city to another will be the first task undertaken that the passengers cannot fulfill themselves by just walking. Establishing a connection between two cities also jumpstarts the growth in both cities and you will see an immediate benefit in population growth. The newly created residents now have a chance to have one of their destination buildings be in a different city than their home. The player has a choice of using bus lines, tram lines, or rail lines to complete the connections. Rail is the fastest way to travel throughout the game, but it is the most expensive to build infrastructure, maintain it, and run it. The running costs of one train will dwarf the running costs of an entire bus fleet or tram fleet. Due to this, many players opt for focusing on road connections using trams and buses. Trains are the fastest vehicle, but due to their expense, most lines can only afford one or two trains, which makes for long waiting times at train stations. Trams and buses are slower, but running an entire fleet will shorten the station waiting time dramatically. I actually got passengers farther using light rail trams compared with using trains. Late in the game, the costs for running trains increases dramatically, and passenger rail lines are very difficult to make profitable.

When it comes to cargo transportation, the game feels weakest. There are only three production lines, and each line ends in the same generic cargo type "finished good." The lines are:

Iron Ore + Coal -> Steel Mill -> City
Timber -> Lumber Mill -> City
Oil -> Refinery -> City

Players have an option to ship cargo via trucks or by rail. Trucks can only carry a few tons at a time. Rails need large amounts of cargo in order to be profitable, but it's easier to make a cargo line profitable via rail than it is a passenger line, keeping in mind that freight trains generally have much high running costs than passenger trains. Unlike passengers, cargo has no set destination and can be hauled to any facility that accepts deliveries. This seems like a step back for the genre. Even Simutrans, an open source project with low resolution sprites that look like they were regurgitated from old DOS games, has more production lines with business contracts that provide destinations for all cargo. The one interesting idea that Train Fever presents is that producers will not manufacture without demand. Unless the entire production line is hooked up, nothing will produce. The only way to make a facility produce more is to increase the demand, and that starts at the end of the chain by providing more outlets for the finish goods and working your way up to transporting more raw materials. Unfortunately, the execution of this idea seems lacking. On a small game map, it is possible to supply every city from one cargo line. It does not matter which line you choose, as they all end in the same type of finished goods. Any delay on your line will kill productivity. Train is old and needs to be replaced? You had better put the new train on the track first before getting rid of the old fella as production immediately starts dropping when the line is not serviced. If you want a supply line challenge, try Railroad Tycoon III. Even Railroads! has a better transportation model, as each city will have a variety of needs to be filled.

Routing in Train Fever is the best part of the game, but it can be frustrating. The auto-recalculations of routes at various points in the game sometimes make the game stutter. Routes can also change based on traffic density, turning your nice straight bus route into a twisted death pretzel over time. Rails present some fun puzzles as you try to figure out how to extend your lines without causing train collisions. You can use signals to help with this, but you are limited to simple switches, tunnels, and overpasses on your rail lines. No double-crossovers or four-way diamonds allowed. Designing the throat to a high-traffic station is a pain as you map out where each simple switch enters and exits the throat, and you end up extending the station throat almost halfway to the next town in order to accomodate each one. Station planning is important as you cannot upgrade your station once it is placed. Need a longer platform? Stop all your trains, tear down the old infrastructure, and build an entirely new station. Need more platforms? Same thing. Unless you already have five, then you're at your limit and need to build an entirely new station elsewhere near the city. While train routing is realistic (no trains passing through other trains on the same track), the actual track constructs are limited in scope. Railways X provides a more satisfying layout modeler with far more tools to build interesting crossings and signal systems.

Train Fever has a laundry list of features that made me want to play the game. Unfortunately, each one of these features on its own is handled better by other (and often older) titles. By trying to do so much, Train Fever feels like it glosses over what makes transportation and rail management games fun to play.
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Posted: September 4, 2014
It feels like a rushed release. But although rough around the edges, the polish will come I'm sure. If you are a fan of Open TTD, or simulation games, this has some serious potential. It is fun at the moment and with the moddability factor comes a ton of content from the community. It is early days, you may want to hold off purchasing for a well rounded feature rich game. But I would like to support the devs for what is an incredibly needed game in the genre.

The base game is there, it is now time for polish and content. CHOOCHOO!
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Posted: October 18, 2014
I played Transport Tycoon back when i was a kid, loading the game in DOS. I love this genre. I wasn’t bothered with Railroad Tycoon, I could never enjoy it as much. It was less about building an efficient infrastructure that you could tweak and improve to much about finances and a false sense of achievement. This game is certainly in the Transport Tycoon league.

The game is in no was flawed, early access or broken as many like to point to. The game is as finished as when Transport Tycoon under Micro Prose was released. Only today too many people online, many of them new (lvl1) due to more people gaining access to the internet expect all games to be as refined and polished as the big boys do when they release (a clone) a game. If this is not so, like then Train Fever people will do nothing but slate it, rather than use (play) it!

The game offers a good sense of achievement, to have your first passenger line develop into a mixed traffic line with signals keeping trains flowing well is extremely satisfying. You then find yourself extending the line, linking more towns and industry. Increasing profit. Working your factories at maximum production. Just the constant feeling of wanting to start a new project on your map, to develop your game.

Once you get your system working efficiently for that time period you will then start to earn good money. Money to ♥♥♥♥ about with, to build that mountain pass to reach that pointless town. Or flat, straight stretch to hit 300kmph despite it not making any economic sense.

The maps are better than I had expected. Big (if you wish) randomly generated maps, each with realistic placing of major towns as in not in a stupid place. It offers a good level of detail as you can see. Most importantly a long route is a long route, and worthwhile.

The game is actively being updated with real worthwhile updates and so far good communication from the tiny development team. The game doesn’t revolve around Steam, Steam is just the distribution. They and a good community revolve around the Train Fever forums. Very active, very interested in the game and very interested in our discussions.

Its not expensive, its worth the money.

I look forward to the future updates with more features being added. Waypoints being my number one.

If you love Transport Tycoon and would happily play it for weeks, but this game! Buy it and enjoy it.

If you didn’t mind/wasn’t bothered about Transport Tycoon, and could consider buying this then buy it. But do not blame the game, blame yourself for buying a game you don’t need/want. I haven’t brought Farming Sim because I don’t give a ♥♥♥♥ about farming, but can’t see why I would need to review it?!?!

Maybe the developers should have emphasised more on the game being a more realistic Transport Tycoon. Not an updated version. I like it…
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Posted: December 16, 2014
I had trouble deciding if I should recommend this game or not. In its current state I would probably rate it about 5½ out of 10, just into the positive. Anyone who has played and enjoyed Transport Tycoon Deluxe, Sid Meier’s Railroads, or Railroad Tycoon III will probably enjoy playing Train Fever but there are quite a few things that need fixing about it.

The object of the game is simply to build a road and rail network then use trains, trams buses and trucks to transport people and goods at a profit. There are no competitors and no goal other than the satisfaction of making a success of your transport empire.

The quality of the graphics are a lot better than the games above however even on my PC, which is very high spec, Train fever suffers badly from spikes at the end of each game month and especially at the end of each game year as the in-game finances are calculated.

The road/rail construction takes a lot of getting used to and can be quite frustrating at first. You try to build a line and at the last moment there is an unexpected collision with something or the slope is too high. Bridge/tunnel building are particularly difficult as you have no idea how high or low you need to go and how much run-up is required either side. Get it wrong you either pay to demolish it or go back to your last save. TIP: Save before starting ANY construction in this game.

The world the game map is set in is a weird mixture. The vehicles and buildings are all quite clearly German. The town names are all from the UK rail map and the currency is dollars! There are industries you can connect up to each other and deliver goods to the towns to make them grow but there are only three industry chains:

Forest – Sawmill – Goods
Oil – Refinery – Goods
Coal/Ore – Steel mill – Goods

Even Transport Tycoon, which must be about 20 years old now, had a more complex industry set up than train fever and in TTD you could finance new industries yourself which you cannot in train fever.
Passenger and goods for both road and rail require different stations although they can share road/rails.

My biggest gripe by far about Train Fever is the lack of a decent manual/tutorials. You really are dropped in the deep end with no help whatsoever on most of the complexities of the game. I’ve been playing now for over 130 hours and I still have not fully figured out things like the rail signal system and the behaviour of the people who populate the game and why the do/don’t use the available transport.

A game take ages to play. Despite my 130 hours at it, I am yet to reach the end of the timeline, in fact I am not half way through. I seem to have spent most of the time re-loading/redoing constructions trying to get them to work, but even so, to do the full timeline without going back could take days if not weeks.

Please put an undo/wind back time function.
More complex industry chains required.
Enable station enlargement without demolition
Fix the end of month/year spikes
Fix a bug where some passengers disappear between stations (perhaps the fall out?)

This game is really a virtual train set and overall I have enjoyed playing Train Fever but it could be so much more!
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Posted: September 8, 2014
I admit to the other reviews there is alot to be done with this game and it is hard, if you dont understand, but there is a strong fourm base on main site to help people along,

if you dont want a 75% game for 20£ then dont buy it, if you want something looking better then previous old tycoon games wait for 6 months then buy it

at the end of the day these people are a small team who made it and learning to make it better.

i still buy games from ea and noobie soft at 34.99 and the amount of bugs is shocking.

anyone remember diablo 3 when it came out or guild wars 2?

of corse a game like this wont be perfect straight off the bat even after a beta test, we pay and pplay to fund it getting better.
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Posted: September 7, 2014
I have to Agree with most of the post that the game as a lot of flaws , while haveing a lot of good points.
Track laying & road laying is the biggest game braking issue , far to many coflicts with cross overs & juctions & and the terrain.

I do not understand why they have not added a sub menu for different track & road juction , cross roads & track points.

The whole track & building options can fast turn into a disaster for your funds leading to having to re-starting to many time , this part of the game needs a lots of work to sort it out.

Also manageing trade is far to confuseing this as been pointed out to.

The Developers have said they need to fix things & we just have to wait & see on that front, for 19.99 Euros its ok but I would have not been willing to pay any more than that for the game as it stands.

Overal this could be a very good game , but needs a lot of work to make it better & more fun to play.
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Posted: September 4, 2014
So now I'm a little over 100 hours into this game. I'm still not going to recommend it in general. But if you've read even this far, then read on and decide for yourself whether you should give this game a try.

At this time (9/15) the game hasn't had any improvements aside from a few crash hotfixes. It still feels like an early release game, yet it is purported to be gold. There is talk on the forums - none from official sources - that this game will be improved over time.

So let's keep that in mind - this game was rushed to release, is missing a lot of common features, has awful UI. Many things are non-intuitive.
For a "business simulator" a lot of important business data is not available - prices of any sort, cost of maintenance for rails/stations/etc, capacity of same, plenty of other data is nowhere to be found.
Schedules cannot be set for any vehicle, and only the most rudimentary of waiting orders that are used at your own risk. For a game about logistics, you have little control over the logistics of your vehicles.
Tracklaying is complex and has no undo button or planning mode. This can be very expensive, especially with your first few trains.
Replacing/upgrading vehicles is very tedious and can throw off the productivity of an entire line. It can take more than an hour with an extensive network of vehicles when upgrading to a new model.
This game has very little in common with OTTD, RRT, or even SMR. If you're a long-time transport/rail game fan you'll need to forget all the strategies of the past - Train Fever needs you to play its way.

So if you want to play this game, you'll have to learn how to work around all those things. Once you do that, you'll still notice the problems, but you'll find a surprisingly complex game underneath. Lots of interesting transport planning to do, with interactive routes. Growing your towns is really fun. A lot of this game is really fun. And, for me anyway, super addictive. I can't think of a game that hooked me so bad.

So if you're willing to put in 20 hours or so studying and failing and getting frustrated, and then another 80 thinking you know what you're doing when you really don't, you'll probably enjoy this game. I'm sure I'll need to put in another couple of hundred hours before I really feel like I've got this down. It's just a shame it will be this clunky should-be-alpha-early-release version instead of the $35-value-gold-release I was lead to expect.

Here's my original review verbatim from 9/4 when I first bought it. My complaints from this original review are still valid, by the way!

I'm a long time Transport Tycoon/RRT/etc fan - I love trains and business simulations. The business simulation in this is very shallow so far. The limited industries (4 chains) are inconsistent and unpredictable. The limitations of "full load/any load" are pretty annoying, it's difficult and non-intuitive to set up lines where trucks/trains wait until full but also don't clump up.

Laying track is a mix of awesome and annoying. I love that you can adjust the way it sticks to the ground - grading and curves really make a difference. Because of that it would really be nice if you could plan out more than one segment of track at a time. Not being able to upgrade/replace stations easily is frustrating - not only when moving to multiple tracks but also to just adjust an original placement. Again, a planning mode would really help.

To be fair this is my early impressions, I've only played for a few hours, but honestly playing this pretty much just makes me want to play open TTD. I can't imagine any of the complex logistic chains from OTTD in this game - not only would laying/routing all that track be a nightmare, there's just not the supply/demand available in Train Fever.

It's a shame too because I was pretty excited for this one for the last year.
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Posted: October 28, 2014
Probably one of the most realistic Train Sims out there. I loved Railroad Tycoon 3, but this game tops that in strategy, realism, and finances. 35$ is a bit steep for price in my opinion, so if you like train sims, wait until it goes on sale to buy.

There are no bugs in this game- I really don't know why other people keep complaining about bugs when I have experienced zero bugs in this game. Every "bug" that people post here or on forums are usually built-in game mechanics (like slope errors, collision errors, train signals) that people just don't know how to fix because they are so used to sims being a plop and play kind of game with no real thinking involved. This game is a puzzle- you have to find the most efficient way to transport people or goods to make a profit, just like in real life. You also can't just sit on your lines and trains for 20 years and expect to still make money. As the world progresses, you need to keep up with the times and upgrade your system.

So if you like train sims and a real challenge get this game. Check your computer's specs before buying though- don't buys games without seeing if you computer can handle it!
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Posted: November 17, 2014
Game has definitely improved. Worth the buying. Devs are still making new updates. IT IS 100% MODDABLE - NEW TRAINS, BUILDINGS, BUSES - everything for free.
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Posted: September 5, 2014
What's this? A game that can actually claim to be a worthy successor to the Transport Tycoon subgenre of tycoon games? Why yes!

While the game is definitely a bit rough around the edges (as of release date) and the transport mechanics are a bit of an initial uphill struggle, it's definitely worth the sweat and tears. Once you grasp the basics a very robust sandbox "Transport building" game awaits you at the peak.

Living and breathing cities that change as the years go by not only in size but also in style and complexity - Lots of challenges along the way to supply the ever increasing demand for goods and commuters force you rethink old strategies and adapt to the turn of the century. From simple horse carriages and early steam engines to modern Electric trams and trains, you'll be spending far too many hours playing this - if you give it a chance and live with the few annoyances it current has.
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Posted: November 1, 2014
Train Fever in the mold of Railroad Tycoon and Transport Tycoon. The goal of the game is to build a vast and profitable transport network using road and railroad. The game allows you to transport both resources and passengers. It is a decent game in the genre.

What the game does right is the basic economy with town growth and resource supply and demand. It has neat animations to show how the different resources and people are transported when not transported on your network, making it so that not everyone is solely dependant on your transportation even if that helps. The town grows at a good speed throughout the game making your transportation efforts visible on the map.

The build tool is a bit quirky but does what it is supposed to do and you mostly get used to it after a while. The UI in general is a bit quirky with popup windows popping up anywhere on the screen.

The main drawback of the game is the limited amount of resources (just 5). It is also often hard to know what industries will yield a lot of resources and thus be profitable to transport and if you built a long railroad line just to transport the resources of an industry that happened to not be producing anything, then you wasted a lot of money. The economy could in general do with a lot more information and charts so that it is easy to understand what might be profitable.
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