Five days ago, Janet left her dorm to go on a date - and never came back. Was she kidnapped? Murdered? The truth may be even stranger. Solve puzzles to connect together pieces of the story in a science-fiction adventure with eleven possible endings!
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Release Date: May 22, 2010

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"This game will start typical and catch you off guard with an intriguing plot. Some mechanics are totally unnecessary but the concept is worth a look."

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February 14

Patch 1.2.4 live


The bug that would cause some 'skip puzzle' options to disappear should be fixed.

A bug that would sometimes make the "Kissed a girl" option inaccessible has been fixed.

Controller/joystick support has been reworked, and should work better.

If you encounter warnings while loading the game, there will now be an option to upload the warnings and the offending save to us if you want.

Savegame names no longer ignore the part of the name after the cursor.

The crash handler now uploads debugger_used and crash_ignored flags where applicable.

Also cleaned up some crashes related to debugging and script-reloading. (The latter has been disabled, because making it work with DW's custom save system would be a lot of relatively-pointless work)

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February 5

Fix Patch 1.2.4 now in alpha

A variety of small fixes, including better controller support and fixing the puzzle which sometimes made the 'Kissed a Girl' option unreachable

For more information and to leave feedback on any errors you encounter please visit the discussion thread here:

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About This Game


Time keeps slip, slip, slipping away...

You're trapped in a mansion with five guys, one of whom has a gun.

There's a giant countdown ticking down.

At the end of this story, someone will die.

Will it be you?

Or can you escape... the DATE WARP?

Use a steady hand to connect the wires and put the pieces together to solve the mystery of the mansion before it's too late. Your choices will turn the story towards one of eleven possible endings.


Janet - A freshman at Brook College, previously a socially-isolated student. Will she live or die?

Alben - A mysteriously hostile young man. Why is he so angry?

Bradley - A cheerful jock who's been asking every freshman girl on exactly one date each. What is he planning?

Linds - A lecherous scientist who is clearly up to something. What does he know about the forcefields?

Nathaniel - A polite and wealthy gentleman offering assistance to those in need. But is that too convenient?

Rafael - A soft-spoken young man who takes care of others but dodges questions about his past. Who is he working for?

Content notes: Contains violence, alcohol and drug use, some strong language, and sexual references.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: 1.2 Ghz
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • OS: 10.4 or later
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Processor: x86 or compatible
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Note: 32-bit compatibility libraries required on AMD64 and x86-64
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Posted: December 25, 2014
DATE WARP is a visual novel with multiple paths and endings (11 endings, to be exact - 2 endings for each romance path, and a final "true ending" is unlocked once the others have been reached), created by Kanako Games, mostly known for the game LONG LIVE THE QUEEN, but also the creator of "MAGICAL DIARY".

If that doesn't sell you the game to you instantly, I'm surprised. LLTQ is amazing in its optimization for min-maxing while also providing enough room to successfully complete the game in multiple ways, while MD was a well-written dating sim.

If you've played Magical Diary, you possibly know that the characters written by Kanako tend to have actual personalities and depth, which makes the chatter of the characters quite enjoyable. That is true for this game as well, as the primary focus of the game is its story.

The plot of DATE WARP itself is interesting enough that you'll possibly end up trying to get every ending, not just so that you'll unlock the achievements like I did (well, I had already seen all the endings while my friend was playing, so my playtime is an indicator of me fast-forwarding rather than actual game length.)
I don't feel like going into detail because, you know, *everything is a spoiler*, but overall, after seeing every ending, it makes perfect sense, despite being MINDF***.

I sure hope you'll take your time to check it out. I did play through the game with fastforward just to put it up on my profile as an achievement showcase, after all.

p.s.: LINDS is entertaining, I'd almost buy the game just to get to romance him, haha.
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Posted: April 30
Многие пути, несколько концовок

Если вам нравится разгадке тайны и хорошее чтение, эта игра для вас. Темпы и установка для этой игры сделан очень хорошо, и в этой истории получает развернул, как вы прогресса. Независимо от музыки, искусства или письменной форме, все очень хорошо воедино и создает хороший задумчивый настроение. Это своего рода игра, которая заставляет вас выбрать на свой мозг, как вы пытаетесь выяснить характер и намерения каждого человека, медленно осознавая есть для них больше, чем кажется. Вы также должны будут сделать несколько прохождений и достижения различных окончаний, прежде чем вы получите перспективу истины. Для визуальных романов, персонажи имеют первостепенное значение, и я бы сказал, это игра баллы довольно высоко на характер развития не с одним человеком слишком много святого или Дьявол быть правдоподобным. лишь незначительные неудачи в том, что герой имеет относительно сильную личность, и это, как правило, отражают, что в выборе доступных.

Там же в целом слабый, вытянутый напряжение, что будет держать навязчивый в задней части вашего ума, что кастрюли для твердого геймплея, не заставляя Вас чувствовать себя тошноту или дискомфорт, как некоторые панические приводом игры делать. Все вещи, которые рассматривают, это, безусловно, стоит попробуйте, и если вы любите читать, тайны или "Выбери свой Приключение" романы, все более вы не должны пропустить это.

PS. В случае, если кто-то интересно о моем перемене, я купил оригинальный не-Steam скачать (который я тактовой почти целый день перемене) и только недавно попросил ключи пар. Я в настоящее время воспроизведения этого Игра так что сейчас я только завершил один маршрут :)
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Posted: December 1, 2014
If you enjoy unraveling mysteries and a good read, this game is for you. The pace and setting for this game is done very well, and parts of the story gets unfolded as you progress. Regardless of music, art or writing, everything is very well put together and creates a nice brooding mood. It's the kind of game that makes you pick at your brain as you try to figure out each person's character and intentions, slowly realising there's more to them than it appears. You will also be required to do several playthroughs and achieve different endings before you get a perspective of the truth. For visual novels, characters are of utmost importance, and I'd say this game scores pretty high on character development with not one person being too much of a saint or devil to be believable. The only minor setback is that the protagonist has a relatively strong personality, and it tends to reflect that in the choices available.

There's an overall faint, drawn out tension that will keep haunting at the back of your mind, which pans out for a solid gameplay without making you feel queasy or uncomfortable the way some panic-driven games do. All things considered, this is definitely worth a try and if you enjoy reading, mysteries or "choose your own adventure" novels, all the more you shouldn't miss it.

PS. In case anyone is wondering about my playtime, I had purchased the original non-Steam download (which I've clocked in almost a full day of playtime) and have only recently asked for the Steam keys. I'm currently replaying this game so right now I've only completed one route :)
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Posted: November 24, 2014
This game was a pleasant surprise. I have to say I'm quite fond of stories (scenarios) that build upon a larger picture... makes the replay value a lot more interesting. The ending was magnificent to me (haha like my name), seeing as nothing was left in the dark. I'm not too surprised considering one very crazy but pretty doctor that it turned out that way. It was all very touching and meant something. Very very 'wordy' but it is a visual novel. All in all I still loved it. It's probabaly my second under Dandelion despite the art style but I still love concepts like the ones used in this. Worth the buy.
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Posted: February 14
thats a mysterious story .. i like it u should play this brilliant story.... never get bored ^^ also nice music in game !
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Posted: January 8
Got this game awhile ago and just got the steam key for it. It's sweet and short with enough variety in the endings.The puzzle mechanic at the time was really neat and being able to skip quickly through choices and bypass previous puzzles really helped when you're trying to get all the achievements. It's an older style game, but definitely worth it.
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Posted: December 24, 2014
This is a visual novel created by Hanako Games, who also made Magical Diary and Long Live the Queen. I think I paid $4 for this game becasue it was on sale for Christmas through Hanako Gmaes's website.Unlike the other two, the game is just purely visual novel with choices, so there is no stat raising or any thing. It is a fairly short game, it tok me more than 3 hours to complete, but I am also a fast reader.
You play as a ninteen year old college student named Janet, who is on her first date with a guy named Bradley. So far the date has been disappointing, the car breaks down, and you managed to find a mansion to look for help. Eventually you realize that you along with the mansion's inhabitants are locked inside the mansion by a force field.
It's a dating sim, so all of the male characters (5), which is everyone besides yourself, are romanceable. There are a total of 11 endings, each guy has a good and a bad ending, and then there is an aditional ending that unlocks once you have done all the others. The romances are not very in depth becasue it is a short game and the total time spent game wise is about 4 days.
For the price it is a cute otome game. Personally I prefer Magical Diary, and I also like the art in that one better. Regardless I like to support visual novels on Steam, and if you like to support visual novels, especially English ones, then you should pick this one up the next time Hanako is having a sale on its website.
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Posted: February 8
This game is great! It's my favourite kind of visual novel - it has several plotlines that you have to go through in order to unravel the mystery, so don't stop after just one. And the characters are all pretty adorable. I definitely recommend it to any other visual novel fans.
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Posted: February 2
So in this VN you play a girl on a blind date with a (possibly) crazy sports guy when the two of you suddenly end up trapped in a house with a sad rich guy, an angry loner guest, a perverted mad scientist, and his meek pretty assistant. Obviously nothing is really as it seems, but it is sorta interesting finding out what is actually going on. And in the end, someone dies (possibly you). Fun!

More seriously, this VN is pretty neat, but it is also really short. It took little more than an hour to go through it, and while there are multiple endings those won't take too long to see either. The puzzle gimmick you go through as you are making a choice in this game adds nothing but making those decisions take a little longer. Overall, it's hardly the best VN i've ever played (far from it), but it isn't bad either. I'd call it competent and a nice way to spend an evening. So if you are looking for a short little mystery with odd characters and a story that tends to kill someone before it is over, then this may be worth checking out. :o
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Posted: April 21
This game was surprisingly fun to play through. I bought it only because it was made by Hanako Games and because some of the reviews on Steam intrigued me a bit, but i really liked the idea of the game, and just when it starts to get cliche, it turns everything around and makes it new again. A lot could have been done better, and the puzzle sections seemed fairly useless, but it's worth a look if it's your kind of game. It keeps you playing until you've reached all the endings!
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Posted: November 30, 2014
Such an amazing story!! If you get this be sure to play through all of the endings, so you can unlock the final ending. It is a must! I haven't played many games like this one, but so far I would have to say this is one of my favorites along with Dandelion!
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Posted: December 7, 2014
This game can be enjoyable for visual novel fans , however it has some problems and I have to warn you about them .
First of all, the art is mediocre and it looks ugly in some scenes. It is quite clear that this wasn't drawn by a professional. Secondly , there are a lot of plot holes. Several questions are not answered even if you unlock the true ending. Of course this is a story about time travel so some plot holes are inevitable but I still feel that the author took it too far , combining science fiction and magical elements but without really explaining anything. I don't want to spoil the story to anyone who wants to play it, but whoever has already bought it knows what I'm talking about.
Thirdly , this game feels a little short for the 10 euros you have to spend in order to buy it, but at least there are multiple endings so it has some replay value.
That being said, I do not regret buying this game because as I mentioned before, it is enjoyable. Some of the characters are adorable and the story can be interesting if you ignore all the plot holes. I also liked the little puzzles they added every time you had to choose an option in the story, it is a nice, original idea for visual novels.
In conclusion , I recommend this game if you're a hardcore visual novel fan , willing to overlook the few problems it has.
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Posted: October 24, 2014
Date Warp is one of Hanako Games' (Long Live the Queen, Magical Diary) older visual novels that only recently made it to Steam. A fairly standard example of the genre, I went in not expecting much and was pleasantly surprised.

You play as Janet Bhaskar, a young Indian college student who ends up stranded in the middle of a forest with her blind date. Finding their way to a secluded mansion, once entered, will they ever make it out again? I don't want to give away much more than that as the plot relies on mystery and the unfolding of the narrative through the individual character routes. The story won't blow you away in depth, characterization or plot twists, but it's a fun sci-fi tale that has some interesting ideas and nicely written dialogue. As an otoge (girl game), the interaction between the protagonist and the guys is quite enjoyable and there are some saucy situations that may satisfy your romantic tastes, although nothing too racy, deep or profound. But who says every romance needs to end in tears, anyway?

While the story is pretty good, the artwork is where things suffer somewhat. The standard character images are good, nothing spectacular but nice enough; it's the special event CG's that really stick out. As much as I hate to say it, the quality reminds me of the more amateur deviant-art pages I've seen. I feel really bad for saying that because I love Hanako Games, but it was very distracting reading through the event scenes when the quality of the CG's were so poor. Usually I'm able to overlook lesser quality art in visual novels if it has a strong, intriguing storyline with well-developed characters, however, I really can't say that's the case here. Again, the story is good, it's just not strong enough to outshine the issues with the artwork.

Despite the problems I had with it, I still enjoyed Date Warp. Although on the shorter side, I felt it was worth the 6 hours I put into completing the entire story. I wouldn't consider it one of Hanako's better titles, but it's definitely worth a look if you've enjoyed her other games and/or other visual novels.

Bottom Line: 6/10
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Posted: September 4, 2014
Visual novels have become quite a thing on Steam these days and Date Warp is another one of those games. It involves a good amount of reading (hence the term ‘visual novel’) and in my opinion isn’t really a game because it involves very little gameplay. But from time to time you play/read a VN that is worth your time, and Date Warp is just that.

Let me start by saying that Date Warp isn’t a long game. One playthrough will take you about 2 hours to complete. Did you see how I specifically put the word ‘one’ there ? That’s because the story isn’t entirely clear after you finish it for the first time. It’s meant be played multiple times with different choices every time. The developer has told me you have to compare the multiple routes to understand the whole story and that only by taking multiple routes you will unlock the true ending. Mysterious, isn’t it ? Well, it actually is. The writing is very good and detailed (but with an occasional typo), and each of the characters has their own personality. Because of this you should be able to empathize with most of them, or the main characters anyway.
I have to admit that I was hoping to see a different kind of story here, because about 1/4th into the game the game takes a different path, one that changes from 100% mystery into sci-fi (with still a fair bit of mystery, so don’t be disappointed !). I still liked the transition and I enjoyed the game way more than I thought I would.
There is a bit of gameplay integrated too, and even if you officially couldn’t call it that it’s what sets this game apart from other VNs. Occasionally the game will let you choose what to do and instead of just clicking on an option the game wants you to complete a small puzzle. You have a starting point and you have to connect the lines to the answer you want to give. It’s a system anyone who’s ever played a puzzle should be familiar with.

Visuals are quite important for a visual novel I think. You’re telling a story so you want people to connect with your characters. Unfortunately Date Warp has some mixed graphics. The graphics are sharp and have plenty of detail most of the times and the surroundings/areas are created with accurate details, but the characters themselves have, well, let’s say not-so-good designs (that’s one way to put it gently). It would be nice to see a VN with realistic looking characters for once but so far every VN I’ve encountered uses the same anime-style graphics. Which are usually fitting and don’t distract from the overall experience, as long as they’re drawn in a competent way. But no, I haven’t read tons of visual novels, so maybe I just haven’t looked good enough. Anyway, the character designs in Date Warp range from okay to good. They’re not bad, not at all, but they’re not great either. There are also a few animations here and there but nothing major and enough to give you a sense of looking at something more dynamic.
The music is subtle as are the little sound effects like thunder and rain. All that’s missing is voice acting, but that’s debatable. I, for one, didn’t miss it but I can understand if some people would.

Date Warp might not be the prettiest visual novel you’ll ever play but it’s definitely one with a lot of replay value. Its mysteriousness is what keeps it interesting and if you’re an avid reader you’ll definitely want to play through it several times to just make sense of it all.
If you’re not into visual novels, or at least not that much, then Date Warp would be a good starting point. It’s small enough so that anyone can finish it and you’ll instantly know if this genre is for you.
I am gladly recommending this in any case.

[Rating: 77/100]
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Posted: September 9, 2014







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Posted: October 4, 2014
I play a lot of visual novels, seriously I have over 25, and this is one of my favorites. Usually in a VN you will pick a character to persue and their story will take you though a plot that is independant of anyone and anything else and recycles pictures of characters with different color schemes to fill different roles.

Date Warp, possibly by the nature of everyone being trapped in the house, does a fantastic job of telling different stories based on who you choose to follow that all meld together to make a complete whole. Each story only ADDS to the overreaching plot and none of them contridicts any other, which I have never seen before in any other VN or life sim game.

I made my initial two choices for guys to follow based on my usual preferences, lecherous and cold/angry guys first. They tend to have more interesting stories than nice guys... However when I decided to get around to completing the other story arcs I was shocked to find that chasing a different boy ended up adding even more depth to the others. Secrets I had never even guessed were there before were revealed, personalities were fleshed out even more, and I actually found myself interested in reading the last two stories where I had not been before.

I played the original "bronze" version quite some time ago as I purchased it from Hanako's site. I'd like to note that I own many games made by Hanako and their customer service is top notch. All it took was an email with a copy of my original order info to get a link to download the new version and a steam key to boot within 24 hours. I'm looking forward to any games they make in the future. If the art style of this game puts you off check out some of the others; the artist changes from game to game and the art in The Royal Trap is really, really, nice with realistic features rather than an Anime style.

Back to my original train of thought however... The added epilogue and extra pictures really add a nice sense of finality to the story where it felt slightly lacking before. They were obviously done at a later date and look different, though I think the same artist was used, it would be nice to have seen more of the art overhauled but I don't think that's realistic to expect.

I highly recommend this game as well as The Royal Trap, Magical Diary, and Long Live the Queen. The latter two you can find on steam and LLtQ has quite the cult following.
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Posted: September 14, 2014
A fun choose-your-own adventure dating game with tacked-on and oddly compelling Pipe Dream minigames.

The point-of-view protagonist, Janet, is stuck in a house for a number of days with a number of seemingly unattached ambiguously gendered men.

There's a bit of a sci-fi mystery going on. What you learn depends on who you choose to spend time with. You'll definitely need more than one playthrough to see the big picture. That's a really nice touch - not only do you have a new romance each time you play, but also a different and partly exclusive privileged point of view.

The art goes from mostly harmless to not bad. Despite not looking terribly professional, I found it endearing and never distracting.

My romance, at least, had plenty of juicy double-entendre, innuendo and a satisfying cli- uh... high point... without ever straying above a PG rating. I appreciated this classy approach, which was typical of the story as a whole.

The writing is very good. At no point did I feel compelled to stop reading or skip past dialogue, or roll my eyes at unbelievable speech. The characters were the usual suspects, but the stereotypes were fleshed out enough to be worth sticking around to watch and interact with.

Each choice you make comes with an untimed and easy pipe-matching minigame. I know it sounds gratuitous, but it helped me mull over the previous events while consciously making my decision.

The opening song (you'll have to play past the intro to hear it) is epic. PLEASE tell me it's on iTunes or will be in the near future...

In brief, easily worth full price. Replayability, good writing, fleshed out story and characters, interesting mystery and inoffensive art.
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Posted: September 2, 2014
Fantastic artwork, tons of branching story paths, good sound design & a very intriguing story thus far! This is shaping up to be one of the best VN's on Steam! I'll update the review after I get an ending or two. As of right now, it's fantastic!

Edit: Finished one path so far. The story was very well written and enjoyable when all is said and done. I will definitely go back soon to do another path. My only problem was that the final act moved at such a rapid pace. For the most part this VN was kind of slow and it let you take everything in but once the ending hit you barely had a second to comprehend everything that was happening. This may just be a problem with the path I got. The only other problem I had was with the choice system. There are a lot of choices to be made but all of them are chosen with a simple mini-game that is very much like pipe dream. It felt very tacked on and unneeded. Those 2 complaints aside, this is well worth the money.
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Posted: October 27, 2014
As a gamer familiar with the visual novel and dating sim/otome game genre, this game was a nice and pleasant surprise.


The mystery element was a real plus for me. It's rewarding finding out more bits of information about the characters and mysteries as you go through all the routes.

The endings. Obviously, I don't want to spoil anything here but I will say that the majority of the endings aren't typical otome game endings. Even the good ends don't necessarily end on a 'happily ever after.' This surprised me a lot at first but I soon got used to it and ended up enjoying it (some endings felt a bit too open but that might have been because they were my fave characters and I wanted more).

The puzzles. I actually really enjoyed the puzzle feature when you had to make a choice. It's something I haven't seen before and it made me actually think about the choice before I made it.

The grown-up feel and the protag. Even though the protag was inexperienced in the love department, she felt like a university student. I'm so used to playing as a high school student in these kinds of games so it was refreshing to play as someone older who isn't afraid of flirting (Linds' route was fab for this).

The artwork is generally good but not as good as the more recent hanako games. The sprites used throughout the game were really good, some of the CGs looked a bit awkward though.


If I had to be picky, it would have been nice to see more CGs in the character routes. Also, the game was quite repetitive but that's to be expected in games like these because you have to replay conversations so you can pick different options.

All in all, I enjoyed playing Date Warp and would recommend this game.
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Posted: September 6, 2014
Oh this Game is great, Storyline, Artstyle, Music.
Everything fits very well, I give it a 9/10.
Could have been a bit longer to be perfect but that's just my opinion
still an excellent game.

So for the details, before I hop onto them.

One or two sentences that someone like to know something about me or read this on my profile.

I got interested in Visual Novels(VN) because of an image board(4C), namely because of Katawa Shoujo
(10/10 perfect Game, never would have touched VN's otherwise, enough advertising)
I can clearly hear the stereotypes echo through my head, whatever, storybased Games have their appeal, too.
This was clearly fascinating, after some browsing, I found VN's on Steam and decided to give it a try.

Just to inform anyone, your character is Janet, the girl.
I was mistaken first and thought the game played around a guy again, which tricked me a bit into buying it,
paired with the good reviews.

But to cut it short, that did not make me regret my purchase.
I got hooked to the story nearly instantly,
The characters have depth, they develop, they change.
It is like a good puzzle, the backgrounds fit quite good together, not too good nor too bad.
With a frame of circumstances that change, to a certain point where it get's resolved in one way or another.
It's just compelling to know how your decisions play out in the end, hoping right into it,
reaching one end of the 12 endings, reaching the climax, always with the elements of the unknown.
It makes you question yourself, this is a talent many games lack:
To think about what happend,
what is similar to you, is their a lesson, can you apply that to yourself, what can you learn from it?.
Can you feel it: the story ,the characters, the game?

The minigame for choices, sometimes a little offputting, sometimes it makes you think twice about the choice you make.
It's not usual for VN's but I think it is a neet feauture for the overall scifi/magic type of novel.

But I didn't get tired of it, the atmosphere, the overall product is something that makes really sense in itself,
I'd call it finished, it is complete in a story sense and everything get's wrapped up pretty good.

I can fully recommend this masterpiece.

PS: The perspective of a girl is very interesting, too.
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