O EHM oferece aos adeptos a simulação de gestão de hóquei mais realista, aprofundada e imersiva, dando-lhes a oportunidade de gerirem clubes ou seleções nacionais em todas as principais nações do mundo.
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Data de lançamento: 1 Dez, 2015

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30 de Janeiro

Eastside Hockey Manager Update 1.4.1


We've released a small update - 1.4.1 - to address issues some raised by the community since the launch of 1.4.0.

Upon launching Steam the update should download automatically. If you're already in a game, save first then exit the game and restart Steam to begin the update. If you have any difficulties whatsoever updating we always recommend restarting Steam.

If you encounter any issues, please raise them on our Eastside Hockey Manager Bugs Forum which can be found here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/292-eastside-hockey-manager-bugs-forum/

Changelist for 1.4.1


- Fixed a crash on game initialisation when selected "Add Key Staff" and had American League 1 selected
- Fixed league history record not being added correctly for some leagues
- Fixed a crash with some old saved games when loading fixture data
- Fixed transfer windows not showing up in some European leagues

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26 de Janeiro

Eastside Hockey Manager Update 1.4 Out Now!

Hello all, update 1.4 for Eastside Hockey Manager is available now via Steam.

Upon launching Steam the update should download automatically. If you're already in a game, save first then exit the game and restart Steam to begin the update. If you have any difficulties whatsoever updating we always recommend restarting Steam.

If you encounter any issues, please raise them on our Eastside Hockey Manager Bugs Forum which can be found here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/292-eastside-hockey-manager-bugs-forum/

Or read our FAQ/Knowledgebase which can be found here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/293-eastside-hockey-manager-faq-and-knowledgebase/

Changelist includes but is not limited to the changes listed below. Enjoy!

Changelist for 1.4.0f

New features:
- Added starting option to retain DB financial data for club budget and starting cash without any adjustments
- Added option to set number of days on vacation to the manager vacation dialog
- Added "Divisional Standings" to the league screen to view all divisional tables at the same
- Added team action to Set Team Captains any time of the year (one captain, two alternates)
- Added news about announcing team captains and the request to set them at the start of the season
- New default 2016 database and default start year set to 2016
- 2016 ruleset support added to the importer for 2016-17 league structures and rules changes

Database and Importer changes:
[apply to new games started with newly imported databases only]
- 2016 ruleset support added to the importer with following changes:
- NAL: updated salary cap rules, training camps are closed to walk-ins by default
- American League: updated to new teams, divisional alignments and schedules
- American League 2: updated to 27 teams, new divisional alignments and schedules
- American Southern: updated to 10 teams, new scheduling
- British League 1: updated import/non-EEC rules, updated playoff host arena, update OT rules, updated minimum age for contract (16)
- British League 2: updated import rules, updated minimum age for contract (16), updated playoff structure
- British League 3 North 1: updated to 8 teams, changed teams updated
- British League 3 North 2: changed teams updated
- British League 3 South 1: updated to 9 teams
- Czech League 2: changed teams updated
- Finnish League 1: changed teams updated
- Finnish League 2: updated to 13 teams, changed teams updated, new schedule, relegation stage updated
- Finnish League 3: updated to 16 teams, changed teams updated, new schedule, updated relegation stage
- German League: changed teams updated
- Quebec Major Junior: updated draft lotter rules to include 5 last placed teams
- Russian League with 29 teams and updated rules and schedule, enabled two-way clauses on contracts, enabled waivers, updated domestic/foreign player rules
- Swedish League 2: changed teams updated, OT rules updated
- Swiss League 2: updated to 12 teams, changed teams updated
- Continental comps: updated initial participating teams, two teams from same nation can no longer be drawn to the same group
- Added support for new extra rule flags to the DB:
- to set training camps closed to walk-ins by default (value 156)
- to allow two-way contracts (value 157)
- to set two-way contracts mandatory under a certain age (value 158)
- to set goalies exempt from foreign player rules (value 159)
- to set players on two-way contracts exempt from waivers (value 160)
- to count players from league home nation as domestic for foreign based clubs (value 161)
- to mark league overaged player allowance to only apply to players on last year of eligibility (value 162)
- Added support for new award types into the DB and game:
- Goalie of the week (award type 45)
- Defenseman of the week (46)
- Forward of the week (47)
- Rookie of the week (48)
- Most points by defenseman (49)
- Most goals in playoffs (50)
- Updated the import_config.cfg documentation in historical db folders on "DEFAULT_RULE_SET" command to list available ruleset years
- Added support for changing luxury tax in transfer_config.cfg file when starting a new game
- Fix to the Swiss League 2 scheduling in the 2015 ruleset
- Rule for goalie trapezoid moved into the DB rulesets (applies to old dbs and saved games as well)
- Rule for awarding a goal into statistics for the shootout winning goal moved into the DB rulesets (applies to old dbs and saved games as well)
- Fixed European Hockey Tournament to only add historical winners from the overall stage (applies to old saves as well)

Gameplay changes:
- Adjustments to former NAL players interest to sign in other leagues when out of contract
- Adjustments to NAL RFAs interest to sign short-term in other leagues
- Russian league now allows No Trade Clauses on contract offers
- When setting "Highlights - None" the 2D clock speed is no longer automatically the quickest but needs "Clock - Fast" setting as well
- Fixed shoot-out taker settings from a single game being applied to general tactics
- When placing minor free agents at amateur clubs during season, human controlled clubs are skipped
- Adjustments to AI roster management when dealing with affiliated junior teams
- Fixed contract offer lengths for free agent non-players being limited to one year in National League
- Adjustments to how overaged players are handled in different leagues where they are allowed
- Fixed activated custom junior league shortlisting
- Fixes to picking playoff award winners (most points in playoffs, most goals in playoffs)
- Adjustments to picking best offensive defenseman award winner
- Various other small fixes to award scoring and information on winners
- European club teams will now hold back players from national teams if their season is still ongoing and the national team are playing in a minor competition where the club league nation is not involved
- Adjustments to player condition recovery in pre-season
- Adjustments to generation of attributes for newgens and extra players created at game start
- Adjustments to generation of starting weights of players and weight progression
- Fixed managers/staff of playoff champions losing reputation after the final
- Fix to manager world reputation processing after a game
- Players whose contract is running out within a month no longer count towards reserve list contracted player count (grayed out and added tooltip on the reserve list screen)
- Fixed AI roster management logics when running near the salary floor

UI changes:
- Fixed the compressed standings panel on home screen to increase rows dynamically based on resolution
- Fixed sorting by games and waiver eligibility on the club screen, waiver eligibility view
- Default scouting report for players on your own team now shows the ability star ratings even without Head Scout (uses Head Coach, Assistant Manager or any scout or coach for reporting instead)
- Switched some of the default B-faceoff rink graphics around for better layout
- Select Leagues screen now uses generic league logos if no real logo is found
- Added database version information to the Game Information panel on GM Status screen
- Playoff tree now shows the team full name on a tooltip for the abbreviation
- Made "Divisional Standings" the default view of standings for Quebec major junior league and other leagues where needed
- Selecting any divisional/conference standings tables will now update the screen subtitle accordingly
- Fixes to text getting cut off at the end of a line in some table headers
- Fixed width of scrollbar
- Fixed contract average season wage displaying wrong in some cases on the contract offer screen
- 8 year contract extensions allowed on contract offer screen for human managers in National League
- Added note on how many seasons until proposed contract expires to the contract offer screen Contract Expires label
- Added small team logos on Add Manager screen team list
- Added ability to Set Team Captains any time of the year from the team screen
- Club captain and alternate captains now identified in the club screen player list with (C) and (A)
- Club captains listed in the general team information panel
- Player search screen now shows "Clb" and "Rfs" status icons based on next game for national team managers to help pick national teams
- Fixed "Offer to All" not appearing in player actions when league uses custom rules allowing trading
- Small fixes in comp screens for stage menus when using custom leagues
- Fixed sorting by ATOI, APPT and APKT in the league player statistics screen
- Select database dialog for importing an EHM 2007 format database now also looks in the user databases folder instead of just the game data/database folder
- Select database dialog for importing an EHM 2007 format database now lists both the start year and ruleset year from the import config

Other changes:
- Fixed a crash on international tournament screen, when selecting League Dates view on Information panel
- Improved stability of long term games with huge databases
- Added error checking to the importer when adding rulesets with divisions and template based schedules to verify team counts in divisions
- Added better support for custom databases with leagues that have transfer rules or ruling bodies linked to existing rules
- Adjustments to resolving game scheduling clashes
- Fixes to training camp trial contracts for free agents
- Fixed crash issue with team pre-season ranking news with big custom leagues (35+ teams in league)
- Fixed crash issue with player pre-season ranking news with big custom leagues (35+ teams in league)
- Added support for custom databases that add extra playable World Junior Championship levels to make promotion/relegation work correctly
- Prevented pre-draft reserve list warning news from appearing in Russian League where the draft is not implemented
- Fixed a crash with transfer news that caused a null staff in get_staff_age() error

In-Game Engine v83
- Adjustments to energy and condition levels during game
- Scoring level adjustments

In-Game Engine v82
- Adjustments to coach linechange AI and shift length calculations

In-Game Engine v81
- Adjustments to player stamina drops when overused and the knock-on effects to performance
- Adjustments to player overusage effects in quick sim engine

In-Game Engine v80
- Updated ruling body rules usage
- Adjustments to deflection AI
- Small adjustments to scoring levels and scoring distribution
- Improvements to goalie AI when playing the puck
- Improvements to AI for selecting where to clear the puck
- Adjustments to coach linechanges near end of game
- Adjustments to passing AI
- Improvements to player pathing
- Fixes to some linechange commentary lines
- Fixed a rare divergency at the start of some overtimes
- Technical optimization changes to pathing to improve sim speed
- Technical optimization changes to collision detection to improve sim speed

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Atualizado recentemente

Eastside Lights The Lamp with First Official Data Pack

Sports Interactive has teamed up with the UK's Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) to bring official packs for data, logos and faces to Eastside Hockey Manager, all of which are now available on Steam Workshop. Fans of Elite League teams can now take control like never before with an authentic EIHL feel.

Acerca deste jogo

O Eastside Hockey Manager (EHM) saiu do programa de Acesso Antecipado do Steam e está agora disponível para o lançamento completo.

O EHM oferece aos adeptos a simulação de gestão de hóquei mais realista, aprofundada e imersiva, dando-lhes a oportunidade de gerirem clubes ou seleções nacionais em todas as principais nações do mundo.

O EHM dá-te o controlo completo sobre o teu plantel: decide quem contratar, quem vender e quem escolher no draft. Tens de formar a equipa técnica perfeita e de seguida, com tudo tratado, podes escolher contratar um treinador principal e entregar-lhe a orientação técnica da equipa ou assumir tu próprio essa tarefa. Seja qual for a tua escolha, podes seguir a ação ‘em direto’ ou assistir aos pontos altos das partidas no final através de um motor de jogo 2D realista com perspetiva elevada.

Para marcar a sua passagem do Acesso Antecipado para a versão final, o EHM oferece agora várias funcionalidades novas e atualizadas, incluindo: um número superior de campeonatos nacionais e taças jogáveis; integração com o Steam Workshop; resoluções de ecrã adicionais e uma opção multijogador que permite competições entre mais de 30 jogadores, entre muitos outros melhoramentos inspirados pelo feedback dos nossos utilizadores.

Eastside Hockey Manager – Principais destaques

Motor de jogo 2D dinâmico
Segue a ação das tuas partidas ou dos teus rivais através do avançado motor de jogo 2D com perspetiva elevada que incorpora um modelo de física topo de gama (incluindo ressaltos e bloqueios de remates realistas) e uma IA convincente dos jogadores. Existe mesmo um modo de zoom para quem desejar aproximar-se ainda mais da ação.

Mundo de jogo realista e contemporâneo
Um mundo de jogo detalhado onde os jogadores podem gerir e treinar equipas em mais de 30 campeonatos nacionais e taças jogáveis de todo o mundo, todos eles com regras e estruturas atualizadas.

Ação multijogador
Até 30 jogadores podem competir frente a frente no mesmo mundo de jogo online.

Integração com o Steam Workshop
O EHM inclui suporte para a inclusão de conteúdo criado pelos utilizadores (como bases de dados e grafismos personalizados) através do acessível sistema do Steam Workshop.

Gestão completa do plantel
Tens controlo completo sobre a formação e gestão do teu plantel, desde a oferta de contratos à prospeção, ao drafting de jogadores promissores e às negociações com outras equipas.

Gestão completa da equipa técnica
Tens controlo completo sobre os elementos do staff, incluindo a capacidade para contratar adjuntos, olheiros e fisioterapeutas.

Controlo tático total
Os treinadores podem aproveitar ao máximo o seu plantel através da criação e gestão de táticas detalhadas que podem ser configuradas para uma equipa inteira, uma unidade individual ou até um único jogador.

Negociações realistas
Os managers podem medir o interesse nas propostas dos seus congéneres de outros clubes e também receber feedback do seu próprio adjunto. Cada equipa tem as suas próprias necessidades e algumas estão prontas a verem-se livre de futuras promessas para contratarem um veterano que seja capaz de as tornar mais competitivas, enquanto outras poderão querer ver-se livre dos veteranos com salários elevados para reconstruírem o plantel no próximo draft.

Interface intuitiva
A barra de navegação centralizada torna as tarefas de gestão mais fáceis e intuitivas com a incorporação de todos os controlos principais na barra principal do menu.

Progressão melhorada dos jogadores
Os jogadores evoluem e envelhecem naturalmente, com novos jogadores a chegarem das camadas jovens e com os jogadores mais antigos a reformarem-se ou a passarem para outras funções. Além disso, a modelação dos atributos de acordo com a posição torna os jogadores mais realistas e mais variados.

Seleções nacionais
O EHM inclui a oportunidade para treinar seleções nacionais (incluindo sub-20) em todos os torneios principais – e também em muitas outras competições de perfil menos elevado.

Importação da base de dados
O formato da base de dados permite a importação de plantéis atualizados e criados pelos utilizadores e até de bases de dados históricas (criadas para versões anteriores do EHM).

E muito, muito mais…
…incluindo a modelação financeira detalhada dos contratos dos jogadores, dos limites salariais e dos orçamentos; um ecrã de resumo da nação que permite ver todas as principais ligas, clubes e jogadores de cada país; perfis de jogadores e não jogadores; uma opção para começar o jogo com um draft de fantasia; jogos All-Star com competições de habilidades e muitas, muitas mais funcionalidades.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • Processador: Intel Pentium 3, Intel Core, AMD Athlon - 1GHz+
    • Memória: 256 MB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: NVidia GeForce FX 5900 Ultra, ATI Radeon 9800, Intel GMA X3100 - 128MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Versão 9.0
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 800 MB de espaço livre
    • Notas adicionais: Minimum Resolution : 1024x768
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