Follow Will as he becomes a victim of circumstance, after the frivolous royal witch turns him into a girl.
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Release Date: May 21, 2014
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October 31, 2014

Victim of Xen 1.5 Changes

> ! > Achievements are now available.
> ! > Nearly all objects in the game now respond to interaction.
> ! > Fixed an issue with save/load files on Win XP
> Healing skills are now useable outside of combat.
> Waking up with Markus in Serene Town is now optional.
> You now turn to face all shops owners (etc) when clicking on them.
> Xile Castle Throne Room's system performance improved.
> Thieves' evasion reduced.
> Ship to Freeport explosion and door wait changed.
> Freeport Inn "behind the counter" cutscene added pre-return to Opress.
> Academy Dungeon has been completely changed and the Werewolf was added.
> Entering the hallway on the ship now results in the correct enemy encounter.
> "Coming in" changed to "Comin' in" when entering Freeport.
> Unitem Castle Storage Room's design, dialogue ellipsis, and battle changed.
> Hungry Ghosts now attack before combat starts.
> Sleeping Unitem Soldiers' now give items.
> In Freeport, Seedy Trader now says, "You two are CRAZY!"
> You can no longer walk all the way to the water's edge in Freeport.
> Sweatdrop added to Will upon entering Amis/Piers' room on Freeport Ship.
> Beds on Freeport Ship can now be clicked much more intuitively.
> Freeport Ship main hall design changed.
> Captain Piers now calls for Amis before he dies.
> Amis' picture dimmed on Freeport Ship.
> Jostling of Freeport Ship adjusted for the main hall.
> Molly now has an extra dialogue box for Will.
> Messages now have text for the main hall of Freeport Ship.
> A couple soldiers now react if you try to sleep in their beds on Freeport Ship.
> Will now displays the correct picture when shouting at Amis on Freeport Ship.
> Soul Eater now has reduced health and an Ice attack.
> Carpet and Bags adjusted around Grandma's and Will's Room.
> Amis no longer refers to reinforcement or Captain Piers during the dock scene.
> Sahra and Jane's scene in Old Docks has now been expanded.
> Marja no longer throws a flash bomb; and now uses magic to vanish.
> In Harport, Markus' "You want Xen, go..." is now "You want Xen; go..."
> In Opress Castle, Will's picture no longer disappears when yelling, "XEN!!"
> In Owerton, Fleur now says, "...quiet town. I..." instead of "...quite town, I..."
> Room added to Old Man's House in Serene Town.
> Unitem Tower North Design adjusted
> There are now two ways to enter the first dungeon.
> Imp noises added to areas.
> You no longer need to click on Imp to initiate combat.
> Imp now makes noises in combat and says "I kill!"
> You no longer need to intract with, and clicking is easier for, backdoors.
> ".." is now "..." for ellipses in front of the Opress Castle Party.
> Will now comments about Markus still wearing armor at the party.
> Comment about Markus flirting with Will has been adjusted to reflect new text.
> Sweatdrop added to Markus after Will's comment about him flirting.
> Old Man now says, "I can't seem to find Kael..." instead of "I can't find..."
> Will now asks Billies about Markus and Emery if you haven't found them.
> Janet and Zahra no longer show up until after travelling to Oasis.
> You can now not get Jean in the party at all (if you so choose).
> Jean now asks for money to take you to Xile.
> Jean's dialogue and the story progression are now depenent on your choices.
> A new skill is now available according to your choices.
> Emery now says "...wisest of rulers." Instead of Empress U.
> Lady Rin now has a Silence Bubble if you try to talk to her during the Shard Quest.
> In Haunted Isle, Amis and Caron now recall you if you met them in Hellfire Pass.
> Haunted Isle sequences and visuals touched up to reflect changes.
> Amis no longer considers the debt repaid in Hellfire Pass; opting for a favor.
> New enemies added to Hellfire Pass.
> Boulders added to Hellfire Pass.
> Music added to Hellfire Pass.
> Attacks added to Hulking Armor, while Evasion is now 0.
> Hulking Armor is now bigger and more colorful.
> Harport and Serene Town "Traveler" Removed.
> Encounter Rate changed for Hellfire Pass.
> Lucetta no longer requests that you get Grandma's Apple Pie Recipe.
> Fairy's description of Attack and Defense has been adjusted.
> Item descriptions adjusted to reflect whether they are [Battle-Ready].
> Mint description now says "...old piece..." instead of "...odd piece..."
> Rank 1, 5, and 10 Military Attacks replaced with new Strike attacks.
> Viktor now has Attack Twice and Thrice skills.
> The Keeper now has Possession skill.
> Notification of experience points received for Viktor added.
> Old Man now has sleeping bubble if you go to him before the castle as Will 2.
> Old Man now displays "250 Coin acquired."
> There is now a message to signal that Viktor stops fighting.
> Battle messages no longer say "were received" (etc) for most fights.
> Flash added after the fight with Viktor.
> Escape message changed to "Failed to escape!" when escaping fails to work.
> "Possession," for stores, changed to "Owned."
> Weapons and Armor "Owner" is now "Merchant" with consistent graphic display.
> Harport Mint/Pawn shop owner's graphic changed.
> The new merchant in Serene Town now boasts that he will have the best weapons.
> The Inn in Harport now functions again after you change Uniforms.
> The Inkeeper in Harport now repeats instructions, instead of remaining silent.
> Caravan Job now displays "250 Coin acquired."
> "Guarding" is now "Defending."
> Markus' mom and dad are now a bit more real.
> Fence and Chicken Job now display coins acquired; and dialogue adjusted.
> Fence job is now faster to complete.
> Chickens no longer wander into the pen by themselves.
> Trying to enter the "chicken house" will now put a chicken in the chicken pen.
> Sweatdrop added for Will's examing of the first kocked-out guard.
> Markus now says, "We're pretty far out." during the campfire scene.
> Markus' graphic changed when going to sleep.
> Buck is now Carl in Unitem Castle.
> Character Pictures dimmed at Unitem Castle.
> "I'll buy anything you got." changed to "Got anything to buy?"
> Opress Castle Escape Scene dialogue adjusted.
> Timings on Xen's lighting bolts hitting Will improved.
> "Also," added to Fairy dialogue after entering world map.
> Owners of Inns are now "Innkeepers" and display a picture.
> "Go ahead and try." added for Cook in Freeport, for when he moves aside.
> Grandma now adds in another comment about the pocket watch she gives you.
> "Ah yes, mail from Gryvan" is now "Ah, yes; mail from Gryvan!" in Old Docks Inn.
> Oasis "Trader" is now "Grugor" (that monsterish-looking character on arrival).
> At the Gryvan Inn, Emery now says "...armor." instead of "...armour." afterwards.
> Will's bed is now more clickable.
> Bantor no longer lets you walk to the bedroom.
> Bantor's door now closes when Dusan and Maria leave.
> Zahra now says "What did I do!?" after jumping into the pub.
> The News Article must now be read twice or taken, for Emery.
> You can no longer take the News Article twice.
> The Djinn now has a fire attack.
> The Djinn now does a little more damage and has a little less health.
> Djinn picture and battler dimmed.
> You can now buy swords, armor, and sell equipment at the Marki Army.
> Healing abilities are now usable outside of combat.
> Marki Army design changed.
> Xen now explains what happened on the way to Xile.
> Shard/Orb Story updated and foreshadowing added.
> Campfire scene at the Marki Army now has new dialogue and sleeping prompt.
> You can no longer leave Emery at the Marki Army after the campfire scene.
> Marki Army Cook now says, "They're still a little hard to open..." and "Hm..."
> You now turn to face the Merchant in Gryvan if you click on him.
> Timings on Jean Intrusion scene at Xile Castle adjusted.
> You can now grow flowers in Will's room.
> Bun-Bun job added to Midway.
> Felix job added to Gryvan.
> Lola job added to Midway.

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About This Game

Embark on a journey across continents in the Role Playing Game, Victim of Xen. Follow Will as he becomes a victim of circumstance, after the frivolous royal witch, Xen, turns him into a girl. As you search of a way to reverse the spell, you'll get pulled into something much more treacherous. Explore a dynamic story set in a rich world full of war and intrigue, with a dash of quirkiness. Fight monsters, complete jobs to earn coin, and get ready for adventure!
  • Unique Story
  • Dynamic World
  • Can you reverse the spell?

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, or 2000
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 67 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
112 of 135 people (83%) found this review helpful
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Posted: November 3, 2014
There are certain rules about game design, and they're not so very different from the rules that apply to films and novels and so on. You need to grab your audience very quickly, either with a compelling gameplay mechanic or an intriguing opening to a story.

RPGs are traditionally story-based, and given that this is an RPGMaker game, you probably shouldn't expect many innovations on the gameplay front. This is fine: RPGMaker is essentially a method by which people who have a story to tell can tell it, in a cosy and familiar form. It's not particularly sophisticated or powerful, but that's okay - games like 'To the Moon' prove that it can be the perfect way of relating a tale.

But you need to have one. 'Victim of Xen' has one innovation going for it: it's the first RPG that begins without a story of any kind. No intro, no set-up, nothing to indicate who you are, you're just flung into the usual cliches of this kind of thing with no motivation. This would work as a meta joke if it didn't just reveal the game for what is: the first thing anyone comes up with when they fire up RPGMaker. From what I can gather it uses only default assets - yes, this is a commercially-released game that uses stock sprites - and is a clear case of somebody trying to learn RPGMaker with no clear idea of what they want to do, but throwing their first effort out there anyway.

Games made using that engine are almost literally ten a penny, and I only prioritised this one as the developer is becoming famous for being abusive to critics. I didn't get far enough into it to find its most controversial aspects, which have been described as transphobic, and rather juvenile in its treatment of gender issues. For the sake of clarity, and at the request of the developer, I would like to underline the fact that I cannot confirm or deny the presence of such content at present - I'm not compelled to investigate further after the lacklustre opening, though.

Again: an audience needs to be grabbed, and this gives you no reason to play on.
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A developer has responded on Dec 1, 2014 @ 10:02am
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134 of 194 people (69%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
3.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 16, 2014
UPDATED after the developer got his friends to bad mouth me for posting a negative review!

Avoid this dev at all costs! Look at the forums and Metacritic that point out the abysmal plot, grammar, and story telling. Not only are they unskilled at this, but they are unable to handle criticism. If you sell something to the public, it's got to be good enough to play. This isn't.

The point regarding the wine bottle is that no one who speaks English says that! You say 'I want a bottle of wine', not a 'wine bottle'. Do you get it now? English may not be the dev's first language, but if it's sold in English, tough.

Original review:
Painfully clunky and slow in every aspect. I love RPGs, but the direction and story here are simply terrible.

First, your grandmother asks you to pick up a 'wine bottle' from the pub. 'I'll be happy with my wine bottle' she says when you give it to her. Every piece of dialogue is written like this.

Secondly, you do a quest for an older gent which involves going into the caves beneath his house. All you're told is 'clear it out'. Random attacks happen, and someone throws down a rope. Going back up moves nothing on, because you were supposed to *jump* up onto a cliff face and chase an imp into a smaller cave. You're not told you can jump, or that the quest is up there - but if you don't do this, you'll not advance with the plot.

A witch called Xen storms into town and casually turns your character into a girl. This is the whole plot, from what I can tell. There's no reason for the witch to do this, bar she's taking over villages for no particular reason and boom, gender switch.

I realise this game is cheap, and I wanted to enjoy it. However, the woeful writing and storyline make it agony to play, and I'm sorry I bought this in a bundle. Avoid at all costs. If you want a genuinely enchanting RPG with a positive plot, may I recommend Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale? It's charming and enjoyable, with many hidden plot twists and character stories.
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A developer has responded on Oct 28, 2014 @ 9:22am
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15 of 16 people (94%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
9.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 21, 2014
Horrible game.
You have no choice. The writing gets worse and worse. You play a schmuck. And you get constantly berated for being a schmuck.
EVERYONE insults you for being a schmuck. And taunts you about it.

The combat is not just subpar, it is abominable.
You do not get access to magic. All you get is physical attacks (you do eventually get a non-magical healer)
There is never a sense of just barely able to beat a fight - you either trounce them breezily, or you get crushed.

The only way to win is to not play.
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30 of 43 people (70%) found this review helpful
2.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 30, 2014
It's got it's pros, but is overwhelmed with cons.

The Cons:
It is too linear, the story is messy and unorganized, some characters lack personality, most NPCs aren't helpful some rooms, even towns have no meaning, lack of origonal content and boring battles.

The Pros:
Good world design, some diologue is comedic and most of the main characters have personality.

I'm glad I got the game for free, I don't recromend buying it, but I would ask the developer to organize futer projects more, and have more origonal content (music, sprites, etc.), while making the games have more secrets and be less linear.

5.5/10 -"Could be better."
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26 of 37 people (70%) found this review helpful
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Posted: November 1, 2014
Victim of Xen is an RPG game, if I'm not mistaken, made with a basic tool called "RPG maker VX Ace"

The game starts off average, you wake up in your bed and just walk outside to get some fresh air. There you meet some random grandpa that asks you to go down a hole and then things happens and blabla.

Then this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ witch called "Xen" comes out of nowhere and starts saying stuff about how your village gotta be ready for a war.

Everyone starts complaining but you and your friend are the real ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s in the story bad mouthing an hot witch, and your friend is transformed into a butterfly. OK good, "I learned me lesson pls"
So Xen decides to be a ♥♥♥♥ and transforms you into a girl. Yup. A gender swap rpg.

Its like that abomination of a game "Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme" except this time it's not a visual novel, and you go on a quest to find Xen to fix your body instead of trying to enjoy it.

You then wake up in your bed and your character starts screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". This accompanied with only one sound, which is a clock ticking, makes this the most awkward scene i've ever seen.

Now this brings up to the most controversial thing I found about this game.
You know when a character speaks and there's their portrait? Well, the Author did not make those.
These actually came out from a ressource thread in the RPG maker forums, all made by an artist. This should explain why when a character is shocked, they got that happy smile face glued to them.
An evidence of this is a scene in later parts of the game, where you gain access to a castle where Xen is located, and another girl dresses you up for a party. When the new portrait appears after you got dressed, the main character eyes color change from green to purple.
The main character first form, which is a boy, and his default one before Xen arrives, is actually a character named "Ralph" who came from the RTP resource package in RPG maker. Which the author does not own. Most other character comes from threads made by talented artists.
I recommend not buying this game for these reasons:
-Linear, no exploration
-Gender swapping RPG
-No back story
-Horrible combat system
-Default RPG maker resources
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35 of 61 people (57%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
2.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 27, 2014
It's an RPG Maker game, so it's almost a given that it's shovelware garbage, but even by the low standards of RPG Maker games, this is ridiculous. You have two choices to play -- a tiny, tiny windowed box, or full screeen with out of control screen flickering. They even stuck in an option to "Reduce screen flickering," which does exactly nothing to reduce screen flickering. At least it has cards I guess.
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A developer has responded on Oct 28, 2014 @ 10:00am
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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
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Posted: February 26
Uninstall' runs perfectly...
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21 of 36 people (58%) found this review helpful
11.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 7, 2014
There's not much in it, whether it's the story or gameplay. The battle is too plain, just attack, attack skills, attack.
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7 of 10 people (70%) found this review helpful
2.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 20, 2014
I'll admit that I haven't actually finished the game yet (I'm doubtful I'll actually play that much of this, anyway at the rate I'm going) Still I thought I'd comment on my experiences with it now rather than wait on it till I ever get to the end.

I think other reviews have already brought up all the major things with this; it's a rather simplistic style RPG Maker game (to the point that it doesn't quite feel like it was really fully tested; the battle system feels off-balance and really not all that interesting. There are also a few other small details like some text boxes with just regular facesets rather than bust not seeming to have a fixed style that I might feel more forgiving about if this were just a free game, though as can be seen, this clearly isn't)

The story also might be the typical old-school linear RPG style but it's extremely confusing at points as to what's going on or even why you have to do certain things. Really, nothing in this game's story is given any explanation (though maybe I'll be surprised when I actually finish) including the whole reason why the witch decided to change your character (named Will, but anyone familiar with RTP names will recognize him as Ralph) to a girl (or the character right next to him in on Actor 1 sheet) which is the cause of the game's high-jinx... among other things (I feel I don't really have the same sense of humor as the game designer as many of the lines caused by the theme being brought up are both sexist and stereotypical)

I will say some of the mapping is pretty nicely done, but only some. There's still a few strange mapping errors, especially places that could have used some shift-clicking to look just a bit better (but that again might just be me; I tend to hang out in the mapping thread on the official forums)

I can't really recommend it, but I'm not going to say it's the worst I've ever played (strangely I probably have, just usually for free where I can feel a bit more forgiving for errors and tolerant about poor quality; paid products, not so much)
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23 of 41 people (56%) found this review helpful
1.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 15, 2014
Bad game,i think even i can make it if i have about 2months,too many useless houses and npcs,when you click on them you get only a symbol,wtf!Also lack something original,for example,enemies,teammates,so hard?Too many flaws and too few advantages,dont even try.I give 2points only because i like rpgmaker games.
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18 of 32 people (56%) found this review helpful
3.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 28, 2014
Really bland story and uninspired characters that you won't ever remember. The battle system is too simplistic and after you get some itens way too easy. If you really don't have anything new to play give it a try otherwise don't bother.
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
2.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 16, 2014
The RTP and script is an RPG maker vx's default. And the story is meh. Continue playing for the trading cards
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 23
like pokemon without the fun
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
2.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 28
A terrbile game, You cant config most audio and video settings.
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5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
2.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 28, 2014
Well , its really hard to write a review about something like VoX,....
It is a nice little RPG , it kind of keeps u in the game for atleast a hour...
But there is always bad sides...
Sometimes the movement feels kind of rough,
The money makeing is hard as hell ( good/bad depends )
But for the price , lets say i would atleast wait for it to go on a -50% sale ,
I just dont see me replaying it over and over looking for more fun.....
Nor do i see me playing this with friends and haveing loads and loads of fun.
Its kind of a Nah for me.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
9.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 29
I'm not a large fan of RPGs and i'm nostalgic-immune, so this game didn't make huge impression on me in the first place. Anyhow neat art style and clear, intuitive battle model made me like it. Nice game if you have about two hours to spare. Just beware of spiders.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
17.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 29, 2014
That game can make the time you spend playing it fun and quite addictive. That was a unique experience playing that game. I liked it, the game has a fine graphic and good gameplay, the soundtrack is cool
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
9.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 19
Modest little RPGMaker game with a very interesting ending. Finished the entire game in about 9hrs.

+ Interesting story
+ Fairly fleshed out characters
+ No unobtainable achievements (for a single playthrough)
+ The ending - compared to the rest of the game

- Grinding kind of required (money is a really scarce luxury in the game)
- Can be ruthless at the start (kind of alleviated if you manage to save up for the Knight Sword on one of your party members)
- No quest journal (something like an item in the inventory per quest just to remind us of a quest in progress would be awesome)

Get it for the story, not the gameplay.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
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0.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 23
Game doesn't even load..
Gameplay 11/10
11/10 would recommend
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 29, 2014
Cначала ты играешь пикап-мастером..затем тянкой в телепикап-мастера!
А еще тебя могут от♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ить муравьи
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