Follow Will as he becomes a victim of circumstance, after the frivolous royal witch turns him into a girl.
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Release Date: May 21, 2014
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August 30

Victim of Xen 1.4 Changes

> ! > Pressing F12 no longer resets the game.

> ! > Special character support added.

> ! > World Map performance improved.

> ! > Stores now mouse-clickable from a distance.

> ! > Eneres orb can now be used from 4 directions.

> The save and load menus are now more keyboard friendly.

> All weapons now equipable to all characters.

> Abandoned Unitem Towers' location now suggested.

> You can no longer enter the floating island by blimp.

> Gourmet Rations acquired message added.

> The Keeper's attack power increased.

> Added note about F1 menu.

> You may no longer awaken Xen prior to Empress U.

> Dialogue added for Teddy Bear in Lookout shop.

> Combat Bag added to the top of Diablo Tower.

> Imp now suggests travel route.

> Fairy added to World Map to recommend Escaping.

> Unitem Castle is now easier to navigate.

> Freeport Ship Beds now 50% more sleepable.

> Port of Oasis no longer offers food and drink.

> Val Garden and Serene Town Cave designs changed.

> Skuld now properly interacts with trees.

> Assassin agility and spirit reduced.

> Unitem and Opress Soldiers carry more Coin.

> Val ladder realism added.

> Bug preventing return to world map removed.

> Added Delayed Soldier Troop to Unitem Castle.

> Fixed Bottom/Left transition in Morgana Forest.

> Corrected typo "as to sell." in Freeport Warehouse.

> Defend now restores Energy and Focus in battle.

> Wine Bottle added to Serene Town.

> "Harport" message added from Ship to Harport.

> A reference to Neda working as a maid was removed.

> Emery now only joins the party in Marki Army.

> Reference to Teddy Bear added for Filip.

> Changed "Influence" to "Coin" in Bantor Tribe.

> Added reference to Billies Tribe to Jean's Exit.

> Michael not accepting rations bug fixed.

> Added Jason to Old Docks to suggest route.

> Mar and Ki now show correct pictures when talking.

> Mirror in Grandma's Room is more clickable.

> Will now says "Tape?" instead of Engineer.

> Emery "lead" changed to "led" in Opress Castle.

> Space removed for Mustanen in Owerton: "-loud"

> Colons added to Gittan: and Vilma: dialogue.

> Alex's "huh" changed to "Huh" in Midway.

> Duplicate Emery dialogue removed in Lookout Town.

> Dock Master changed to Supply Master in OT-North.

> Heid: changed to Elder God: " are doing?"

> "Soliders" is now "Soldiers" on Ship near Freeport.

> News Article added to Bantors Tribe.

> Elham no longer in Pub in Oasis.

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About This Game

Embark on a journey across continents in the Role Playing Game, Victim of Xen. Follow Will as he becomes a victim of circumstance, after the frivolous royal witch, Xen, turns him into a girl. As you search of a way to reverse the spell, you'll get pulled into something much more treacherous. Explore a dynamic story set in a rich world full of war and intrigue, with a dash of quirkiness. Fight monsters, complete jobs to earn coin, and get ready for adventure!
  • Unique Story
  • Dynamic World
  • Can you reverse the spell?

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, or 2000
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 50 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
101 of 121 people (83%) found this review helpful
1.0 hrs on record
I got this in a bundle for $1.69 and hoped I was getting a deal on some under-rated gem of an RPG Maker made game. What I got was mediocrity, half-♥♥♥♥♥ dialogue and mapping. And a story about as deep as a kiddie pool. I hate to sound like yet another person shaming or negatively reviewing an RPG Maker game. But even I myself use RPG Maker. A hell of a lot better than whoever made this did.

I've purchased several RPG Maker made titles and enjoyed them. I've downloaded free ones off the internet others made and enjoyed them. I played "Don Miguel's Adventure" that was a test demo with RPG Maker 2000 and had more fun with it than this. And that wasn't even a full game.

This. This was a sad excuse for an RPG, a story and a game.

This isn't insulting the developers. This is telling them, they could have tried harder if they wanted to impress someone who could make an equal or better RPG Maker game over a weekend then this game. Step it up and have some devotion.
Posted: June 17
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71 of 79 people (90%) found this review helpful
2.7 hrs on record
Some of us play RPGs to play a game of chess against enemies, others play the game for the story, but with Victim of Zen you'll find neither.

This is a really forgettable RPG made with RPG maker. It feels particularly lazy. Not only are there stock assets that come with RPG maker, but the turn based combat system is shallow and default. The enemies just attack. You just attack. Your only focus skill (special skill) is attack twice. It just seems like far less of a RPG than everything else out there. Sometimes the combat will demand that you lose to progress in the game, but other times it will cause a game over. How do you know? Just waste your time to find out. Such as being given a choice, leave through a door on the east or a door on the west. They both lead to guards, but guard on the east will have a game over after you lose the battle. Guard on the west will take you to prison. Hilariously sometimes there are 2 guards on screen and they fight you 1 at a time. That's nice of them. Here you kill my comrade him against 2 of you, then I'll fight the two of you myself. Random battles can seem overpowered, such as level 1 facing 3 enemies that have more HP than you and their attacks do as much damage as you do. So everyone hits 50 HP and you all have 400 HP and they can have critical hits. To top that off, if you get lucky enough for a 1 on 1 battle and you almost get murdered by a critical hit, you can still take your winnings and go to an inn right? Inns cost 17 - 18 gold and the 1 enemy that nearly murders you pays out 10 gold. Games like the first Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior for the original Nintendo were grind fests, and I was happy for that, because its a great game that spawned a dozen more games with original characters and artwork.

There really isn't all that much interactivity or story to speak of other than your male character has been transformed into a female. There is no real sense of character progression, other than you're a girl now. No one seems to care other than 'you're a girl. I'm in love! Will you date boys now? You're cute. You're cute. You're cute. That witch is cute. That girl over there is cute.' If only there was thesaurus for words like cute that weren't cute. Makes me feel bad for the people of this unnamed land. Tall people must hear about how they're tall all the time.

Amazingly people comment on the armor you're wearing being uncomfortable. When you go to the equipment screen I literally have nothing equipped or on. One character says 'Will is an odd name for a girl.' Perhaps he should assume that it is short for Willa. Upon breaking out of prison your companion tells you 'let's get our stuff and get out of here.' When I check my inventory, turns out I have all of my items, but I never had any equipment. Whatever.

There are a lot of great character images straight from RPG maker, but what I don't like is how the game forgets to bring up character images for some of the characters.

The mapping is dull and uninspiring. Everything looks the same and its carpeted the same if not empty. None of the building interiors have windows. The floor textures and shadows have errors and glitches. Such as a shadow not stretching the entire length of the wall. The fact that a lot of rooms you need to touch the side of a space to exit a room or hallway. I wouldn't mind that if it was marked, but a lot of hallways you just need to touch the end of every hallway to see if its a door or a wall. The prison cells are larger than houses in the game. Those are just visual issues though.

I would take screenshots, but hitting F12 makes the game exit. The first cave is just vacant with no detail at all and some RPG Maker games can be incredibly detailed. It really feels like someone's first attempt at making a RPG. I hope some of the money goes to putting unique assets into the game to make this game stand out.

The game is really based around doing jobs more than it is about combat or some grand adventure. You'll have jobs and view job postings then go do them. Along the way you'll meet people that complain about the work they're doing. Well this is the perfect time to bring up well I'd be willing to do it for a price. But nope, its just typical RPG banter of people complaining about their job and nothing more. The bland dialog just goes no where. It doesn't even hint at anything. Like oh monsters to the east killed someone or I hear so and so lost their child. One job that rewards you tells you here's your reward, but doesn't give you anything. Everyone else gives you something and it tells you what you get. It just seems like an issue that should have been fixed before the game made it to Steam as a finished product. The chicken hunt job seems pretty glitched. You'll see chickens run through trees and fences. Some jobs are broken such as building benches 'grab some wood and get to work.' Then there is no way to pickup wood. I'm not sure if that's a dirty joke or a joke at you're a girl that can't pickup wood or just a bug. Other jobs you can do over and over again.

There is a quest where grandma sends you to get a bottle of wine, did she mean the bottle of wine next to her or the broken bottle of wine upstairs on the floor? On your quest you'll meet a girl that tells you to tell your grandma to give her a recipe, but upon returning to grandma, there's no way to tell her to give the girl the recipe. This is the level of questing this game has to offer. You'll take jobs and complete them in seconds with no effort.

The game does well enough explaining the controls and menu, but for keyboards and not 360 controllers. The controller does work with the game quite well and some of us prefer using them.

If you buy this game, you'll be a victim alright.
Posted: July 23
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50 of 56 people (89%) found this review helpful
6.6 hrs on record
Genre: Turn-based RPG

Summary: Will, an average teenager, lived a peaceful life in Serene Town until a regiment of the Opress army, led by a witch named Xen, subjugates his hometown and turns him into a girl. After awakening from his transformation, Will sets off in pursuit of Xen to restore his body to its rightful gender.

- You can play one-handed with a mouse, however, moving around feels slow and clunky.
- The encounter rate is moderate.
- Status effects work on bosses, too bad you only get one and it's during late game.
- There's a slight variation to the ending based on if you attack Dusan or not.
- The music is alright.
- The sprites and character portraits are decent.
- The side quests are alright but they have almost no relation to the story.
- The tutorial is decent but it doesn't explain everything.
- You can grind for experience in the Academy; however, outside of levelling up for skills, character levels have little impact on the game's difficulty.

- The gameplay consists of a turn-based battle system without any frills or depth; you can brute force random encounters by mashing attack and bosses with strong weaponry and attack skills.
- Battles are slow and there's no means of increasing battle speed.
- Money is a huge issue, due to the cost of equipment, which imbalances the game; side quests reward the player with low amounts of money and earning gold from battle is rare, even then, the amount found is a pittance (5 to 50 gold).
- Gameplay mechanics are inconsistent and features, such as being able to open crates, examine items, in-battle status effects, and etc; the game plays like the developer learned to make the game on the fly and didn't go back to fix things.
- The enemies are not balanced; the enemies found upon leaving the starting town inflict about 60-70% of Will's health and you're once again fighting enemies from the beginning 2 hours in.
- The game uses the same sprites for decor and interactibles.
- There's no option for running in towns or on the world map (the zeppelin is fast though).
- Most of the advice for plot progression is vague or non-existent.
- The writing is bland, there are numerous grammar mistakes, plot events are spontaneous, and there are many cutscenes that don't advance the plot or develop character.
- The story itself is terrible; the protagonist turning into a girl is more of a gimmick for off-hand jokes than a plot device and the ending is abrupt, doesn't resolve the overall conflict, and lacks an epilogue.
- The characters are underdeveloped and a majority of the major characters don't contribute to the overall plot; the party members join for no good reason and simply decide to stick around.
- The game doesn't lock or remove side quests by checking the player's progression or using obstacles; results in Zahra making an early appearance and a second Emery in the oasis.
- There are too many empty buildings, sequences of empty maps, locked doors, and useless NPCs.
- The dungeon with the forest maze is terrible. Every chest in the maze dungeon is a mimic, the mimics also give no experience or items, and you can avoid the pseudo-boss.
- In the dungeon that involves chasing a catgirl, the developer has her always appear in a map opposite the direction that she ran off.

Neutral Points:
- You can't use healing items in battle and you can't use healing spells outside of battle.
- During battle, there are no confirmation time in-between actions, which cause the player to select Attack by accident.
- There's no cursor memory outside of the skills menu.
- There's no option menu; there's no key config.
- There are warp panels and an escape rope early on that suggest their use but actually lead to nowhere or detract from the player's progression.
- The game assumes less of the player by providing hints for obvious puzzles; you don't need hints for rooms with only one or two interactable objects.
- It feels counter-intuitive for food to heal HP and drink MP, in consideration they are the main health items.
- Many of the plot events that involve dungeons lack exit warps and force the player to backtrack to leave.
- Cutscenes don't use fade outs when characters exit the screen, you have to watch them slowly leave.
- Early in the game, there's a time-consuming side quest that allows the player to grind money, which is a game breaker but let finish this game faster. It doesn't help the player's rhythm that the side quest's NPC makes the same crafting SFX.
- The game includes an abrupt McGuffin quest as its finale.
- Occasionally, the game launches Big Picture Mode on start-up.
- The maid you have to look for in the Academy side quest is the only female not using a maid sprite.
- The game reduces the player's walk speed inside a pantry but not on vines or ladders.
- Sprites for sleeping characters are just characters facing their back to the screen.
- Don't make the solution to a puzzle a cultural reference, not everyone is familiar with the Jackson 5.

Personal Opinion:
Any first game a person makes will have flaws, however, be critical with your product if you're going to sell said game at $7.99. You can cobble together a shoddy game for self-satisfaction or learning, but release it as freeware and keep it off the market.
Posted: July 13
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57 of 73 people (78%) found this review helpful
8.2 hrs on record
Blah.... felt like a waste of time.. The character portraits look decent at least, no idea if they are stock though I have no experience with tis RPGmaker games but I'm sure they can do a lot better than this.
Posted: June 14
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147 of 260 people (57%) found this review helpful
0.7 hrs on record
So far this is a first impression's review, so everything I say here is purely out of the minutes I put in this game, but will update this as soon as I can. Ok, where to start? The menu is very basic, you have your new game, load game, and close game, and this game is only fit to one resolution which that is 480p though the game still looks good in this resolution. Their are no options to edit the settings of this game which is kinda of a dissapointment, and the story itself when you first play the game is not all that impressive. It just throws you in with no backstory. You end up going to an old man's house and defeating a creature while a witch from a kingdom turns you into a girl and your friend a butterfly. No character development is obvious. This is though a very fun game, the combat is refreshing (though they could've added a enemy's hp) as well as open world, classic rpg, turn based strategy game; however so far for this first impression, I can not simply recommend this game.
Posted: May 21
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