Paradigm Shift You awake from a terrifying nightmare to discover that your home city of River Lake has been devastated by an explosion at a neuroscience laboratory.
User reviews: Negative (14 reviews)
Release Date: May 19, 2014
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About This Game

You awake from a terrifying nightmare to discover that your home city of River Lake has been devasted by an explosion at a neuroscience laboratory.

A dangerous biochemical has been released into the ecosystem, turning every living thing into a bloodthirsty killer.
You are holed up in your apartment; for all you know you are the last survivor but your food and water supplies are running low.

It's time to take your chance and make your move. You must use your wits and your brain to avoid dangers, solve puzzles, find your girlfriend - if she is still alive - and escape the broken city...

  • Search for items and use them in different scenes.
  • Fight infected zombies to stay alive.
  • Point and click to find objects.
  • Multiple endings
  • Full soundtrack written by David.F.Burrows.
  • Every action you take will have it's consequences.
  • Be aware of trigger effects.
  • Exciting storyline that will keep you searching for the truth.

25th June, 2012

Dear Jenny,

I don't know where you are but write you this letter in the hope that you might return home.

Water and food supplies are running low and I have to leave Riverlake. I haven't slept in what seems like ages - I try and shut my eyes but I keep hearing strange noises outside.

The streets echo with desperate screams and it's too dangerous to be out for long. There are crazy people running around, attacking anyone in sight - it's like they are infected with some sort of virus.

I watched one of them stand up not long after he was shot multiple times in the chest. It's surely only a matter of time before the infected come bursting through the door here.

None of it makes any sense. I don’t know how this all happened but I do know that I'm not safe here. Where is the military? Are they even around any more? I don't know what's going on and in the city I am totally alone.

I am certain you are still out there somewhere, I can feel it. I want you to know that I will wait for you... Do not think that I am leaving you - you are and always will be with me and my love for you will be forever.

If you read this I will have made my way out of here. I will wait for you at the gas station just a few miles out of town.

I hope I can be there tomorrow evening and I will wait for a week. If you do not show up I will be heading north, to try and find someone - anyone - who might have survived this.

Forever yours.

Buy the awesome soundtrack of this game at
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System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP 2+ or later
    • Processor: 1 GHz CPU
    • Memory: 190 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c compatible video card
    • Hard Drive: 204 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
183 of 194 people (94%) found this review helpful
2.3 hrs on record
This game doesn't cut it for me. I've finished it a few times and there isn't much to do. I've had three alternate endings and they were pretty poor. 3/10 for me. I'll try to play through it a bit more for more alternate endings but.. Not worth your monnies.
Posted: May 19
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161 of 171 people (94%) found this review helpful
0.2 hrs on record
Lack of options, no full screen support, terrible animation scenes, Unoriginal gameplay. I didn't find this game to be worth 8 euros/10 dollars. There are much better point and click games out there. Some of the visuals are really creepy though.
Posted: May 19
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46 of 49 people (94%) found this review helpful
0.3 hrs on record
I got it from greenlight bundle so I decided to give it a go.

First of all, no option menu. When you start the game, you'll be greeted with Start, More Game and Credit. You're not allowed to adjust any options for the game, including screen size and fullscreen option. Also note that there are no pause and save option. Also no Steam overlay, so cannot capture screenshot via Steam.

When you start the game, you'll get a letter then off you go.In the beginning you only have shotgun as weapon. Zombies will appear randomly and rely too much on jumpscare. Seriously cheap. To attack the zombies, you have to click on the shotgun icon on the inventory list on top of the screen then click on the zombie. Too slow, you die, restart from beginning.

During exploration, theres no indication on where to go. You just click on the screen then it will transit to next screen. No highlight making it hard to progress. There’s no horror feeling in this game.

Graphic just so-so. No animation involved, including zombies. They just come out of nowhere and start biting you without getting their mouth open and splashing blood on screen. Some of the images are creepy though, but nothing original.

Nothing impressive about this game at all. Plus, using jumpscare is cheap. Just another crap game from Greenlight.
Posted: May 28
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34 of 39 people (87%) found this review helpful
2.5 hrs on record
I beat this game in 4 minutes. Thats how ♥♥♥♥ty this game is. 7 dollars for a 4 minute long game.... I want my money back..........
Dont make the same mistake I did, in buying this game. Dont fuel this ♥♥♥♥ty game maker, by lining his/her pocket with your hard earned cash.
Posted: May 30
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27 of 35 people (77%) found this review helpful
0.2 hrs on record
I have played a lot of games but this is the most horrible,crap horror game i have ever payed to buy.....DO NOT buy it!!! avoid it at all costs! i cant even unterstand how this crap title managed to get into steam.. jesus -1/10
Posted: May 27
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