Quite possibly the most realistic Snooker game to come to any gaming platform, working closely with Michaela Tabb the world’s most famous Snooker and Pool referee Big Head Games have the ultimate cue sports simulation, with easy to pickup and play controls and months of gameplay as you fight through a pro player’s career.
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Veröffentlichung: 11. Jan. 2013
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"Lash and Kouen take their cues to continue their gaming, this time with International Snooker. A game of which the title accurately covers the content"
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Quite possibly the most realistic Snooker game to come to any gaming platform, working closely with Michaela Tabb the world’s most famous Snooker and Pool referee Big Head Games have the ultimate cue sports simulation, with easy to pickup and play controls and months of gameplay as you fight through a pro player’s career.


  • Career mode, play a full year's calendar of events earning world ranking points. Reach world number one and win all 16 trophies.
  • Practice mode, unlimited shots with no opponent.
  • Quick Play, choose form any unlocked venue and play VS AI or VS human player in customisable games, no. of reds, no. of frames, shot clock, etc.
  • Multiple Venues, 15 tournament venues, a Rileys club venue and the exclusive 147 VIP club (score a 147 break to qualify).
  • Trophy cabinet, fill the cabinet with the 15 tournament trophies and the 147 cup.
  • Equipment upgrades, earn the right to use better cues, better cues = better control and more power. Auto Chalking.
  • Achievements, earn achievements from simply pot the pink to score a century break.
  • Multiplayer, play anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Real time chat. During multiplayer matches a chat window allows for "friendly" banter.
  • Replays, replay, pause, rewind, slow-mo any shot.
  • AI speed controls, no more waiting, run the AI at up to 4 times normal speed and get back to the table quicker.
  • Full Rule set, "advanced" rules such as play on and free ball.
  • Balanced AI, produces a smooth difficulty curve based on your skill, world ranking and your current match status.
  • Custom built Physics engine, including spin options for swerve and back spin.
  • Referee, voice over calling scores, fouls, player intro, etc. voiced by the world famous referee Michaela Tabb.
  • Realistic crowd AI and ambience fx, reacting to the gameplay such as long shots and near misses.
  • Stats, a record of your progress and good and bad percentages, also used for multiplayer skill level balancing.
  • 8ball UK, 8ball US and 9ball pool modes


    • OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core - 2 * 2000 Mhz (or similar AMD)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon X700 or GeForce 6500
    • Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card.
    • Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card.
Hilfreiche Kundenreviews
16 von 16 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
12.2 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24. Oktober 2014
Leider zu viele Fehler für eine Empfehlung
Auch wenn es sich komisch anhört, aber ich finde das Spiel ganz gut und habe auch Spaß beim Spielen. Warum ich es dann nicht empfehle möchte ich in der folgenden Auflistung deutlich machen:

Zunächst, was macht das Spiel gut?
+ die Atmosphäre ist authentisch und sehr gut gelungen. Der größte Pluspunkt am Spiel
+ man kann im eingebauten Shop erweiterungen kaufen (Queues etc.), ohne echtes Geld!
+ die Ballkontrolle ist sehr gut gelungen, obwohl der seitliche Effet sich nicht richtig "anfühlt"
+ die Grafik ist angemessen und nicht zu überladen. Mir gefällt das auf jeden Fall
+ neben Snooker kann auch Billard (8- und 9-Ball) freigeschaltet werden

Jetzt zu den Punkten, die mich stören!
- die Regeln des Snookerspiels werden nicht eingehalten
- nach einem Foul des Gegners kann man nicht entscheiden, ob man selber weiterspielt oder der Gegner!
- bei einem Miss hat man nur 3 Versuche den Zielball zu treffen, danach ist der Frame verloren
- man kann keine Farbe nominieren! Es reicht bei einem Snooker (auf eine Farbe) einfach wild draufzuhauen. Falls man irgendeine Farbe trifft ist alles in Ordnung
- die Tascheneinläufe sind vor allem in den Ecktaschen merkwürdig. Die Kugeln prallen manchmal wild hin und her, sind eigentlich schon über dem Loch aber fallen trotzdem nicht
- wenn man "Ball-in-Hand" hat, ist die Kamera nur so eingestellt, dass man den Tisch von oben sieht. Ich möchte es aber aus der Ball-Perspektive sehen können, sonst weiß ich nicht, ob die Position gut ist oder nicht
- die Entscheidung bei einem "Ball-in-Hand", wo die weiße Kugel liegt, ist nicht mehr zu ändern, sobald man auf OK geklickt hat
- die Stärke der Computergegner wechselt im Frame von "unschlagbar" bis "Was? Wer bin ich und was mache ich hier?"
- die Computergegner spielen Bälle, die absolut unlogisch und im wahren Leben nahezu unmöglich sind
- es kommt fast nie vor, dass der Gegner mal eine Safety spielt, stattdessen ist man immer nur dran, wenn er mal eine Kugel verhauen hat
- es gibt in diesem Spiel definitiv keine "Taktikschlachten", die Snooker im wahren Leben so interessant machen. Es geht nur um das Lochen, egal wie

Ich denke jetzt sollte klar sein, warum ich es nicht weiterempfehlen kann, obwohl ich es nicht für schlecht halte. Ich finde einfach nur, dass noch zu viel falsch läuft.
Falls es Updates geben sollte, die meine Minuspunkte nichtig machen, wäre ich sehr froh und würde das hier natürlich sofort niederschreiben.
Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt :D
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9 von 12 Personen (75%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
112.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 8. November 2014
If you are after a snooker sim, this is the game for you.. Smooth shots, smooth ball movement and very nice environment. Absolutely great in those respects.. However, lazy devs, have completely and utterly failed to produce a two player game that has any kind of reliable multi player. If you want to play vs AI then your laughing, if you want to play against another human? best of luck with that. I have played maybe 5 vs games online in the 30 plus hours of game play on steam and they mean nothing anyhow so people just concede on you mid break.. such a shame, lazy attitude towards multiplayer on a two player game by the dev team means that i cant recommend this title with a clear conscience.
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4 von 5 Personen (80%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
31.5 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 10. Dezember 2014
After reading some of the reviews for this title, some of them seem a little unfair.

If you are after a nice little game of snooker and don't care if it has fancy graphics or well known players - its great.

I agree it is a little easy, it's quite simple to make breaks that IRL would be almost impossible. But if you enjoy snooker as a spectator this is a great game.

Although it lacks the humour and feel of old time (Archer Maclean) classics like Jimmy White and Pool, it's still a solid representation of the game of snooker.

Personally, I don't feel that the physics are wrong, the cushions and pockets feel (to me) like they should and are a close approximation of a real "fast" table.

I like that you can drop in and out of tournaments and that you can speed up the play of AI opponents.

I'm not that fond of the woman they got to do the voice overs inbetween frames, but it serves a purpose I suppose.

All in all it's an excellent and very playable snooker game and I'm glad I purchased it.
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2 von 3 Personen (67%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
12.1 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 15. Dezember 2014
If you are after a snooker game then this a good game with a fair price and great graphics. But there a few things to note. First off you are probably going to want to leave the aiming guides turned on. This isn't cheating, it just compensates for the lack of depth perception that is inherent in virtual pool games, at least until there is a version that uses the oculus. If you stick to playing in first person it gives a fairly realistic feel and balance to the game. If you turn them off then you end up playing nearly every shot from the overhead camera view which makes if feel like an 8-bit arcade game. Also lining up the shots in the overhead view without the guides is so frustrating that you'll find yourself moving your head to strange angles and spending a few minutes on every shot to try and find the right line, only to miss by an inch or two anyway. Changing to the overhead view at all could be considered cheating but it is the only way to get a overview of the layout since you can't walk around the table while playing, something that I found lacking. There are also shots where the pool cue completely obstructs the view while in first person, which is odd since a little tranparency would have been an easy fix here. Changing to the overhead view is a must in this case.

To play you set the desired spin, cue angle and power level before clicking on a button to fire the shot. A mouse driven cue and power action is sorely missed here. Coupled with the guides it takes nearly all of the interactive feel of the game away. However, since spin, power and cue ball placement are so important in the game of snooker it still has its merits as a tactical game or training aid.

As mentioned in other reviews, the AI is inconsitent because they will play poorly for half a game and then trot out a break of 50 or more at the end. I also feel guilty when snookering the opponent since in many cases they will miss, at least in the early stages of a tournament, and it is so easy to force them to replay the shot and win the frame by default after the third miss. They simply don't change the shot they attempted the first time.

I'd recommend the game to anyone with a passion for snooker but I'd be raving about the game if these points were addressed. As it stands I'll just have to repeat that it is a good game with a fair price and great graphics.
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3 von 6 Personen (50%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 12. Oktober 2014
excellent game, very fun and engaging :D 9/10
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1 von 2 Personen (50%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
7.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 9. Februar
This game is clearly a phone game that's been ported to great mediocrity. The menus are a mess, and the tables lack any sort of subtle control. I should not have to dig super deep into my cueball and slam into it just to get draw, but according to this game there is no such animal as a two-inch screwback at low pace. The nine-ball and eight-ball are terrible, the tables feel so bizarre and floaty that they cease to be any fun. I'm not particularly opposed to the AI pulling off ridiculous shots constantly, because with the medium it is equally as easy to pull off superhero shots yourself, but there is no real interesting game here - especially when compared to its off-Steam contemporaries like Virtual Pool 4 or the WSC Real series. This isn't an awful game, and it is miles better than the dreadful Total Pool on Steam, but it's also not really great and if you're looking for a good pool game, there are better options.
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4 von 4 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
3.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 29. Juni 2014
Für unentschlossene Leute schreibe ich hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung zu "International Snooker",
wie der Name verspricht ist es ein Snooker Spiel. Es hält sich recht realitätsgetreu, das heißt keine großen Action szenen oder Hintergrundinfos die man nicht braucht, das finde ich gut in diesem Genere. Jedoch hat es auch einige negative Aspekte. So z.B. die Kameraführung, sie ist schnell gelernt und recht Intuitiv, jedoch wenn man einen weiten Stoß machen will, passiert es oft das man die Kamera zwar heben kann aber nicht mehr das Loch sehen kann usw. Es behindert jetzt nicht nennenswert, aber ich wollte es erwähnt haben.
Desweiteren ist das Spiel englisch, was für einige vllt. ein Problem sein könnte, aber ich denke auch ohne englischkenntnisse sollte man alles verstehen können. Und für die paar englischen Wörter könnte man sogar das Internet fragen.
Man kann auch noch einen Billard Modus freischalten. (Nur falls jemand den Unterschied nicht kennt, Billard ist das wo man versucht Kugeln in die Löcher zu bekommen und den 8-Ball bis zum Schluss nicht rein zu hauen, Snooker hingegen ist, das man abwechselnd Rote und Farbige Kugeln schlagen muss/soll. D.h. zu erst muss man eine Rote rein hauen, danach eine Bunte usw. Wenn man daneben haut, ist der nächste dran und es fängt wieder mit Rot an.
Aber zurück zu dem Spiel. Wer "Snooker" mag und das Spiel des Spieles wegen haben möchte ist richtig. Wer jedoch auf der anderen Seite, irgendwelche Hintergrundgeschichten/Avatarerstellungen usw. erwartet oder extrem ausführliche Kommentatoren mit verschiedenen Sprüchen sucht ist falsch, es gibt zwar eine Stimme die ansagt ob man getroffen hat, wieviel Punkte usw. aber das wars auch. Ansonsten als Negativ Punkt muss ich das "Publikum" aufführen.
Da es wie durch Zauberhand von vorn herein weiß ob du die Weiße Kugel noch rein haust oder ob deine Kugel überhaupt rein geht. Da sie nur Jubeln wenn du auch wirklich keins von vorne genannten getan hast. Falls zwei Kugeln rein gehen und das Publikum nicht jubelt, kannst du sicher sein das die Weiße Kugel auch noch rein geht....
Aber wie gesagt für Snooker Fans mit leichten Englischkenntnissen oder einem Übersetzer ist es das richtige. :)
Ansonsten noch kurz zu den Modis, es gibt Tournament (diese Spiele kann man nicht sofort wiederholen und muss sie bis zum Ende spielen (der Fortschritt wird gespeichert und beim nächsten einloggen so fortgesetzt). Ansonsten gibt es noch Quickplay (Ein schnelles Spiel) und Multiplayer. Viel mehr kann ich hierzu auch nicht mehr sagen, in diesem Sinne viel Spaß mit dem Spiel oder falls euch das Spiel nicht mehr gefällt, viel Spaß am gesparten Geld :)

Tl:Dr :
Es IST ein Snookerspiel was realitätsgetreu sich nur um Snooker dreht
Es ist kein Karriere Spiel mit Avatar und auch kein Billard

Es ist Snooker wie man es kennt
Kein unnützes drum herum
es Speichert Fortschritte und ermöglicht so auch das unterbrechen
Freischaltbares mit ingamewährung

Das Publikum ist allwissend
Die Kamera kann manchmal nerven.
Manchmal sind die eigenen Schläge ziemlich ungenau.
Gegner sind manchmal überstark. (keine Justierung des Schwierigkeitsgrades)

Für Snooker fans oder welche die es werden wollen, ja
Für Leute die was anderes als Snooker erwarten oder auf lustige Kommentatoren hoffen, nein
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3 von 4 Personen (75%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
5.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 2. Juli 2014
Von den Regelfehlern die das Game beinhaltet mal abgesehen bietet es etwas Zeitvertreib der aber leider immer wieder durch die Physik des Spiels getrübt wird. Jeder der einmal selbst am Tisch stand wird sich mit Grausen abwenden. Bälle die kein Snookerspieler der Welt angehen würde werden hier mit Leichtigkeit gelocht. Aber auch die Ablaufbahn des Spielballs nach treffen des Objektballs passt nichtmal ansatzweise.

Netter Versuch, aber kläglich gescheitert, da hilft auch die hübsche Michaela Tabb nicht. Geschenkt wäre noch zu teuer.
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2 von 3 Personen (67%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
11.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 31. Mai 2014
Solides Snooker auf dem PC. Das Spiel hat allerdings grad im Regelbereich ein paar Aussetzer, die aber meist nicht groß ins Gewicht fallen.
Ein Beispiel wäre, dass Frau Tabb, den Spieler im Snooker und nach 2 misslungenden Versuchen warnen tut, dass man nun eine aktive Kugel treffen muss, sonst ist der Frame vorbei.

Wie beschrieben: Einige fehler im Spielverhalten, was den Spaß aber nicht trübt.

Ein Multiplayergame konnte ich leider noch nicht finden und daher auch keine Meinung äußern. Wer Poolbilliard mag, kann auch hier zu greifen. Allerdings muss man den Modi erst für ein paar Credits freischalten.
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47 von 53 Personen (89%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
22.2 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 8. Juni 2014
Got a key a little while ago from a bundle i bought over a year ago. I thought i would give it a go as i used to quite like snooker.
Glad i did as it's a very fun and polished little game. It is very easy to pick up and play for someone like me that knows the rules of snooker and have played it a bit but am also a pretty rubbish player:)
There are lots of tournaments to enter and credits to be won. You can then spend them on upgrades, different cues, auto-chalk and the like. The AI is pretty good, doesn't cheat and does make mistakes. Obviously it gets better the further you get in a tourny but the difficutly is nicely curved.
The graphics are good as are the sound effects. A special mention goes to the crowd. They ohh and ahhh when you miss and pot a difficult shot you'll be met with a cheer. You'll even hear them cry 'go on my son' and cough. And too much noise will be met with a shhh from the ref.

If you like snooker even a bit you will enjoy this game. It's addictive and fun. I recommend picking it up on sale at least. Oh and it has pool too.
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20 von 23 Personen (87%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
639.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 27. Juli 2014
for me having played the real game and having tried many other so called snooker/pool games have found this version simply brilliant. Yes there are the odd blip, like not being able to move around the table when white is in the 'D' following a foul. so here is my negative list;

Multiplayer very difficult to find players - I would recommend setting up a dedicated data base that shows when people are active that way we could dip in and out. Develop an a web snooker league through steam. I have started a group so if you play snooker please join.

The 3 miss rule, this seems wrong my understanding is player can hit an object ball but chooses not to then miss is called.

not being able to travel around table to see all angles

a change of referree and maybe a comentary?

so not a lot wrong really the points above are basic and could be rectified especially in any new upgrade. I hope that Bighead games do launch the new addition for PC

So for me i love it, great allround play, realistic so anyone not happy remember we are not the Rocket!!!!

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16 von 18 Personen (89%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
12.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 7. Juli 2014
This is the best sonooker i've played in a long while , It's a shame there is no local online option like you would get on ipad and I also think the multi player is bit lame ..Never mind if you're not into online then this snooker is sure great fun to play, very realistic. Not bad for the price.
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13 von 15 Personen (87%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
3.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26. Juni 2014
If you are a fan of Snooker, you will appreciate this title, as the physics are fairly true to form. Since this is only a simulation, the game has to be a little forgiving in certain areas...namely that the rounded pockets seem to allow balls to "bank in" more than in real life. It's great that you can unlock other forms of pool simply by completing in-game challenges, rather than having to pay for them. There are no Steam achievements, but the in-game trophies are fun to earn. The best part of this game is the online community; you can learn a lot from your multiplayer partners.

Heroes of Gamers Haven: Forum

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1 Person fand dieses Review lustig
2.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 20. August 2014
I do enjoy a game of pixel based snooker and pool and have played many different games over the years, from classics such as Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker and Archer Maclean's Pool to World Championship Snooker and Virtual Pool 3. Over the past few years I've found my enjoyment from online game iSnooker, but the high price and lack of improvements in that game have meant I've given up on it forever. So, having given International Snooker a couple of long sessions, where does it stand on the scale? Unfortunately, a far, far way from the top.

The interface for thisg ame is just poor beyond words. You can only cycle through frames, for example, by clicking on the field through all the options and if you go past the option yuo want, you have to click all the way through again to get to where you want. An option to just cycle up AND down would have been an obvious choice here. The menus are like this for everything and quickly become frustrating. Furthermore, most game modes are locked from the beginning and can only be unlocked by winning tournaments, so if you're keen to play pool more than snooker, you're going to have to play a lot of snooker for the privilege.

The gameplay itself does not fare much better. The camera options are limited to overhead and table level, which is pretty standard, but during a shot you have no control and the AI picks the most awkward angles to show the shots from. Pots that would be impossible in real life - and would indeed not even be attempted by the top pros - can be pulled off with ease here whilst the AI play is erratic at best. Black off the spot? Not if a thin cut pink to the green pocket that offers worse position for the next red is there for the taking. Of course that doesn't matter, as an equally outrageous red will then be pulled off the AI, who will then miss a simple black off the spot in what is a real Jekyll and Hyde display. Perhaps the pink up to baulk was the right shot after all?

The whole thing just feels like a huge step backwards from the games that have come before it. This is tedious, processional snooker at its most basic and uninspiring, and a game I simply can't find any reason to recommend to anyone.
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14 von 21 Personen (67%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
2.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 11. Juni 2014
A Quite good game for Snooker fans, it does have some control issues that don't effect the game as a whole in playability but can make moving your cue more tedious than it has to be.

Video Review Below:
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4 von 5 Personen (80%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
14.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 6. Juli 2014
If you are a fan of snooker games then you will probably like this version. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. Controling the cue ball is very good with the various spin options ie top spin back spin and side spin all having a positive effect on positioning so you feel like you're playing snooker having to plan your next shot in advance. The AI can sometimes be inconsistant with your opponent missing easy shots one minuet then the next potting from one end of the table to the other. Their are various unlockables to be had by earning points for competing in tournaments ie different cue's, auto chalk, 8 ball and 9 ball pool. The graphics look decent and the sound effects feel authentic you can hear coughing sounds coming from the audience. Overall i would give this game 7.5 out of ten.
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31 von 59 Personen (53%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
0.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 1. Juni 2014
"Quite possibly the most realistic Snooker game to come to any gaming platform "- I strongly disagree with this statement, in fact it is most misleading and untrue statement you could possibly make about a snooker game. I have played many and this one is the worst of the lot.

It is too easy, the pockets are too large, the cushions and bay are unrealistic, too fast, too bouncy...not to mention spin control is totally off and you dont even get a real player animation. In my opinion the trading standards people would rule this game "not fit for purpose" which i most definately would agree with. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS GAME.
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3 von 5 Personen (60%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
26.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26. Juni 2014
A little easy but good animations, great fun if you like snooker. Probably the best snooker game have ever made. Fake named opponnents is little unrealistic but still its a good game. Lot of tournements, credits, achievements. I hope steam achievements will be available for this game soon.
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5 von 9 Personen (56%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
28.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 10. Juni 2014
Ok 1st off i am only recommending this game because its the only true full snooker game on steam. Right now to the actual game well 1st off ( IT IS NOT THE MOST REALISTIC SNOOKER GAME TO COME TO ANY PLATFORM ) why you ask well if you have played any snooker game say WSC for instance then this is pritty much the same. Has for the phyisics well they are ok but the balls seam to glide rather than roll the graphics are much the same has any other game. The AI is gonna make you frustrated it will pot balls from any position and i mean any if you have played real snooker and are decent enough player you will understand there are no players in game just a cue no ref just the voice wich sounds like a robot. That said there is still some fun to be had but i cant help feel even in 2014 we are still getting what looks like graphics from the middle of the 2000's
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0.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 8. Juli 2014
I got my ♥♥♥ handed by a Mike Wang , gg.
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