A speeding power boat, a humble tug to a luxury cruise liner. Captain eight highly detailed ships, fight against realistic water physics and take in spectacular vistas as you navigate famous European ports.
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Release Date: Feb 19, 2015
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"The most relaxing ship simulator to set sail is now available on Steam Early Access. Let's help the devs make it even better!"
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February 23

The Future Of European Ship Simulator

First, I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved with the game and I would like to quell some fears that our departure from Early Access means we have stopped supporting the game. Right now, the game is complete, in a state that the game works, you have twenty missions, you have several ships and you can complete these missions.

When claims over the game being “unfinished” arise, I can imagine that you are expecting more content than has been delivered. In response, I can confirm that the game will continue to evolve. The core game is complete. But what comes next is the evolution.

As I’ve stated before, the full release is what we deem a stage where the game is complete enough to release for a second platform (MAC) and to make the mission editor public, I have no intention of stopping work on this game in the near future.

I will be populating a new development board with features that the community can vote for, alongside information on what is currently being developed. Expect this to go live in a few days.

The term Early Access can mean that a project can be in development indefinitely. For us, we are approaching it as a living game where the base game is complete, but we want to evolve for the foreseeable future.

We are starting out small. We have to, as it is impossible for us to reach some of the heights set by other games at this moment in time. This is the foundation of which we can build and improve upon, a comment I have made several times in the forums months and months before releasing as a full release. It’s now our job to prove that we are determined to make this the go to ship simulator.

We are currently working on three major updates that will include among other things, three new ports and three new vessels. I anticipate that by late next week I will share more details on the development.

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February 19

European Ship Simulator Full Release

Today’s launch signifies the first major milestone of European Ship Simulator.

Launching as a full game we have included 20 missions, a mission editor and now MAC support. We have to thank everyone who has been involved during the Early Access period and while the game enters a full release, we still intend to support the game post launch with new ships, ports, refinements and will be looking into some of the majorly requested features over the coming months. I’ll be able to share further news of European Ship Simulator in the coming weeks so do stay tuned.

The big content update is the bay of Gibraltar, a particularly massive map with several ports. There are three missions in this port but of course you can create your own and play others with the mission editor (more info below)

But right now, the game is now available in 8 languages including


Mac users will also be able to get involved in European Ship Simulator too, if you have bought the game previously for PC and have a MAC too, you will be able to play on mac without needing to purchase again.

We are also launching the mission editor today and have created a very in depth guide with instructions on how to create your own missions. It is very technical and we are going to put together a video tutorial soon that may make it easier to follow. But find the first part of our guide here:


Finally, as a special surprise, we have created an extra ship, a medium cruiser with a couple of extra missions. Here’s a screenshot of the bridge

You can get this ship for free right now by visiting http://www.euroshipsim.com and following the links to claim a medium cruiser, you’ll get a special code and you’ll enter into the code area of the options menu.

During Early Access we made contact with several officials including nautical universities, navigational officers, captains and more. We are going to be following up with these over the coming months to investigate further improvements to European Ship Simulator.
We’ll be in the forums to answer questions and will be revealing more information about the future of European Ship Simulator soon.

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About This Game

Captain eight highly detailed vessels and explore famous European ports including Dover, Rostock and the bay of Gibraltar. Larger vessels will break through the waves with tremendous force but smaller ships will rock back and forth creating a great experience as you try to combat realistic water physics.

Each ship handles differently, some with different controls to master while others may have a sharp difference in acceleration and speed. Every ship contains a highly detailed bridge for you to explore in first person mode.

Included is a detailed Mission editor which allows players to adjust wave height, create a selection of triggers and spawn AI ships. This game is a core product for the development team and will continue to be supported post launch with new updates and DLC.

Features List

  • Eight ships with highly detailed bridges and
  • Six ports to explore
  • Mission editor
  • Weather conditions include rain, sun and snow
  • Realistic water physics
  • 20 missions including some of which can take 40 – 60 minutes to complete

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System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8 (All OS must be 64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel i3 2.6 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated graphics with 1GB VRAM (DX11 compatible - Nvidia Geforce GTX 470/ATI Radeon 6900 series or greater)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 2700 MB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.7 or above
    • Processor: Intel i3 2.6 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated graphics with 1GB VRAM (DX11 compatible - Nvidia Geforce GTX 470/ATI Radeon 6900 series or greater)
    • Hard Drive: 2700 MB available space
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Posted: February 20
This game is no way or shape ready to be considered a final release. I purchased the early access so that I could be part of the development process, which I was expecting to last 12-18 months. Here we are a month or two later and its considered "retail" ready. No, this is yet another embarrassment to the Early Access/Kickstarter way of doing things.

If you are looking for a "simulator" do not buy this. Anybody that considers this as a simulator doesn't know the meaning of the word as it has no simulator aspects to it. I am very disappointed in the game, the developers and Steam for continuing to allow developers to release early access games that they have no intention of finishing and just want to make a quick buck. If the game remained in Early Access I wouldnt have an issue, but this is not a finished product.

Early Access and kickstarter products like this are legalised theft, that is all I have to say.
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Posted: February 20
At this point, the game isn't really worth buying (I, unfortunately, can't get a refund. But, maybe I can help you save a few hard earned dollars).

I have a decently beefy machine. Not a monster computer, but a 6 core 4.2ghz machine with an AMD R9 200 series video card and 8gb of RAM. It doesn't struggle with any games I play - except this one. The frame rate is just horrid (sub 10fps). And changing the video settings doesn't seem to do anything for me.

Additionally, the gameplay is, well... lame. I absolutely love sim games (days of play time on ETS2), but this is a huge disappointment. Other ships in the harbor will run right into you, even if you run your horn. The controls are poorly implemented, in that you can't easily reset them to "0" by adjusting them left or right, as you do to increase the throttle.

I haven't played a ton so far, because it is frankly frustrating to play. I was suckered in by the decent reviews that were likely posted with this being an "early access" game in mind. Now that it is a real release, I can only call B.S. on this one.

Devs - feel free to credit my account for my $20. I know you won't, but that'd be the right thing to do.
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Posted: February 20
The release of this game is clearly premature. It will require at least an additional 500 man-hours to reach the status of what I would label a “final release”. In every other industry, a company would lose a tremendous amount of money and market value if they would decide to put such a product on the market.

Unfortunately the whole game industry seems to take the same path of laziness, which is why I cannot personally blame the developers of European Ship Simulator.

Another thing, I understand the word “Simulator” as a software that tries to emulate reality as accurately as possible within technical feasibility. And by this definition that game does not even come close to a simulator.
Maybe I will come back to that entry next year in the hope to see the positive changes, but as for now, I definitely not encourage other people to buy this game.
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Posted: February 23
First, European Ship Simulator was not created by the same development team that brought you Eurotruck Simulator. Arguably, there was an effort by the Euroboat team to make it appear that way. Unfortunately, with European Ship Simulator, what you get is a shallow experience at best without any campaign mode, meaningful objectives, or even a sense of immersion to say the least.

I've completed 4 of the missions so far, successfully I might add, and it wasn't challenging at all. You have a short selection of "Missions" along side a mission editor. I started off with a tug boat mission. The tug boat itself was sufficiently detailed and breaking into open sea from the harbor was satisfying, the choppiness kicked up and there seemed to be correct current physics to deal with. That, unfortunately, was about all there was to be impressed by.

Dropping the tug was a simple press-this-button, which displays a bunch of balloons around your boat. All I had to do was select one of my ballons, and click on the balloon from the ship I would be towing. This easy process connects the two balloons together with a rope, instantly. At this point I'm ready to tow. The massive tanker's front end would dip inappropriately into the sea while towing, which was weird. The physics aren't perfect but I can get passed it. There is no complicated mooring procedure either once you get to your destination. You simply float to the next arrow and you're done. Congratulations. *yawn*

Later, I tried the speedboat. A speedboat mission! My objective was to drive my speedboat to a yacht and pick up a rich lady in distress. On my way, I clipped through just about every bit of ocean, I was practically a submarine. Additionally, the reaction of the boat to the choppy water felt so unauthentic that it made me feel like the developers included this irritation just to force me to press the A and D keys a whole bunch of times and not fall asleep.

To spice things up, I tried the cruise liner. I figured, this should be a challenge. Wrong again, and that brings me to my conclusion. European Ship Simulator is a disaster at the price it is asking. I've played more complex and immersive sims on the iPad. I don't know how some people came the the conclusions they did by recommending this game, it really does make me wonder. The game offers you nothing in return for your effort. It is over-simplified, unrealistic and broken. Wait for the massive content update it needs and in the meantime there are better boating simulators out there.
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Posted: February 7
Early Access Review
I'm not really sure why this is getting such rave reviews.
The graphics are OK, but not "breathtaking." Also, there is very little actual game here, even for an early access title. You have very constrained mission areas to play around in, no roaming the high seas. The largest area is a trip across the English Channel at night.
Also, the physics are somewhat suspect, as your boat cannot so much as touch anything else without sinking, no matter how gentle the inpact.
Another black mark is that the UI and menus are very unpolished, and very little exists in the way of tutorials. Even yourincoming radio messages are simply texts, with no voice acting. You truly feel alone in the world they are presenting.
Even though the game doesn't feel in the least bit like a finished game at this point, it is leaving early access.
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Posted: November 22, 2014
Early Access Review
Hmm, mixed thoughts about this:

Firstly some instructions might be nice!

Gave up on tug scenario as too hard without instructions as to how to control engines.

Moved onto ferry scenario = fared better but unable to dock in time after a couple of attempts.

So tried the Calais to Dover freight ship opton instead:

Enjoyed this more as no time limit and had time to explore steering options.

One of the world's busiest shipping lanes was scarily devoid of other traffic!

Slightly lost my bearings half way across Channel - better maps needed?

Then just sank for no obvious reason which really annoyed me! Was doing a reasonable 14 knots in lumpy sea with no prior damage to ship!

Pretty slow framerate when another ship passed me in Dover = given I have decent computer and graphics card.

Looks promising - so long as additional ports and ships are added to initial release for free and not some exhorbintanly priced DLC!

Also note that there is no option to save game in present release - have to play till you 'timeout' or sink (for no reason) in my case!
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Posted: January 14
Early Access Review
This Simulator has great potential, the Scenarios that are offered so far are sure to satisfy every taste, from a small Speedboat to a big Cruiseship. The level of detail is good, though i would wish for a more detailed bridge with more buttons and levers to use.

Overall i think it is well worth the money, since you are supporting a Simulator that could easily become the new industry standard.

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Posted: January 30
Early Access Review
Wow, what a fantastic ship simulator. I spent over 25 years as a marine radio officer in the merchant navy & this is about as real as it gets. Congratulations to the game developers. The morse code being send is perfect morse & says LEDU wonder what that stands for? To the game developers, I would like to see a few people walking around the docks & onboard vessels. The thrusters should be marked BOW THRUSTER (left side) & STERN THRUSTER (right side thruster). Single thruster vessels should be marked BOW THRUSTER. Looking forward to the game developing further.
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Posted: November 21, 2014
Early Access Review
Looks great especially water lots of seagulls also handles life like internal camera looked really nice, there is not alot to do but i knew that before i purchased, this game has great potential if it stays on current path.

I will follow this game and see how it pans out if your into the whole shipping aspect this game is for you so grab a copy and help the developer build the ocean version of ETS2.

Only suggestion more detailed graphics selection, also the only resolution is native resolution so for me i had no choice but to play on 5760x1080 but the game ran perfect at this resolution, but i do think there should be option for this in game.

Reel Big Kris does have a working suggstion in my comments also check out community hub for sticky post

Looking foward to future updates and will adjust this when needed
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Posted: November 22, 2014
Early Access Review
Well the Early Access is here for European Ship Simulator, I must admit I have been waiting for this one.
So far I've not experienced any issues launching the game or with game performance although I am aware others have reported, please keep in mind you are buying into a game that is in development and you may find issues along the way

You can check out my first experience with this title here (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=344921077) as i attempt to pilot the Ferry from Dover to Calais...how hard can it be right!?

This game has a very solid set of game mechanics from the helm controls to the handling of the ships, all have a feeling of authenticity that I hope will be built upon with the continued development.

Good points:
Graphics and modeling are good
The audio for both ship effects and ambient sound is good.
Game mechanics (controls/ship handling/other craft) is good
Weather effects are impressive.
An enjoyable & rewarding experience

Need to work on (would like to see added):
A Tutorial to introduce the player to the controls etc
More ships and tasks to complete (I realize this is Early access so this will be in development)
The game mechanic to transport deliveries (goods or people) from port to port
Maybe a management aspect to build a shipping company up
AI crew on the bridge (its a little bit lonely as the captain)
The time skip button didn't seem to work for me
More options in the graphics settings etc

The game looks like it has a great deal of potential and I look forward to seeing the development and evolution of this game. This is an Early access so the options are a little limited but so far it has a very solid base to build from. This could be a cracking little game!


Taff In Exile
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Posted: November 24, 2014
Early Access Review
I like the game. I have high hopes for it. I like the handling of the different vessels. The tug is fun to run. At first I did 360's and crashed into the dock. I have completed the 3 missions and felt like I was on a real boat. Almost could have got sea sick looking out the window of the tug. I know the sim is in the early stages but a list of things I'd like to see:
Map/mission editor, create my own waterway after a real port. Very important to me.
Create/edit your own vessel.
Options to toggle on/off all audio or extras.
Put some real waves in there, look at bf4 they have some 25 foot waves which are a blast to run through.
On the minimap show other boats to scale.
Put in buoys, lights.
At this price and since it's not going to do anything but get better, I'd say get this game.
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Posted: November 21, 2014
Early Access Review
Ok, so far so good .
Game looks great and plays well for an early access,bad weather and water looks nice,its also sold for a fair price.
Keep up the good work devs...........
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Posted: December 11, 2014
Early Access Review
As a current student at a Maritime Academy, I am really enjoying this game. It runs GREAT on my laptop and I hope the further development on this game strives. I hope this game will have a lot of new content in the future because I will be using it in my future to practice maneuvering. The game is very smooth and realistic other than the tug mission where you can slam a bulk carrier around with no consequences. Once again this is the best ship simulator that I have played since ship simulator extremes which is outdated and won’t run on my laptop. To the developers, keep up the good work and PLEASE add a container ship and maybe the ability to walk around the whole vessel not just the bridge. :)
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Posted: November 21, 2014
Early Access Review
This looks promising! You can see there's been a lot of thought and detail put in so far. You can control your ship via keyboard or just using the mouse to handle the levers and switches yourself. Being able to walk around the bridge is awesome too. You get a nice sense of scale when captaining a large ferry that I really enjoy.

You're currently limited to 3 missions, which is understandable given it's Early Access, each with a different boat and in different conditions. Involving both Dover and Calais. I take this route a lot and can say attention has been made towards the skylines of both these towns and ports, which again is a nice touch.

You can even sink the ship and stand on the bridge as you witness the area filling with water, if that's something you're into.
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Posted: November 21, 2014
I enjoy this game alot. It is just one of the best ship simulators in the gaming industry, even though it's within hours of it's first release, I can tell that this is going to go well. I think if you love Ship Simulators, you should get this.

*Very realistic water physics
*Detailed Ships
*Very detailed Bridges
*Tugboat Physicis
*Realistic Weather
*Wipers on Bridge window that WORKS
*Mission Editor
*20 Missions

*Tugboat line gets messed up when you tow a ship

EDIT: Removed one Con. :)
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Posted: November 21, 2014
Early Access Review
Been playing this game for a while now, mostly on my way to work. Works great on my laptop despite it not being intended for gaming. Having played most if not all ship simulators presently on the market, this is among my favourites. While it may have its problems at times due to it being n Early Access, the team behind it are dedicated to creating a brilliant simulator and clearly have the skills required to do it.

Something that really immersed me was the way you can see the bow of the ship lifting as you pass over waves. The immersiveness of the bridge is something I've been waiting for, as previous simulation games of this type did not create a realistic feeling to me.

The texture work, especially when in free walk mode, is something you should take the time to look at. It may be a little boring to sit and stare at a wall, but if you do, you'll see the amount of detail this game has already.

All in all from what I've seen of this game so far, it's primed to be an excellent title that many simulation fans will enjoy.
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Posted: November 27, 2014
Early Access Review
Positive: The graphic is great. The ships are beautiful and the water looks amazing. The landscape is also ok. Furthermore the ships are moving quite realistic! *You feel a bit like a captain*

Negative: At the moment the whole game is a bit bugged and about three minutes after starting the game it crashes.

All in all I recommend it because the animations are great and I hope that the bugs (especially the crash after three minutes) will be fixed soon.


Since the last update it isn't crashing anymore and now all graphics work very well! But it is still a bit laggy although i changed the graphic settings on "low" (but that is maybe my computer...).

I also made now some playing experiences:

Positive: The animation of the ship, the water and the ports are great. You might think it is real. Furthermore the sounds are also very good.

Negative: In my eyes it is a bit too easy to sail the ship. All moves, like acceleration, breaking, turning and so on, are performed very fast by the ship (quite likeley that those movements are performed too fast for a big ship like the ferry). Furthermore the ferry mission is very easy; I don't even have to stand close to the port to finish the mission. It is enough to get close to the port with the back of the ship.

All in all, I keep recommending the game because the animations are awesome and I think/hope that there will be coming way more content in the future.
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Posted: December 1, 2014
Early Access Review
Below you'll find a video and written impression of the game

European Ship Simulator is exactly as the name states, it is a simulation of what it's like to take control of a variety of European style ships. It's in early access so there is still a ways to go for this game but it does show some promise.

Graphically the game looks mostly top-notch. The interior of the ship's cabin are well detailed with high resolution textures and great quality models. You'll find all the small intricacies that you would in a real ship, switches, knobs, GPS, etc, which helps with immersion. The water and weather effects are also some great stuff as well. Though the ship's interior, and the ships them selves show some good quality, the game isn't 100% consistent at the moment. Some of the environmental models, such as buildings, the docks, and streets, are very low polygon and features low resolution textures. I'm hoping that these lacking elements in the visuals are just place holders until a later / final build. Audio wise I got no complaints as the sound effects are realistic with great background noises from the boat's motor and the sounds of the ocean itself keeping you company.

As far as gameplay goes, It's surprisingly easy to learn and to get adjusted to, as the main controls is "WASD". Some ships will feature the option of more intricate controls with the num pad, allowing you to manipulate each of the ship's engines individually. Even at it's early stage, the game does a good job at simulating what it's like to drive a ship...for better or worst. I say this because, though the game achieves good results as a simulation, due to what it's simulating it may make it an incompatible for some gamers. Unlike Euro Truck Simulator, where you have the micromanagement of traffic, following traffic laws, avoiding cars, etc, European Ship Simulator is mostly "set sails to full" then auto-pilot straight. There will be lulls where you are simply doing nothing but watching the waves as you wait for your ship to arrive in a straight line to your destination. For enthusiast of simulation games or sailing, this won't be an issue, as that demographic probably already understand this before jumping in, but for the average gamer who is just curious to this game, know that this is a simulation before it's a game.

Currently at the time of this impression (version 633), there isn't much in the way of options, graphics, or audio, and there is only 4 missions available with no linking campaign or side features. This is early access I do understand, but at the same time I think it's fair to let people know that in it's current state, it is the bare minimum.

Overall, European Ship Simulator shows a lot of promise, that I think will shape up to be some thing quite interesting. But currently, it does feel rather unfinished. If you are a simulation game or ship/boat enthusiast, it might be worth your cash to check it out, even in it's early stages, but for every one else, keep an eye on it, but wait for later versions or even it's final release.

- Mostly realistic and high quality visuals
- Feels realistic
- Varied amount of ships are enjoyable to cruise around in
- Shows promise of a bright future

- Visual quality not 100% consistent
- Feels very incomplete currently (ver: 633)
- Subject matter might not be as universally appearling as Euro Truck Simulator
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10.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 21, 2014
Early Access Review
I can say that the game looks very promising and has a lot of potential. Graphics are fine (especially water animations), sound is realistic (great horn and weather sounds) and the game runs smooth in general. I also like the option of skipping to next port. Then there is a ton of features I would like to see in the future. Things like leaving the bridge and exploring the whole ship, being able to zoom in from the first person view, more camera options and functional lifeboats. The damage system is not so great either. My ship sunk in a few seconds after colliding with a small vessel. I'm waiting for the upcoming updates and patches. Keep up the good work :D
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15.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 1
Early Access Review
Ok so here we have anouther Ship's Simulator.. But this time it seems the directors and staff are listning to the users and not blundering through to bogdown and same as the other sim that come out before..

Yes if the Simulator is going to be maybe the best ever produced then they are off to a good start. We Simulator buffs all know what we want so this time around you have the chance to say your bit.. Don't just bull on about unreal mods or patches. Think of the real world and persue the near real requirments, for this will surly become the Market leader for Shipping Simulators I think it's well on the way now!!

Thank you for this great sim.

Please give us a free world for sailing :-)

Happy new Year!!
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