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Anna wakes up in a vast and mysterious undersea temple with amnesia. By unlocking the enchanted Imperial Relics she must rediscover her own lost identity and the forbidden secrets of Dark Empress before it’s too late.
Release Date: Feb 21, 2010
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About the Game

A beautiful young woman wakes up in a vast and mysterious undersea temple complex, not knowing who or where she is. She soon learns that she has been frozen in a death-like slumber in a secret crypt for over a century. Now she must escape the crypt and explore the ancient underwater chambers to unravel the mystery. Use your Hidden Object and puzzle-solving skills to help Anna unlock the enchanted Royal Relics, reveal the terrible secrets of the Dark Empress, and piece together her own shocking identity … before its too late! Along the way she encounters strange and mysterious characters. But who truly wants to help her? And who wants her dead? The fate of humanity lies in her hands.

Features :

• Over 140 breathtaking scenes in a vast undersea temple and cloud city.
• Immersive locations, fantastic story and unique object hunting and mini-games.
• Meet mysterious characters to gain vital clues. Who can you trust? Who will deceive?
• Stop the Evil Empress from destroying the underwater world.
• Escape to the utopian city in the clouds.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: 1.0 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible video card
    • DirectX: Version 8.1
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
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Surprising little gem of a casual game. It's an adventure/hidden object mix, which has become quite common, but leans more on its adventure side than hidden object, and instead of heaping in hidden object scenes every few steps, includes a selection of different kinds of puzzles, some of which were fairly unique. The hidden object portion is the standard fare you'd expect, perhaps even a slight bit sub-par with the amount of objects I felt I was squinting to make out (even with a hint, some were still unrecognizable in my opinion).

The adventure portion, however, more than made up for it. It won't shine in the way a full-fledged adventure game would, but as a casual title, it can be clever with the sorts of puzzles it throws at the player and gives a decent number of rooms to explore. This, though, leads to some backtracking, some of which is particularly unnecessary. Without spoiling anything, the ending makes you revisit nearly every screen to click a single object on each, which was a rather bland way of padding the already short game length.

The narrative is decent, but nothing groundbreaking. You'll see any major plot points coming a mile away, but it still gets the job done and gives you a reason to wander the game world. It's also fully voiced, and the actors do well enough a majority of the time.

One thing to point out is it ends with a "To be continued." It does complete its own self-contained story at least, and the next part is available on Steam.

Lastly, it clocks in at a measly two hours. It's worth the ride for fans of the genre, but only on sale. (As of writing this, it's 50 cents, and that's a steal :) ).
Posted: May 14th, 2014
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It's not uncommon to see hidden object games (hence referred to as HOGs) riffing off other games for their source material in order to continue to the ever constant stream of releases with little in the way of originality. In terms of Empress of the Deep that comes in the form of an unapologetic retelling of Bioshock, as told through the eyes of someone who skimmed a synopsis of its plot and then asked a fifth grader to rewrite it based off the most prominent themes and moments.

A mysterious voice on the radio, a creepy girl asking for help, all taking place in an underwater city meant to be the last bastion of humanity. I'm not entirely opposed to casual games trying to do their own version of something I've already seen, and in some cases find it hilarious the way the developers get around the fact they are making a game on a much smaller scale and budget, but EotD is so painfully written and voiced that it just feels insulting. The plot is contrived to the very last moment, with boneheaded characters that constantly feel the need to reexplain the simplistic plot to you through painfully voiced dialog. The voice actors sound incredibly bored the entire time, and almost seem to be missing the correct tone on purpose as never once does a characters reflection actually fit with what they say. It's hamfisted and forgettable, making it even more obvious that little attention was payed to writing anything half decent for what was likely seen as casual shovelware by the publisher.

I'd be able to forgive the horrendous narrative if the object finding was itself enjoyable, but it's hard to have fun when you're locked at a resolution so low that it's near impossible to make anything out from the background. More often than not I was simply guessing at what I was clicking on, as objects are blurry to the point of being invisible, which really kills the entire point of this sort of game. The handful of logic puzzles inserted among the traditional HOG gameplay are a nice touch, but are so easy they feel like throwaway additions.

I might seem rather down on Empress of the Deep, but it's not that it's especially bad for what a lot of people consider a HOG to be; it's that with an influx of excellent ones like Angelica Weaver and The Twin Vaccines, this sort of halfbaked mediocrity is no longer what we should expect from the genre. It deserves better, and that quality is out there hidden among all the fluff. If you've already devoured the other HOGs in your near vicinity you could do a lot worse, but that doesn't change Empress of the Deep from being a wholly lackluster experience that's better left forgotten (and perhaps chucked into the ocean for irony's sake).
Posted: May 26th, 2014
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Got the game for 50 cents and brought me 2 hours of playtime. Game got full voice acting,interesting and fun puzzles(though some of them are hard to understand what you need to do),and mediocre story. Also there is a marker to tell you if you completed an area or not(completing means you completed the puzzle in there or found a " hidden" item). Puzzle varies with mostly hidden objects but also there are complete a picture,find the difference,find X amount of Y,light an object and such so you gonna have some fun. But also game got some stuff that really annoyed me at the end like misplaced sound effects,annoying movement(to pass through every area till you get to the desirable one) and some puzzles were designed really well and could make you rage a bit.
Overall if you get this cheap - $0.5-1 it will be worth it.
Posted: May 14th, 2014
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Short, but worth the fifty cents when you get it on sale.
Posted: May 14th, 2014
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Worth the 40p when it's on sale, about 2 hours of gameplay in there. Fairly addictive with puzzles that are ranged and challenging, however it is very easy to skip and hint your way through the entire game which is a shame. Too many "find the item" puzzles for me and also some of the items were very modern which really ruined the whole "underwater city" aesthetic and emmersiveness of the game. As predicted this game isn't made with amazing graphics so don't expect much 3D or HD but regardless it has a very nice art style. However, as mentioned the "find the item" puzzles break this. Some nice voice acting and good sound with a fairly predictable storyline, but then this is somewhat irrelevant when you're playing a puzzle game. Worth it when its on sale for a bit of a challenge, provided you don't skip your way through it.
Posted: May 18th, 2014
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