A CONDUÇÃO IMPRUDENTE NÃO É UM ACIDENTE! Mas pode querer causar alguns. Nestas corridas a alta velocidade, quantos mais danos causar, melhor. Os automóveis mais recentes equipados com turbo e os condutores mais destemidos em competição aguardam para testar a sua capacidade de destruição. Os condutores responsáveis escusam de participar.
Data de lançamento: 1 Ago 2006
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Mas pode querer causar alguns. Nestas corridas a alta velocidade, quantos mais danos causar, melhor. Os automóveis mais recentes equipados com turbo e os condutores mais destemidos em competição aguardam para testar a sua capacidade de destruição. Os condutores responsáveis escusam de participar.

  • Milhares e milhares de objectos para aniquilar.
  • A loucura dos mini-jogos - apresse o condutor nestes 12 loucos desafios.
  • Abra o seu caminho em enormes desertos, grandes tempestades e ruas apertadas nas cidades.
  • Destrua o carro dos seus adversários e veja-os voar - está aqui para ganhar!

FlatOut 2 © 2006 Empire Interactive Europe Ltd. Conceito e desenvolvimento de jogo pela Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. Empire, FlatOut e "E" são marcas comerciais ou marcas comerciais registadas da Empire Interactive Europe Ltd. no Reino Unido/Europa e/ou noutros países. Todos os direitos reservados. NVIDIA, o logotipo NVIDIA, GeForce e o logotipo "The Way It's Meant to be Played" são marcas comerciais registadas e/ou marcas comerciais da NVIDIA Corporation nos Estados Unidos da América e noutros países. GameSpy e o design "Powered by GameSpy" são marcas comerciais da GameSpy Industries, Inc. Todos os direitos reservados. Um produto da União Europeia

Requisitos do Sistema

    Mínimos: Windows XP/2000 XP SP2 / 2000 SP4, 256 MB de RAM, placa gráfica de 64 MB*, processador Pentium® 4 a 2,0 GHz ou AMD® 2000+, placa de som compatível com DirectX, 3,5 GB de espaço livre no disco rígido, DirectX 9.0c, TCP/IP necessário para jogar via LAN, velocidade mínima de 512 kbs, necessária ligação de banda larga à Internet

    FlatOut 2 suporta comandos. Recomenda-se um comando com um mínimo de 8 botões (para suportar todos os comandos de jogo configuráveis).
    * FlatOut 2 suporta os seguintes chipsets: Placa nVidia Geforce série FX 5/6/7, ATI Radeon 9600 Pro/XT e superior, ATI Radeon X200 e superior. Não são suportadas placas gráficas on-board/integradas e computadores portáteis.

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This game is sequel for original FlatOut, and this game is one god damn good example how to make sequel.
FlatOut was awesome or should i say "perfect" arcade racing game. Though, its from 2004 and still, its kickass game with good driving response system, good and challenging AI, awesome tracks, derby bowls and stunt tracks.
FlatOut 2 have all these same things, but it is made thousand times better!
There is three car classes: Derby class, race class and street class.

Derby cars are cheap and durable and meant for the first class of FlatOut racing. They can take a beating and deliver a powerful punch, but arent as fast as the rest of cars.

Race cars are powerful and they are from competitive price range offer the 'best bang for buck' in the though in second class.

Street cars are tuned up for the most competitive tier of FlatOut racing. Fastest of their kind, but a little less durable.

In total there is 34 cars in game.

Game race tracks are great. you can choose from many different enviroments to race and they are: Forest, Field, Desert, Canal, City and Race. In total there is 30 race tracks in game. There is also 9 special track events in game.

Stunt tracks are also fun to play. There is 12 different stunts to do and they are: High Jump, Bowling, Ski Jump, Curling, Stone-Skipping, Ring Of Fire, Field Goal, Royal Flush, Basketball, Darts, Baseball and Soccer.

Derby bowls is one of the best things in this game. Its all about earning wrecking points by dealing damage, destroying cars and ultimately surviving the challenge.

The ragdoll physics in the sequel have been greatly updated. During the race, the driver may be thrown out of the car if slammed into a wall at a high speed.

AI in this game is fine. You compete with seven bots in race at same time. They are challenging and fun, but they can be sometimes really cocky.

Soundtrack is awesome in this game, it contains rock and metal music from Nickelback, Megadeath, Papa Roach, Mötley crue and many more...

I dont know any bad sides on this game. Well, if you choose male character it looks like Paul Walker and it makes me sad sometimes to see it. But i dont think its bad thing, its just opinion.

Im forcing you to buy this game because its so awesome and its definitely worth of few bucks. Love this legendary game!

Sorry for my bad english!

Publicada: 20 fevereiro 2014
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FlatOut 2 is an absolute get! I can't recommend it enough!

I was dying for a new racing game to play and happened to have a few bucks in my Steam wallet from selling cards and on a whim bought it for a mere $2.49! Which was an out right steal for this game. If I had known how fun this was I would of gotten it sooner, its regular $10 asking price is still a steal for this!

• Slamming into people feels nice, heavy and like you're really doing some damage to'em.
• It has variety in spades. Be it flinging your driver across water, through burning hoops or for playing poker. Demolition derbies, short simple circuit tracks and the varied longer race courses, theres a lot here.
• The sound design is astoundingly good. It has probably the best tire squeals I've ever heard in a racing game. Most games have 1 long squeal which sounds more like the car is doing a burn out than struggling to maintain grip. In this it has a nice stutter to it, like it really is struggling and about to give. You can hear rocks knocking around your wheel well and under your car on the dirt tracks, something I notice games overlook a bit.
• The cars are a great. With a heavy focus on muscle cars for the most part, which is great cause I lost my taste for racing games when they suddenly became mostly about nasty little rice burners (looking at you Need for Speed.). Only about 1~2 cars handled bit squirrely- *coughSpeedevilcough* -and the real only customization to the cars is being able to pick a color.
• The AI actually will crash and wreck without you around, and the follow the same rules you are ei. getting hung up on random track debris and not taking turns perfectly all the time! They maintain a nice difficulty without ever truly being fustrating. Though I'm sure Sofia Martinez will be on your list of people you want dead.
• It. has. Cheat codes.

• The soundtrack is just well.. meh. At no point will there ever not be a guitar or drum playing. It tends to get a little grating to listen to near constant noise. Overall its not the worst soundtrack I've ever heard but its nothing I'd listen to outside of the game.

• Only real flaw I can think of is that the menus would not work with my controller.
• Also you really don't get anything for 100%ing it. Quite the shame, least its a fun 100% to get.

Only thing I wish it had was weather and the abilitly to mirror and reverse the tracks.

In the end you should just get it. GET IT NOW!
Publicada: 3 fevereiro 2014
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One of the best games ever made. So many memories. Still looks good after 7 years. <3
Publicada: 20 junho 2014
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Awsome game and have nice music from awsome rock bands :3
Publicada: 26 Mai 2014
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best oldschool racing game
Publicada: 7 junho 2014
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Redneck arcade
Publicada: 30 dezembro 2013
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