FAMAZE is a retro themed roguelike puzzle adventure game. Choose the the dashing Knight, the cunning Thief, or the mystical Wizard each with unique special powers. Delve into The Mad King's ever changing dungeon to rescue the rutabagas! Never the same game twice! Music by Disasterpeace and Art by Oryx.
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Very Positive (289 reviews) - 80% of the 289 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: May 5, 2014

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About This Game

Famaze is a retro themed puzzle adventure game. The game combines charming SNES era visuals and sound, randomized "roguelike"mazes, strategy and puzzles, rpg elements, and a fun lighthearted story. The game is simple to pick up but offers endless replay because of the procedural nature of its levels.

The story of the game involves a mad king who has captured the happy rutabagas of the land and has turned them into evil monsters to guard his kingdom while he searches for the elusive perfect recipe for rutabaga pudding. The heroes of the land (a knight, thief, or wizard) must delve deep into the king's domain to rescue the rutabagas, find the gem of truth to unravel the secret recipe and put a stop to the mad king's plot.

Original soundtrack by Disasterpeace
Artwork by Oryx

  • Procedurally generated puzzle dungeons created infinite replayability.
  • Environmental variables including treasure chests, pit traps, healing blocks, and magic beacons.
  • 3 heroes to choose from with powerful unique abilities.
  • Useful items including potions, fireballs, teleport orbs, and magic crystals.
  • Collectible hidden artifact pieces meta game with artifact summary screen.
  • A fun, lighthearted story line.
  • An original soundtrack including 23 unique tracks by Disasterpeace
  • Detailed stat tracking including gold, high scores, types of monster kills, etc.

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP (32 bit)
    • Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB of graphics memory
    • Storage: 64 MB available space
    • Sound Card: N/A
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: April 6
OK where to start?

The idea of the game is simple, make it from one randomly generated dungeon to the next, collecting loot and many useful items along the way, but there are differences from this game and other similar titles which I would like to explain.

Firstly; you will notice that the screen is cut into two sections, this reminds me of old style DS games, which; I may add, this would have felt right at home on.

The bottom section of the screen displays the player at their current location within the dungeon, the items that they find and any encounters and fights that they may have,

While the top half of the screen shows the local map area, with darkness covering the unexplored sections and colored squares to represent the player, the enemies, the loot and the items.

You will likely find yourself looking mostly at the top section; as the directions on this map directly relate to the up, down, left, right keys that you will need to press as you explore the Mad King's dungeon.

The items that you find play a crucial role in being successful in your quest, you cannot simply run in and bash the enemies willy nilly, you will need to think a little about what to use and when to use it.

An example of this would be the use of teleport orbs, these are used to move from one part of the dungeon to another and in early levels this would seem to be just a formality, but on later stages it is important that they are used wisely; in order to avoid contact with the nastier denizens that lurk within the dark, dank, stench filled halls (Especially the ones that stand still and hit hard!)

In my opinion it's that the fact that this game is just as much a puzzle/brain teaser as it is a roguelike sets it apart from other games in the genre and make it a very refreshing challenge.

So to sum up:

I'll be honest with you; when I first saw this game I was unsure what to expect, there are so many games available on STEAM nowadays and I find that many of them seem to range from mediocre to terrible if I'm being truthful, so it can be a bit of a lottery as you never quite know what you are going to get, but for free I felt it would be rude not to give it a go.

Well let me tell you that I am glad that I did as I have been plesantly surprised by this game, the graphics are adorabe in all thier retro, 8-bit, pixelated beauty and the simplicty of game mechanics makes it easy to pick up, but hard to put down, with later levels sure to prove a challenge for even the most hardened RPG or rouguelike fans, I think it has enough appeal to keep most gamers coming back for more.

I highly recommend this game to one and all, why not try it for yourself?

And; as a free to play game you really have no excuses not to.
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Posted: January 23
2¢ Review

Game Name: Famaze
Original Release: 05 May 2014
My Overall Grade (#/10):  6
Demo: No
Workshop: No
Level Editor: No
Captions: No
Controller Support: No
Multiplayer:  No
VR Support:  No
Steam Cards / Achieves: No / No
Genre: RPG, casual
Manual: No
Metacritic Score: N/A
Full Audio Multi Language: English
Win 10 / Crapple / Linux: Yes / No / No
Recommended To:  Casual RPG fans
Other:  Free

5¢ Review
Low system specs
Music only slightly sucks
OK story

1980s graphics
Rogue-like (god I'm sick of that crap)

5/10 +1 price +1 story -1 rogue-like = 6/10

If your looking for come casual random retro RPG fun, grab this game. The price is right, it's a small download and it will run on a modern toaster.
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Posted: April 11
This game's Famazing B^) Ha!
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Posted: January 12
This is a very basic and plain rougelite game (yes, I'm inventing words).

Basically you just wander around some kind of dungeon with more or less useless character:
- knight - has a special attack that deals 3 HP damage to enemies adherent. This attack reloads very slowly after killing enemies
- rouge - has a chance to disarm traps - seems useful enough
- mage - probably has some special ability, but I couldn't unlock it

You have like five items in this game:
- potion - restores all of character's HP
- key - allows descent into next level
- teleport - allows one time teleport to any square in the minimap region
- flare - provides some light and turns enemies into turnips (?) that you can eat for 1 HP each
- fireball - shoots some damage dealing line that can turn into corridors and leaves some light behing
- some coins and treasure chests that add coins which do nothing

You can encounter astonishing tiles along your journey such as:
- crumbling ones that deal 2 HP damage when you fall into them!
- healing tiles that heal all of your HP!
- spike tiles that deal 1 HP damage, terrific!
- normal tiles that you just walk on untill finishing this game!
- beacon - well, this one is pretty useful as it provides light to quite large area thus turning enemies into turnips

So on, so forth...

Combat is very simple - you stand against some enemy that won't even chase you if you back up (except ghosts and probably skeleton mages) and you deal 1 damage to each other. Player character has some chance to deal critical 2 damage to enemy. That's all. Using an item does not count as an action, thus if you have 1 HP you can use your potion and continue fight. Believe me, it get's pretty boring pretty fast. You better play Desktop Dungeons, at least there are some unlockables.

Overall this is a pretty shallow game. Pixelart graphics are nice, true, but this won't fend off long agains boredom that stabs you in the back like some rouge in Dungeons & Dragons after 15 minutes into the game.

But still, this one is free, go and check it out for yourself.

Okay, after some thoughts this game is not that bad. It's ok if you like to play some light games that doesn't require much time to dig into. I just can't recommend this one in comparison to other games that are out there, but still if I would give a dollar for this one I wouldn't regret that.

Surprisingly, playing a rouge in a rougelike game is... interesting.

This is indeed a fun little game. Just playing knight and mage makes it is so dull. Try a rouge instead.

Really, when you play as a Knight it takes like about forever to charge your smite attack and you need to actually beat many monsters to gain levels. Usually you also trigger many traps and lose many hp. Playing as a mage you have one useless ability that seems to transform teleport orbs into fireball item only when you find one particular Transmute Tile where you can transmute those items. Also, mage levels up really slowly and gets into like every traps on the way. This game is somewhat not balanced at all. If you want to have a nice time just pick up rouge, he'll level very fast and has ability to disarm traps which gets really useful pretty fast. Alternatively, you can also try playing as a knight but this may be a bit tedious. Mage imo is unplayable at all.

This game is also a bit buggy, if you want some proof then take a look at discussions page.

For anyone interested in joining in on completing your own backlog; check it out here - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/completingthebacklog/discussions/5/530645446320364338/
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Posted: May 5, 2014
This is a simple roguelike game. It's a good game to play for a few minutes, assuming of course you can force yourself to shut it down; it's rather addictive.

You can only carry two items at a time, which means you will sometimes have to go back for items. You need a key to get to the next level, but be careful when you pick a key up, as it takes up one of the two valuable item slots.

There's no option to change the graphics or sound. The graphics is in a vertical column, as you see on the screenshots above. The sound is always on and at full volume, which is a pain if you want to watch TV at the same time.

I would recommend this game to anyone who wants a fun and simple roguelike game.

I would not recommend this game to anyone who wants a highly detailed game full of roleplaying and complexity.
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