Olympia Rising is a 2-D action platformer starring Iola - a young warrior who has been cast into the Underworld after meeting an untimely end. She must navigate through the various twisted regions of Hades' domain, fighting through hoards of deadly creatures as she attempts her escape, making her way to Mount Olympus.
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Release Date: Jul 23, 2015

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About This Game

Olympia Rising is a 2-D action platformer starring Iola - a young warrior who has been cast into the Underworld after meeting an untimely end. She must navigate through the various twisted regions of Hades' domain, fighting through hoards of deadly creatures as she attempts her escape, making her way to Mount Olympus. Lush pixel graphics and fluid animation bring this stylized world to life as you jump, climb, slash, and incinerate your way through each stage.Taking inspiration from beloved titles such as Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Kid Icarus, Olympia Rising delivers an exciting, action-filled experience.

- Fight your way through the Underworld, battling creatures of all shapes and sizes. Fast-paced aerial combat propels you upward as you slash enemies to bits with your blade or incinerate them with powerful magic.

- Navigate through deadly environments with fluid maneuverability. Make your own paths as you traverse through each stage looking for the most efficient way to climb to the top.

- Fierce boss encounters await Iola at the end of each Underworldy region - from gargantuan crabs to bone-crunching cyclops'.

-Chain enemy kills as you jump through the air - build up a big combo to earn even more coins to pay Charon the Ferryman and pass through the many gates of the Underworld.

- Simple to pick-up but difficult to master, Olympia Rising awards those willing to challenge themselves as they climb through the Underworld. Collect coins and other treasures scattered throughout the levels as you race through each stage.

- Explore 6 unique, twisted environments of the Underworld - each offering different challenges and creatures to overcome.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium 4 / 2.0GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible card, 128MB of VRAM
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.6 or later
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
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0.3 hrs
Posted: August 7
Still in the process of playing it but it's fun.

It's just simply a really good platformer, i dunno if you like them buy this refined cheap game! Worth your money definitly!
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4.0 hrs
Posted: July 29
Nice art, very nice, but monotone gameplay. Personally don't like music - I turned it off and play with my own, only souds was turned. Also good fights with bosses!
Nothing special but if you want spent little time with some platformer - is a good choise :)
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Waifu Pillow
2.7 hrs
Posted: June 21
I highly reccomend this game. In my opinion this is one of the best games of this year so far that i have played. the game has tight controls, beautiful pixelart, a great soundtrack and some unique mechanics. The only problem i can really find with it at this time is that you have to use the D-Pad on the controller and no adjustible controls but its easy enough to get used to. and even if it is kinda short it still is an amazing adventure for 5 dollars. I highly reccomend this game.
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2.0 hrs
Posted: June 12
This game's got a lot of potential, but also a lot of problems. Extraman's review captures most of what I would say about Olympia Rising, but I'd also like to add

-Minimal options, all you get are music volume, sfx volume, and whether or not the game runs in fullscreen. No resolution, no control mapping, etc.

-There's no quit/exit button in the game. You can close it the way you would any other program, but if you're fullscreen and/or using a controller there's no straightforward way to do it. This is neither a complicated feature nor something that strikes me as much of a stylistic choice.

The fun parts of this game are fun, but the unfun parts are too many for me to recommend it to anyone.
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4.0 hrs
Posted: May 30
Awesome game! Short, challenging- but not too much. If you love old school pixel games, racking up combos to get coins and progress, and fighting many bosses as you progress, this game is highly recommended for you.
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4.6 hrs
Posted: May 20
Game doesn't let you re-bind keys, making it very awkward to enjoy.
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2.1 hrs
Posted: April 26
good game! beautiful retro art style!
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Zeebrax the Astral Lifejacket
14.9 hrs
Posted: April 21
Great game with superb style! This is not a metroidvania; the levels are vertical like Metroid, but they are very open, and the object of every stage is to accrue enough coins to pay the fare to the next. There are multiple paths, allowing you some freedom in your harvest of Hades' booty. You can double jump, and every time you kill an enemy in midair, you get two more jumps, so you can potentially spend a lot of air time. It starts off pretty easy but gets really tricky at the end. It's classic arcade goodness with slick, modernish acrobatics.

Olympia Rising is a fine morning tea game that is fun for multiple playthroughs despite the lack of unlockables or achievements. It's a great pity that it did not get the attention it deserved! I was hoping for better fullscreen support and pad support (you cannot natively use the stick, only the D-pad), but I suppose the developers lost heart because of poor sales. Fortunately, these two issues can easily be subverted with Windows Magnifier and Joy-2-Key (just set up a profile in which only the stick is defined, and that at a threshold of 30). Trust me, the game is well worth the price and the tweaking!

(If you beat the game, make sure to pay attention to the drawings at the end, as they reveal a lot of the hidden story.)
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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 25
Very nice game - good controls (I play with keyboard)
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8.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 3
Product received for free
Went in thinking things might get frustrating came out with the best old school experience since Shovel Knight. Controls are where I was most impressed spot on jump and combo system and you can hold to any walls making navigation pretty easy. Difficulty is being ridiculously exaggerated by some people, expect to do maybe 3-4 retrys to get through the first boss and from there it depends how good you are
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27 of 29 people (93%) found this review helpful
3.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 23, 2015
Neat game if very short: 6 worlds which are easy to beat with the health upgrades you get after every boss fight. It's not a metroidvania, it's just pure arcade platform with no backtracking. Just levels to beat one after another.

-Nice pixel art.
-Fast gameplay.
-Well done boss fights.
-Satisfying final battle (if tough).
-Simple and effective magic system.

-The main character has way much momentum in her moves. Difficult to navigate or step on small plats sometimes.
-Barrier magic is unuseful.
-You're likely to get hit when navigating downwards.
-Way too short.

Am I seeing a sequel with tons of looting, magic and more weapons with the same arcade premise?
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11.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 23, 2015
This game was reviewed with a key from the developer

Gameplay Footage and Video First Impressions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2rlLwjpbnc


Rough around the edges is the best way to describe the game. The core of the game in terms of the action gameplay for a 5 dollar game is solid: the flying mechanics and change up between fast/slow gameplay brings back feelings of the old NES games of days past. It's very good with level design and game design around the core of the game. But there's little things that annoy that start to add up, like the pausing of the game actually not pausing the game, and staying too committed to an NES like setup (with only using two buttons on the controller). But in the end, it's definitely worth the price of admission with solid gameplay and a good aesthetic even for a pixel platformer (that makes it stand out a tiny bit).


  • Solid gameplay. Controls are fluid, sword swinging is responsive, and while there's some things to get use to in movement, rules are consistent.
  • Flying mechanic adds a good unique mechanic that those who want to can really take advantage of in precision.
  • Knew when to use typical platformer convention, and when not to, and that's hard with mechanics that you introduce. Very well done here.
  • Good pixel art in terms of a style. Even though pixel platformers are a dime a dozen, the styles of the pixel artwork for enemies and your character work very well.
  • Faithful NES recreation in style and gameplay. Sound feels like it came from an NES game.

  • Pausing the game actually doesn't pause the game.
  • Can't rebind controls. In particular, using down and x instead of another button for magic was annoying. This would be less problematic if the aerial element wasn't there: you have to use the dpad for a controller, and the stick would have made a LOT more sense..
  • Um, exiting the game should be something that should be in the menu options. Even on the main menu. That's silly that it isn't.
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5.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 13, 2015
Olympia Rising’s an indie platforming game from the relatively new studio, Paleozoic. A nod to the platforming games of old Olympia Rising retains the old school charm and adds its own fresh ideas and mechanics into the gameplay. The game takes place in Ancient Greece where you play as Iola, a heroine who was killed, but has now been reawakened in the underworld, and she doesn’t know why. You have to make your way through the underworld in order to get to Mount Olympus and find out why you were revived from Zeus himself. To do that, you have to collect coins to pay the ferryman of the river Styx, Charon, so that he’ll let you pass to the next area.

The controls are simple enough; emulating old-style 2 button controls, you have one button being jump and the other your sword, as well as your directional buttons. This might at first seem to make the game simple, but the complexity comes with the different mechanics that have been added to the game. One of the most prominent features of Olympia Rising is the ability to chain kills together in to multiply the amount of coins you receive. Not only does this give you more coins, but it also resets your double jump.

This makes sections where you have to climb become a whole lot easier and a lot of fun as you chain enemy kills together to continue moving upwards. Getting hit resets your multiplier and makes you lose your extra jumps so being careful and making sure you don’t get hit is important. I wish that you had the ability to look down though since you will be faced with instances where you need to descend and you can’t see below you. This makes descending a hazard as you can run into a lot of enemies suddenly.

Your life’s represented with hearts, a la Zelda, and you also have a magic meter which can be used for different powerups or to give yourself additional jumps, which becomes critical if you want to keep your kill multiplier going. All the powerups are useful for different things; fire magic lets you hit enemies from far away, the water shield makes you invulnerable to projectiles, and the lightning blade lets you easily defeat enemies that take multiple hits. They all serve their own functions and no power-up really feels useless, although you do need certain powerups more than others in specific areas.

The game divides its levels into 3 different types of areas: There are the acid levels, where you must progress upward as fast as possible in order to avoid the acid that fills up from the bottom of the level. This is where killing enemies to reset your jump comes in handy, as you can use them as kind of stepping stones to move yourself upwards. There’s then also what I like to call exploration/coin collecting levels, where you have to collect a large amount of coins in order to progress and there are a ton of enemies and treasure drops to pick up. These rooms seem to always have enough coins to progress whether you chain kills or not, so retaining your life becomes crucial.

Even if you do die, you start back at the beginning of the current area – you don’t have to worry about lives and can just have fun, which is one of the games strengths. Finally, there are the boss rooms. Every area has a boss that you have to beat and all of them are cleverly made, requiring you to memorize their patterns to succeed. They feel just like platformer bosses should. Anytime you get hit, it’s your mistake for not knowing the pattern.

The game’s graphics are artfully crafted in pixel style and lends to the game very well, with animations looking awesome and very smooth, while still retaining that old school charm that they are going for. I’m a sucker for pixel art, and while this art style was simplistic, it looks well polished. Everything about the smooth animation’s well-made and it’s one of my favorite things about the game.

The sound’s fantastic, with 8-bit style sound and music tracks that make me wish that the soundtrack was purchasable so I could listen to it all the time. The tracks are fantastic, and never did they once get old. The sound effects are great as well – although I did have a problem with how similarly the sound of killing an enemy and the sound of getting hit were, as I wouldn’t realize I was getting hit at times until I was down to one heart.

The game itself will probably take you around six hours to beat the first time through and while I wish it had some more replay ability, the game’s only $5 on Steam, so you’re getting incredible value for what you are paying. The game has a lot of heart and soul poured into it from the developers and I can’t honestly wait to see what Paleozoic makes next.

Olympia Rising is a love letter to the platformers of old, while also adding its own unique touches, like the combo system and the use of magic jumps. The art and music are incredible, and the game has really tight controls. You’re getting more than your money’s worth with this title, and any fan of old school platformers or platformers in general should try it out. It’s easy enough that anyone can enjoy it, but difficult enough that it feels like a challenge. Olympia Rising‘s a fantastic game that I can say I would wholeheartedly recommend to any fan of the genre, and I look forward to any of Iola’s adventures in the future.
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4.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 23, 2015
"The gameplay is tight, but suffers from a lack of control options: you are unable to change the keybindings, which is specially bad for the casting, which requires you to press down and your sword attack - a difficult move to execute, specially while you're airborne, and which I never fully mastered (played on keyboard)."

"Each world has a theme of its own, and they are all superbly rendered in pixel graphics and fluid animations. Creatures of ancient myth and modern creations mingle together in these dungeons, with a wide variety and different mechanics for each of them."

"Olympia Rising is a hard game with simple rules. It isn’t particularly novel in any sense, but most of the things it sets out to do are done well – the trophy going to the graphics and animations, with evident detail in the scenarios and varied creatures."

Full review at: https://voxludicus.wordpress.com/2015/07/23/opinative-olympia-rising/
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3.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 18, 2015
Fun and entirely unique vertically scrolling 2D platformer.

In a genre filled with Mario-clones, Oympia Rising has really struck out on it's own. I really don't think there's another game out there quite like this one. The closest comparison I can think of is Kid Icarus, but that only because they both have vertically scrolling levels. If you are at all interested in 2D platformers, pixel-art, or retro games in general, you shouldn't miss this one.

+ Beautiful, visually interesting pixel art
+ Tight controls, fluid movement
+ Unique vertically scrolling levels

- Serious frame dropping in full screen mode
- Kind of short, beat it in 3 hrs (it is only $5 though)
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Not Recommended
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: April 8
There are some things that I really, really liked about Olympia Rising, and some things that really, really frustrated me.
First off, the good things.

Chaining together combos feels great, it makes you feel like a mighty warrior and bonus coins make the entire thing an incredible joy when the combo is over and you are rich.

The exspansive, well put together levels that I loved to explore, running around and grabbing coins, fighting things, finding treasure rooms, all of that was great. If the whole game was just these levels, I would have so much fun with them.

Keeping your extra coins when you finish a level. A small thing, but it still felt really good. The game rewarded me for taking my time with a level, exploring all the nooks and crannies, and finding all the hidden treasure. It also created hope that eventually I would get so many coins that I could skip a level entirely because I can already pay the next fee. If I ever did this, it would have been amazing.

Now, the not so good things.

Enemies That Take More Than One Hit. Now, I realize that eventually, there has to be an enemy that takes more than one hit, but this breaks the pacing of the game. Before you find an enemy, you're jumping around and racking up a huge combo, after you find the enemy the combo is over. Everytime I saw minotaur/ice warrior/lamia/wizard/turret head/thing that I couldn't kill in one hit I knew that the combo, which was the fun part, had ended. A nice work around for this would be if the higher a combo the player had, the more damage they deal. This would mean that the game rewards the player for working an Enemy That They Can't Kill In One Hit into their combo, instead of punishing them for finding it.

Terrain That Looks Like The Background. This was something I kept finding, and everytime I did it was confusing. Normally, the background is dark and what you can walk on is bright. This game has dark background, bright terrain, and darkish other terrain that you cannot jump up through. This becomes such a hassle, trying to check where you can and can't go, in moments when I'm trying to hurry because lava death is flooding the level.

Levels That Flood With Lava Death. These things were a massive cause of frustration, because of what these levels try to be. They are expansive, well put together that I would love to explore and collect all the coins, but they are on a timer. This means I cannot explore the level or I risk death, I cannot collect coins or I risk death, I cannot search for hidden treasure or I risk death, and I cannot blindly jump combo through the level just trying to finish it as fast as I can or I might not have enough coins by the end. One of two things needs to be removed from the rising levels, either the coin number or the timer. Having both turns the level into a stressful, memory game. The first run of a rising level, I told myself "I am going to lose all my bonus coins." I knew that I would win eventually, but only when I had run the level so many times that I knew exactly which way to go and where enough coins were.

Slippery, Slidey Shoes. This was a problem on two occasions, when I was pushing through a rising level, and when I was trying to avoid the next issue.

Touch Damage. I know that touch damage is a staple in videogames, that enemies are not things I should be getting near. However, I mostly only have melee and there are some enemies that don't make sense to deal touch damage, like birds that are trapped in them sized cages. The other place this becomes a problem is with bosses, because bosses can suddenly change the size and shape of their hitbox. This doesn't feel like taking damage, this feels like being robbed of a health point.

You Cannot Use Magic After A Double Jump. This sounds minor, and it is, but the thunder magic is the only way to increase melee damage and reset jump combos. When I find an enemy with two health in a jump combo, I use the thunder magic to kill it and continue the combo, unless I need to double jump to get to it in which case the combo ends.

That's mostly it, there's a few more things. The water magic felt worthless because you had to stop moving, the jumping attack was so much better than the standing attack that the standing attack felt worthless, exploring downward didn't feel good because I couldn't see what was under me and would frequently take damage because of that.

So now, the final verdict, would I recommend this game?
NO. Don't get me wrong, there's some great ideas here, the game looks nice, parts of the game feel great, but there's so many little things that just wear on the player until the game becomes unfun. I can enjoy games that are challenging, when you win then that victory felt earned, not given, but this isn't challenging. It's frustrating. If the game was challenging, the player, if they are skilled and focus, be able to beat a level on their first try. They probably won't, but the possibility should still be there. With this, there's so many death that just came from things I couldn't see, or because I got stuck on terrain when trying to jump up, or because I took damage when I turned around to attack a stationary enemy. There is good in this game, but it does not outway the game's flaws.
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3.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 12, 2015
I playtested this game to death and I still have a ton of fun with the final product. The enemy chaining mechanic is fun (even if I initially have a hard time getting used to it), the art is great, and it's got some good replay value. I've seen a lot of people complain that the controls are wonky or that there's no button mapping, but it's easy to get used to and honestly not even an issue after the first level or so. Since it's pretty short, it's easy to go through multiple times after you've gotten better (that's what I have the most fun with) plus there are a lot of different paths to take throughout the levels. My only real beef is that the enemy placement in the fire levels is far too frequent and you can hardly move without running into a baddie or an environmental, which can be especially frustrating when you're not great at the game.

BASICALLY I played this game who knows how many times in the stages where it was awful and buggy and headache-inducing into the wee hours of the morning and I still find a lot of enjoyment in it. It's really well balanced and I think it shows that a lot of thought and care went into the design and programming. It's a pretty quick play with great art, fun gameplay, and it's enjoyable the second or third or whatever time around. For 5 bucks you really can't go wrong.
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Not Recommended
1.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 18, 2015
Nice pixel art, but awful game.
- Bad controls, really really awkward choices for controls. And definitely unplayable without a controller.
- Almost very level is a combination of get enough coins to exit + reach the exit before the rising lava gets you
- Jump-chaining your way upward, you get stuck below platforms way too many times

Not at all "metroidvania" as Kickstarter backers were promised.

But, yeah, nice pixel art, I was amazed by the art of the game. The soundtrack can get a bit repetitive, but I blame the gameplay rather than the soundtrack.
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