A city gone mad with violence and the mass murder of its people. In this interactive graphic-novel, your choices can either lead you to the ultimate destruction of this fallen metropolis, or the demise of a vicious butcher. Will you save this city as promised or will you fall prey to the killer within?
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Release Date: Jul 17, 2014

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About This Game

Vlad is an interactive graphic-novel with RPG elements where your decisions shape the outcome of your story. Each playthrough offers a different experience and immersive story totalling two hours of content.


  • Three different classes to choose from.
  • A morality system that unlocks special classes based on your decisions.
  • The choices you make will make or break your stats, effecting how your story ends.
  • An engrossing, gritty art style that immerses you in the world of Vlad the Impaler.
  • Music by Kevin Riepl, composer for Gears of War and many other titles.
  • Over 50 unique illustrated stories.
  • Over 100 unique illustrations including weapons, characters, stories and more.
  • Collectable Trading cards, badges and achievements.


The scent of murder hangs in the air. It is the year 1452 and a city under siege is desperate. You receive a letter, bearing the king’s seal, begging for your help. A once beautiful, peaceful place is now a tormentor’s paradise; dark, bleak and heavy with fear.

You venture along the road to your destination, determined to solve the mystery terrorizing the citizens of Istanbul. Thousands of bodies line the roads, impaled on bloody poles, ravaged & torn, lying limp; faces contorted in anguish. If this is just the path to the city, what lies within its walls?

A gruesome scene welcomes you; hollow sockets live where eyes once saw their murderer coming for them. Torsos of young children ripped open, their bodies hung like criminals; blood filled pools in the Cistern house rotting bodies, throats cut, fingers missing. Dank Catacombs lined with broken bones containing new members, heads daggered, burn marks over eyes. Blood streaked Basilica walls, disembowelments and beheadings. The brutality is too much to bear. What – or who -is murdering the innocent lives of these people!? You hunt through the night, intent on finding your foe, bringing an end to the grisly massacre.

As the Explorer, you have knowledge of the land; you are fast, on target and adventurous. You leave no stone unturned in your pursuit. Will you be the enemy Spy or will you be the Emissary?

The Mage is skilled, wise and supernatural. Become the the high Priest who can be counted on to cast spells to protect the people of Istanbul or choose to be the Sorcerer and release your inner demon fueling your thirst for destruction.

The Soldier; fierce, strong, and none better with a blade. Protecting people is your Knightly duty, with your feminine intuition & compassionate heart leading you to do the right thing for the kingdom. But perhaps you would rather seek to unlock the dark side and become the Assassin. The choice is yours; will you seek justice or wickedness?

Each character unlocks unique levels and secret weapons. Feel the weight of your decisions and change the story of your game with each turn. Your actions will determine the future of your people, saving their souls or surrendering them to evil.

About the Developers

Section Studios brings you this action packed adventure, where your wits are just as important as your strength. We wanted to create an experience that combined a unique visual style with thoughtful narrative and game play. We chose a world and character that our team would feel passionate about reinventing with Vlad. By creating everything from story to artwork, we were allowed to let our imaginations run wild and create something we all felt connected to.

As a studio that originated in the world of video games, we know what our audience wants because we ARE the audience. Supernatural powers, an abundance of undead abominations and plenty of secret expeditions throughout the game, along with awesome, gothic graphics, illustrations & challenges are what made this game something we were proud to work on – and very excited to play.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP or Later
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB graphics memory and directx 9.0c compatible gpu
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 512 MB available space
    • OS: Windows XP or Later
    • Processor: Core i3
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB graphics memory and directx 9.0c compatible gpu
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 512 MB available space
    • OS: Os X 10.7 or later
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 512 MB available space
    • OS: Os X 10.7 or later
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Storage: 512 MB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 7
If I mention the phrase "visual novel", that probably means something doe-eyed and infuriatingly passive to you. Visual novels outside the realm of anime are as rare as unicorns but they do exist, and are on occasion just as magical. Vlad the Impaler is one such offering, allowing you to do battle with the forces of evil through a tight narrative structure and careful choices of words.

After picking one of the three starting classes you are whisked away to the exotic streets of Istanbul where evil is afoot. Dark forces have gripped the city, spreading death and madness to its furthest corners. Your task is to root out the source of this blight, and you do so through text adventures. Each day you can take three actions by choosing a location from the map and an event that occurs there. As you read through the event, you'll be presented with a choice that affects the outcome, and the rewards (if any) that you'll receive.

The events to partake of in Istanbul range from buying falafel at the market to unearthing eldritch gateways beneath the city, but make no mistake, every choice you make carries grave consequences. Helping a beggar at the docks might give you an important clue to use in a later tale, and small favors can unlock new options on subsequent days. Your character also has eight stats to track that are used in skill checks late in the game, and can be raised or lowered as the result of your choices.

Each of these events is presented in fine narrative style, describing the action and details in clear prose. Every action comes alive with sickening crunches, putrid scents, and threatening shadows. You may also have gathered there's very little light or levity to the story, and I definitely won't deny that. Plenty of people will die in gruesome fashion, many dispatched by your own hand. For most of the game you'll find your character nigh immortal, pulling through ambushes and attacks with surprising ease. All of this is presented in an excellent monochrome sketch style that helps sell the atmosphere of ancient, unspeakable dread.

You'll spend five days in the city, chasing down leads, battling evil, and hopefully getting your stats up to where you need them. That's because day 6 opens with a steep skill check that can end your game immediately if you don't make the right choice for your character build. If you manage to prevail, you'll be presented a selection of powerful weapons and then head off to the final confrontation. This is a series of dramatic scenes against powerful foes, culminating in a literal boss battle with a menu of combat options. This is not at all a simple battle, for your success will depend on the order in which you use your options and whether or not your skills support those options.

The stat system ultimately is what holds this game back the most, because it is obscured in the worst ways. There's no indication other than textual cues of what stats affect what choices, nor is there any way to know what effect story choices will have on your stats until after the fact. That means your first few adventures will end quite suddenly and ignobly on day 6, and will continue to do so until you start memorizing which events give which stat bonuses. It's a surprisingly technical game but in a very static way, challenging you to puzzle through the same routines over and over until you find the optimal path.

I don't think most people will have the patience to conquer Vlad the Impaler more than once, but then again I don't think they really need to. The excellent writing and presentation will carry the game for a few adventures at least, and those intrigued by the mechanics of the game will stick with it longer. I would appreciate it more if it were more forgiving of novices, but there's still plenty to appreciate even if you can't best it.
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
2.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 6
It's with games like Vlad the Impaler all the subtle semantic nuances of what it means to recommend something to someone suddenly become relevant. If you just innocently asked me if the game is worth checking out, I'd go "yeah, probably, it's kinda cute". But if you cornered me in an elevator while holding an axe covered in blood and guts and said "Would you stand by your endorsement of this game? Can you promise me a good time?" I probably wouldn't.

Another reason I went with the thumbs down is this is simply not a good game by a whole set of standards, some of which can be considered subjective and some objective.

The nice things about the game are mainly the graphics, the music and the atmosphere. The visual consistency of the game and the overall presentation are flawless. The writing is average but it's not too detracting. It does suffer a bit from being too grimdark and edgy all the time but that was somewhat obvious from the get go. In case it wasn't for you: this game is grimdark and edgy all the time. It works though, in the context. It's kinda what we came for. It's not the game's main failing at least, if you ask me.

Another thing that should be made clear: the meat of the game is atmospheric random encounters with more thematic connection than actual interconnectedness or impact on the overall story. If you can't enjoy essentially a bunch of separate short stories set in the same super mega dark spooky place with one choice to make in each, this definitely will disappoint you regardless of other considerations.

The main problem of Vlad the Impaler is it's stuck in the dangerous and foolish halfway between a casual and a more complex game. The way it works is you get into random encounters that give you stat boosts. Which encounters and which decisions within encounters will give you which boost isn't obvious to say the least. But the stats you have are critical for the main story encounters. So if you don't get the right stats to go with the right choice in a main plot encounter, you're done. And this game somehow has permadeath. Frankly, having permadeath in a game without actually mechanically deep gameplay to show for it is just dumb.

See, permadeath is only fun when it's really your fault. Losing in Vlad the Impaler is more like Russian Roulette: your only fault is that you agreed to play the game.

So if you do decide to give it a shot, don't be upset with me, because I didn't recommend you this. See that thumbs down icon right there? Yup.

It's all a shame though because the aesthetics of the game are really nice and while it's not good, it's not worthless crap either. You can get enjoyment out of it. I know I did. Hell if I know when I finish it though, nothing takes away the fun and atmosphere quite like having to mechanically memorize and redo the same predefined choices over and over again.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
271 of 332 people (82%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
1.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 21, 2014
First Impression Video

Vlad the Impaler - Full Review
This game is a bit of an odd one, on it’s launch day there was nothing to indicate what type of game it might be. Just this snippet:
“A city gone mad with violence and the mass murder of its people. Your choices can either lead you to the ultimate destruction of this fallen metropolis, or the demise of a vicious butcher. Will you save this city as promised or will you fall prey to the killer within?”
Along with the system requirements.

Rather baffling I tried looking up the Developer website, only to find that they have no site. Next I tried the Publisher. They didn’t even list the game, so I emailed them just to confirm the game is from them.

As it turns out Vlad the Impaler is a choose your own adventure graphic novel with some light RPG elements. A rather interesting concept to say the least, and instantly made me think of the old Goosebumps horror books I read as a child.

Determined to get into the think of it and create a powerful character I was surprised to find that you only have three classes to choose from, and you’re unable to really customise them in anyway.
You have the explorer, essentially a rogue, the warrior, and mage. A rather standard trio in RPG games. Sadly you’re unable to mix and match them or even their attribute points. Which can only be altered in gameplay due to dialogue choices and events.

The main mechanic is choosing your own adventure by being presented with several areas to wander in, and occasionally have two choices to choose from. Yes, only two. A rather tiny amount for a game that so heavily relies on user choice as its core mechanic.

Even so the game and story is riddled with inconsistencies, and ultimately your choices have little to no true bearing on the game or its conclusion.
I’ve often finished a chapter without realising simply by exploring an area, as the each chapter has a set amount of ‘turns’ or clicks you can make. Thereby shooing you along further into the game while feeling unsatisfied and wanting more of the game world. This is where the inconsistencies hit you quicker and harder than jumping in front of a bullet train. As I entered the palace’s kitchen a man apparently thanked me for saving his son. “I’m sorry, who are you and when did I ever encounter your son or you?”. That’s what I would have asked, if even given the option, but no the game carries on giving you but two options. Either drink the stew he offers as a reward, or don’t.
I don’t ever remember any of the mentioned events, and this could only have happened less than 20 minutes ago in the previous chapter.

More inconsistencies constantly surface, even in the final act of the game. Where you somehow have all the items you need to somehow combat your foes. Such as meeting three damsels in a castle and suddenly having wild roses, which you exclaim wards off and incapacities these vile creatures. Okay, yes. Magical flowers I somehow picked up somewhere. I don’t know where, nor did I ever do so.

There are gaps in the game, and it’s a shame. One would think that since choosing your own adventure is the core mechanic the game would be simply packed full of content and choices. Sadly it’s all rather lacking, with barely any content to sate any person’s gaming or reading appetite. It fails on both accounts.

There are different class and character attributes, strength, constitution, agility, magic, and charm. The latter being emphasised throughout the game, and always highlighted. Instantly alerting you to its significance. These ware all affected by in game choices, such as speaking with someone, or witnessing something. In the case of constitution, my character lost a point simply while having his lunch and witnessing a man being executed. This was a permanent loss of one point, rather annoying but nothing series.

As mentioned charm is highlighted, and turns out to be the most important, not for simply speaking to people you encounter, but also the final conflict with the stories antagonist. It matters little that my magic points were the same as my charm ones. I was unable to cast a single spell as a mage during this encounter, and simply overpowered and subdued the creature by appealing to their humanity. So, what’s the point in all the previous options for actions, or attributes?

What little there is to Vlad the Impaler was rather enjoyable, but sadly horribly marred by the serious lack of content, and depth beyond merely having a Yes or No option.
The ‘game’, simply rushes you through in about an hour, and despite claiming to have replayability due to user choice changing the story; it’s simply false.

The beautiful and dark art, and music is fantastic and I truly enjoyed seeing and listened to it. Still, I simply cannot recommend this ‘game’ to anyone. Whether they want a dark RPG, or a visual choose your own adventure book. There simply is not enough content to justify the price tag, and makes one wonder if this was not the reason for information and details regarding the game not surfacing on its Steam page until a day or two after launch.

A true waste of what could have been something dark and wonderful.
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65 of 72 people (90%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 31, 2014
Recommended but ONLY while it's on sale, and ONLY if you don't mind a game consisting purely of reading and choices.

Vlad the Impaler has virtually no gameplay, and the only thing you, as the player, do, is make choices as the story unfolds. At its most basic, it's a choose-your-own-adventure type of game, but of course, the subject matter is different from the traditional children's books. Your character is sent by his liege, the eponymous Vlad, to investigate the increase in murders and violence in Istanbul, and depending on the character you choose, you will have different means to conduct your investigation, and defend yourself when attacked. Your character has stats, and they will increase and decrease during the adventure, making him or her better at surviving in different ways.

The writing is gripping and engaging (though for some reason, the word "and" is always missing), and while a playthrough can be completed in fifteen minutes, you'll find yourself doing quite a few of them, because it's impossible to do everything in one playthrough.

Negative points about the game are the fact that you don't know what outcomes your choices will have (and sometimes they'll be questionable), and that the stat increases and decreases seem to be a bit strange at times.

So if you like reading and playing a choose-you-own-story type of game, and you have a vivid imagination, you can buy this one while it's on sale. Its regular price isn't justified, not out of quality concerns, but by how short a playthrough is.
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161 of 219 people (74%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
3.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 16, 2014
First of all when you start the game you will be thrown into a world of confusion. There is no in-game manual, no forums or creator's website to check on, you will have no idea what each of the 8 stats do and how they affect the game. You will choose among the places opened to you to visit per chapter, and subsequent chapters open up more locations and these locations hold events that shape your adventure, and each time you visit a location you will get a random event from a pool created by the developers(you may get them randomly, but the events themselves are always the same), these events will usually ask you to make one of two choices, that will have the conclusion pertaining to your choice. You have to note that the characters that you picked are not you, they are your avatars with their own history, and during events I find that characters will use their hidden knowledge that players didn't even know they know or that they are qualified for, or using clues you've obtained which was never properly explained. Depending on the places you visit and the choices you make, you will be rewarded predetermined or penalize stats(in which you have no idea how the developers came to the conclusion that these are what you should profit or lose from the experience of the event). With this method, I find it defeats the purpose of making your own choices, since a player will see all the events via multiple play through(see the spoiler to why), then pick the most advantageous choices to maximize stat gain.

(Spoiler) At the end of the story you fight the boss(which is the only time these stats seem to have any use), and you choose from among the ambiguously named choices on the left panel(which are actually battle events that utilizes your stats to "fight" the boss). The higher your stats are, the better the story result for that option you picked, if you win in the story event against the boss he will take a strike, with 3 strikes on the boss you win, the opposite is true if the boss wins 3 battle events. In which case kills your character, ends the game and deletes the save pertaining to that play through.

It just feels to me like this game is made to be a quick cash grab. Contrary to the bit about the developers knowing what we want as a gamer, this game is far from complete, alpha stage at best.
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45 of 49 people (92%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
3.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 27, 2014
It's a nice choose your own adventure type of interactive novel with some stat driving RPGing in the background but it is rather short... the main value derived from multiple playthroughs as you try to finish the game with different stats and alignments while adding different layers that surround the story.

The biggest gripe with the game is its brevity and the story isn't anything groundbreaking but on sale I'd recommend it to adventure game fans who don't mind reading and using their imagination to add color to the monotone backgrounds.
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46 of 56 people (82%) found this review helpful
6.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 1, 2014
Now i will start of by saying that i am not really into the "INTERACTIVE NOVEL" type games,but this one had me hooked and i will tell you why.
Its like anything else really if you like the subject matter you are going to enjoy whatever it is your doing reading a book,playing a game,listening to music,watching a movie you get the gist.
If you like what it is you doing then it doesnt matter what some one else thinks as you are going to enjoy it regardless as it interests you and at that point thats all that matters.

Vlad The Impaler Gameplay Trailer -


With that said this is one story that you will find yourself totally engrossed in if you have any love of the subject matter and whilst you read you will find your character ending up in some really bad and dangerous situations.
Ok lets go for the "JUGULAR" and get down to the "BLOOD" of why this game is one of the best "INTERACTIVE NOVELS" i have played.The graphics are up to the standard of any in this genre of games and the art is dark and forbodding enough to do the subject matter justice (all in game graphics are static though-par for the course with these sort of games).
The sound is great and even though there isnt much different music in game it doesnt need it as the music that is there suits what happens in the text you read and helps to push the atmosphere of the story through to the player.
There is not much spoken dialogue (well just at the start of the game when "VLAD" reads his letter to you as to what he wants you to do).
Now the gameplay (not really gameplay though as you spend most of the time reading) lets you choose where to go and there are enough locations around Istanbul that you wont see and read all that the story has to offer in 2 or 3 sittings and the script does a great job as you go from one dire situation to another,trying to make the right decision as to what to do next (and it isnt allways cut and dry as to what the right thing to do is ??).

The following video shows one of many ways to play through the game (DONT WATCH IF YOU WANT TO DISCOVER HOW THE STORY PLAYS OUT FOR YOURSELF) -

Let's Play Vlad The Impaler - Episode 1 - Long WIN -


At the start of the game you do get to choose which class to play as be that warrior,mage or spy and this seems to have little bearing on the story which is a real shame and a missed oppurtunity as it would have been great to see how people acted differently towards each class.
Since they have added acheivements to the game this gives you more incentive to play as one of the three classes as you get different acheivements for making it through the game,getting to the end and............................(WELL THATS FOR YOU TO DISCOVER).There are also different weapons for each class and these are awarded depending on the choices and the path you take whilst playing the game (most of them look cool though),and also as the game progresses your character will level up their stats depending on the choices you make and the actions you take,will the townspeople love you or come to fear you only the things you do and the things you dont will decide this outcome.And the game actually does a great job of telling the story better than most and even though i enjoyed the new film (starring Luke Evans) i really dont think it hit the nail in the COFFIN like this game does.

Dracula Untold - Official Trailer (HD) -


I have really enjoy playing (READING) and wouldent hesitate to reccomend it to anyone who does like this sort of game and also to anyone with an interest in the story subject matter as well,if you really dont like these sort of games then you wont like this one either (even if you are a DRACULA fanatic).
And remember "DRACULA" may be a pain in the neck but this game certainly isnt and for me at least went straight for the "THROAT" and didnt let me go AARRGGHHHHHHHHHH

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70 of 97 people (72%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 21, 2014
This "Novel" can probably be described in one sentence; Boring, confusing, bland, short, and not worth the 10$. When I first bought the thing, it didn't even work until a patch was released so we can play it. It takes about 20 minutes to beat the whole story, and the story-line structure/mechanics in the game are organized poorly (E.g., You have a stat system in-game that doesn't serve any function until the **Spoiler** Boss battle.) Although, I do admit that the art and the gui in the game is pretty neat, it still looks more worked on then the game itself. I enjoy good reads however, but with the presentation of a premade story (Which pretty much destroys the whole "Create-your-own-adventure" feel),vague character "classes" (Which serves more as a cosmetic, since Classes barely do anything except give you different starting stats and look), and the lack of effectiveness a result is from a choice made makes this game a display of wasted potential.

<If I could refund this game, I wouldn't. Instead, the developer can keep the money, but in return I would want this game off my library so my friends wouldn't know that I played it.>
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34 of 40 people (85%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
0.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 3, 2014
This game is, unfortuantely, a mess. The drawings are beautiful, but there are tons of random words just missing from the narration, which can make it hard to follow. Otherwise the writing is good, but the missing words are consistent and pervasive. The chunks of story aren't written modularly enough to support having so many choices all at once; often you'll visit a place and people will reference information and events that haven't happened because you visited in the wrong order, even though there's no indication of an order. Because of that, you don't get a coherent narrative out of it unless you're lucky. All in all, this sounded like a great idea, but it doesn't work at the moment.
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31 of 36 people (86%) found this review helpful
3.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 23, 2015
Let me start off by saying that this is not an RPG, like a great many of my fellow reviewers would like to think. Vlad the Impaler is an adult-oriented visual novel, and is built on storytelling and atmosphere rather than hacky-slashy action bits. You do not play by mastering game mechanics so that you can beat the final boss, but by learning how the world works and using your wit.


The gameplay consists first of fifteen days you are free to spend as you see fit within the city of Istanbul, in an attempt to reveal the source of many sinister murders within the city walls. You click where in the city you wish to travel, and what you wish to do once there. You will for the most part be reading, and appreciating the artwork of the game, and then making decisions for your character underway. These decisions will affect your stats, meaning that your character is shaped by what he does in the game. For example, if you were to gain favor with a crowd of people for winning an argument with a corrupt cleric, your influence within the city would rise, thus increasing your charm stat, allowing you to much more easily persuade people to do as you would have them. Or, were you to witness a particularily horrifying sight within the catacombs, your constitution would go down as a representation of your mental health.

Some people complain about this system, because it is sometimes hard to see why a particular stat has gone up or down, and becuase you sometimes cannot influence it. But I found that stopping and thinking for a moment when in doubt as to why the game had given me the stats that it did, it made sense in the end. And though it may sometimes feel cheap to lose stats because of an event which you couldn't predict, you should be fine as long as you do not actively seek trouble. For example, delving into the catacombs alone and with no map should to most people sound of mind sound like a poor idea.


The soundtrack in this game is amazing, and adds a lot to the game's atmosphere. However, it is on the short side, so you can expect some of it to loop after you've played the game for a while. This isn't really something you will notice unless you go out of your way to listen for it, though.


The artwork is all beautifully hand-drawn, and invokes a sense of dread and despair fitting very well with the game. Though the game is largely text-based, the artwork along the text serves to increase immersion. I found myself searching up various scenes from the game after having completed it just to look at them again. Though art will always be subjective, I personally adore the style that the game went for.


The story follows the grim journey of your player character as he attempts to unravel the mystery of Istanbul. The city is descending into darkness, murders happen on a nightly basis, and several cults and creatures are starting to rise to the surface. Sent by your old friend Vlad, you will quickly find that something has gone horribly awry, and that those who preach of goodness and piety might well carry the greatest darkness of them all...

There are plenty of side-stories to follow, all of which are really well written. However, the game suffers from some disconnection as you might start a side-story and never end up finishing it, or finish a story that you did not start. There are also some grammatical errors, as the game is not made by native English-speakers. However, I find that this is not enough to break the atmosphere that the game builds, though some people may react more strongly to it.


Playing Vlad the Impaler is like reading a good horror novel. It's scarier than any game I've played before, including Outlast, Penumbra and Amnesia. Not because it's got scary monsters that pop out at you, but because it builds a sense of inescapable dread and despair, the likes of which is found in the works of Bram Stoker, H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. I would hesitate to call it an artsy game, but it definetly takes inspiration from great works of literature. If you're a fan of horror, or just classic literature, play this game. It's great value for the price. However, if you're after more of an RPG or traditional visual novel, this might not be the game for you. It also does require an appreciation for good art and writing.

I don't like rating games from one to ten, because it's all so very subjective, especially in this genre. I will say, however, that this is an amazing visual novel, and it's perfect for a gloomy night, alone with headphones in a dark room.
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Recently Posted
14.1 hrs
Posted: October 22
I loved this game. It does not spoonfeed the player. Consequences of your actions can sometimes be predicted, but many times a choice made hoping for one outcome results in a very different result. The problem with playing a game as life :D - rather unscripted so to speak, except for some major plot points along the story - is that if you actually strive to reach a certain objective and fail - as I have - even after using all the guides available so far, it can be a bit frustrating. I am sure the secret is just around the corner, but so far I have not figured it out. (minor spoiler warning) I never managed to win in combat so... :D
Lovely graphics and mood.
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Vlad [Black Prince]
0.1 hrs
Posted: October 21
Very Atmospheric Game. Art in this Game just at Height.
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1.3 hrs
Posted: October 20
fantastic i love it and the art work is great story great love all the different ways you can go well worth it great game and hope to see more like this from these defo recomend to others
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2.6 hrs
Posted: September 11
I played it enough for it to be a waste of my time and instead offering me nothing I couldn't get from a free online RPG. The story doesn't make any sense, the "history" that the game is based on doesn't make any sense (why would crusading Christians want to save a Muslim city?!), the gameplay doesn't make any sense. Stay away.
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1.7 hrs
Posted: August 30
Writing my first review.

If you like these types of games, you will enjoy Vlad the Impaler! Its story is extremely well written. The graphical drawings are immensely beautiful! The only thing I don't like but understand why they added it, is when you die, you have to start all over again. Other than that, this game is something I have been looking for since I made a Steam account.
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The Stranger
2.3 hrs
Posted: August 30
A very good, if a little short, visual novel\choose your own adventure style game.

The music and artwork are awesome. Both help to convey the dark atmosphere of the narrative. The story is also quite interesting, if a little cliche (Dracula being a vampire) but it has multiple endings - which is always good.

Your journey through this dark story can be cut short if you don't think before you act, and don't play to the strengths of your character. You also can't reload after making decisions, so if a decision leads to your death (due to not having good enough stats) then you have to start the game all over again; luckily chapters are short, so it's not much of a set back when you do die.

I highly recommend this game. It's short, sweet, and has a dark and immersive enough story\world to keep you occupied.
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0.8 hrs
Posted: August 28
this game is exceedingly short, makes no effort to connect the random events, often refering to characters you have never met. Dont buy this, even if it's on sale. If it's free, and you have bought every other game that exists, and you have lots of free space on your computer go download a book instead.
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1.0 hrs
Posted: August 12
Fun game :)
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