Sweezy Gunner is an eye melting, brain bending, mouse squeezing 2D Shoot em up. destroy everything in your path, Upgrade the Sweezy Gunner ship. A Large open World! Travel through the lush green fields, frozen tundra and arid desert. Explore the depths of the many dungeons, caves and temples and collect that tasty loot!
User reviews: Very Positive (201 reviews) - 87% of the 201 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: May 6, 2014

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“This is the Legend of Zelda with twin-stick shooting. You will travel through an overworld, clear dungeons, find heart containers, and unlock new abilities and tools to progress further.”
4/5 – Steamfirst.com

About This Game

Welcome to the crazy world of Sweezy Gunner! An eye melting, brain bending, mouse squeezing 2D Shoot em up. Are you hungry for action? Do you crave intense mayhem? The objective is simple, find out what killed the human terrafromers and destroy it. Thats what you were brought in to do and its what you do best. Landing on Terrafort is just the beginning.

Speed your way through the large open ended world of Terrafort destroying everything that dare cross your path, Upgrade the Sweezy Gunner ship by collecting all that tasty loot. Travel through the lush green fields, frozen tundra and arid desert. Explore the depths of the many dungeons, caves and temples! Its a big world out there!

  • 30 different power ups to use
  • 60 upgrades to buy/collect
  • An original soundtrack of 11 Banging Drum and Bass tracks
  • Unlock new skills by winning epic Boss battles
  • Open world with secret areas
  • Tons of loot!
  • Challenge Mode containing 28 fiendishly difficult maps
  • Survival mode with online score board
  • Hours of crazy action.

And Much More....if You Can handle It!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista,7,8
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Storage: 150 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: September 9, 2015
i feel bad paying so little for this game.
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5 of 6 people (83%) found this review helpful
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Posted: September 8, 2015
Do you like bullet hells but get bored with just scrolling to the right or to the top all the time? Would you like an arcadey bullet hell that also has quests, bosses, temporary AND permanent upgrades, and open world exploration? Welp, here you go.

The only complaint I could possibly say about the game is that there is an issue with edges where if your little robot character touches the edge of a wall or object, he tends to get stuck to it instead of sliding along it. This little snag will definitely get you shot a couple of times.

It's super simple. Not at all complex. But a great game for just mindlessly shooting and dodging.
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Posted: December 28, 2015
Simple but fun!
I enjoyed this shooter that offers a big world to explore. Clear dungeons and kill bosses, basically... destroy everything on your path!
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Posted: October 2, 2015

I played the game before it was released on Steam. It took around 7 h to beat it.

I was looking at libraries with games and wondering which game to pick for my next review. I wanted something colorful, something casual and then I saw Sweezy Gunner – top down bullet hell shoot 'em up with metrodivania elements. And it's awesome !

In the game you drive a tank … with tires. Or maybe it's another vehicle. It doesn't matter. This tank is really cute, but don't let this full you, Sweezy Gunner is a beast. Your task is to find what happened to the people terraforming some planet. The story is non existent, but this doesn't matter. What matter is the gameplay and it is really good. The controls are simple - WASD keys for moving, left mouse button you shoot, the right mouse button for activating a shield and spacebar – for entering all the menus. You have one basic weapon thru the whole game. Fortunately they are 30 power-ups to spice the gameplay. Some are passive, other change your weapon, certain can stack on each other. Then nothing can stop you, you become like a real tank.

In the begging you move slow, so are your bullets, only three bars of life. So what can you do? Well you can buy upgrades of course. They can be acquired in two different ways – by finding shops scattered around the world and by killing monsters. For unlocking upgrades in the shop, which you buy with money from dead enemies, you need to collect giant golden coins called Sweezy Coins. Other thing you can do here is to take jobs for money. They consist of collecting stuff from dead enemies.

When you kill monsters sometimes fall a card, which give you information about them. Destroying enough of one type, you studied them and it will let you by upgrade. Every bosses in the game is nicely design and challenging. After each boss you will get special ability, that grants you access to previously unavailable parts of the map.

The levels in Sweezy Gunner are great. You are gunning down monster in a grass fields, in a desert, in dungeons full with lava and toxic waste. Every level has a different song. Speaking of music, the soundtrack is amazing. 11 really good song.

Here come the negative stuff. The biggest problem is the missing video option. I'm using 23 inch monitor and the game looks little bit pixely. It's a shame, because the art style is really good. The other issue is the lack of any information about the skills. Here is an example. You can jump from checkpoint to checkpoint, when you buy the upgrade for that, but it isn't explain how to do it. It is done by opening the map and clicking on some dungeon entrance (they are the checkpoints). The developer said, that he will fix the lack of information, but for a number of reasons, he cannot add resolution option.

But non of this prevent me of enjoying the game. Tight controls, good level design, good variety of enemies, amazing soundtrack, a little bit on the easy side, but if you die it is entirely your fault. In the later levels it's really a bullet hell. And if the campain isn't enough for you you could try Survival mode and recently added Challenges. I really enjoy the game, so I recommend it.
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Posted: November 11, 2015
A surprisingly solid shoot-em'up / bullet hell without many flaws.

- The different power-ups feel interesting because of their varied effects.
- Enemy variety is big enough to not feel stale as well, also each boss has unique attacks and attack patterns.
- The upgrades for your "ship" are simple, nothing special but they are noticeable enough to make you feel stronger with every upgrade, aka they get the job done.
- Good game length and final boss is difficult enough to feel like a proper final battle.
- If you like the type of up-beat music this game uses at all times your ears are in for a treat.

- With all the screen clutter the rather inconspicious enemy projectiles sometimes vanish from your sight if you don't pay really close attention, leading to moments of confusion as to what hit you (especially frustrating in the Challenge mode)
- Getting all the upgrades / monster cards takes quite some time, so trying to 100% this can feel tedious towards the end (although it's fine until you get there).
- Game is a bit on the easy side for those who are good at bullet-hell games (although challenge mode is a lot more difficult).
- Had a (very) few weird crashes. Saves work fine but you better not forget to manually save from time to time!
- Game doesn't auto-save or anything when you go to the credits after the final boss. Had to re-do the entire last dungeon (quite frustrating, so remember to save often as said above).

This game is an easy recommendation if you like bullet-hell games. It's not perfect but except for a possible random crash it doesn't have any significant flaw either so you're in for some good entertainment.
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