Royal Quest offers a fresh MMO experience from the creators of Space Rangers and King's Bounty series. Join Guild Wars, conquer Castles, and battle other players in unique PvPvE locations, or explore the vast world of Aura and enjoy the story on your own.
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Release Date: Aug 6, 2014

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December 17, 2014

The Snow Festival is coming!

It's almost time for the coolest holiday of the year - the Snow Festival! In a few days a new island will appear flying over Aura, and heroes seeking chilling (in a good way) adventure can visit the land where you battle with snowballs, open presents under the Christmas tree, saddle Snow Crocks, and summon the almighty Winter Guardians. Cooks from all over Aura will offer you a taste of their best creations, and Maiden Lola will exchange Christmas Ornaments for Gift Boxes.

Learn more about the Snow Festival on official forums:

Patch 0.9.124: “Mark of the Hunter”
On December 18th servers will be updated with Patch 0.9.124: "Mark of the Hunter". What's new in this update? Let's dive in:

King's Herald announces:

"Hear, hear!

Royal archaeologists and researchers have found 8 new areas in different parts of Aura. These areas contain unspeakable number of traps and creatures, daring all heroes to conquer ominous halls, dark crypts and deadly caves, in order to further advance among the ranks of the Royal Army. Entrances for new areas appear randomly in locations of the same power as the hero, and disappear when you enter them, just to reappear in a new place. As this is considered a personal training test, you cannot bring help inside - you have to succeed relying only on yourself."

When 0.9.0124 goes live, you will be able to immediately try new challenges:

• Underground Lake (recommended level - 20);
• Werewolf Lair (recommended level - 25);
• Elenium Shards (recommended level - 30);
• The Temple of Mara (recommended level - 35);
• Bone Crypt (recommended level - 40);
• Old Puppet Factory (recommended level - 45);
• Three Corridors (recommended level - 50);
• Poisonous Crypt (recommended level - 55).

New pets

3 new pets were added to the game:

• [Fire Gobbler] - domesticated mascot of the Snow Festival, never steals your Christmas Ornaments again!
• [Meta Lizard] - unique pet trained to guard their owners belongings, fit for any environment, thanks to fire and strike-proof skin.
• [Mushroom Eater] - mutated Mosseaters, their leafy skin is darker, beak is harder, behavior nicer (though unpredictable) than that of Mosseaters.

Free talent reset

As 0.9.124 also changes a lot of skills and updates the general balance of classes, all heroes can once again complete the quest from Master Bastiff in Varlone to reset their talents.

• Premium Accounts will now receive +50% to gold drops for players of level 60.
• You won't be able to use "Leap" and "Teleportation" to go past location portals and attack other players anymore.
• Resurrection using Reales now grants 5 seconds of invulnerability. Attacking or using skills will cancel the effect.
• Fixed an issue where players couldn't cast AoE spells if there was gold on the ground in that area.
• If players have chat filter for inappropriate language enabled, it will now also work on the names of trade spots.
• Fixed an issue with splitting items. Now you can't change tabs while the splitting process is ongoing, players must pick up Elum first.
• Fixed an issue where simultaneous gathering of resources and using of skills would force both progress bars to disappear.
• Fixed an issue where Guard Form would disappear if players were resting.

• Fixed an issue where tooltips for buffs and effects could blink continuously if highlighted by mouse cursor.
• Added notifications when players are added/removed from the ignore list.
• Fixed an issue where second opening of the card album would send a message in the chat about new items.
• Now players will see damage numbers from attacks by Roland or tamed creatures, both in the game and in the battle log.
• Opening a second quick buy window for Arconite Sealing Wax, Arcon’s Heart, Reaction Stabilizer and similar items now requires currently opened window to be closed before opening another.

• Fixed an error in "The Navigator Gyroscope Compass", starting location was added.
• Fixed errors in the description for "Wizarding Components" and "Neobulla Spheres".

• [Blood Card: Lightning Bolt] now will be triggered by positive control effects also (for example, "Perfect Protection").
• Fixed an issue where [Blood Card: Lightning Bolt] could be triggered by "Rest".
• Fixed an issue where [Blood Card: Radiance] could be triggered by Guard Form and Wolf Form.

• Now the amount of quest items [Goblin’s Brains] and [Pearl] will be displayed correctly.
• Now [Dream Stealer’s Signet] will apply character bonus when it is equipped while resting.

• Fixed spawn points on the map for "Termite Egg".
• Now the names of quest items in Abandoned Mines, Floor 2 won't appear for players without the quest.

Arena and Battlegrounds
• Entering Arena now removes all invisibility effects players might have prior to entering.
• Fixed an issue with health and energy recovery after Arena. Now, if player dies during battle, he/she will be resurrected with the same amount of health and energy prior to entering.
• Entering battle with the "Weakness" effect now removes it for the duration of that battle, and applies it back afterwards.
• Fixed an issue with dynamic unpassable zones in Battlegrounds.

• "Besieger" was removed. Now players won't have to deal with the effect that forbids bidding 2 or more times, as well as participating in other sieges.
• Now everybody has a personal resurrection timer. If players in a group have different timers, then after that group dies all players in it will have the highest timer of that group.

Battle systems
• New formula has been added for calculating miss chance while attacking or using skills: miss chance (%) is now Dodge [of target] minus Hit [of attacker].
• "Dodge" and "Hit" characteristics now won't be increased with character level, but instead will be increased based on character stats, items and talents. Base values for every character are 0 Hit and 5 Dodge.
• Rogues, Thieves and Assassins will now receive +4 to Dodge for every 10 points of Dexterity. All other classes will now receive +2 to Dodge for every 10 points of Dexterity.
• All classes will now receive +2 to Hit for every 10 points of Luck.
• Now in PvP level difference will not affect Dodge Chance.
• While fighting monsters level difference will now add additional Dodge Chance to monsters.
• If you miss, now there is a 15% chance to hit for half of the damage.
• All player control effects that forbid movement and skill usage will now also reduce Dodge Chance to 0.
• Now dealing damage or healing has a maximum value of 110% and minimum of 90%.

...and there is much more! Too see the complete list of changes (over 8 pages!), please visit our forums here

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October 24, 2014

Special Halloween Week is Here!

Fight evil pumpkins, collect hats and find a new pet during Pumpkin Craze - a special event running from October 25th and until November 6th. Learn more about how to oppose vile vegetables on our forums:

To further horrify you, we've launched a week of 150% experience and loot drops for Premium Subscribers, don't miss your triple fun until October 30th!

Also, check out notes for the latest patch (0.9.108):


• There is a new filter added to chat for sending identical messages.
• Settings “Screen resolution”, “Brightness”, “V-Sync” are no longer available if the game is in Windowed mode (no big loss - they didn't work anyway).


• Fixed a certain area in the Illayr castle that was unreachable.
• Fixed several card descriptions.


• Now players can’t be added to the ignored list, if that list is full. Instead, you will be notified that the list is full.
• Added a new color for combat text displaying player’s mana and energy.
• Fixed an issue with displaying several combat log statistics.

Arena, Battlegrounds

• Fixed error where in Arena/CTF kills and damage dealt by Roland X were not counted towards its owner’s statistics.


• Fixed an ever annoying second class quest, which never left your Journal.


• Now the “Odorous Horrorweed” item will be counted properly.



• “Perfect Protection” now cannot be used while resting.
• Fixed error where “Perfect Protection” could remove a negative effect from the target.

Dark Knight

• Cooldown for “Other World” no longer resets if you relog.
• Now “Steel Spikes” cannot be used while mounted.


• Healing from “Aura’s Light” now won’t affect players who are in a Duel.
• The effect from the Card of the Firefly will no longer remove the effect of “Hallowed Weapon”.


• Now using the “Circle of Time” spell with the “Dark Times” talent learned will extend the duration of the “Ties of Blood” effect. If “Ties of Blood” was applied to a friendly target, it will be triggered only by direct damage.
• Fixed error in the description for “Arrow of Chaos” and its damage.
• Fixed error where “Veil of Darkness” couldn't be applied to targets in a Duel.


• “Time Control” no longer affects skills with cooldowns longer than 30 seconds.
Thief and Assassin
• “Trickster” is now properly triggered by “Spring”, but only while in combat.


• “Living Bomb” had an error in its description for the damage dealt, it’s fixed now.
• “Intolerable Pain” now has a 3 seconds cooldown.


• Thieves now cannot use food with the “Snacking” talent, if they are under the effect of: “Fear”, “Nightmare”, “Rune of Madness”, “Magic Bomb”, “Seal of Pain”, “Seal of Silence”.


• Malleus goes "Navy Blue".

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About This Game

Royal Quest offers a fresh MMO experience from the creators of Space Rangers and King's Bounty series. Join Guild Wars, conquer Castles, and battle other players in unique PvPvE locations, or explore the vast world of Aura and enjoy the story on your own.

Innovative elemental battle system allows players to exploit enemy weaknesses by properly choosing what weapons and skills to use against the target, while game mechanics are easy to learn (including an automatic character upgrade system), and offer deep and challenging experience later in the game.

Download now to:
- Discover over 100 outdoor locations and multi-floor dungeons
- Complete nearly 1000 quests designed for both group and single players
- Fight more than 200 extraordinary monsters, each with its own rare card with special attributes
- Dive into extensive skills and talents system and combine them in a unique way for each of the 8 classes
- Summon pets that follow you around and collect loot for you
- Compete in PvP Arenas, Battlegrounds and Castle Sieges
- Earn the right to control a Castle and its surrounding areas with your Guild
- Gather powerful Shadow Gear by winning over other players in special PvPvE zones

Play Royal Quest now for free, or empower your hero with our special DLC packs!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7/ Vista / XP SP3
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2 64 3.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512Mb NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT / ATI Radeon HD 3450
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
1,244 of 1,427 people (87%) found this review helpful
6.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 1, 2014
Alright, after 6 hours of playing this game and hitting level 20, I think I can review this now, because I'm not about to waste any more time playing this game.

I'll start with the Pros.
-Good looking game, variety of enemies, and I liked the coloring.
-A decently big tree filled with Talents and skills, but only sub classes per each class, (4 classes, 2 subclasses each)
-I thought the music was pretty nice.

-BARELY any bag space, if you want more bag space, guess what? $$$$$$$
-Adds nothing unique to the genre, very bland.
-Barely any players (Probably because you have to pay to get in, there will probably be a lot more in the next week)
-Very, and I repeat, VERY generic mmo. The quests consist of gather that, kill this, talk to this guy, give this guy this, etc etc and they have you running around huge amounts of land which is very time consuming.
-Forced PVP in some areas, I got killed without knowing twice by some random player while doing a quest.
-Obviously a Pay to win game, even the cosmetics give you +5% hp or +5% stamina, and those are just items ON TOP of your actual equipment. I have also not received a regular mount 20 levels into the game, so paying is your only option to get a mount as far as I can see.
-Again, very generic mmo, this game would have been good 8 years ago.
conclusion: this game isn't worth your time, there's way better mmorpgs out there.
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471 of 581 people (81%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
2.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 4, 2014
It's an F2P, P2W game.
There really isn't a lot more to say about it.
If you want to grind forever, get killed all day long by people who spent $20 and level half as fast as anyone else around you, by all means. Play this game.
If you actually want to have fun, play anything else.
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402 of 494 people (81%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
48.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 10, 2014
This is a "pay to play" even though they claim it to be a f2p mmo. By f2p they meant you can download the game for free and log-in to it and that's it. Once in the game you immediately see how badly they want you to pay to play the game,
1. Your inventory space, you'll be throwing stuff every now and then just to accomodate the things you need the most.
2. Deep in a dungeon/far from the city and want to go back? go buy teleport from the item shop else suicide your character.
3. Quest is too far, can I have at least a low quality mount sold from an NPC to travel faster? No, go buy from item shop else be a warrior (they somehow have some for sale).
4. I saved hundreds of thousands just to buy a mount from a greedy paying player, I'm bad ♥♥♥ now right? Hell no, that's just some low quality mount unless you feed it(go buy from the greedy player again or the item shop).
5. You seem to have lots of things that needs to be bought from the item shop, we can do daily quests to earn small amount of item shop currency right? Hell no! get lost you filthy Earth scum! lol

These are just a few of the things that I personally dislike about the game but to be fair I'll add something good about it.
1. It's just another MMO, you know the game you play just for nothing. You just want to try it and not expect anything great about it.
2. You'll probably be turned-off in just a few hours of gameplay therefore it won't be able to waste your time a bit more unless you try to make the game likable but in the end fail(like me).
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406 of 591 people (69%) found this review helpful
3.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 6, 2014
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60 of 80 people (75%) found this review helpful
16.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 11, 2014
Ok, After playing a little bit, and having 2 characters reach level 20+ i have this to say:

the game is fun, at first.

-- Bag Size, WTF?!? the bag is so small you start throwing things away. you have to pay REAL money to get a bigger bag.
-- Mounts, WTF?! Unless you started as a warrior, you have to pay REAL money to get a mount.
-- Death, WTF?! Ok, I died. i want to revive at the same spot cause i walked alot to get there. "PAY ME" the game shouts.
if you don't pay, you go back to town, with 1/2 of the HP and Energy, and if you are Lvl 20+ you also get a 10 MINUTE

---------------THIS GAME SCREAMS MONEY--------------

i actually think that there are more MicroTransactions on this game than on most Mobile Games....

********without using money, game is worthless******
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101 of 148 people (68%) found this review helpful
0.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 5, 2014
Royal Quest is a decent game, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't bring anything spectacular to the MMORPG table. It's about as run-of-the-mill as you can get content-wise. A few of the pet-peeves I had were the fugly faces in the character creation and the horrendous camera angles. You also have to use click-to-move, but I didn't have much of an issue with that since I played a lot of Diablo and Torchlight games. But dang, the camera pissed me off more than it should have.
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530.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 6, 2014
TOP QUESTION: Is this game P2W (Pay to Win)
ANSWER: The short answer is NO, however, let me go in depth with this...

When you start this game you get 3 days free premium this gives you:


PORTAL SKILL (This allows you to save 5 places and teleport to it at any time including Maidens (Rogues/Assassin/Thief get a skill called Secret Lair which allows you to save only one spot but its free!)).

FREE TELEPORTATION BETWEEN MAIDENS (Even without premium it doesn't cost that much)

+10 QUESTS IN QUEST LOG (I have never needed 30 quest slots even at low levels where I had 18 quests at one time, even with dailies (I will go more in depth into the dailies later on).


Pets are utility centric as in they do nothing but pick up drops for you they do require you buy SIlver/Gold Magnet Collars from Cash Shop, they have a durability called Charge, 1 Charge = 1 drop picked up (Pets are not worth the trouble having other than aesthetics you can easily just pick up the drops yourself with spacebar).

Mounts again are utility centric they offer increased movespeed as well as various stat boost such as attack or health, they require Mount Feed from Cash Shop, Crusader/Dark Knight can get Mounts that do not require food for 300G from Ricker in Varlone City he is in the centre square off to the top right and from Ronda in Iris out of the South Gate of Varlone, these Mounts only give movespeed bonus (Mounts are semi useful for all classes as the buffs from them last for 1 hour even if you dismount, only the classes I mentioned can do mounted combat). You can also use Grass Chewing Gum which gives you 20% Runspeed for 15 minutes, you can get it from a daily quest or dropped from monsters (its rare to get a drop), you can also buy it from the Market fairly cheap.

A Mount and a Pet can be bought from an NPC (Head of the Merchant Guild) to the south of city square in Varlone City.

Reales can be bought from Market for 10-14k gold per Reale, 10x Mount Feed is 29 Reales and last for 1 hour each (290-406k for 10 hours of extra buffs, which you totally dont need if you are just PVMing although it would be useful), Silver Collar 2000 Charge is the same 29 Reales. You can get 100x Mount Feed for 269 Reales and Gold Collar 9000 Charge for 99 Reales. This is on the EU Maragorne Server.


You have 14 slots for each type of item they are split into Equipment, Expendables, Loot and Crafting Items. You can store excess/rare items in your Warehouse which has 27 slots available accessible at any Maiden. The 2 Bags that get full fairly quickly are Expendables and Loot but once you learn what you should keep and what should be sold to NPC or put on the Market you won't have too many bag problems.


ALL Equipment in the game can either be bought from NPCs, Crafted, Dropped from Monsters, Found in Dungeons (Marked by a Cross Shaped Grave Stone with Blue particle effects, these are mostly personal so you will not be able to sell them on the Market) or bought from Players via the Market.

Item improvement is done through Alchemists you will know the NPC is an Alchemist because they will have an Alchemical Cauldron next to them which is used to craft recipes. Philosopher Stone Chips are used to upgrade C Class Equipments only, Philosopher Stone Shards are used to upgrade B and A Class Equipments. Ashkalot Cubes can be used to upgrade any item while reducing its cost and protecting it from breaking (there is a daily to get these cubes), Cash Shop items can help in your upgrading but if you start using those before level 40 you are just wasting your money.

Sealing is EXPENSIVE, this allows your equipment to gain extra stats quality of seal is as follows from worst to best Green/Blue/Purple/Orange. Emeralds are used to seal C Class Equipments, Sapphires for B Class Equipments and Morions for A Class Equipments. Crystal Vessels can be obtained through a daily quest, this item can be used to grant you Blood Crystal which can be used to place a new seal on an already sealed item (The current seal will be DELETED and a NEW seal put on). Emerald, Sapphire, Morion and Crystal Vessels can be purchased from Master of Enchantment outside of Academy of Magic Varlone City bottom right of map. Cash Shop items only help to alter the seals already on the equipment or to allow the lowest quality of Blue to be added.


There will be many dailies but the two worth mentioning are Caustic Acid (This nets you 3 Ashkolot Cubes for 50 Caustic Acid) and Green Slime (This nets you 2 Crystal Vessels for 50 Green Slimes), you can take these quests soon after you hit level 20 from the Message Board in Varlone City centre to the bottom right. You can also get a free Emerald along with 2 Potions from Protecting the Vegetable Garden from Pests taken from Connor Barr in Elgore. You can bring up available quests by hitting the M or Q key and clicking the Available Quests tab top right (You will need to bring up the map and click this tab and quest to see where to go for it each time you lose your way).

You will gain resting bonus experience if you are not on your character for more than 8 hours to a max of 20 hours this works on all quests and monsters you gain experience from will be doubled till it is depleted.


Cards are rare drops from monsters which can be given to Bella for Insignia's of Distinction or sold on the Market. Various items can be bought from Sella for Insignia's of Distinction including PREMIUM TIME as well as a few things that can be bought in Cash Shop which includes Decorations that give +5% Health. They are both located in centre court of Varlone City to the northwest. You can also gain Insignia's of Distinction by PVPing in PVM/PVP areas Rewards are given monthly and you must be in the top 20 PVPers.


Most loots are used for crafting, C Class Equipments are 100%, B Class 80% and A Class 60%. Flax is important in crafting you find this randomly by digging up plants. Ores are also found scattered around areas and as you progress through the game you will find the higher quality ores, digging ores also gets you Anthricite. Elum is obtained through Equipment that you put in the Splitter, the higher level the Equipment the more Elum you will get, Red Elum comes from Weapons, Blue Elum comes from Clothing (Armor, Headgear etc), Green Elum comes from Accessories (Rings, Amulets etc). So keep those Equipment drops! if you plan on crafting (Crafting gets you personal gear with slots, the same as Dungeons). WARNING keep all Gem drops if you do plan on crafting as they drop rarely and are used in recipes at high levels. Some Crafting Recipes can be bought from NPCs inside of PVM/PVP areas, they require you gather Elenium nodes which will give you Alchemical Runes with which to buy the Recipes. Recipes also drop from monsters. You can find all the machines necessary for crafting/splitting at the east side of Varlone City, SPECIAL NOTE the Elenium Converter requires Alchemical Runes to change 1 material to another.


Pushing A on your keyboard brings up a Menu with Battleground, Arena and Store (in the Center, Blue button), You can join Arena 5 times a day to earn Blood Tokens which in turn can be used to buy from the Arena Store to improve your prowess vs other players, there is also a Mount and Pet as well as various potions.

To conclude the game is beautiful the music is great and I enjoy playing it for free.

I hope you found this Review(Guide) informative and insightful.

Go here for more!
All about RQ and MORE!

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53 of 74 people (72%) found this review helpful
122.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 24, 2014
So, after racking up over a hundred hours I decided to actually write a review for RQ.

First off, the game is -NOT- Pay to Win. You can buy premium currency with gold. Second off, most of the people who are bad mouthing the game either have very low hours played (under 5) or got their ♥♥♥♥ rocked in PVP (Which is entirely optional)

It feels alot like Ragnarok Online but with better graphics and animations. There are also far more skills than Ragnarok.
The leveling is slow, but the game isn't all about leveling. Anyway, here's a Pro/Con list.


Decent, fluid graphics
Fun gameplay
You can buy any premium item with gold.
There's PVP (That is instanced so you don't have to PVP)
Lots of class diversity
Daily quests for faster leveling
Card system to upgrade gear (Apply poison/fire/etc or extra damage to weapons/gear)
You can buy premium items with in game currency from other players
You can buy premium account time from other players with in game currency
You can set up shops


Sometimes the grammar is a little bit off, nothing major.
The upgrade system is based on a % chance so after +5 it fails alot
The debuff from dieng lasts a little while

Overall, it's a great game that I'm having lots of fun with.
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95 of 145 people (66%) found this review helpful
3.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 1, 2014
awful camera, unresponsive combat, uninspiring classes, and micro transactions worse than some mobile games.
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80 of 122 people (66%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
1.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 10, 2014
First, complete ripoff of the classic MMO, Ragnarok Online. It misses what Ragnarok had however by.... messing up completely.

Furthermore!, everything about the game screams, "GET OUT NOW UNLESS YOU PAY US!!!". Within killing a few different types of monsters and grabbing up the loot, my bag space become completely full. No, wait.... there are seperate bag slots [equip/use/loot/ect], my LOOT bag became full almost instantly. It was then that I took a look at the bags, just a few measly slots. If you are going to try and become a crafter, you NEED to pay for extra room.... or just do a lot more work than you should have to.

I died. Yes, it happens. I died and got the option to revive in spot instead of having to walk for five minutes to get back to where I was. Thing is, in order to revive on spot, you NEED to pay for that. I didn't take a close look at how much the in game currency costs but I think it's like 25c in order to revive on spot. That's $1 for 4 on spot revivals... YIPPEE!!!

I said it before, I'll say it again, this game STOLE everything about Ragnarok Online, changed some of the gameplay, changed the grid layout to more of an 8 direction instead of 4 like RO, changed the art and called it fresh.
THIS. IS. NOT. FRESH! This is copywrite infringement at it's worst.

Jesus... I thought Hunters Blade was a travesty against Monster Hunter, this is worse because it has the potential to actually succeed, to actually make a truly obscene amount of money. And it IS obscene because it IS theft. They are trying to profit off of one of the most amazing MMO's that has ever existed and they are saying it's like nothing else??
They said, point blank, "Guild Wars". Catchy name, huh? I wonder why... hmm... because it's one of the top MMO's of our day? I get it, yes, they mean War of Emporium. They couldn't very well say THAT could they?

They are getting away with copywrite infringement because, while the game is an obvious clone of RO, nothing is exactly the same. Fly Wing [randomly teleport] isn't called Fly Wing, Elder Tree are called Stock [who came up with that lame name?] and don't drop branches that summon random monsters [that I have seen...] and just... everything is slightly different.

It still just.... it isn't right. They are going to make a killing off their truly ♥♥♥♥♥♥ [against players] P2W system and it isn't even their game.

And, honestly, it isn't even very good. I had people constantly come up to me while I was fighting, wait till my monster had like 10% health, attack it once for the kill and steal it.... the exp, the items.... everything.
I think that's how the comabt system worked in RO [or... am I wrong... it's been years] but these days, people have no internet morals. Give people a way to kill monsters, get items and exp without having to fight, without having to lose health and mana/energy/ect.... they will do it.

I remember in RO how the bots would always take stuff... they were the only one's... well, them and noobs but noobs learned fast that it's better to be chill and not steal. Oh, that brings me to another point!; I played for a few hours, there were some people just running around killing everything, stealing kills... same people... for hours. The game ALREADY has bots!!! I mean they are f***ing cockroaching the game already!!! Bots. Killed. RO. Based on the amount of bots in the game... I don't really know for sure if the game WILL survive..... I just know that it has no right to survive. It is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ripoff of one of the greatest MMO's of the past.... well... of the internet ever actually!

My top list of MMO's [some of the games do not apply past certain points, only at their high points but it is the high points that count to me] are, in no particular order.

Ragnarok Online
Star Wars Galaxies [pre ♥♥ but LOVED Jump to Lightspeed!!]
The Secret World
Mabinogi & Vindictus [putting them both together because same game universe]
EVE Online
Monster Hunter Frontier [even though I only played a few hours, I know I would love it most of all~]
Dungeons and Dragons Online [before the crappy P2W version...]
The -nevergonnahappen- Pokemon MMO that is crossplatform between PC, WiiU and 3DS!!! The dream of an open world Pokemon MMO fuels my hopes and dreams for a better age of MMO's!

I'm probably forgetting some.... hmm... but one thing that I'm not forgetting is ANY MMO that is thick with Pay to Win!! DISGUSTING!! Just add cosmetic stuff, people go crazy for that and the more that people play a game, fall in love with it, the more likely they are to BUY COSMETIC STUFF!!!! JESUS!!! It isn't that hard to understand is it?
♥♥♥♥, just make some of the cosmetic stuff only available for a short time, people will rush to give money for that!!
Er... that.... that right there is just in general. Cosmetic only for F2P MMO's.... this one, this MMO, it NEEDS to either die or the developers need to admit that they stole most of the game from Gravity [the people that made [[?]] Ragnarok Online].

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62 of 92 people (67%) found this review helpful
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 6, 2014
Very boring, and in NO way "fresh" as they put it.

infact its like almost every other cookie cutter mmo.
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56 of 83 people (67%) found this review helpful
5.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 4, 2014
Decent enough game however the camera angle cramps the neck and its only a matter of time until Square Enix and NCsoft shut this game down. It literally rips chocobos as mounts from Final Fantasy and most of the hair styles are straight out of Aion. GL with that.
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Posted: August 6, 2014
Decent game that does not bring anything new to the table and is P2W.
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Posted: August 2, 2014
I'm sort of confused by some of the negative reviews, as I'm finding this to be a pretty decent game that doesn't have many problems.

First, it has a lot of lore and story to it. It's not just quests like "Kill 10 rats because I stubbed my toe and need toe medicine" - the quests have more detail and story to them than that. Each quest has been pretty detailed so far with lots of extra tidbits of story and lore you can get out of the NPCs if you select to ask them certain questions.

You also find a lot of NPCs that aren't part of the quest line but that actually have story bits to add if you talk to them. I find this extra work and detail to help the game to be much more immersive.

The classes are all very different. If you don't like the way one plays, you really should try the others as they all have their own different way to play and their own feel. The powers are all different and specific for each class line and greatly change and affect the way you play. This isn't like some games where the only difference in classes and skills are that they make a different graphic for them but they play the same way. Here they all really play in specific unique ways. Even when two classes have traps, one class they are auto traps and the other are traps you manually detonate. There are a pretty good amount of skills too and they all have purpose and do different things rather than just being damage upgrades that look a little different.

The game plays out just fine and quickly. Yes, your main attack if you click something is set on default to autoattack (like 99.9% of every MMORPG that exists, so why one would complain about that I don't know - especially since you can toggle it off to manual if you really want) but in most classes that attack is very fast and you're going to be worried about using all your skills all through combat. You quickly end up using a lot of them. The only class that plays a little slower to start out is the Warrior, but even they end up with a lot of skills in time too. If you're into melee and want faster combat, play the Rogue. The Warrior is meant to actually be a party tank and has a lot of taunts and things instead of the fast pace skills of the other classes. That isn't to say they are lacking, they have quite a few and you'll see them as you level up more.

The game isn't well known here, so there aren't a lot of people in game right now. Not only that, but they don't really understand why it's a free game they can't get in (the first week is just for people who buy one of the DLC packs, but they only say that if you go searching elsewhere to find that info and didn't post that here).

I'm not that into PvP, but for people who are they have these nice castles your guild can take over that spawn chests of loot and have other neat little extras in them.

I don't really get their whole "PvPvE" thing - that's just a fancy way to say PvP zones. Most MMORPG games with PvP also have monsters in the same zones but they just call them PvP zones instead of trying to be fancy with the wording. I really very much dislike PvP and want to avoid it, so I'll have to see how much it affects my gameplay as I level up. I hope it's avoidable and not too too bad. A description at their web site says there are quests in those areas which I never enjoy being forced to go to PvP zones to do quests, especially in game that has so much story and I really am enjoying reading all the quest text. I'm not really there yet though to see how that's going to affect my play. It could have a huge negative affect for me and even get me to quit if it's bad enough but I'll just have to wait to get there to see.

The camera angles really aren't that bad. I think they limited it in order to make the game work better on lesser systems, I'm not sure. It runs very smooth and pretty though and I don't really see why they can't allow you to pan it so you can see into the distance a little more but you do have some tilt control and it's really not too bad.

The one thing I dislike though and very much want to see change is for us to get the ability to use WASD movement in the game. A lot of games like this launch with click to move movement only, and it's always the same. I get sick of clicking so much, it's a pain in the butt after a while. They really need to change the game to allow keyboard movement controls as well. I know it doesn't work great for every situation, like if people set the camera to auto movement, but they could always disable it if you have auto camera on or find some other work around. Too many people are going to want WASD movement controls, maybe they'll listen and put them in game in time though.

So I'm finding a pretty decent game here. You may want to wait and not chance it, and give it another 4 or 5 days until it's opened for free to everybody, but I for one am very happy with the game as it is and am glad I bought a DLC pack so I could play now. Even if PvP areas make me quit later (again I still don't know if they will or not, it depends if I can still level and quest around without having to deal with them for the most part) - I still will be happy that I got and played the game. It's been interesting and fun and is a good example of how to put real story and more meaning into quests. It also is doing something very right with the skill system all being so different. Hopefully once it's opened for free a lot of people will find out just how much they like it too.

The video they have here really doesn't show much of the game, you can find videos elsewhere online of people playing the game if you really want to see how it plays though. They don't take the time to read and go through all the extra text and things in those videos however, so if you're a person who really likes story and lore in your games you won't really see how cool it is until you're able to get in there yourself.
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Posted: August 1, 2014
Just your average point and click game, graphics are very basic, combat very basic. Gets very boring pretty fast, lots of walking around doing nothing. Your usual Kill 10 of these or go talk to this person, over and over again.

Nothin unique about this game in the slighest. Prepare to be bored.
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Posted: August 8, 2014
So after i played this game for a bit i can tell you few things which might help you decide to play or not .

First : About p2w Aspect yea you can buy stuff in cash shop mount, bag space , hp potions ,cards well most of stuff which can be obtained from drops but low chance. But here is a thing you can buy cash shop money "reales" with gold from other ppl in the market so you can obtain same stuff just not instantly

Second : Game is a bit grindy, with ques,t which helps a little but you will grind for items, for craft mats etc but in my opinion its good that you can't get good stuff instantly

And third : Game has open pvp zones where you go to farm mats for recepies soem quests and other stuff and its free pk zone on all ofc its lvl based you can't get in to lvl 10-19 zone with lvl 20+ char

So overal i like this game, I played for 200h and still gona play it as its pvp is engaging , there is NONE p2w aspect only pay to be lazy aspect, and the game has a freaking castle wars :D owning a castle is always fun
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Posted: August 1, 2014

changed the recommendation to NO!
extremely boring...
no action whatsoever!
nothing that i haven't already seen in an asian anime mmorpg!
so disappointed,i was expecting this game since they announced it ,back in 2009! :(

ok. so this review is made when reaching lvl 10. Later, i will probably edit this.

First of all, if you are a King's Bounty fan,you will probably like this game... It is developed by Katauri,same developer.

Now, step by step explanation:

-it isn't open world,you have regions like Dragon Nest

- identical like King's Bounty\Diablo, as in Click to move,( no WASD).
Despite this, it's not a Hack'n'slash game.
-it has also an auto-path movement,which can only be activated through opening the map.( i hate this autopath in general).
Stupid thing: in autopath movement,you are not safe, the mobs will attack you... :))

-you have skill bars,like any other mmorpg, but it also have the auto-attack skill which can be disabled (quite tricky though).
- i play as a rogue,which has energy as a resource skill spenders.
Unlike any other mmo, the energy bar is refilling very slow,and makes you wanna use the auto-attack which makes you feel like you're watching a movie or smth, because there's nothing for you to do... (big downside here...)
if you don't use the auto-attack,you will lose energy after 2-3 battles and need potions to refill... which you need to buy...

Levelling up:
-at each level you obtain 4 skill points that need to be distributed through 4 skills... all this time, i spent them equally between the skills ,because (and maybe here i wasn't paying attention) i cannot find a skill that suits best for my rogue...

-basically,like any other free-to-play mmo is kill that,bring quest,receive items, etc... kinda grindy imo...

item enhancements:
-you need some resources for that, which i couldn't find until this level... maybe you can buy them from merchants....

-until this level, i couldn't find out if this is really a feature...
you can gather all sorts of items,grassy things,ooze things, etc, but i couldn't find any use for them,so i sold them to merchants...

-you start with one bag,slots can be bought with royal reales,which can be obtain with real cash...,until now, i found no need to buy extra slots,but after each quest, i sold everything unneeded to merchants...
-stupidest thing: you have different tabs in bag (equipment,consumables,etc), but NO ALL tab.! so everytime you need to do something or to search something in your bag, you'll have to switch between tabs... kinda annoying.


style identical to King's Bounty (same engine), i give it 9\10


nice, but nothing compared to the music in King's Bounty,which is amazing...
although I entered a dungeon of some sort,which had the same song as in KB :)

in this moment,i found only one player in the zone,but this is because 1C Publishing made a HUGE mistake on launch:
they announced it is an Open Beta with only 3 hours before launch,and turned out to be DLC purchase players only,for the first week!

-it has potential..
-don't spend your money to get early access, wait another week,until it's free.
-i will spend some more time playing this game,and if you like KB,you need to try it.
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Posted: August 7, 2014
Character name "Adolf Hitler" is completely fine to use.

10/10, would get banned again.
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Posted: August 2, 2014
A solid but familiar MMORPG experience. Some people may not like the top-down camera or the click-to-move controls, but I think they work well.

It's a really nice looking game and has a pretty high level of polish for a F2P title, the exploration and questing is pretty standard but does the job.

There are 4 Classes with 2 specializations and each specialization has 3 skill-trees. You get 4 stat-points each level to spend on your main attributes. Combat is fine, it's auto-attack with hot-bar skills.

There are plenty of different zones and each area tends to have a dungeon or two - some of which have open-PvP which again some people may not enjoy, I think it adds to the fun.

Lots of theme-park style questing from hub to hub and from what I've played you level up pretty quickly - though that may change at higher lvls.

I won't comment at this early stage on whether the game is P2W or not, but I may update my review at a later date to clarify on the cash-shop.

Overall I think it's a good game and I recommend it to people who don't mind a more typical MMORPG.
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Posted: August 2, 2014
If you played Ragnarok Online 2 and had your heart broken like mine, you might want to give this a try.
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