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發售日: 2005 年 04 月 28 日


購買 Guild Wars® Game of the Year Edition





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張貼於:06 月 19 日
Great game in its time, although it's tough to get into now with the gameplay mechanics of modern MMORPGs. If you can gather a small group of friends to dedicate time to this game, you're definitely in for a treat.
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張貼於:06 月 28 日
I miss this game :( I wish it was more populated
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張貼於:2011 年 07 月 7 日
Still fun after 6 years. Get Eye on the North in addition, and collect Hall of Monument points for bonuses in GW2.
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張貼於:2011 年 06 月 16 日
this game is awsome its like wow but no membership you buy it and thats it. if you like wow or rift then you should get this game ASAP
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張貼於:2011 年 12 月 1 日
It is not bad at all for a subscriptionless MMO, however Guild Wars 2 is much better. After you beat your wife and kids, pick up GW2.