This content requires the base game Crusader Kings II on Steam in order to play.

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Release Date: Oct 14, 2014

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This content requires the base game Crusader Kings II on Steam in order to play.

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About This Content

Crusader Kings II: Charlemagne is the seventh expansion for the much praised strategy/RPG Crusader Kings II and introduces the gamer to an absorbing story of conquests of Charlemagne.

This expansion moves the game back almost a 100 years to 769 AD and will offer a unique new story driven narrative about the rise of Charlemagne and The Holy Roman Empire. It’s more of what you’ve come to know and love from Paradox Development Studios.

Crusader Kings II explores one of the defining periods in world history in an experience crafted by the masters of Strategy where medieval times is brought to life in this epic game of knights, schemes, and thrones...

Main features:
  • New Earlier bookmark, 769, almost 100 more years of Crusader Kings II
  • Special story event series for Charlemagne
  • Annual Chronicle in the style of the Saxon chronicle
  • Create new dynamic/fantasy kingdoms and empires based on your current duchy or kingdom, named the same, with the same flag.
  • Dozens of new cultures.
  • Brand new system for climate and seasonal transitions.
  • Regency overhaul

System Requirements

    • OS: XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB
    • Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon® X1900, 512mb graphics memory required.
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sound: Direct X-compatible sound card
    • Additional: 3-button mouse and keyboard
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Mostly Positive (89 reviews)
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Posted: May 13
Waste of money. Cronicle system is a joke and does not keep track of most of what your character does. Bad DLC policy. Pick up cheap if you do buy it, but wont miss much if you dont.
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Mr. Moonshine
Posted: April 18
Frankia Ain’t free. The tree of christan conversions gotta be litterd with the blood of Saxons. Karloman aka “Karlofag” is not my brother. he is illegitemate ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and probbaly pagan as well :DD. GERMAN roman empire not ROMAN roman empire ok. praise the pope.
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Posted: April 15
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Posted: March 17

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Posted: January 11
From all the CK2 expansions I like this one the most!

Here's a tip:
- start new game as the High Chieftess of Kiev
- marry this guy in your court: - have an amazing family tree
- win the game!
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Posted: January 5
Pushes the start date to 769 and adds custom kingdoms and empires. Also some really cool culture flipping in the Iberian peninsula. Start as a Visigoth and depending on where you are at, it can change into Catalan or Castillan by event. Also, Charlemagne.
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Posted: December 16, 2015
Do you like crusader kings 2:

Yes: Buy this add-on.

No: I don't care for your kind.
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Furin Kazan
Posted: August 8, 2015
One of the major DLCs that add considerably to the game, bring it back to the beginning of what we would consider the development of modern Europe. Playing as Charlemagne is pretty great. Playing as Sigurdr Ring and reforming the religion in one generation while also forming the Scandinavian Empire for Ragnar Lothbrok to inherit is better. Having actuall Goths, Picts and Lombards around is pretty cool, wish a little more was done with that.
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Posted: July 25, 2015
1. Poorly balanced start date that has a number of blobs that are likely to stay as such for the rest of the game.
2. Lacklustre and shoddily implemented chronicle (a good idea but poorly executed).
3. Viceroy mechanic that only really affects Byzantine Empire and makes playing as its emperor easier than it already was.

This is the only major expansion to this game that I would recommend not getting under any circumstances unless it's on an outrageously cheap sale.
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Posted: July 19, 2015
Earllier start date and new feautures not worth the money. Try the Old Gods DLC first... much more enjoyable.
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Posted: October 18, 2014
Just got the Charlemagne DLC, i started to play as Carloman, Charlemagnes brother, to get abit more of a difficult challenge. Revolts in Charlemagnes kingdom appears, Charlemagne dies in battle and i inherit all of his titles. Since i got his titles i might as well steal his wife, so i married her after Charlemagne's death. Then my first son dies of illness, and before i managed to make new heirs, a sudden plot notification appears, i got murdered!

And then at the end of the line, i saw who the plotter was, it was my mother Bertrada. Its now obvious what son she loved the most.
Game over. 10/10
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Posted: October 14, 2014
Tried to create my own kingdom as a tribe in Russia, got captured during a raid. Regent, wife and spy master all in one embezzles the kingdom preventing a move to a feudal state. Unable to be released she informs me on plots to claim my lands but will not arrest them because she likes them.

Die alone in prison, son is killed by a maid within a month. Game over.

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Posted: October 15, 2014
A quick breakdown of the new DLC-specific content: custom kingdoms and empires possible, regency overhaul, timeline backshift, dynasty chronicle.

Custom Kingdoms/Empires: This particular feature is kind of a let down. You cannot name the new state without the Customization Pack DLC, and if you do have that DLC, it kind of rends this feature redundant. You also cannot customize the coat of arms or the kingdom/empire's color on the map. The one advantage is that this frees the player from territorial restrictions if they want to climb to the top, as you can merge any three duchies/kingdoms into a new kingdom/empire.

Dynasty Chronicle: Reminiscent of the chronicles in Europa Universalis. Not all that riveting.

Timeline Backshift: What's not to love about delving another century into history, with Germany still largely pagan and the Slavs still free of Christian influence? The chance to play as Charlemenge is also pretty awesome, as he gets his own unique event chains.

Regency Overhaul: You can now designate your regent in the event that your fiefdom needs one. The designated regent gets a large opinion boost to you. The ability to pick a capable and loyal regent instead of randomly being assigned an unknown, malicious, halfwit hunchback from across the sea is a HUGE boon and a long-awaited improvement to CK2.

Summary: Most of the primary new content that has been added is well-done; however, some of the best content, such as the new tribal mechanics, came for free with the patch. The primary attraction for this DLC is the timeline shift, which pagan players will absolutely love. The regency overhaul, of course, is another drawing point. For 15 dollars, this DLC is somewhat expensive, but it does compare favorably to its timeline-expanding predecessor, The Old Gods, one of the best CK2 expansions which was also 15 dollars.

This is recommended for any devoted CK2 fans, particularly players who often play pagans or who have dreamt of playing the legendary Emperor of the Franks!
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Posted: October 14, 2014
Crusader Kings 2 is the only game I love for its relentless DLC releasing, because these DLCs actually seem to add something real and new and interesting to the game, while leaving the base form the game the same. So with this DLC. I can finally make Essex the powerful Saxon kingdom it deserved to be as the distant heir to Aella.
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Posted: October 17, 2014
There have been plenty of DLC packs for CK2. Some have been excellent (The Old Gods), some have been "go home Johan, you're drunk" (Sunset Invasion)...but this one is the best of the lot. A much earlier start date, plus pagans get nerfed so that if you're trying to play as a Catholic kingdom on the fringes of Northern Europe, you don't get stomped by Vikings who inexplicably have High Middle Ages feudal government organization. Tribes of this era relied on light infantry rather than the men at arms we think of when we think of peasant-in-a-can warfare. It was the more "civilised" groups that had heavier infantry and cavalry.

Realism, a good setting historically, and more of the CK2 you know and love? What's not to like? Absolutely, completely recommended.
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Posted: October 14, 2014
I played CK2 several times and finished the game as Ireland. I am already busy in Old Gods DLC playing the Kingdom of Sicily. With about 400 years left in that game, developers released another massive content. Thanks to this Charlemagne DLC, i have now option to conquer vast pagan eastern Europe as the ruler of Bavaria, as a marcher lord and with a style!. Thank you Paradox!
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Posted: October 14, 2014
Once again the gang at Paradox have made a massive, worthwhile update. On par with the amount of content in Old Gods, this brings some much needed updates to the game play.

Well done. Very well done.

Quick Answer? Do you like Paradox and their stuff? Are you a CK2 fan? This will be a must buy. But I don't need to tell you that, you already know.
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Not Recommended
Posted: October 17, 2014
I enjoy the CK2 series, obviously, I have nearly 1k hours on record (apparently I need a life). I do NOT recommend this new DLC .... yet.

Full of bugs.

A few bugs that render the game unplayable right now (note that a few may be only for Mac OSX)

1. FIXED - REVOLTS! This is a common theme with CK2 expansions .. dear God, if you had the misfortune of play the Indian expack when it was released, it's quite a bit like that. Peasants will revolt, and revolt, and revolt. I think this has something to do with the new Vassal system. A current game of mine I am the Emporer of Scandinavia yet I have 0/43 vassals and revolts all over the place.

2. FIXED - Clicking on empty building slots as a Tribal holding will crash the game to the desktop.

3. Christians get their Holy Orders earlier, and the way tribal settlements work make them exceptionally weak.. get an AI with an attitude and they can run you over with ease. Thinking of stealing some Scottish, Irish or Welsh land?? Doesn't matter that they are tribal, with Holy Orders they instantly have 20k+ soldiers to crush your pathetic attempts.

4. Speaking of easy conquest .. the largest duchies at the start will flourish conquering little settlements, the map in a few years becomes a few exceptionally large states. I became Emperor of Scandinavia with ease, every settlement is essentially a little city, easy and fast to conquer.

5. FIXED - There seems to be an issue with "NoCulture" permiating the map .. I'm pretty sure Iberians had established cultures, and anyone of Scottish blood will be enraged to see Scotland is cultureless.

6. Norse religion is now called "Germanic" which seems rather vauge.

7. The Franks are unstoppable.. which seems obvious, it is the point of the DLC afterall. However historically this empire was exceptionally weak from internal struggles (and only lasted 88 years). Maybe the few games I've played with this DLC was just unlucky and I got a bunch of Karlings that liked each other.

There's plenty of good stuff, especially the overhaul with crown laws and such. But as usual there are also a lot of bugs and imballances created.

8. New bug for OSX -- game crashes to the desktop.
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Posted: October 14, 2014
Dammit Paradox, why can't I quit you?? You are like smoking, except my wallet is my lungs.
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Posted: February 13, 2015
As Charlemagne's brother Carloman, I fought off a combined Bavarian-Lombard invasion early in the game, saved France from the Waldenstein, Germanic, and Slavic uprisings, assasinated Charlemagne without anyone noticing, and reunited the two halves of France, only to be killed by an uprising of peasants who wanted lower taxes.

11/10 would Carloman again
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