The Unlicensed Bible game that should have been buried in a desert is back !! and this time its taking no prisoners on its metaphysical "psychosis quest" into the very nature of God and death. Narrated By award winning No-wave high priestess Jarboe (SWANS,The path).
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Release Date: Sep 12, 2014
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""a weirdy little vignette that throws videogames, forteana and drugs into the mix over the course of around 20 minutes""
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September 17

Director's cut released.

Sunday school has spoken and we have listened.

Giraffes are back!! In a BIG way.
After all, what kind of an Unlicensed Bible is this without them ?

- The length has been increased
- A cutting edge Jarboe licensed track added
- the prayer scene has been uncensored.
- as well as a new "NES fair" climax that will shock you to the very core of your being.

"we missed you" :D

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“This is the kind of game that interrupts gameplay with actual footage of people calling it garbage. The kind that aspires to be viewed as "shovelware." The kind that claims to be "the unlicensed Bible game that should have been buried in the desert." The kind about space nuns saving orbital monasteries, featuring narration by no-wave godhead Jarboe. Uriel's Chasm, in other words, is the kind of game you should play immediately.”
Kill screen daily

“Those who appreciate indie games, particularly ones that push boundaries of what is acceptable for games, should pursue this. Uriel’s Chasm is an uncomfortable, avant-garde title that has hooked me. Chances are more unsuspecting players will continue to fall under its strange spell.”
3.5 – Hardcore gamer

“Uriel's Chasm is an acquired taste, but something tells me this could find it's way to reaching cult classic status one day.”
5.7 – Modive

About This Game

"Sister Tabitha has been asleep 8 years. On route to investigate the disappearance of the orbital Monastery "Enoch's Hope"; She is haunted by reoccurring dreams of a Dimethyltryptamine harvesting "Garden of paradise"."

At least that's what the box said to the obscure avante garde 90's game the "Shovelware Queens" started reviewing.

The Unlicensed Bible game that should have been buried in a desert is back !! and this time its taking no prisoners on its metaphysical "psychosis quest" into the very nature of God and death.

Featuring :-

- Voice over By award winning SWANS no-wave high priestess Jarboe

- Ancient Hebrew story telling techniques of Allegory and Typology.

- Rich Context that infinitely rewards further investigation.

- Gamestyles including a complete re-imagining of Asteroids, High octane "Ghett-ro" Euroshmup action and "Non-Game" meta weirdness.

- Metaphysics drawn from over 7 years of research.

- Pulsing keytar soundtrack by Dylan Barry (Super killer hornet Resurrection, NPPD RUSH, Psichodelya)

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP and up
    • Processor: 2 gig dual core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Latest driver direct x 9
    • Sound Card: Latest driver direct x 9
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Just save your money! Absolutly terrible!
Posted: September 18
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56 of 82 people (68%) found this review helpful
0.9 hrs on record
Short, primitive and dull game. The only part that was somewhat fun to play was the sidescrolling shmup level, still way below even mediocre sidescrollers. I liked the weird story and some of the music, but aside from that this game is complete trash. Don't be an idiot, dont buy it!
Posted: September 12
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26 of 33 people (79%) found this review helpful
1.7 hrs on record
Uriel’s Chasm is a game that many people will not love and will not enjoy. It’s a different sort of game and it doesn’t happen very often that I play a game this weird. Naturally, the word ‘weird’ can be interpreted both ways here, but I mean it in a negative sense, I’m afraid.

The game is approximately 30 minutes long and it’s unclear, unfocused, amateuristic and, above all, pretentious.
It’s supposedly about religion and faith. That’s what the ‘story’ led me to believe anyway. But this story mostly consists of (seemingly random) Bible verses, sometimes spoken by a person that clearly has no passion doing this.
The FMVs are also uninteresting and, in my opinion, hardly add anything to the entire game.

Gameplay-wise the game consists of several genres; you start the game in a ship shown for a top-down perspective and it’s your goal to collect more faith than what’s in the garden. This can be done by shooting meteorites while also avoiding them and one, large, rotating monster (I think ?).
Meteorites will sometimes drop bible verses, which you can then collect to increase your faith meter. You have to take into account that moving will decrease your fuel meter and hitting enemies will decrease your faith meter. Shooting your guns will also deplete your ammo meter. If any meter completely depletes it is game over.
If you’ve collected enough faith the game will continue to the next part which is a side-scrolling shooter. The goal there is shoot your enemies or to just avoid their gunfire and kill the boss at the end of the level. Looks simple, but the collision detection is poor and as a result is sometimes fairly frustrating.
The last part is a platformer. You just jump around finding trees/crosses that show you verses from the Bible. There are no enemies and you can’t die here. But the level does rotate so it might be a bit confusing and disorienting to some. This should be simple enough for most of us.
Like I said, all of this takes approximately 30 minutes or 1 hour max if maybe you don’t play many games.

The graphics are retro and in 2D, which look ok. Some of the graphics are a bit hideous but overall it all looks decent enough.
And despite what you would think the music is pretty good. But that’s about the only real thing I enjoyed I guess.
The user interface is obtrusive and way out of proportion and clutters the screen. This is completely unnecessary. The text is also annoying to read, because it changes colors every second and, yes, this is also too big for the screen.

So, if you still haven’t got the impression that I didn’t enjoy this game then this review is probably worthless to you. But if it did make sense to you then I suggest you stay away from this game. Even if it goes on sale (which shouldn’t take that long if I had to take a guess).
Faith in humanity: lost.

[Rating: 42/100]
Posted: September 16
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27 of 36 people (75%) found this review helpful
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This game was not for me. I didn't understand the UI and I never felt like I had enough time to read the paragraph of flavor text that would pop up every so often when I got...something? It was a very confusing 15 minutes and I just wasn't interested in it.
Posted: September 13
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1.8 hrs on record
This game made me look back at "Bad Rats" and think "Good times man.... good times..."

If the developer was intending to make a very, very bad game... maybe he did a bit too good of a job

Video Review Below:
Posted: September 20
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