An entire industrial empire under your control. Have you always dreamed of swimming in money? In “Industry Empire” you are the boss of all bosses.
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Release Date: Jul 30, 2014

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About This Game

An entire industrial empire under your control.

Have you always dreamed of swimming in money? In “Industry Empire” you are the boss of all bosses. Carry out research, extract raw materials, process them in your factories and distribute your products!

Send off trucks packed with your goods to far off cities and watch how booming trade lets your locations and the region grow and fills your coffers!
Grow your business, get rich and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

With an innovative land acquisition feature: buy plots of land and determine the size and shape of your new factory site!

  • A new title in the successful Planner series
  • Mine a range of raw materials and manage the entire production chain!
  • Extensive research opportunities and dynamic urban growth
  • Produce and sell over 160 different industrial products!
  • Purchase land, precisely tailored to your needs and wallet!
  • Expand your private property and furnish it with luxury items, whether it’s a country home or a villa!
  • Added fun through various scenarios such as saving a region from bankruptcy and modernizing old structures
  • Includes online leaderboard

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz (or higher)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with minimum 256 MB (GeForce 7600 GT series, comparable or higher)
    • DirectX: Version 8.0
    • Storage: 450 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Sound card
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Not Recommended
7.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 30, 2014
The good: You can manage a business with multiple industries, reasonably quick to learn, achievements give skill points that can be used for upgrades, average.
The bad: Glosses over a lot of detail (micromanagement), extremely repetitive, minimal sense of accomplishment or reward, automation is sub par, game feels cheap.
This game could have been a lot more. Sadly it's a lackluster title that will merely wet your appetite for an industry simulator that we've all been craving. It's worth closer to $10-15. Would recommend Cities in Motion 2 or Euro Truck Simulator 2 for a better executed experience.
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28.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 30, 2014
Hours Played Disclaimer: I accidentally left the game idle overnight during the tutorial, so the hours played is inaccurate.

I am writing this, and I am still very early game in freeplay mode. Keep in mind I have played city and business sims before.

IE offers an extensive tutorial that will introduce you to its mechanics. This game seems to be very detailed and nuanced in terms of its gameplay mechanics. You not only make larger choices about where to place buildings, but you hand-pick the number and type of trucks needed to deliver your goods; different trucks transport different goods. You will also need to maintain your vehicles as time goes on. Also, you can actually determine the shape of the land you purchase for development, as well as the location of buildings within a given plot.

The graphics are nothing to write home about, but they are serviceable and get the job done. So far, I haven't run into any bugs or problems of note.

I'll update this impression once I get more gametime under my belt.

Update: The various information panels available are acutually useful and helpful. As vets of the genre know, this is not always the case with this kind of game.

Your primary source of income will be from fulfilling orders for various products. You will need to deliver the products on time in order to avoid a penalty for late delivery. The game ends if you run out of money. However, you can get a limited number of loans (six, I think) from the bank.

It looks like the game has two gameplay modes: freeplay and scenarios. At launch, there are six different scenarios for you to choose from, which place in charge of varying industries at different stages of development. While the scenarios seem somehwhat interesting, I think most gamers will want to go for freeplay option.

Overall, I recommend this game. I know there are concerns about the the developer's past releases, but I decided to take the plunge, and I am enjoying myself so far.

Update 7/31: Still enjoying the game overall. Pick-up and delivery of goods are made instantly once a truck arrives at a given destination. It looks like the early game is limited to farming, and you will gain access to diffirent techonologies and industries as the game progresses. The game can drag a bit at regular speed when waiting for production of various goods to hit a desired level, but you can speed-up time to compensate.

One minor issue I have run into is the awkwardness of knowing how big the next plot you're going to buy needs to be in order to accomodate a given building. Right now, you have to go into the Buildings menu select the building and look at it's footprint; then you have click on the Land menu and draw out the plot based on your memory of said footprint. This isn't so bad when you're placing one or two buildings, but it can become a bit of a challenge when you're doing more. It's not a dealbreaker, but it is annoying.

If you want to mine, you can order a geological survery that will tell you the size of given deposits in an area, and I wish there were something similar available for setting up water plants. There doesn't appear to to be a water table that tells you what areas of the map have more water than others, and this is a feature I really liked in the latest SimCity. Currently, it seems like you can just plop a water plant anywhere, and it will produce the same amount of water.

Workers become available instantly when you build residences and request a given number, so there's no gradual build-up of the population like in other games. This may not be realistic, but it does allow you get facilities up and running sooner since you don't have to wait for workers to become available once requested. Their travel to and from work is not simulated either.

I still haven't encountered any major bugs or crashes. I'll update these impressions again soon.

Update 7/31 #2: Okay, after playing the game for a while on Freeplay, I would still recommend this title for fans of the genre. If you are trying to choose between IE and the latest Sim City, however, I would go for Sim City, as it's prettier and, perhaps, more streamlined and refined in some of its gameplay elements. Some folks have been reporting lag spikes and sluggish gameplay. I really haven't had any problems in those regards. All of the game features I have tried have worked as one would expect.

The bottom line IMHO is that this is a competent entry into the city building genre, but it could use a facelift and some subtle improvements to make it even better. Perhaps the price tag should be a bit lower given these issues, but this is a generally robust simulation that seems to offer a solid foundation for some good fun. If you're on the fence, wait and see if and how the devs respond to suggetions and complaints.
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Not Recommended
24.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 31, 2015
I bought this game very early on and have been patiently waiting for the developers to patch it up to an enjoyable level ever since. And all of this time, I've been nothing but supportive and hopeful, waiting for this to occur. But now, I've finally thrown in the towel and decided it's time to call this donkey for what it is.

All you really have to do is go to the forums and you'll quickly see other peoples' reasons for dissatisfaction with this game. But speaking for myself, the worst aspect of the game is that has an economic model that creates orders/demand for you to start a business, then dries up those orders to ZERO unless you open other businesses (with different products) to develop the surrounding towns to create more demand for your original product. Sound ridiculous? It is. For example, you go from building a successful egg producing business to suddenly, zero demand (due to no one in the world eating eggs anymore because their town is too small, apparently). It takes all of the positive, enjoyable parts of the game, wads it up, lights it on fire, and throws it out the window. Have you ever heard of a business game "on rails"?

I don't know if I've ever even written a negative review on Steam. But, my level of frustration and disappointment in this game has led me for this to be my first. Is this the worst game ever made? No, but it completely misses the mark of creating an enjoyable progression of building your business to be what you want it to be (which to me, is the point of game like this, Railroad Tycoon, etc...). This game is SUCH a missed opportunity and the developers seem to be oblivious and completely disengaged. Not a good way to run your uh... business. So, save yourself the frustration and do not buy this game.
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Not Recommended
13.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 1, 2015
Game is still unfinished.

0 automation !

Vehicles management is really bad
a) one vehicle per one job that will occur once per month
b) veichle put on one job can not participate on another job

click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click

Fill factories with raw material
click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click

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Not Recommended
7.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 20, 2014
When negative reviews outnumber positive ones, I avoid the game like it was spoiled fruit. This time I went against the majority and bought the game. They have listed so much wrong I thought can't be true.

I should have taken the $30 and bought a hammer to hit myself in the head with. Frustrating, mega-micromanagement, and no hope for fixes to the basic mechanics of the game, Next time I buy the hammer, You should spend your money elsewhere
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Not Recommended
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 9, 2015
BROKEN as can be! Does not install properly, requiring you to find and install a specific version of DirectX and PhysX, must be run as administrator (also during install), must change GFX card config to abnormal settings (which will break other games if not changed back first), must run at low-quality audio on your soundcard, cannot use anything above 16-bit 44.1kHz (CD-Quality), which is shamefully poor with today's common 24-bit or at least 16-bit 192kHz, and i've literally never seen a game that can't downsample- it requires you to nerf and reconfigure your whole system just to run it. Then, once you've done ALL THAT, you will STILL find that it crashes to desktop constantly. In-game features such as auto-scheduling product deliveries are broken (they ONLY work if ALL the goods are available at the very moment of the order, at ONE location, AND can fit on ONE truck... which will never happen.)
To top it all off, their support seems to think all these problem are 'okay' and 'normal' for games 'these days'. They're deluded and insane.
This could have been a nice game, but the incredibly poor compatability with standard computers, lack of configureability, ineffective patches, haphazard coding, poor performance, and dismissive support attitude are all enough to make this a truly awful, painful experience that is more frustrating than it's worth for a medeocre and seemingly unfinished game with few original elements to a genre with only a half dozen entries! Really, they couldn't do ANYTHING new? The strange lack of development in many areas (such as the fact the only source of power in this world is, apparently, solar?) and clunky interface (you can't 'back out' of some 'draw' menus and must switch menus to get back to normal click-to-interact modes) just... ugh.

Consider this game a painful basket of lessons being learned by an indie developer. Hopefully they can add some real content, fix the interface, and for the love of GOD get it working within some modicum of basic computer gaming standards... then, maybe they'd have a good little game. But as it stands?
2.5 out of 10. Go play Capitalism 2 instead.

Also, just a note. It has crashed to desktop 19 times in the 90 minutes i've been 'playing' it. Oh, but I can run Minecraft for 8 hours without one crash?
They just didn't even try to make this thing stable.

IF you really need help or are unlucky enough to have bought it, and are one of the people (see: most) who can't even get it to run, please feel free to send me a message on Steam and i'll try to walk you through all the many steps to make your computer compatible. But.. it's not really worth it, and you have to undo it to get most /other/ games to work.
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30 of 43 people (70%) found this review helpful
20.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 26, 2014
Well... Well... I was waiting for a game like this!
And I'm Surprised. This game is good... Really Good!

Let's have a deeper look on it:

1. If you like micromanagement games, like I do, you will enjoy this game, becouse it can guarantee you at least 100 hours of gameplay.
2. The Game is BEAUTIFUL! The design is what it should be!
3. The Gameplay is the best of it's genre. You can Hire workers, buy lands, research new upgrades for your factories, buy trucks, buy your OWN House!!! And it's still not over: You have an achievement section and the Trade Cards too. But this is not the biggest thing in the game.
4. Skill Tree: Yep! Halleluia! Finaly somebody, who told: 'Let's Put Skill Trees in this game!' They ARE helpful, and can give you a boost in-game.
5. Price system is really accurately done. The prices are never too high or too low... they may seem to be, but none of them are. They are perfectly equilibrated with the game.
6. Autosave Feature: The game at least not punish you to restart everything from the beggining. Every 3 monthses (please correct me if I'm wrong) your game is automatically saved, so if the game crashes, you are saved.

1. Still Buggy: There are still some bugs in-game, like what happened to me today: The acchievement system broke down, and now I can't use my skill points. Sad story, hopefully it will be patched in the v1.02.
2. Engine Crashes: Sometimes (especially if you play more than 4-5 hours), the game just shuts down by it's own, loosing all your progress from the last Autosave... Sad, sad, sad. Not talking about the engine what needs 2.4GHz Dual Core Processor. It can be a nightmare for some players to play with it for the lags. :(
3. The Mechanics: This tipe of game is not for everybody! If you want to get to the top quickly, this game is not for you! Be patient, and you will have your Gold Medal! :D
4. Graphics Settings: As Soon as you enter to the map, you will see the blured trees, and say: 'OMG Why?'. Just turn off the Blur mode, and the game will be Fine! :)
5. PC Requirements: They are TOO high for this tipe of game. I know that the INSOMNIA engine is powerfull enough, but why did it have to be so outrageously demanding? (Not my teritory, just saying) Sometimes less is more!
6. The Price: Just one question: WHY??? I bought this game in the GameStop for 15€... Half price like here. And what is different? I don't think so, there is any difference.

My opinion about this game? Well, if you are a HARDCORE gamer, who likes this genre (micromanagement), than you will be fine with this game. :)
For others: If you would like to try this game, buy it at the GameStop or wait until the price will drop down! You should probably give it a try!

Overall Rating: 8/10 (will be updated after the release of the new patch!)

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19 of 26 people (73%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
3.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 7, 2015
I absolutely love games this like even when most do not. Sadly, this is one of the worst simulation games I have played espeically for the price. The game is clunky and hard to build. Selling items isn't automatic and just becomes annoying after awhile. I tried the campain which was lacking any substance and didn't give me the desire to contiue to play. Simply put, I'm horrified that I spent money on this game and beg steam to give a refund.
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Not Recommended
16.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 2, 2014
This game plays like the heart and soul of Industry Giant 2 and Transport Tycoon. You build industry around a map after buying land and produce in a 'unit per hour' style to then sell to cities which, depending on population, have needs. You build truck hubs to send out trucks to pick up goods and deliver all over the map. Even if you've found this style of gameplay fun, there are some significant drawbacks to this particular title.

The actual method of getting goods to market is not the smoothest method either. You'll find yourself doing extremely mundane tasks with a lot of clicking - and there is no simple 'deliver per month' that would make bringing things to market more automated and streamlined. This is only set up between your own factories.

The actual manner in which your vehicles take things to their orders is unsatisfying. Undetailed vehicles, no sense of loading and unsatisfying sound effects mean that the thing you'll do over and over seems to reap little reward. There's no ching or money or roar of engine, no sense of big loads or interesting vehicles. In this regard, it falls short of previous, older, non-3d titles.

The method of land purchase, itself, is a little obnoxious. If there were tools to help you fill in gaps or 'snap to road' and 'snap to non buyable land' options, it would be a little less so - but with large footprints, winding Freight Tycoon style roads and rigidly blocky buildings, you'll find yourself with an ugly landscape rather quickly. You point and click to form a shape. If you've ever played Cities XXL and built a farm - the manner is identical, but for the ability to snap to lines and fill in spaces. This, agan, is sorely missed, costs time and leaves gaps.

Furthermore, there is little sense of border in some buildings. To make roads between them, you'll often be clicking on invisible (Indeed, also 3d) footprints as you select and build roads to create alleys and access roads.

To progress through the game you start with a few buildings, earn money and level up. This releases more buildings and products - that cities, too, will begin to pick up as they grow. To make a city grow you have to supply it with as much as you can. This means you'll be taking large numbers of orders.

The different menus you have to go through to send a truck, the inability to rename vehicles or places to create senses of locales or purposes (Especially helpful as your plants specialize in products), you'll come to know them as 32, 44, 1 and 3. Not only unpersonal, but it continues to take away from an immersion of the game. A simple option to rename would have helped. You wont see the load capacities of trucks when you send them out - you have to actually select the logistics depot, go to purchase a new vehicle and determine it from there.

A truck will then leave, 'touch' its source destination to instantaneously load, get stuck behind a vehicle going slowly (ala Freight Tycoon without the passing or upgrading of roads), and then 'touch' its destination to deliver it. The sound effects are ala Windows 95 System Sounds than an actual game, and the little details that make the sight and sounds of these games, the sense of a day to day operation, seem lost.

I've tried playing this quite a bit, and it still suffers from a crash to desktop every couple of hours. More importantly, the more I play this, the more I not want to play this. I want to go back to other titles to get a sense of satisfaction that they, as a game, give. Though newer and in 3d, this game is both expensive and lacks a sense of basic heart, soul and effort that others have tried to give. I don't recommend it.

As a sidenote, the graphics are clean enough when zoomed in - but this is a view you will be rarely using. Zooming out, they very quickly become pixelated and seem rough.
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27 of 42 people (64%) found this review helpful
11.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 31, 2014
This game is great as long as you (1) do the tutorial and (2) enjoy the tycoon/economy simulator genre. This game is a refreshing new take on a tired old genre that hasn't had much in the past few years. It's great at scratching the same itch as the Railroad Tycoon series or OpenTTD while adding new game play elements.

I've only played for one evening and can see that it might have limited re-playability value - the progression seems fairly linear and it might not be exciting the 3rd or 4th time through. It's a long progression though, so to me, the $25 price is a good value for a single play-through. Other people might disagree, but I expect a solid 20-40 hours of fun.

If you do not enjoy tycoon games you will hate this game. If you loved Roller Coaster Tycoon you still might not like this game. But if you liked Freight Tycoon, you will love this game.
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Recently Posted
14.0 hrs
Posted: September 2
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14.9 hrs
Posted: July 6
I am a very big fan of tycoon game, I think I had my hands on nearly all of the major games in this genre, Transport Tycoon Trans openttd simtowertownantcity2345 RT2 RT3 TM industry giant transport Giant Gold CapitalismII RTC ANNO1404 Simutrans CS locomotion Patrician Tropico A-Train CitiesXL CitiesSkyline, and this game really has a lot of potential.

1. A Really Really Really rich set of goods to process and sell
160 goods, beating a lot of games by light years, only came close by Capitalism, but has a lot more dynamics
2. Decent production chain
It becomes as complex as, if not more than TrainMaster
3. Very well balanced
you cannot sell one type of good forever, it will crash the market, you have to feed the cities the 160 goods in varity to let it grow and consume all you productions to make profit

All in all, a very different taste of flavour from many other business tycoon games, very rich economic simulation, with tiny bit of transportation simulation. This is a nearly unbeatable game logic.

All that was of merit in the game logic, is comprimised by execution.
1. Known Game crash at launch issue, with scarce information.
saw a lot of forum post complaining about crash at launch, I had to reinstall a few times, then completely restart steam to get into game, definitely has to do with graphics, I got a prompt for some kind of factory graphic reset before first successful launch.
2. Random crash in game, with scarce information.
Game sometime just crashes for no apparent reason, when you are about 1 hour / 1year game time into the game. reload will sometime crash at same point, doing something different avoids the crash.
3. too few maps
From what I see, only 6 scenario and 3 maps (could be only 6 maps may be they reuse the map? Idk I am not interested in scenario I simulate, I only enjoy simulate)
4. tedious micromanagement
This is to many people a con, not that I frustrate a lot about, after all I see the reason behind it to be forcing player to pay attention to individual buildings. I think it is unfair to actually say the micromanagement is tedious, the production phase actually allows you to automate(with configurable time + volume option, never seen in other games), at the sacrifice of holding up one of your vehicle per operation; but the selling to market phase, there is no automation. Come on, after all sales is the most important part of Business! If all things can truely be automated, it will add a lot of satisfaction to the "hands off" experience, though might bring away some joy of micromanagement, you know we are all lazy.

Bought at steam sale, about 7USD, thats a deal.
Know what you are buying, you only enjoy this game if you are patient, and like to see things running, and love business simuation.
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48.4 hrs
Posted: May 30
for some reason game crashes after initial ronamedia name any idea,s to help me load
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9.7 hrs
Posted: May 21
Pros: Good management details

Bad : Nothing about the controls are user friendly. The game quickly becomes a burden to play.
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117.2 hrs
Posted: May 5
I would not buy this game. It quit working for me over a year ago. Won't load at all.
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0.6 hrs
Posted: March 24
This is a terrible game: DO NOT BUY!!!
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1.5 hrs
Posted: March 11
would not recommend
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1.2 hrs
Posted: February 11
Sim game without good AI, poor performance.
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4.8 hrs
Posted: February 6
terrible, it either doesnt start or crashes randomly and you lose all your progress. I wish I could get my money back!
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0.4 hrs
Posted: January 20
Cannot get through the tutorial, can't find the bloody arrow!
Will keep trying but cannot ask others to follow.
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