Help Shannon Tweed-Simmons end the groupie invasion, before they get their hands on her man!
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发行日期: 2014年4月1日


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The Groupies have invaded, and Shannon Tweed has had enough! Cougars, slugs, beauty queens, and bimbos - they all want a shot at the fame that comes with getting a rockstar. These groupies are relentless and Shannon isn’t going to back down without a fight. Join her in her battle to stop crazed groupies from getting Her Man! It’s not going to be easy, but with a little help from some celebrity friends, you can help Shannon end the groupie invasion.

- Unlock celebrity characters
- Power up and gain new, hilarious weapons!
- Unlock comedic groupie characters
- Featuring celebrity voiceovers by Shannon and Sophie Tweed-Simmons
- Unlock exclusive, never before seen content from behind the scenes


    • OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
    • Processor: 1.7 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 8.0
    • Sound Card: Integrated sound or better
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A friend bought me this for Christmas.

We're not friends anymore.
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The absolute best way to get rid of all your friends on Steam.
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I did not know what to expect before playing this game but I wasn't expecting much.

In short: Shannon Tweed's Attack Of The Groupies is basically a female version of Plants vs. Zombies. Instead of defending your garden from zombies, you are defending the backstage from groupies.......

I suppose the game is playable and perhaps, if you are a 12 year-old girl, you could decide to pick this game over Plants vs. Zombies but otherwise you're best off buying PvZ, since they are the same price.
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Shameless and dishwater-dull clone of Plants versus Zombies, with a shallow and egotistic protagonist.
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This game... I can't believe i'm saying this, but this is basically a cheap version of plants vs zombies. Oh, i've just been informed plants vs zombies is free now. nevermind, this game is a pile of ♥♥♥♥. with slightly enjoyable gameplay. -slightly-. also gene simmons......?
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thirst for games like pants vs zombies?
know who Shannon Tweed is and maybe like or don't have an opinion of here?
like to own crap games on steam?
well this game maybe for you.

here's some gameplay and [spoilers] the ending. i left the music on but if you play you may want to turn it down.
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oh god i thought this was an april fools joke and now its stuck in my library forever
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This game is like Plants V Zombies, in fact its pretty much the EXACT same thing, only with Shannon Tweed. The game is about groupies rushing the stage to get her man Gene Simmons, the lead singer of KISS. The music is a nonstop 3 second loop of music. KISS is a legendary rock group, kind of surprising the music for the game is this bad, not to mention if their music sounded like a low bitrate midi, Id imagine the groupies would be running away from the stage not towards it. Plants V Zombies has a singing sunflower that actually rocks harder than KISS in this game, never thought I would say that.

(Perhaps Shannon Tweed made this as an April Fools joke, it came out on April Fools day.)
Rating: 1/10 Value: $0.99
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A searing, in-depth look at the rollercoaster life of Shannon Tweed, as she grapples with both her turbulent mind and the incessant, onward onslaught of the over-keen (and underwashed) groupies. Never before has the fractured nature of existence been so accurately portrayed in pixel form.

Not so much a game as a celebrity life simulator. Not so much a game as an event.

Having said that, I do not recommend this game, because I'm unsure we, as humans, can fully handle it.
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I remember Shannon Tweed from when she was on an episode of Married with Children. Now two decades later, she's in her own game. It is a tower defense game. The all female groupies start at the right and walk to the left. If they reach Shannon, its game over man. Game over. To defend her, you place water guns and money trees on the grid. Everything you place costs money. The groupies never leave their lane or have any strategy, just as your water guns can only shoot in the same lane. When the groupies get to one of your objects, they'll damage it until it disappears.

The major problem with Shannon Tweed's Attack of the Groupies is the simple fact that it is mindlessly simple. In fact, halfway through the wave, I can sit back and just let the game play itself. To top that off, the levels are exactly the same. Each of the 6 levels has 10 levels. Yeah you heard that right. Anyway, level after level is exactly the same. After every 10 levels, the background will change. There is no sort of change in terrain. No swimming pools, roofs or dark of night. Its all the same. For completing each level, the game rewards you with either a new enemy, a new item in your arsenal or removing a barricade to make things tougher. Every so often you're rewarded with an album full of real life photos of Shannon, Gene Simmons and their family. The album layout really needed some sort of next / previous or 1 of 10 indicator so people don't just see 1 photo per album and click back.

Your arsenal has many objects, but the only two useful ones are the money tree and squirt gun. Before a level begins, you'll pick 7 things from your arsenal to use in the following level. When you start a level, a giant money sack will fall. When you click on it you get $50. They fall in random places. Once you have $100 you can place a money tree. With the money tree down it will generate two levels of money when you click on them to harvest the cash. The first level is $25, the second is $50. There's no need to let the money bloom. It could have been $60 when a tree is fully bloomed, but whatever. The cash grows often, so often they could have made a combo game out of it. Click on X number of trees in a second and get a bonus.

When you place a squirt gun, it can get upgraded after a waiting period. The upgrades cost cash and each one can get upgraded twice. These are the only two that you'll ever need. At least through the first 30 levels. To upgrade a gun, you need to pause the game by clicking the upgrade icon then click the object, then click the upgrade. I should just be able to click the object without clicking the upgrade button. A spacebar pause would have been nice, any key support would have been nice. There are other frills like bodyguards that stand there and block groupies. Gum that slows them down, a stink bomb that does damage, goo guns that slow down groupies and so on. The goo guns can get upgraded, but why buy them when the upgraded squirt guns decimate everything?

The enemies might look different, but they're all the same. At least the ones I found 30 levels into the game. They have different amounts of health and minor abilities. Red dress women can charm bodyguards to slip right by. Drunk groupies have higher health. Goth screamers do a wave of damage to your objects. Stilt walkers can merely walk over your objects. The new enemies are too few and far between.

On the first level, you only have one line to worry about. That's to get your feet wet. Then it opens up to three lanes. After a few more levels, its four lanes. Before you know it at level 20 you'll have 6 lanes open! If the game is too hardcore for you, there's an easy mode. You don't even have to upgrade your squirt guns, they'll take out everything.

On the surface, it has good looking cartoon graphics. It has Shannon saying lines like 'That wasn't hard... uh' and 'she'll climb over a glass wall to see you.' Some of the character art on the Steam store page isn't even in the game. The screenshots of the game are photoshopped. The lighting looks better on the Steam page than in the game. Its a pretty low resolution game. Not just that but the animation in the game is a little off. Groupies move faster than they walk if that makes sense. So their feet are sliding instead of walking.

Even if the 60 levels weren't draining enough, playing the same thing over and over with no variety, the music loop is awful. Notably awful. I usually don't bring up music, but single loop is grading. Hearing a few second loop over three hours straight.

Avoid this game. Its the same thing over and over, every level. So easy I don't even need to play the game halfway through the level, because I'm too busy scoring 4 touchdowns in a single game!
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Soulless Plants vs. Zombies clone for the hardcore KISS fan. If you're absolutely desperate for more PvZ games, or you really, really want to see pictures from Gene Simmons' family albums, then game may be something that interests you. Otherwise, stay away. Play Plants vs. Zombies again. Play Anomaly or Defense Grid.

There's nothing really interesting here, even from a gameplay perspective. The level pacing is too short, the difficulty curve is almost non-existant, It's simply not a good game. Stay away.
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Poor Mans Plants v Zombies.

I was gifted this game and I played it. The pain is more than real. Don't. Don't pls.
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This game is boring, repetetive and probably the worst Plants vs Zombies clone out there. DO NOT BUY! (unless you're a masochist like me) :)
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Give it to someone you love... or hate... if you're going to give them this game there's probably not much of a difference.
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First It is looking like plants vs zombie but the game is too easy... +/- 60 levels where only a little difference between 3 levels...
You unlock picture of Shannon.... yes if you really love her maybe but this game is 0/10 for me....
But nice.... i earn nothing if i finish the game so... *uninstall*
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A triumphant remastering of the PvZ convention. Shannon Tweed's Attack of the Groupies provides hours of droll delight in what can only be called the magnum opus of the Gogii Games portfolio.

p.s. hit the mute button or you will disagree with my review.
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Do you want Shannon Tweed? Do you want the Hollywood glitz and glamour and excitement that must fill Shannon Tweeds daily life? Do you want Plants Vs Zombies without plants, zombies or any of those fun game mechanics? Then this is the game for you.

You begin the game with a polite message from what I assume to be Ms Tweed's assistant, Sophie, who runs you through the contols of the game and the absolute havoc that comes with controling Shannon's hectic groupie filled schedule. After a while Sophie kinda leaves you to up it, updating you after each "day" on new "tools" which can help keep the groupies at bay. These range from Money Trees (Copyright pending for Ms Tweed) to what are essentially fart bombs that of course disgust the rampaging ravenous army of Tweed hungry groupies. I can't say I've progressed far beyond the fart bombs, but I cannot wait for the moment that I do. I am literally gripped right now.

All in all, this is worth every single penny if you answered yes to any of the questions in the opening paragraph. A truly revolutionary game, with a truly insightful look into the daily life and hell of a G list celebrity. I for one cannot recommend this enough. It also has the added bonus of looking good in your library. I obviously cannot speak for everyone here, but in my Steam library, it's sitting next to such subpar titles as Sanctum 2 and Sid Meier's Civilisation 5. Having Ms Tweeds game there, in HD no less, just gives me that sense of true gamer that only comes with games of this quality.
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"8/10 GOTY" - IGN
"10/10 Amazing experience!" - GameSpot
"7/10 Intuitively prys at your emotions and twitch skills, but lacks SSAO and 64x MSAA" - TotalBiscuit
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I was totally reluctant to purchase this game, I saw the reviews, watched the numerous videos and decided to take the plunge anyway... I saw Shannon Tweed and immediately was thrust back into my early teens and watching her amazing movies on Cine-max. I was not disappointed in the least, I totally love this game, it is the greatest game I've ever installed on my computer and I've installed some very impressive games.

The first time I loaded up the game and was reminded of my greatest gaming moments, coming out of the sewers in Oblivion, exiting the vault in Fallout 3, and even when I beat Emerald weapon in FF 7, none of them hold a candle to this game.

The music is top notch, why wouldn't it be with Kiss's lead singer Gene Simmons wife as the main character... Even though no Kiss music was included on the soundtrack I was treated to some of the greatest tunes I've heard in a video game. It made my ears literally climb off the side of my head and dance around the room.

As I mindlessly slayed group after group of similar groupees I was ecstatic to see the same ones over and over again, I would figure after my 300th time of hitting them with a stink bomb they would get the idea and stop coming.. They didn't, it was like playing the role of a roadie for a really popular Reo Speedwagon cover band..

I would recommend this game to everyone, you'll love it, it will help you die happy... your happiness will come from knowing that the game is finally over...
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