Delightful reading. Comic book as theater. You are the director! A fun, new way to point and click through an illustrated story. A western styled visual novel with adventure game puzzles.
Ημερομηνία κυκλοφορίας: 3 Απρ, 2014
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Αγορά The Witch's Yarn

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“Each character has complex interpersonal relationships with several of the others—just as in real life. This large network of characters is one of the game's strengths, and the conflicts that arise among them drive the story forward.”
Adventure Gamers

“...the game is essentially an illustrated story, but it must be said that the story is pretty good. You do get to know Wednesday’s children, extended family, and neighboring merchants. The social puzzles in the game can be fun to solve.”
Just Adventure

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Wednesday is a witch who foreswore magic for the love a mortal, now passed away. Urged by her family to resume her natural talents, she instead opens a little shop, spinning and selling yarn, intent on a quiet life. Unfortunately, the crazy world of small business will spin her, until Wednesday reclaims her personal power.

Weave the threads of her life, by simply clicking on who and what will progress the story, scene by scene of crafted text, handsome art, and instrumental jazz. If by some chance (or as you intended) disaster falls, you can rewind the story to try again. How much trouble can you cause with a spinning wheel and a pot of mushrooms?

  • Help the odd proprietors of neighboring business solve mysteries and puzzles.
  • Foil Angelica's real plan to ruin Wednesday's yarn shop!
  • Survive eight rampaging witches.
  • Rebuild the bonds between Wednesday's family, including her weird, distant relatives.
  • Lay the foundation for a thriving business environment on Cherokee Ave.
  • Earn $1 for Wednesday before the end of the day.

A wonderful game for shared playing. Clues for solving puzzles are intricately woven into the story text. More readers mean more chances to succeed! Make up funny voices.

Απαιτήσεις συστήματος PC

    • OS: XP
    • Processor: 1GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 40 MB available space
    • OS: XP
    • Processor: 1GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 40 MB available space

Απαιτήσεις συστήματος Mac

    • OS: 10.5.8
    • Processor: 1GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB
    • Hard Drive: 40 MB available space
    • OS: 10.5.8
    • Processor: 1GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB
    • Hard Drive: 40 MB available space
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26 από 32 άτομα (81%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
98 προϊόντα στο λογαριασμό
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0.4 ώρες στο μητρώο
I wanted to like this game because it had such an interesting concept, but unfortunately. . . I thought it would be something akin to a visual novel, and it sort of is. The major flaw is that the story is just not that engaging--you're a witch opening a yarn store. Okay, so it says that in the game info, but I expected lots of humor, absurdity, etc. given the concept. Those aspects do not exist, and what story there is is very dry. The game is set up to play like you are creating a movie, but you're really not. Instead, as the other reviewer mentioned, you are just tediously clicking little icons of each character at the top of the screen. Then you wait for them to pop in at odd places in your yarn store, a cartoon-like bubble of their speech pops up, you read it, and then repeat. Over and over again. In the screen shots, it looks like you get different settings, but I never made it out of the yarn store before uninstalling.
Αναρτήθηκε: 11 Απριλίου
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19 από 22 άτομα (86%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
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0.6 ώρες στο μητρώο
I usually pride myself on being quite tolerant when it comes to games. That is to say, I enjoy a wide variety of them and rarely have trouble finding something to like even in a game that doesn't appeal to me. Yet, this game is, quite simply, so boring that it nearly put me to sleep almost as soon as I started playing. Unfortunately, the situation didn't improve any as I tried to keep playing on. Finally, after a short time that felt like far longer, I did ultimately give up and quit. If I had actually bought it rather than getting it in a bundle, I'd be kicking myself right now. But, I understand that my opinion alone isn't all that helpful. So, some info on the game:

The gameplay - This game is incredibly simple to play, but that is a big part of what makes it almost unbearable for me to play. The description makes it sound as though your actions and directions, as the player, ultimately create and shape the story. This is true, but in the weakest way possible. Basically, it goes like this: the characters on the screen have speech bubbles pop up for you to read and/or click through, and after several of these, one or more "cues" (little labelled pictures) will show up at the top of the screen for you to select one of in order to cue the next action, usually with little to no indication of the relevance or role of most of them, after which you get another series of speech bubbles followed by another set of cues. Rinse and repeat, and that's about it. To make it worse, many of them are in a loop of sorts, so you basically get routed back to the same choices until you make the "right" one to continue the story, after reading more speech bubbles each time, of course. Also, if you make a true "wrong" choice and hit an "ending," you just un-cue your choice and choose something else. It quickly becomes tedious, and it doesn't take long to just stop caring.

The story - As it says in the description, you're a witch that opens a yarn store. Beyond that, the characters and storyline are mostly quite shallow and unengaging. I didn't care about any of them, beyond wanting to take tape and seal their mouths shut, as they talk way too much. I did come to a couple early "endings" that apparently happen if you choose the "wrong" cues, but they didn't really make a whole lot of sense in terms of the sequence of events, so while I cannot comment on the longer storyline that (hopefully) is to be found if you stick with it and choose the right options, I don't hold out much hope for it. In any case, my lack of playing time means I can't comment on the story much.

The really sad thing is, I truly did want to like this, as it sounded interesting and unique. I don't even mind "reading" games if the story and gameplay elements are interesting and fun. But, this was a disappontment on every count. If you really want to play it, I highly recommend watching for a bundle, or at least a really good sale. That way, at least the loss is minimal.
Αναρτήθηκε: 22 Ιουνίου
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13 από 23 άτομα (57%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
1,062 προϊόντα στο λογαριασμό
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3.1 ώρες στο μητρώο
This game is not bad as most people say. Of course, it's just a visual novel game but your choices will lead to different story and that's fine by me. The main plot of this game is about learning how to run business, how to maintain family's relationship and how to live in mortal world.

Αναρτήθηκε: 20 Ιουνίου
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4 από 7 άτομα (57%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
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0.2 ώρες στο μητρώο
Wow, that was really boring.

It took me 9 minutes to "finish" the story, it seemed like a heck of a lot longer. Though, there are multiple endings.

Basics: Yarn shop. Bad graphics. A witch with a mushroom as a familiar (a mushroom??? That talks?? A lot more boring than you would think.) The witch has decided to open up a yarn shop without the use of magic.

A speech bubble pops up, you click on someone's face, that person has a certain response that moves the story in a certain direction. Other than clicking who talks next, you have pretty much 0 control over the story itself. After 9 minutes of random clicking and boredom, it told me my witch gave up. Yay. That was ...great...

It is like a really bad 'Choose your own adventure' where you have absolutely no desire to care about the characters and don't actually know why you want to pick one option over another.
Αναρτήθηκε: 13 Ιουλίου
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2.3 ώρες στο μητρώο
Poorly written. Really wish I'd read the reviews prior. I don't mind visual novel games, rally, but this one just made no sense. People don't talk like this or act this way, so why am I being asked to believe they do? Don't bother with this one, true waste of money.
Αναρτήθηκε: 30 Αυγούστου
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Independent Game Festival (IGF) Finalist, 2006. (for Innovation)