Desert Thunder is an arcade-style action tank game for the PC. Ripped from today’s headlines, the storyline immerses players into the heat of a desert-based military conflict. Players will tear through desert, urban and industrial settings in their experimental battle engine, the Abrams M1A6 Advanced tank that’s loaded with awe-inspiring...
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În mare parte negative (139 recenzii) - 31% din cele 139 recenzii ale utilizatorilor pentru acest joc sunt pozitive.
Data lansării: 19 nov., 2003

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Despre acest joc

Desert Thunder is an arcade-style action tank game for the PC. Ripped from today’s headlines, the storyline immerses players into the heat of a desert-based military conflict. Players will tear through desert, urban and industrial settings in their experimental battle engine, the Abrams M1A6 Advanced tank that’s loaded with awe-inspiring devastating weapons and armored to near indestructibility. You are the commander of a top secret M1A6 experimental tank division in the Armor Task Force. Your mission was to lead the northern front of Operation Desert Thunder, a secret military operation to overthrow a terrorist faction that has taken control of a peaceful Middle Eastern country. Your mission has been compromised, your small battalion devastated. Left with no alternative, you must complete your mission to reach the capital city and rendezvous with allied forces.

Cerinţe de sistem

    • SO: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
    • Procesor: Pentium III/750 MHz
    • Memorie: 128 MB RAM
    • Grafică: 32 MB DirectX 8 compatible video accelerator
    • SO: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
    • Procesor: PIII/1.4 GHz
    • Memorie: 256 MB RAM
    • Grafică: 64 MB DirectX 8 compatible video accelerator
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În mare parte negative (139 recenzii)
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( 3.1 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 27 martie
so i know this game is old but that's not a problem for me.
the problem is: this game is below average in every department even when considering its age.
visuals, sound, story (wat?), gameplay, map design...everything.
and it's short. i explored every corner of every map on every mission and finished the game in just over 3 hours.

stay away. you are not missing a thing here.
( 0.3 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 20 martie
Never had so much fun in a game. 5/7
The Guardian ♛
( 0.7 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 22 februarie
Not very good.
Boring to say the least.
( 1.8 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 21 februarie
For 2003, this game is not that bad as people think. On Windows 10 you can start this game only in windowed mode. So this game ♥♥♥♥ed up a bit at this point, but anyways this game works but for 9 $ it it a little bit to expensive for a 13 Years old game. But for People who like classic tank games they can try it out ;) But when you have a game in your Wishlist that costs 10 or more $, I would buy that by your side ;)
Virex ♛
( 0.1 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 21 februarie
This is 17% luck, 17% skill, 17% concentrated power of will 17% pleasure; 17% pain, And a 17% reason to uninstall the game
( 0.3 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 29 ianuarie
♥♥♥♥ shit ♥♥♥♥ controls are bad as hell
( 0.1 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 23 ianuarie
Not very good. Boring to say the least.
( 2.1 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 18 ianuarie
In Desert Thunder, you are controlling a tank and are the last line of defense to save a country from terrorists. The story is very cliché with no redeeming qualities.

Let’s jump straight into the problems:

The menu. The mouse is sporadic and gets “stuck” on random parts of the screen. I’ve never seen anything like this in a game before. There’s no way this wasn’t noticed before releasing.

The controls. The tank has sluggish controls with an annoyingly huge turning radius. Going in reverse while turning doesn’t reverse the controls (like backing up a car) so you have to unnaturally keep holding the direction you want to go while backing up. Also, the turret DOES NOT turn 360 degrees. What kind of experimental tank design is that? It really hinders the ability to shoot enemies.

The gameplay. It’s terrible. There are 8 missions total. TwoTwo of which are 20 minute forced defense missions where you go around in the same loop shooting the same guys until the timer runs out. The other missions have you driving through the desert shooting tanks and people until you reach the end. After the first mission I realized you didn’t even need to shoot anything that doesn’t immediately block your path. Just keep driving until you reach the end, that’s it. The gameplay is also extremely repetitive. Play the first level, you’ve played them all. Same enemies, same tanks.

The game tries to mix it up adding power-ups along the way to your machine gun and turret. They do adjust the damage of your gun, but I never bothered to get them after initially trying them out. The terrible tank controls combined with the small hitbox for the power-ups just leads to frustration. Hitting enemies with your regular gun does just fine.

The AI. It’s bad. Sometimes they’ll notice you, sometimes you have to hit them first until they engage you. Even the final boss tank is laughably easy. Funny enough, the hardest enemy in the game are the mines! They are generally hard to see and deal a ton of damage. Watch out for those :)

+Short (trust me, this is good)
+Voice acting isn’t terrible
+Bullet drop gives some strategy to the game

+Glitchy mouse in menu
+Bad controls
+Terrible gameplay
+Two 20 minute forced levels out of 8 total levels
+Repetitive enemies and level design
+Bad AI
+Cliché and empty story

Probably the worst offense this game has is the price. The current $9.99 price is insane. Stay away from this game. If you must have it, wait for it in a bundle or free giveaway.

( 0.4 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 7 ianuarie
Older graphics but still not horrible on the eyes that games that just aren't made properly are. Controls are fine and I am not even a person that likes drive vehicles in games. In regards to AI well if you sit around in range the tanks will hit you and as for the guys firing off rocket launchers they mean business. They are accurate with their shots. Oh and when you hit the enemy their deaths are rewarding despite the older graphics. The soundtrack to me totally fits the game and is a plus. The destructable environment is nice and hey if you hit a landmine you are going to feel in terms of being damaged. I think this game is a nice game to have in my library as it straight up gives me something different from other games I have. I think this would be a nice addition to others gaming libraries too. Now as for what I would pay for it well I think it is all up to the person and quite frankly I don't want to put a price on the fun I had. I can say yes I recommend this game.
🐾 Mirek
( 0.1 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 6 ianuarie
If you want to play a nice game, where you can
drive a tank and destroy other tanks, than get World of Tanks for free.
Spending money for this game is like throwing it out of the window....
I am happy, that this game was actually a free key from some bundlesite,
because I would really bite my fist, if I had spend even one Cent for this thing.

Just some of the annoying points:

- AI is so stupid, that they shoot on own units, just because they are in the way.
- Graphics are totally screwed. The shooting pipe of the tank disappears under the tank, if you aim too low.
- The tank itself looks like a damn shoebox and drives that way.
- The mission are just play from point a to point b and survive the stupidity...
( 0.2 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 13 decembrie, 2015
No wonder why it was free.
Da Atte
( 0.6 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 8 decembrie, 2015
As of I'm writing this review I've played only half of the levels but I personally think it's enough to justify the game if it's good or not.

Unfortunately, the answer for this game being good or bad is that this game is bad. Really bad. The basic gameplay mechanics are there. Movement, shooting, enemies, different kind of destructable enviroments and... well, to be honest that's pretty much it. There's really nothing to the game other than moving, shooting enemies and different kinds of obstacles.

If I can sum up the whole game into a couple of sentences it pretty weak game. Desert Thunder is one of those games that you buy when you are drunk and then play it, get drunk again and cry for spending money on this...
got nothing for my bday...
( 0.1 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 6 decembrie, 2015
This game... right now i am lying on a hosptal bed recovering from a heart attack. This game caused it. rubbish trash thrown together in about 1 hour USE YOUR MONEY FOR A BUTT PLUG IT IS MORE FUN THAN THIS GAME
( 0.4 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 27 noiembrie, 2015
PS1 graphics!
( 0.6 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 27 noiembrie, 2015
my brother is playing this game. He is 6 years old...
( 1.9 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 26 noiembrie, 2015
In Desert Thunder you control an experimental tank and are asked to single-handedly liberate a country from a terrorist threat: you do so by basically blowing up everything as you move through levels.
The result is sadly a very arcadey game with dull gameplay, awkward controls and little variety.


-can be mildly fun for the first minutes

-considering its age the game had a decent amount of destructible objects

-shells have bullet drop

-the voice acting isn't too bad


-extremely repetitive gameplay gets dull fast

-forgettable soundtrack

-barebones, cliched story

-the tank controls awkwardly

-problematic camera

-poor AI

-meager enemy variety

-quite a bit of clipping

Desert Thunder is a one-trick pony with a pretty lousy trick: it asks you to stay interested for the two hours it takes to beat it by simply throwing wave after wave of enemies and hoping you'll be happy with all the resulting explosions. Don't expect any tactics, deep gameplay or interesting missions: what you see in the first minutes is all you get: now, this'd be good for some if the gameplay was at least decent but sadly it has a plethora of problems.

For starters the tank controls very badly as it slides around, has no traction, an huge turning circle and will stop abruptly if you hit a small slope or a wooden sign: its turret also can't rotate 360 degrees making it difficult to properly engage enemies behind you. The awkward controls are paired with sections where you need to zigzag between mines or ostacles (sometimes under fire) and this gets annoying fast. The camera also moves jerkily whenever you hit something of a different height and this can get either confusing or downright nausea inducing.

Pair the aforementioned problems with a lack of enemy variety- all sporting a braindead AI- and extremely repetitive missions and you'll easily see how Desert Thunder is a dull, forgettable experience that you can safely skip.
( 0.7 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 19 noiembrie, 2015
I couldn't even start the game because the menu was so unresponsive to my mouse that i couldn't even start the damn game, seriously i could have draged my mouse over a highway and it would've maybe moved an inch on the screen if i was lucky.

It doesn't seem from the looks of things though that i would need to even start this game and play it to tell that this game isn't good. I just needed the unresponsive main menu to convince me.

How do you fail and make an unresponsive main menu?!
( 0.1 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 18 noiembrie, 2015
( 0.1 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 17 noiembrie, 2015
Glad I got it for free! 8.99$ is wayyy to much!
Really bad game! Menu works hardly at all... I dont know what to say more...
I dont find any positive things about this game...
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Postat: 21 februarie
This is 17% luck, 17% skill, 17% concentrated power of will 17% pleasure; 17% pain, And a 17% reason to uninstall the game
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Postat: 22 februarie
Not very good.
Boring to say the least.
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