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An explosive homage to SNES-era platformers from the makers of Stealth Bastard Deluxe, Explodemon is non-stop action mayhem like you've never seen before.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 3 Nov 2011
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Acerca del juego

Explodemon combines the retro style of 16-bit platform games and Japanese action titles with the upgradable skills, hidden collectables and clever puzzles from more modern titles. Players use Explodemon's self-destructive nature to combat enemies and fly through the air, all the while solving a huge variety of physics-based puzzles.

With twelve huge levels, full keyboard and controller support, upgradable skills and a full set of achievements and collectables to discover, Explodemon captures the essence and nostalgic feel instantly recognisable from SNES-era platformers with the depth and variety of more recent indie platform titles.


• Explore 12 gigantic levels of intense platforming action set across three diverse worlds
• Adapt to a constantly changing gameplay experience with new skills and hazards aplenty!
• Evolve Explodemon into your own personal destruction machine with upgradable skills
• Countless collectables and 20 achievements add a modern depth to the retro style
• Enjoy a comic story told with suitable aplomb and panache!
• Full controller support

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Dual Core 1.6ghz+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9, 512MB Video Memory or Greater
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
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Si te gusta megaman, Mighty Noº9 o A.R.E.S este es un juego que tenes que jugar... tiene un HUD muy parecido al de megaman, un personaje similar a megaman, pero con una actitud muy diferente... podria decirse que es igual a megaman de no ser por que este personaje no tiene el "Mega buster" y por que no es de color celeste y azul... pero luego el resto es casi todo igual... incluso el tipo salio de la maquina en donde estaba guardado por error, ya que una nave alienigena disparo en donde estaba siendo encerrado por que el tipo es inestable y explota cada cierto tiempo... tu mision es derrotar a los vortex y salvar al mundo sin que lo destruyan los enemigos o vos mismo a causa de las explosiones... los graficos para ser un juego side scroll son excelentes, la jugabilidad es practicamente igual a la de megaman y la historia (no la he terminado) pero esta muy buena... podes mejorar el personaje al igual que megaman, y cuando derrotas a un enemigo (el unico que tiene creo) te dan poderes nuevos... lo unico que le faltaria a este juego serian mas enemigos (tal vez luego tenga que editar la reseña si aparecen mas enemigos)... esto es otra de las cosas que lo hacen diferente a megaman... la escasees de enemigos...el resto es simplemente genial... le doy un 8/10 ya que hay varios juegos parecidos a megaman pero ninguno me gusto tanto como este :3
Publicado: 11 julio 2014
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At first glance and play, a very nice tribute to the platformers of days gone by. The controls are reponsive and feel good.

The story, presented in comic book fashion, is quite entertaining. You are a guardian, a hero, awakened (unintentionally) from stasis during a world invasion and are the worlds last and only hope.

But your powers are unstable and you tend to spontaneously explode if you are too idle or slow. You have a need for...exploding and it's better to put them to good use. The pace is constant and quick.
Publicado: 27 marzo 2014
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Explodemon is, like the description says, a 16-bit side scrolling platformer. And it definitely pays homage to this genre of games.

You can see that this game takes elements from classics such as Mega Man X, while still having an unique gameplay in the form of explosions. And those are used in a pretty nice way for both gameplay and stage hazards. You can use explosions to jump higher, move faster, lift objects and of course, annihilate the Aliens that are attacking the planet you were created. On that note though, there isn't really much of an interesting story but it is comedical nonetheless. Explodemon can also be seen as a fun character, because he is a bit sadistic when it comes to exploding.

The graphics aren't outstanding but they fit the game well. The music is pretty forgettable unfortunately. Also, this game isn't very long. It only has 12 stages which can be completed in a short amount of time. Fortunately, the customization of your Explodemon makes up for it, which comes in the form op upgrades. There are also various collectables and achievements, also coming with rankings at the end of each stage which counts for a nice amount of replayability.

This game brings back nostalgia to my SNES days and does it in a great way. If you're a fan of 2d platformers or just want to try out something new, Explodemon might be just the game you're looking for. Also note: a controller is not necessary, but I would recommend using it anyways.
Publicado: 29 marzo 2014
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Explodemon is a fun and inventive puzzle platformer with a great art style and clever level design. Well worth a look for any fans of old-school megaman or platforming enthusiasts in general.
Publicado: 29 marzo 2014
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Remember the days of generic but reasonably competent 16-bit platformers? Now thanks to Explodemon, you can relive them all over again! Hooray...?
Publicado: 1 abril 2014
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