Destroy the Demon and locate the lost Crown of Peace!
User reviews: Mixed (95 reviews) - 60% of the 95 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Aug 11, 1999

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About This Game

Your goal is to confront and destroy the Demon and locate the lost
Crown of Peace. You will roam your once-beautiful land, routing out
the Demon's hateful minions, solving the mysteries of the fortress,
and moving ever closer to your final encounter with the Demon. Summon
your courage and raise your sword for a fight to the death.


7 Levels: At the Gates; Underdark, a cavern realm of molten lava;
Chambers of Torment, the dungeons of the fortress; The Commoners Quarters;
Garden of Eternity, the fortress courtyard; The King's Quarters; The Dragon's Den

Wage war with swords, axes, magic, and explosive weaponry through nine quests, seven
levels and five sublevels of the ultimate hack-and-slash action.

Fight for your clan and your world as one of four unique characters each possessing
distinct skills and abilities.

Casts spells, unravel puzzles, interact with extraordinary characters and destroy evil incarnate.

When you launch Clans, you will see a window pop up:

"Please insert the CLANS CD! Hit OK when done, or Cancel if you don't want any music."

This is an olde school Diablo type game, back in the days when games were run with the CD inserted. The interesting feature of this particular game is that the
contents of the original CD contained only the music for the game. What this means is that you can put ANY music CD into your CD player and the game will play it! If you don’t want to have music playing, simply hit ‘Cancel’ and the game will launch. Have fun!

The original CD audio has been added to the game files. If you want to hear the original soundtrack, you will have to navigate to your Steam directory where the game files for Clans reside. You will find a folder called "Clans music", and the audio files are in there. Then you will have to burn an audio CD and put into your CD drive.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 95/98
    • Processor: Pentium 120
    • Memory: 32 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct compatible SVGA video card
    • DirectX: Version 6.0
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X compatible sound card
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Posted: August 22
This game is...kinda awful. I feel I gave it a fair shot - some old games take some getting used to - but it just didn't grow on me.

When you start the game, there's a message that asks you to put in the game CD. Seeing as how this is a digital copy, that is not possible to do, so you're just kind've left without music. While it doesn't bother me personally as the music is probably awful, this may be a major turn-off for other players and doesn't start the "epic adventure" out very well.

The enviroment is made up of static rooms - large red arrows indicate where the next rooms are. You can activate a map to see all of the rooms and areas you may not have explored yet, but it pretty much covers the screen, and I didn't find any way to change the opacity, size or location of the map. While I'm fine with doing things the old fashioned way and just remembering what rooms are important, it's really inconvenient, and other games in the genre have executed a simple map function much better than this.

The art isn't bad, but it is extremely similar to....well, Diablo. It's mediocre, doesn't stand out in the genre.

The one-liners....mein gott. They're cheesey and annoying. The story is thin, unimaginative.

The loot is what I'd call few and far between. You can walk into a room, fight 5 skeletons guarding a chest, and open the chest to find nothing inside. You sometimes run into an old woman that gives you mana/health pots and a wizard (who you save at the very beginning) that hands you some special item once in a blue moon.

There's no skill set or any real system for character progression. You can rarely get better armor, weapons, and some consumables that give you stats. Because this system is rather insufficient, repeatedly getting empty rooms full of enemies doesn't get easier. I'm not saying we should get rid of challenging fights, but the difficulty curve is a little steep.

If they intended this to be a semi-successful knock-off to fill in the space between Diablo and Diablo II, it failed. There are other games in this genre that have aged better - don't spend your money on this one.
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Posted: June 13
Combination of puzles and hack-and-slash seemed very apealing, but boring combat and stupid one-liners didn't let me past 20 minutes in this game.
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Posted: July 14
If you are old school game fan as I am, buy it. Otherwise dont.
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Posted: March 13, 2014

Clans is a Diablo style dungeon crawling hack and slash game. The game was originally released in 1999 and it has actually gotten worse since then. The game starts with an error message about needing to insert an imaginary game CD and if you don't put a music CD in, the game will have no background music of any kind.

Aside from technical issues, the game isn't fun. The world isn't open, it is a series of small rooms that are traversed by clicking red arrows to change zones. The map is intrusive and the exploration feels jerky. The monsters don't drop fun loot like other dungeon crawlers and gold is nearly useless.

There is no character progression because there are no levels and experience. Your character gains stats through potions found on the ground. There are only 2 weapon types and 1 armor type so all of the equipment is boring. There is no gratification in killing mobs because there is no chance of that magical item you have been hunting for.

With a thin plot, no music, no character progression, no interesting loot, and poor navigation, I can't recommend this game even at less than $3.
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Posted: March 14, 2014
Based on what I've played so far, I can honestly say that this game is NOTHING like Diablo. It IS a clunky old hack and slash with a VERY HEAVY dose of "logic" puzzles. Diablo was neither clunky nor Old (for it's time) and had very little to do with puzzles.
This has TONS of little zones many of which are empty and whose only purpose seems to be to confuse you about where you are. (The "map" feature solves that.) Some things are EASY to figure out (like crossing the stream) others (like opening the gate with barrels) are a PIA.
If you LIKE puzzles, get it. If you don't... don't waste your money because you WILL have to solve some tough ones to move on. There are NO "work-arounds.". (Thankfully it is VERY cheap, so it is only a minor rip-off if you don't.)
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