Booster Trooper é o futuro dos jogos de tiro multijogador de plataforma. Ele oferece muita diversão com sua ação rápida e armas enormes. Você pode correr ou voar pelo mapa, aniquiliando seus inimigos com balas, foguetes, granadas, magama e outras armas do seu arsenal.
Data de lançamento: 16 Abr 2010
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  • - 8.0/10.0
    "If you are looking for a good Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch time, this game is the game for you. It has multiple levels, multiple weapons, and is overall very fun to play. I could imagine this game coming out on XBLA and being one of the biggest hits on the system for a time, and I hope that actually happens because this is a great title."
  • - 8.5/10
  • - 84%
  • - 4/5
  • - 8.0 / 10
  • - 80%
  • - 7.8 / 10

Sobre o jogo

Booster Trooper é o futuro dos jogos de tiro multijogador de plataforma. Ele oferece muita diversão com sua ação rápida e armas enormes. Você pode correr ou voar pelo mapa, aniquiliando seus inimigos com balas, foguetes, granadas, magama e outras armas do seu arsenal.

Seja jogando contra BOTs ou uma pessoa real, Booster Trooper vai manter você ligado o tempo todo! Rankings, cooperação, táticas e decisões feitas em uma fração de segundo vão lhe proporcionar horas e horas de entretenimento online multijogador!

Principais características:

  • Rápido e frenético modo de jogar.
  • 12 jogadores simultaneamente.
  • Mais de 15 mapas
  • Várias armas, indo de rifles, espingardas, rifles com mira até minimetralhadoras, lançadores de magma e mais.
  • Cada arma é única, necessitando diferentes abordagens e táticas.
  • Ranking de líderes online.
  • Mais de 250 conquistas .
  • Jogador contra bots Suportado.
  • Morte Súbita, Morte Súbita em Equipe, Capture a Bandeira, Destrua a base e mais…
  • Programa para servidor dedicado incluído.

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows XP Sp3, Windows Vista Sp2, Windows 7
    • Processor: 2 Ghz multicore or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB or more
    • Graphics: 512 MB, Shader model 3.0 or higher, NVIDIA 7800, ATI X1800 or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 800 MB available
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible soundcard
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The game Booster Trooper is a 3rd person indie shooter game.
Price: 4,99 € / Summersale: 0,99 € (till 30th June 2014)

I just recommend this game because it’s still pretty funny to play in single player mode.
My personal experience (warning to my friends ♥) about the multiplayer is below!

Graphic: Retro 7/10
Sound: 9/10
Controls: 10/10

+ And I want to add it is pretty funny how the enemies scream when they die +
Achievements: 260 achievements which spam you lol
I mean I got 52 achievements just from one hour testing the game automatically.

My experiences with MULTIPLAYER:
A friend of me and I wannted to play Booster Trooper together. So we started the game and WANTED to look for a server. But there have been no servers listed. The status “Refreshing server list” never ended. Sadly.
So I clicked “Host Match” and created a game with players and bots but my friend couldn’t join me. Good thing we had a Skype-Call and talked together about it during my fight with just bots.
I left the game and told him to open a game but I also couldn’t join him. We found some discussions about this problem. The Servers are down since years and there is no support anymore. It's so annoying.... WHEN THERE IS SAID IN THE STEAM SHOP THE GAME IS MULTIPLAYER AND COOP THERE SHOULD BE ANY SERVERS! -.- And it’s not the only game with that problem.

Another criticism from me:
The bots seem to be kinda stupid. lol Or at least in my games they are sometimes hanging at a box and aren’t able to jump. Or they are confused running on one place. X’D Also I played “Capture the flag” and I think the bot enemy wasn’t even able to get the flag or the bot doesn’t wanted to get it… I don’t know… it just ended 24:0 for me. And yeah it’s cool to win but not if you have the feeling the enemy is playing with his ♥♥♥ on the keyboard. o:
Add: If you play "Capture the flag" against more bots (e.g. 11) it works. Seems like they are just 1vs 1 stupid. :c

Also the "Pause" button seems not to work.

Anyways if you want to have a bit fun alone or just to collect achievements – here you have a cheap game. Or maybe you have someone who plays the game with you in local via home network.

Local Multiplayertip:
1.The two most popular home network types are wireless and Ethernet networks. My friend and me used a wireless network. So your friend needs: the name of your Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and the WLAN password.
2. When both of you are connected to the same WLAN you start the game.
3. You click: „Multiplayer“ and „Host Match“ with the settings you like.
The number of players seems to be bugged in this game, because if you choose 12 players and 10 bots (what would be logically for playing with one friend) theres shown -6 free slots for your friend and he won’t be able to join ya. So I noticed from trying it’s better to choose 12 players with 4-5 bots when I play with one friend.
5. When you made your settings you start the match.
6. Your friend clicks: „Join match“ and now he will be able to see your game with a free slot. He just clicks on your game and will connect.
Publicada: 26 junho 2014
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Booster Trooper is an alright arcade style shooter. It has bot support and without it it wouldn't be a game at all because multiplayer is dead. It has several game modes and maps plus a lot of achievements to earn but there's really not much to offer apart from that. After trying everything out (which wouldnt take more than a hour) you will most likely put it on the shelf and never play it again. I recommend avoiding this game unless you are an achievement ♥♥♥♥♥.
Publicada: 14 abril 2014
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Really entertaining multiplayer sidescrolling gun blasting mayhem! Except that there is no one playing it. If you can get your friends to play it with you, it's a blast. Does have a bot support too, but beating bots gets really boring, really quick.

You choose a main weapon, secondary weapon and a grenade you start with. Then you rampage across the map, blasting your guns, throwing grenades, collecting power-ups and defeating the lower beings. The screenshots pretty much tell the idea. Different maps and different guns call for different play styles. Use of jumps and the limited time of jetpacks can make you a very hard to hit target and a fast predator, or you stand your ground and give all you've got with your minigun that doesn't work in the air.
Publicada: 26 maio 2014
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TIL AI means staying on one place and shooting straight up all the time.
Publicada: 29 janeiro 2014
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Personally i really enjoyed this game i felt it had a great arcade feel to it and for 75c how can you go wrong heck i picked up the four pack for $2.24 and traded the other copies off for cards to make my money back and i think ive gotten my 0c worth
Publicada: 29 maio 2014
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