The Great War is a turn-based grand strategy game based on the epic struggles of the WWI era. Experience the battles of attrition and punishing artillery barrages. Play as any nation of the period as the modern world of industrialized warfare replaces an age of kings with a struggle of ideologies.
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Jan 29, 2015

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March 19

SWW Early Access Game Update #10

A new version of the Second World War is now available. Update #10 is intended to be our final Early Access Update. The plan is to have the game ready for an official release sometime next month. Many of the previous updates were focused on the AI. In this release we begin to turn our attention again towards features and UI clean up.

Submarine detection behavior has been significantly improved. Now ships and aircraft with sub detection capability only have a % chance to see a sub on a given turn. This allows us to give higher level units improved sub sighting ability and expand the stealth gameplay of the submarine units. Enemy subs can more easily sneak up on a fleet, engage and retreat.

The naval AI received some further attention. Nations will no longer send their fleets to bombard land forces while ignoring Coastal Defense attacks against it. This was leading to some unwise shipping losses in the English Channel. The AI will now prioritize target coastal batteries but generally avoid dangerous sea regions - except when enemy transports appear. We also made changes to encourage naval AI to provide escorts for their capital ships.

A couple of features suggested by a Steam Forum user were added. Aircraft, Missiles and Artillery units can now directly target enemy Artillery groups. Before the attack order applied damages to all land units in a region. And the Strafing Order was changed from only running a single turn to being continuous until canceled. Both these ideas seemed good enough to squeeze in, even though we’re not really in an add new features phase.

The UI has been getting small fixes, mostly tasks like adding missing properties in the Encyclopedia and improving labeling consistency. The Encyclopedia is still missing a lot of description information, as is the lobby. Many of these items have been written but not yet put into the game. They will all be filled in for the final release.

In version 10 we have introduced an in-game, light tutorial for new users. This will mostly present information about the UI and also be some introductory gameplay hints. We are looking at adding a Glossary to the Encyclopedia that will also include more howto information.

The Second World War is almost complete. And while there is a lot of work ahead, the remaining items on our must-have list are dwindling fast. It’s been a long haul getting the game to this point - much longer than we planned for. I’m going to save the excuses for the post release recap. In the meantime, thank you to all the current users out there who have offered us feedback and bug reports. This process would have taking us even longer without your support.

Release Notes for Early Access Update #10

AI Changes:
- Reworked AI rebase logic to be more offense minded
- AI no longer targets undetected subs as bombing targets
- AI will now prioritize targeting Coastal Defenses for shore bombardment
- Updated naval AI to try and maintain group composure
- AI will try to keep Carriers and Battleships with support vessels
- Coastal Defenses only fire upon visible subs
- AI will avoid sending ships to sea regions with enemy Coastal Defense
- AI will always try to send ships to stop enemy Troop Ships from unloading

Game System Changes:
- Can now directly target Artillery through bombing and strafing
- Can now specifically target Artillery using Missiles and Artillery
- Aircraft factory types now require an airbase in region to be able to build Air units
- Units and buildings no longer heal the turn they are damaged
- Fixed issue with Cruiser to Carrier Conversion preventing game saves while active
- Improved ordering and results logic for 3 way engagements
- Check for sub detection before showing subs in the sea region selection panel
- Fixed sea engagements to respect new sub detection rules
- Improved sub detection system, no longer automatic, units have different abilities
- Fixed issue that could remove some escort groups before units could load onto them
- Revised capacity costs to either use all rail or all road, but preferring rail
- Reworked capacity costs for road and shipping capacities
- The air unit Altitude property no longer caps vulnerability to attacks, it now declines
- Strafe attacks now repeat instead running once
- Patrolling naval or air units can now detect subs along patrol path
- Set frame rate to 60
- Fixed bug preventing trade on first turn of a new nation created by a player

UI Changes:
- Fixed UI bug when revising a proposed trade agreement
- UI structure and system for in-game tips/light tutorial mode
- Added persistent game option to enable or disable in game tips
- Added toggle to the options menu to turn on or off tips
- Added button on start screen to enter with tips on
- Disabled keyboard shortcuts while game tips are being shown
- Added Offense and Defense values to terrain tooltips in Land unit Encyclopedia
- No longer show unused Land Unit properties in Encyclopedia
- Added Glider Assault Range to Light Gliders in the Encyclopedia
- Added Airborne Assault Ranges to Air Transports in the Encyclopedia
- Added Firing Range to Ships in the Encyclopedia
- Added Fuel and Coal Carry to Ships in the Encyclopedia
- Added Bombardment Strength to Coastal Defense in the Encyclopedia
- Added Shots to Air Defense infrastructure in the Encyclopedia
- Added new Unit property Icons for Encyclopedia
- Changed Assault Penalty icon for Coastal Defense
- UI now shows correct capacity costs for trade agreements
- Updated labels and icons on Military panels to make more consistent
- Added tooltip information to help explain factory output stoppages
- Revised Mapview labels and Tooltips for consistency

Content Changes:
- Renamed Research Project String from Air To Air Rockets to Air To Surface Rockets
- Fighter Strafe and Bombing properties now reflect Air To Surface Rocket capabilities
- Added Sub Detection capability to most Air units
- Modified Recruitment Building limits for top level Infantry units
- Made Seaplane Tenders use Coal instead of Fuel
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January 12

Early Access Game Update #7

A newly updated version of The Second World War is now available. The team lost a week or so to the holidays and there were a few sick days to overcome. Even with those obstacles, we executed a long list of improvements to the game. Again, most of our efforts have been AI related but we are continuing to add new content, events, feature improvements and of course bug fixes.

In this release we are introducing a new scenario called Last Days of Peace. It begins a few weeks before the Invasion of Poland. This allows players to skip the buildup years and get right into the war. Neither scenario is 100% complete so expect to see further balancing and content as we work towards release.

A new big addition to the AI has been to give it motivation to create and maintain contiguous fronts against enemies and potential threats. The implementation for this system took us through several variations. Initially the AI tended to become too narrowly focused on specific regions due to strength evaluations. Rather than spreading the units out along a front, we ended up with big stacks that led to gaps in front. Eventually the big stacks became pockets, often surrounded by Heavy Artillery that pounded them to extinction. It was kind of fun to see but not the gameplay we were looking for.

There were many factors to consider beside just having an enemy on the border. There is the opposing nation’s strength to consider but also the relationship status. We do not want Canada to think they need troops on the US border and vice versa. Some nations like the Soviet Union are so large that their defensive needs are always greater than what they have available. So the defense priority evaluations are especially challenging for the Soviet AI. They became our ultimate test case while we worked out the rough edges.

The AI is also considering potential invasion threats by sea or through bordering buffer states. Support Allies improvements allows the AI to better defend on Allied fronts and fill the fronts throughout their empire. Additionally, we’ve introduced the concept of Secondary Fronts so the AI will now try to create lines of reserves.

All the Major nations now have unique Unit Icon images. So you no longer will see a British soldier or Tank in a Japanese unit panel. We’ll soon have all the images in to match the unit you see on the map.

Thanks again to all the current users out there that take the time to post messages about issues and ideas. This process would be taking us even longer to get through without your support.

Notes for Early Access Update #7

Content Changes:
- Added new pre-Poland invasion scenario “The Last Days of Peace”
- Fixed icons for mapview tooltip for food production
- Lowered Militia Hitpoint & Defensive Strength
- Added Italian, Soviet, French & Japanese Unit Icon Images
- Updated Cossack, Huisu & Kyrgyz Communist Flags
- Added missing Soviet claim on Tajikistan
- Updated Initial Diplomatic Influence for Soviet vs. neighbors
- New Soviet-German Axis Trigger
- Added events that can damage German-Soviet Relations pre-Poland Invasion
- Added Spanish Gibraltar claims
- New Argentina Coup and Axis Decision events
- Added Soviet Armistice event
- New Brazil Joins Allies, Nationalists Coup Attempt and Communist Revolt events
- Added German Claims in Africa event

AI Changes:
- Implemented AI to maintain Front against enemies and threats
- Front AI will avoid creating gaps when evaluating regions to invade
- Revised defensive AI to spread along contiguous fronts
- AI accounts loss of defense in a region for moving troops in the support allies plan
- No longer uses attack power from equipment units for offense planning
- Better accounting for support allies in the return home plan
- Support Allies AI has more defensive awareness
- Added group splitting logic to Support Allies AI
- Implemented AI to create secondary (reserve) fronts
- Increased AI defense for coastal regions in other nation's sphere
- Added Amphibious Assault penalty & Terrain modifiers for offense AI evaluations
- End attack plans when desired power can not be deployed
- Add pre-war land Regions to Sphere of Interest target checks
- Great Powers and Superpowers can invade outside their sphere
- Increased desired strength for overseas invasions
- Fixed AI bug sending wrong group when splitting units for defensive
- Modified desired strength estimate and definition of Obvious Targets
- Regions that don't border the enemy but do border an Ally use less defense
- Ignore equipment units when evaluating target planning
- Expand definition of bordering an enemy to include unfriendly regions with troops
- Include Buffer States when evaluating border defense
- AI won't abandon coastal regions when reorganizing defenses

Game System Changes:
- Neutrality Pacts no longer prevent defensive evaluations
- Revised supply access rules to be based on region control
- Troop Transports no longer contribute to Military Totals
- Troop Transports no longer contribute to World Power Points

UI Changes:
- Fixed fuel penalty displays on non-Naval Group panels

Editor Changes:
- Can now edit sea regions for existing cities
- Fixed adding city buildings when no city building of that type existed

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“This game is a superlative experience in learning, creativity and entertainment.”
Armchair General

“Muzzy Lane has definitely developed a real winner here with Making History: The Great War”
RTS Guru

“Making History: The Great War is an exceptional title. It automatically will appeal to those gamers who know what they’re doing, as well as those willing/able to put the time in to learn.”
Just Press Start

Just Updated

Free Models added to the Red Army DLC

    This free content update adds more unique unit models to the Red Army. We’ve also removed the unimplemented elements associated with Naval Mines and replaced them with a project that leads to a new Coastal Defense Ship unit.

New models include:
  • Light Bombers I for the major nations
  • Heavy Bombers I for the major nations
  • American Early Carrier
  • Japanese Early Carrier
  • Japanese Carrier I
  • British Carrier I
  • American Large Destroyer
  • German Coastal Defense Ship

About This Game

The First World War ushered in the beginning of a new age. On battlefields across the globe, the remaining vestiges of the 19th Century were gruesomely attritted away as the introduction of new weapons favored defensive strategies that lead to massive casualties in futile attacks on fortified lines. Whole Nations mobilized as the citizenry became integral to the war effort, churning out the supplies necessary to keep their soldiers fighting and dying. This was total war and the national suffering seeded movements bent on rebellion and revolution.

Making History: The Great War offers a game filled with historical events and challenges of the WW1 era. Playing as the Head of State, you are responsible for managing all facets of your nation's economy, diplomacy and military. Your actions will influence world events as you lead your armies in the most in-depth WWI grand strategy game ever made.

  • Play as any independent nation during the World War 1 era.

  • Choose how best to control your conquests: colonies, protectorates or puppet states.

  • Build trenches to grind down attacking forces.

  • Soften up your enemies defenses with adjacent region Artillery bombardments.

  • Bomb with Airships and BiPlanes, counter with Fighters and Anti-Air units.

  • Control the seas and the lines of supply by waging Unrestricted Submarine Warfare, sinking both naval and trade vessels.

  • Buy and sell in a global economy, trade for vital resources or manufactured goods.

  • Expand your sphere of influence using foreign aid to increase ties with other nations.

  • A sophisticated economic system designed to simulate the inter-dependency of technology, industry and war. You must produce the munitions to fire your big guns and food to feed your people.

  • Employ government spending to keep the populations from radicalizing towards rebellion and ultimately, national collapse.

  • Over 275 different nationalities represented, many with unique model sets.

  • Hundreds of unit models representing the historic weapons of the period.

  • Create customized scenarios with our detailed editor. Share your mods on Steam Workshop.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP with Service Pack 2
    • Processor: Pentium 4 or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB DirectX 9.0c-Compliant, Shader 2.0 3D Video Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Windows-Compliant Keyboard & Mouse
    • OS: OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (PowerPC not supported)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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