KR-17 is a 32-bit, story-driven, side-scrolling action puzzle-platformer which follows the story of a military robot on a mission to subdue a rogue agent operating out of an installation on the planet Valiant. It will be the first in a multi-genre series of games centered around the story of Terrius, KR-17's home.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (166 reviews) - 75% of the 166 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jul 9, 2014

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"Not as difficult as some of the retro platformers on Steam, but still a decent challenge and a lot of fun. Must pick up if on sale!"


“A must play for anyone looking for a new platformer.”
9/10 – Hooked Gamers

“I would certainly recommend this game. Its retro aesthetic and soundtrack will certainly entertain most.”
7.5/10 – We See In Pixels

“...look beneath the sugary-sweet retro veneer of Terrian Saga KR-17 and you'll observe the beating, savage heart of a brilliantly old-school platformer that'll provide hours of nostalgia-tinged entertainment...”
8.5/10 – Strategy Informer


About This Game

In Terrian Saga: KR-17 players take control of a misfit military drone as it gains sentience and grows a conscious after being activated for war. Players will use an assortment of upgradable weapons including a laser, grenades, and flame thrower along with their trusted friend and sidekick, an also sentient guided missile named J1M. Players must fight their way through hordes of varying enemy robots while exploring intricate levels to uncover their mysterious past and discover the true enemy.

Within the galaxy on the Carina arm live twin solar systems riddled with conflict: the Terrius system and his brother, the Cyrinus system. These two empires travel so closely together they share multiple planets within their gravitational complex. However, the Cyrians have become embroiled in an interplanetary conflict with the Glortac People’s Resistance. Terrius has begun building military installations in order to better help combat the threat of the GPR. One of these bases, built on the planet Valiant, has been sabotaged. A terrorist has released thousands of killer robots on the Valiant base, destroying all personnel. The Terrius military has determined that this terrorist may have contacts with the GPR. Due to the risk of one of their most powerful military installations and armory falling into the hands of the GPR, Terrius has sent a strike force of 100 advanced KR drones to destroy these evil robots and restore order to the base- all before Valiant makes it’s swing into the Cyrinus system.


  • Adventure across 65 boards spread over 9 themed zones
  • Test your mettle against 8 deadly bosses
  • Fire and guide J1M to take out hard to reach enemies, blast open new passages and explore
  • Receive important updates and explore the relationship between KR-17 and J1M with in-level dialogue
  • Collect Gears, find hidden jetpacks, and race the clock to climb the Steam leaderboards
  • Experience varied level design: play through non-linear levels that encourage exploration, along with high intensity action platforming sequences
  • Earn Steam Achievements that unlock alterations to your character

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: 1.2GHz processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / 7
    • Processor: 1.4GHz processor or faster
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Additional Notes: Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller or XInput compatible controller recommended.
    • OS: 10.6.3, 10.9
    • Processor: 2.5ghz processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card, 258 MB video memory
    • Storage: 3000 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 and Newer
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1 ghz or equivalent 
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 2nd Generation Intel Core HD Graphics (2000/3000), 256MB
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
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Posted: June 25
Terrian Saga KR-17 is a mix of three genres which are action, platforming and puzzle solving. It starts off quite puzzle heavy but the later levels have a lot more action and platforming. Our protagonist is a robot that has gained sentience and goes off to take back a planet conquered by a terrorist. I learned the story via the Steam description, besides the intro the story in Terrian Saga is non existent. Accompanying you is a sentient missile which acts as your guide and is also briefly controllable when you summon him. All the dialogue is presented in text, there is no voice acting.

When you first gain control of your character one of the first things you will notice is that the game is locked at 30fps. That is not a deal breaker but it does affect the game negatively. Your KR-17 robot comes equipped with your basic blaster and a grenade launcher. The grenade launcher uses up energy but it is a very small amount and kills most enemies with one hit. That's the weapon to go with unless you are out of energy and have to resort to the blaster. Energy is recharged via stations scattered about the level and they are usually close enough that you will rarely run out. You can also summon your sentient missile friend but that does cost quite a chunk of energy.

The missile is controllable but once he starts moving he can't stop and if he crashes he will disappear causing you to waste more energy summoning him again. He is very useful to hit hard to reach enemies and is also used to go into places your character can't to destroy a certain object. These sections start off easy enough though they quickly become a pain as they demand further precision and add a lot of sharp turns. They are not short sections either, they take quite a while and simply scraping into something destroys you causing the missile to be summoned again from the start. Your hitbox being so large does not help either.

KR-17 controls much better though he does also suffer from having a large hitbox which an be a pain when forced to avoid insta-death obstacles tiny areas. The game does start off very easy and you may think it is much more of a puzzle game than anything else. You'd be dead wrong. It won't take long for this game to get very brutal and you will need fast reaction speeds. You will be facing much more dangerous and numerous enemies as well as tougher platforming. That is when the game truly gets fun and becomes something in the veins of Mega Man. Though no where near as brutal as that since you have infinite lives and save stations are usually scattered close together.

Certain levels sections do not have save stations and you have to beat it all in one go. One particularly troublesome section is one where you have to stand on a tiny log throughout a water filled level. The slightest touch of water will cause you to explode and that level dragged on far too long. Don't get me wrong it is fun but do not be expecting an easy laid back puzzle/platformer after the first couple of levels. One thing that is a problem though is that certain objects in the foreground can block view of your character which is problematic when facing enemies or jumping over hazards. It is not a common occurrence though. There are also some pads which will either drop down or bounce you up that probably will cause your death if you did not expect it. Changing the colors of the pad would have been an easy fix to be able to tell them apart.

Nothing about the environments feel felt memorable or unique, just random pieces of map sown together to form a level. The artstyle itself is very nice and is 32 bit instead of the usual 8 or 16 most indies use. Music is decent. Nothing special but it gets the job done. The hud is great and simple to understand though at times it can hide the view of enemies or obstacles and cause you to take damage due to it. You can take up to five hits from enemies or most obstacles and you refill it by finding a red floating crystal. Be careful though, the frames of invincibility after being hit are very few and you will likely get hit multiple times in succession if you are not able to escape after getting damaged.

Terrian Saga KR-17 was a nice surprise. I believe it to be a hidden gem that is rough around the edges. It really does feels like this would have been a classic game if this was released back in the day. The 30 FPS cap was an odd decision that took some enjoyment out of it and other problems do bring it down from being great. Overall this is definitely a title to check out if you like platformers, puzzles and the action genre. If you don't like even one of those this may not be the game for you. All three genres are mixed very well and persist throughout the entire game. For those of you that do enjoy all three, Terrian Saga KR-17 is definitely a title worth considering.
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1.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 19
Never really played the Megaman games.
But this game is a fun challenging action platformer.
It plays like old nes and sega retro games with a fresh style and feel to it.
Best played with a game controller.
Well executed: 9/10.
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16.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 7
Really cool. Seems really well designed, and I love the art style. I get strong nostalgia of playing Commodore 64 platformers, but of course this has much more refined mechanics and visuals than games of that era.

So if you enjoyed playing old 90s, 80s platformers or want to sorta feel what it was like, I think you'd probably like this game a lot.
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Posted: June 22
Never had a game I enjoyed so much at the start, that just kept worse and worse till it wasn't worth playing anymore. The game is initially awesome, with a megaman feel, being a platformer lite on story, with spunky music and 90's aesthetic. There are a few minor annoyances, like how much special the rocket takes, or how you can't aim to shoot people, which seems like a obvious addition these days since you take so much unnecessary damage from having to jump up in fire to shoot or not being able to shoot some one above you who is shooting down on you. These are minor problems. The game is also pretty long for a platformer, meaning you get good bang for your buck. It is obnoxious how many levels follow the same Doom format of having to find a set number of colored keys in order, unlocking doors forward or ahead to beat the level, or having to press a preset number of switches till you can leave the level. Many of the levels have similar vibes and feelings of being inside robotic facitilities, but once again all of these mentioned above do little more than hinder the experience. The game is also semi tough but not stupidly so, with no set number of lives to beat everything, and some mid-level save points. Jumping was also done very well, not too floaty.

The real problem is with a few TERRIBLE design, controls, and mechanic desicions that are then focused and reinforced so much so in later levels to a baffling degree. First off is the guided rocket. The control of this is absolutely awful. Instead of moving free in space as would make sense, it moves super fast along in a single square-by-square basis. The game then requires you to navigate tiny little mazes. If it were free range you would be able to use skill, reflexes, and aiming. This version is just stupid. It moves super fast and the response is delayed. Since it moves square to square sometimes you turn and you are too high or low to make a smaller tunnel, but you basically can't do anything because you stopped on that square. You cannot make minor adjustments as it moves too fast. The D-pad is too hard to move from horizontal to vertical for quick turns. The analog is also finnicky and hard to be consistent with, meaning neither controller options work. Then the game makes you do this long mazes that are super narrow, forcing you to make perfect turns and then 5 in a row. If you touch the wall you instant die, and some parts involve 20-30 seconds of this straight, and if you die you need to do it all again. This is frustrating being forced to replay parts of the maze you beat just to play trial and error with a terrible system. Deaths never feel your fault.

Then there is the jetpack. Once again, instead of just a natural free-flowing jetpack you move around, it is not intuitive. You hold up to move up, and let go to move down, and press side to side to move sideways. This is also supper finnicky and annoying to use. The analog stick is unusable by itself, as pressing up moves you flying up too quickly. The d-pad is also impossible to move because you have to slide from up to side back to up, and it is finnicky. This means the best option is using the d-pad to move up, while the other hand controls the analog to move forward. That is how terrible the controls are and the mechanic is implimented, you need to use both analog and d-pad at same time to work best. Again multiple parts later on have you navigate these areas covered on all sides with instant-death walls, which the game loves to overuse. So you will finally be moving well and suddenly the finnicky jetpack goes up too fast and you instant die, making you redo your perfect flying earlier, just to get back and past that part, only to die on a later part and do it again. The parts, like the mazes, should be shorter to not inflate cheap replayability. And some parts make you shoot guys while moving the jetpack through instant death spots, making the controls even worse.

Then there is the moving platform/object mechanic. In every single platform game on any system ever, when you jump on a log moving in water, or stand on an object/platform that is moving, you move with it, because you know, science/logic. Well in this game for some stupid reason (to add unnecessary difficulty to something simple) the object moves but you don't. So this means each time you have to keep moving along with this moving object, randomly tapping forward for long periods of time, with any mistake meaning instant death. Then there is the dash ability. Instead of making sense and using one of the many unused buttons, so it is botton/simultaneous button dependent like megaman or other games, it relies on an unreliable double tap forward. The first problem is it only works like 2/3 of the time. It does not work with analog stick. Only arrows. So once again another mechanic that only works with 1 of the 2 possible directional controls, cutting down on options. Other times, since you have to press forward multiple times in parts, this can lead to you dashing when you don't want to when you were trying to move forward, leading to many unintentional deaths that aren’t your fault.

Then there are certain level designs. Normally they have saves in most levels, but then there are levels that for some reason use tons of instant deaths/only instant death, as the sole way to die, and instead of using more saves as you would think, has ZERO saves, meaning you have to replay the entire level over and over again to beat a certain part you die on if you make 1 single mistake. For a game that stayed away from this so well, forcing entire level replays is something basic and cheap that games like super meat boy do, but I got the original impression this would be different. There will be levels that throw many of these terrible instances together. In one level you have to use a jetpack, to get through multiple instant kill areas, shoot guys, ride platforms where you don’t move with them, etc, and if you die you do it all over again. These lead to wasted time replaying terribly controlled segments because the game makers decided to stop using common sense and put any save spots in the level. Who would think it’s a good idea to suddenly have levels where you have to do the entire thing without getting hit or touched once or you restart it all.
The final nail in the coffin was a boss fight. First off, instead of a fair boss fight it is one of those stupid ones where the power is out of your hands and you can’t damage him until it decides you can at certain parts. Well you have to dodge tons of mines, bombs, bullets, and object forever. The boss makes 4 continuous trips of something, instead of what actually makes sense, 1-2. The spend the entire fight not being able to hurt him and dodge while he decides to keep attacking you. When you finally make it through that long drawn out repetitive phase, you then are forced to fly through smaller narrow different level spikes with a jetpack. You get to a spot in the air where he keeps shooting at you forever, while you get shot at by rockets. You have no idea what to do, and decide you must keep dodging for what seems like forever. If you die once during any of this you start the ENTIRE long drawn out dodging process on the ground, meaning you need to waste countless time to get back up to the sky. Why they make you waste time going through a mine field with the terrible jetpack is beyond me. But why they don’t save when you made it past a long boring dodging phase, only to make you restart it all, is beyond me. Why they force levels with no saves, long drawn out fights that don’t save between phases, the terrible jetpack, moving objects, rocket aiming, and inadequate spacing of saves, is beyond me. If you want constant irritation later on in a game because you are replaying parts because the develops made dumb decisions, is never fun The game had potential, but fortunately shoots itself in the foot. 4/10.
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Posted: July 20
EDIT: I read that turning vsync off removes the input lag and I dont know if its that or the fact that I played on my desktop at home instead of my crappy work pc , but the game handled better. Also , this might sound weird , but it looked better on a larger monitor.

Let me start by saying I like this game but can not recommend it because of the following reasons:

First of all: There are flying enemies AND YOU CANT SHOOT UP. Only way to kill flying enemies is to use the rocket ,which consumes like a third of your ammo.

The visuals are nice enough ,but the color and inconsistency of the sprites makes it hard to know which sprite is a platform and which is part of the background , and trying to jump on a piece of background is a pretty dumb way to die.

There have also been some poor choices in using said sprites , like for instance in the second area there was a level where you had to navigate a cave while riding a crate floating in water (water instakills you btw) and for some reason the dev decided it would be a good idea to put non transparent sprites in the foreground so they hide the crate you are supposed to ride. That wouldh nave been much of a problem if it weren't for the fact that when you ride crates , you dont really ride them like in most platformers , you have to move with them. if you stop pressing left every 0.5 seconds the crate just continues on its way leaving you to your watery death. Ok thats fine , but they had barrels (or are they wooden logs) that act the same way, which makes sense, as the water is flowing the barrel is turning so you'd have to balance on it. But why crates. In fact , why not putting barrels instead of crates . Jumping feels unresponsive compared to some other platformers , when you get to the spider boss thingy , you'll know what I mean. This appears to be fixed by turning vsync off

Some sections where you need to control your rocket buddy can be frustrating as hell ,the gaps are way too small , the corners way too sharp and the rocket dude moves way too fast to be controlled adequately , especially with an analogue stick. Most of the longer rocket flying sections will probably take you a few tries to get right , which really breaks the game pacing for me.

There is a game section where you need to hack computer terminals. Hacking is ok except , the game does not pause while you hack. So if there are any enemies around they will attack you. And you cant stop the hacking too , the only way to get out of hacking mode is to mess up. Which costs you one health bar , so you might as well let the baddies hit you.

Other things I just find odd:

The boss sprites look kinda out of place , like the art was made by a different person or even for a different game.

The "cinematics" (Im using that word for the lack of a better one) look weird too , for the same reason , in game sprites look nice and you can tell some work went into them , but the characters in the cinematics look iffy. Like they were drawn in a hurry and then pixelated a little to look more like they fit the whole 16 bit theme.

Other than that its a nice game , with some challenge to it.
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