ATTENTION - This game, engine and associated modding tools are incomplete and under constant iteration. Do not buy this game unless you are interested in supporting the work we are doing and are prepared to deal with all the flaws of an early alpha game.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (445 reviews)
Release Date: Mar 28, 2014

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“We are an independent developer and being on Early Access allows us the chance to earn the trust and support of our community by sharing our progress, intentions, and ideas. Also equally important to us is that we are able to make a game and utilize new technology with and for the community and even other developers. We get the opportunity to create strong relationships with our players and get deeper insight into what they are doing and saying so that we can act on what things actually need to change and look at things from other perspectives.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“At the very least until all of our core systems are online. At that time, the tools and engine functionality will give the community a chance to build and modify whatever they like, beyond the scope of our own game's design.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The final form of the game is ever evolving with the new features we discover our technology can do and the discussions we have with the community. The great thing about making an open world sandbox game is anything and everything is possible. The bad part about making an open world is... well, anything and everything is possible. The engine will also be much more stable and the community will be able to make amazing games, models, and maps of their own. When the game is complete, we will have a great deal of new features from physics based projectiles, to responsive water and in game logic systems.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Right now you are able to craft simple tools and weapons in survival. You can also explore a massive procedural generated world and modify it in either survival or creative mode. We also have a primitive form of a closed PvP map which we refer to as the Proving Grounds. For those that like to dig into things, you can also modify much of the world and game rules.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“We will slightly increase the price with major milestones in the game and technology over time. Currently we are asking for a smaller amount of money in support of the game because we feel that the amount of work in justifies a small price this early. If anything were to happen to the game and for some reason it could not receive the support needed to be completed, we hope our community would not feel cheated, as opposed to paying 40 or 50 dollars for an unfinished project.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We use a multitude of platforms to watch and create dialog with the players from live streams and videos from the community, to forum discussions and random twitter exchanges. We also look for insights all over the interwebs and encourage lots of conversation and debate between one another in the community.”
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"The Ultimate Goat. It's Minecraft 2.0. It's going to be amazing."
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Recent updates View all (29)

April 8

TUG Update Alpha 0.8.4 - 4/08/2015

Ahoy! Enjoy fun, hunting KIDS! ALL THE KIDS! Goat kids… ya creeps. This update brings breeding and taming to the world of The Uncanny Gerbils, along with a few sparkly bits with teh magicks… magic? magik? idk. Keep in mind, that everything you are seeing in game now is not final, but does give us a chance to see how things impact the overall experience and performance of the game. Of course, if something is not to your liking in a current iteration you can always, ya know… mod it.

Expect a lot more focus on content for the next couple of releases, while we start to work on the design and early development of the engine move over to openGL, so we can hit much lower machine specs and get the game out there in the hands of more players. Along with this, dedicated servers are ALMOST done, and you should follow @camfergusondfw for updates on that. Also, hes got this streaming bug right now, so you can also poke him on stream on occasion here.

We have made some big progress since we started this project way back in Kickstarter, and have gotten a lot of support from all of you, fellow developers, and even financial partners. Its been absolutely overwhelming to be able to take our project this far and have an opportunity to take it beyond what we initially thought we could accomplish. We have big plans and big support, and we are anxious to show you guys what we have up our sleeves.

OH! And big congratz to our Art Director @inkmech, who just had a beautiful, healthy baby girl! Well, he didn't have a baby, that’d be weird… but you know what I mean.

As usual, rage @brennanpriest42
For leaks of things that make the devs cringe, cause I have a problem follow me here @inoritewtf
And if you think we need CorgiGoats for REALS, yell @x_nekochu_x

Update announces can be found here @theuntitledgame
And general geekery stuffs around TUG development can be found here @nerdkingdom

New Features

  • Added a Sand Layer underneath several biomes so players aren’t dependent on finding a Desert for sand.
  • Alternative terrain generators are back. Note the Survival generation is still the main, balanced generator for gameplay
  • Goat Kid added to generation, no not a satyr...
  • Animals will now react to players holding food and can be fed.
  • Baby versions of Cats and Goats can be domesticated. The BearRam Cub cannot and adult wild Cats and Goats cannot be domesticated.
  • Pets can be set to follow or stay by targeting them and right clicking.
  • Players can breed adult, domesticated animals from tamed baby versions.
  • Adult domesticated animals can breed and have babies.
  • Fireball and Ice Blast spells are now craftable and castable. You will need to craft their respective items, enter the casting stance with ‘t’, and left click to cast
  • A crude age shield is now in the game
  • Blocking can be performed when a shield is equipped with a weapon. Blocking is performed by holding down the right mouse button

  • Found a major memory optimization when first loading animations in the game. It should dramatically reduce memory consumption when loading game objects by nearly 3x
  • Fixed a bug with emitters not displaying
  • AI should save their positions now between each game session
    Creature spawners now respect their cooldown timers. New animals won’t spawn in every time you load a game.
  • Fixed a crash when first creating/joining a game
  • Fixed a crash when exiting TUG
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to transfer a tool/weapon to a full container would restore the durability on that item
  • Fixed an issue where swords weren’t cutting certain types of grass billboards
  • Fixed a Lua error when a player left a game before respawning
  • Fixed a Lua error when a player entered Z placement mode in Creative mode and then switched to 3rd person camera
  • Banana Bunches are harvestable again
  • Generated coconuts no longer hover several feet above the ground.
  • Fixed some cases where the Fuel Potion wasn’t restoring energy
  • Added in a console message when players join a server

Known Issues
  • Player collision is slightly desync’d from their visual location. It is lagging slightly behind where a player has moved from
  • Pets have no distinguishing features from wild animals
  • Some animal movement is not animating correctly, so creatures may appear to slide
  • Pet animations are sync’ed when you reload a world
  • Pet timers and health are reset between sessions
    If you die too far away from your last save, pets can get lost
  • The run key (shift) is not a bindable key
  • You can lose mouse cursor if you dismiss server disconnect message with keyboard.
  • There are some mouse cursor issues when TUG is the active window. It’ll exhibit itself as an active cursor that will still access your Windows desktop. If this occurs to you, send us your system specs.
  • Clients can come across strips of missing terrain. Reloading/rejoining the game sessions should be resolve the issue in the short term.
  • Clients are crafting slower than the Server player
  • Creative mode has several usability issues that we’re currently working on.
  • The Vine Fence Cage Trap doesn’t have collision along it’s walls when it has trapped something
  • If you have the fireball equipped, when you rejoin a server, the first shot may orient into a default position rather than where you are facing. You can resolve this by re-equipping the spell first.
  • If you die right as you enter a stance, you may get stuck in that stance (until you exit and rejoin)

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March 11

TUG Update Alpha 0.8.3 - 3/11/2015

Ahoy! You know where you can cram it?!?!?! IN YOUR WORKING CHEST! Finally got around to getting storage containers working, along with equipables and a few other bits… not to mention my personal favorite, TRAPS! I think by now we all know, that any researcher has a little bit of troll in them, so things can start to get a little more fun. We are starting to get into some of the more “RPG”ish stuffs, so see plenty of other bits below.

Ghost and I got to spend a bit of time at PaxEast this past weekend, it was an absolute blast. We got to hang with the dudes from Forge, Mindcrack and ForgeCraft (so many forges!), and got lots of interesting insights about tools, maps and all things shameless minecraft clone. It was encouraging to also hear that the things that drove us with this project, are also things that are important to the dev community… so with that, expect some more mods along the way from a few modders you may recognize.

Speaking of modders! We are going to be starting a mod jam here in the next couple of months (TUG Jam?), so we can start showcasing some new tools, and offer up some gift cards/prizes to modders that could help them beef up their rigs in the process. Don’t have all the details, but working them out with Lex (Forge) and Pahimar (ForgeCraft) over the next couple of days and will announce that soonish, so be sure to troll me on the twitters for deets (cause I just deleted my Facebook, its true, the most epic unlike of all time).

As usual, if you run into any bugs, crashes, splosions, please leave it as a review for how terrible this game was and how much of a rip off it was… I mean… email support *cough* or post to the bugs forums. Your feedback helps us make better tech, which means better game, and even better mods, so be kind and leave feedback behind (T-Shirt!).

Follow updates to our Game & Tech here: @TheUntitledGame

Check out some concepts and random bits of stuff n things here: @Nerdkingdom

If you are tired of this DX11 limitation, spam this guy here: @CoreyClarkPhD

If you want 1980s style freeze frame jumping high fives, yo: @inoritewtf

New Features

  • Added the Bronze Cudgel and resources used for crafting it
  • Added the Poison Potion to apothecary
    Added several new traps: Pumpkin Trap, Spiked Trap, Leaf Canopy and Vine Fence Cage. They are activated by placing them and then right clicking them to activate.
  • Crude Slingshot now in game
  • Updates to all potions in apothecary
  • Crude Chest/Leaf Backpack can be used to store items
  • Crude equipment is now in the game; they are craftable and wearable. They can be equipped by dragging it into the appropriate slot or by equipping it in hand and left clicking. Backpacks are not yet wearable.
  • Crude equipment will save between game sessions
  • Bronze Plated Glove armor piece has been added to the game along with resources necessary to craft it
  • Several new cosmetic furniture: Lotus Chair, Bamboo Table, Bamboo Stool
  • Mushroom Bed
  • Updates to triggers on terrain objects
  • Bouncing on Double Mushroom Caps and Mushroom Bed
  • Updated the iconography of potions to get them more distinguishable by color blind players
  • Swords can be used to temporarily remove grass billboards
  • Added a Billboard Frequency slider to Video Options
  • All tables and large objects are placed facing the player with a set orientation
  • Clean up to the recipe crafts and added a priority system to help with overlapping recipe resources
  • Added new punch animation for the player
  • Fixes to the Cabbage Trap to get it working in multiplayer
  • Performance fix for object culling and view distance
  • Networking bandwidth optimizations
  • Fixed several missing sounds and sounds bugs
  • Improved physics performance and stability
  • Fix scaling issues for some UI elements
  • General animation cleanup and fixes
Known Issues
  • For any existing saves, the player’s inventory has been wiped. This is due to the gear/equipment updates
  • Player collision is slightly desync’d from their visual location. It is lagging slightly behind where a player has moved from
  • In Creative Mode, when clicking on the inventory UI, the player will also grab objects out of the world
  • Z Placement of large objects will orient the object in a static direction and not the camera
  • Player does not stay in throw mode for the poison potion
  • There is a potential crash when exiting TUG
  • There is a rare crash when first loading a world (or joining a server)

12 comments Read more
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Report bugs and leave feedback for this game on the discussion boards

About This Game

Note: PLEASE be sure that your hardware is DX11 capable and not just your operating system. Intel graphics cards do not currently work for this game/tech. We will be lowering the hardware requirements with time, but no set date. Also some known issues with integrated intel graphics cards, so please be aware of that.

This is a fantasy based survival sandbox role playing game. The engine and game are a work in progress, so it does not perform as well as some games made on unity or other commercial engines, but it gets better with each iteration. To get a better feel for where the game is at, check for YouTube videos that were posted within the last month of your reading this. Its pretty tough to gauge what is appropriate to whom at what level of development, so we encourage doing some digging before dropping any money or supporting the project in any way.

While we are building a massive world to explore, a lot of this project is about building solid “cutting edge” tech, to allow people to create and collaborate on their own projects, as well. Modding is not just a part of TUG, its a fundamental consideration in everything we build.

Game Modes

  • Survival Mode: Find stuff, craft stuff, build stuff, beat stuff up, eat stuff, break stuff, break other people’s stuff (or don’t), don’t die. Ya know, survival stuff.
  • Creative Mode: Build stuff… creatively.

Game Features

  • Non blocky voxels: Explore and build in a not blocky voxel world
  • Crafting: Anything you find in game, can be crafted or created in some way
  • Modding: Pretty much anything we can do, you can do as well

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
    • Processor: Quad-core Intel® or AMD® processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX® 11 compatible card with 1 GB of memory, nVidia® 4XX+/AMD® 5XXX+
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX® 11 compatible card with 3 GB of memory, nVidia® 7XX+/AMD® 7XXX+
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
4 of 7 people (57%) found this review helpful
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 18
Early Access Review
Never seen a developer so honest and involved with the community -- Really looking forward to this, as the game's aesthetics are already excellent. One of the few upcoming sandboxes that I feel actually has a good bit of potential.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
87 of 100 people (87%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
1,098.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 4
Early Access Review
Firstly, I would like to applaud the developers at Nerd Kingdom on a great job in developing a terrific game so far. It must be, I’ve logged over 900 hours since purchasing the game in September 2014. Apparently, I don’t have a life. To put this into perspective, that’s about 6 hours of game playing per day over the past five months.

Like most people, I enjoy playing open world sandbox survival games, exploring, crafting, mining, but mostly building things. TUG offers all of these things, but with a very rich non-blocky interactive environment where you become immersed into your surroundings. The world ambient sounds seem to add to this immersion, leading you to start foraging for supplies right away to survive at least the first night. The environment sounds have you looking over your shoulder for critters that might be sneaking up on you or a sound that stops you in your tracks wondering what is that?, is it going to eat me?, do I run away?

Once you start the game, you immediately find yourself exploring or running away from a critter because you haven’t crafted a weapon yet and thinking that the rock in your hand doesn’t seem adequate enough to defend yourself, or just wanting to see what is over the next hill or to watch a spectacular sunrise or sunset. Once you feel safe you notice that you are now hungry so you begin foraging for food to eat. My mom always wanted me to be a vegetarian. You now notice that your backpack of many things is full containing mostly different types of rocks, a few sticks and some vines. You begin throwing these items onto the ground to see what can be crafted. Now that you are armed to the teeth with stone tools and weapons; including a hoe and shovel, you are more likely to begin building something such as a hole in the ground to hide in or experimenting with the various available building materials (limited at the moment) to construct your dream home-base to venture forth from into the world of TUG.

One thing I like about TUG so far is that there are no zombies, yet. I don’t like zombies as they sneak-up on you while you are busy doing something and scare the ___ out of you, much like the forest children do in this game, the kinokojin.

Although I have experienced many game crashes mostly with the indev version, lost files, and other game bugs, TUG is still a great game so far and knowing it will get even better with future updates.

Putting all that aside, the following are some suggestions that would be nice to see implemented into the game; however, some of these suggestions may not be possible:

1. Crafting a compass. This is not really necessary, but crafting a compass would be a cool way to explore the world of TUG for those who need one. Based on your compass marches or hikes, you could craft area maps. I found that knowing where the sun rises and sets in the game (east and west) and using landmarks, whether made or natural, you can navigate throughout the world quite reasonably.

2. Crafting a bow and arrows.

3. The gathering and or crafting of new building materials.

4. Doors, windows and furniture.

5. Adding a smaller block size in addition to the two we already have for adding building trim details.

6. Once water is introduced into the game, will seedlings be able to swim?

7. Crafting a boat to float down that lazy river or to see if you can survive boating over a waterfall or white water rafting.

8. Crafting a fishing rod to go fishing on that hot sunny afternoon. Crafting different types of lures or using different types of bait to attract different types of fish would be cool. Fishing could also be dependent on the time of day and the weather.

9. Climbing trees to get away from predators when all you have is a rock in your hand to defend yourself. The only problem with this type of defence is that the predator will not go away and you will eventually starve to death sitting in the tree, unless you can eat the tree leaves. Picture the scene from the Movie ‘Quest for Fire’.

10. Throw rocks, especially at tigers and the forest children.

11. Pets, a dog like creature, horse or riding type creature.

12. Other wildlife critters to hunt or to just watch, such as ungulates, birds and predator type creatures.

13. Different mystical biome creatures, one for each type of biome.

14. More world ambient sounds, such as a hooting owl in the haunted forest biome, howling critters when the moon rises, etc.

15. Weather systems such as rain, snow, thunder storms, tornados, etc.

16. More uses for critter hides other than leather strips.

17. Crafting implements of destruction such as a trebuchet or canon to silent that noisy forest child, just kidding.

In closing, all I can say about TUG is that it is an awesome game so far and has the potential of being one of the best open world sandbox survival games presently being developed.

All the best to the developers at Nerd Kingdom and keep up the great work.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
36 of 42 people (86%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
7.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 11
Early Access Review
NOTE: this is my second review of this game - I originally had not recommended buying this game as it has some really interesting aspects to it but it just didn't seem finished enough to be playable and I was having some stability issues. I have to say since then I've continued to play the game and I've changed my mind, and yes, I do recommend this game. Here is why:

*IMPRESSIVE DEVELOPERS - every dollar in early access is going back into this game- the devs have claimed that they are listening to early access clients and this is true. Within hours of posting my previous review I got a very nice comment from a Cambo (developer) and he recommended I switch the game to the in- dev build (do this by opening your steam library, right click on the game, click properties, click betas, click in dev- very easy to do) as the new terrain generation in the in dev build has been solving a lot of stability issues. I'll tell you , this worked and I was very impressed by the quick response (could have been a prewritten letter for all I know- but still, great customer service in my opinion). And FYI, the in dev terrain build is pretty cool.
*GREAT ART STYLE - you can really see this game has potential and care put into from the art style of the game- almost sort of prehistoric sort of dark feeling to it.
*DETAILED CONSTRUCTION/ WILDERNESS The flora is quite detaled and interesting - lots of different trees, mushrooms, grasses etc to look at - once the crafting system is improved I imagine this will be all be used in interesting ways. The building is a refreshing update to the crafting/ survival game genre - the blocks tend to blend together in the order of how you place them which tends to make the structures very interesting looking. I'm hoping that they'll eventually put a structural integrity into the buildings like 7 days to die - but for now the building is keeping me amused.

Overall - I think this game really is worth purchasing and I would argue the current 10 dollar price is a good investment, the way I see it this game should be very interesting and fun when completed and likely will only get more expensive as it gets better - so why not try it out now? - Don't get me wrong - there is a bit to finish with this game still and if you don't like early access games I'm not sure if this would be for you - theres not much surviving going on in the game , mostly you can just build and explore at this point, and your options for building are still pretty limited. But if you do like crafting/ building and/ or the early access experience this game shouldn't dissapoint you.
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30 of 38 people (79%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
49.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 26, 2014
Early Access Review
So here is how my experience has been so far. When I started the game, I first spawned in the desert. I had no clue what to do next. Some of the rocks were obvious they could be picked up and used and I liked when you hovered over it , you got a description. I had no clue what to do, there was no food, no trees. I think at some point of running around and not sure what to do, I went out of the game and tried to get some tips what to do, like what I could eat. Not much in the desert except the cactus, then I ran into a pumkin or the goard and ate those too.

So I took off running ( after I learned how to run ) and kept going till I got into the forest. Yay!!! trees and more food. Of course I heard those little fairies or sprites, cool sound effects but wasn't sure what to do. ( At some point in my adventure I chased one down with my sword and killed it only to have it turn mushroom chunks- is that it? ) I started wacking things with my stones till I got a tree down, and then tried a bunch of random things to see if I could craft something. Nope, I'm too dumb, so back out to the web to see what I missed. Again Yaa!, I only looked till I could see some of the basics- didn't want to spoil it too much. So back in the game I went.

I started gathering food, hunted some goats and got some meat and some hides, planting crops, building my shelter. ( What no doors, windows, bars no protection? If this was minecraft I would be toast. What if the tiger comes snooping around? Yes I saw a couple and even killed one with a spear. At this point in the game they seem to be easy ) Crap I can't make a fire and I can't make a bed. Back out to Steams discussion board to look up tips again. ( really could use in game references and tips ). So back in the game. Still other than stone I haven't started mining yet. A couple times I started to explore and I got lost, had to create some large stone pillars as a guide to get back. Okay now there are more things I want to craft and I can't remember how. Back out to the discussion board to look things up. (Awsome video tutorials BTW.. thanks for those Skaduush) I was thinking it would be easier going back out to the desert for mining. Okay where was the desert again?? More big pillars to lead me back home. I also learned from the videos I just have to dig down deep to mine. At least I can stay aroung my base camp for now.

Okay I learned a few more things on the main site. I am ready to craft more things and now start mining. See how good my memory is before I go back out to figure out the rest of the crafting.

I can deal with the game getting laggy after playing long periods. I can deal with some glitchy AI with the goats and tigers ( right now that seeems to be it ) who on occasion will merge with their environment or run in place ( go around things you silly animals, go around ) I might need more protagonists in this game, keep it challenging. The game has a prehistoric type feel to it, can we add dinosaurs?? Pretty please? Can I tame and ride one? What does the blue gem on my hand do? So many questions. How about laddders and bridges for being up in the trees. Some looked huge where you cannot cut them down, perfect for a treehouse.

I think once I am the master of my domain, I am gong to stock up on supplies and just head out exploring. ( Still haven't figured out how to make the backpack I crafted work so I can store more, the default inventory is small- unless you want to carry rocks, seems you can carry alot of cobblestone )

Oh and don't be surprised if you go to look at your seed ( character ) and you change sex and size..haha I was trying to make myself all muscular ( read if I carry heave loads my character will get bigger. I seeemed to be at a young man/boy stage, but when I jumped back in the game I was a young girl..funny.

At this point I am keeping my thumbs up as far as my review. Things are going good. I am learning the game, not finding too many faults. I do hope with some of the upcoming updates I can get an idea where the game is going.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
63 of 102 people (62%) found this review helpful
3.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 10
Early Access Review
While TUG seems to have some good ideas, I cannot recommend it at this point. It shows promise and may be worth taking a look at later on in development.

  • There really isn't a whole lot to do at this point. You can build, though there doesn't seem to be a wide range of blocks available just yet.
  • Also, while the texture blending on placed blocks is very nice in most cases, I'm not sure how suitable it is when building a house (ex: grass blending with wood or wood blending with cobblestone wall).
  • In my opinion, some of the tools should work a little bit faster. Ex: digging up an area can be long and tedious.

I've only seen two different sorts of mob so far, though there's supposed to be a third (some manner of predatory cat?). The giggles/growls of the little mushroom imp are irritating.

  • IMPORTANT: Software should almost never make choices for the user. In order to craft, we must throw our ingredients on the ground and press G. If the ingredients match any recipe, the item will be crafted. If the ingredients match multiple recipes, a random item will be crafted. No! Just, no! Take an example where I want to build two spears. I gather two shafts, two spear heads, and some vines, toss them on the floor, and hit G. Oops... I forgot that the vine wall takes two shafts and some vines... Instead, when there are multiple recipes available, pop up a small dialog which lists the available options. For any recipe that is unknown to the player (ie: player has never crafted it), provide the option with an "Unknown Recipe" label.
  • I'm a little worried that the current crafting implementation will result in a glut of crafting components. Compare to Minecraft where a grid defines the resulting item. Without the grid (or without the option above), we need to have specific items in order to decide what the recipe will result in as can be seen with the multiple tool heads that are required right now (axe, pick, hammer, sword). With a grid or the above method, we could simplify the recipe to "a handle + a stone". This means players need less storage space (ie: chests).
  • Items which are not implemented probably should have their recipe disabled. I was disappointed to craft the leaf backpack and find that it does nothing. I was about to craft a chest and read that it wasn't implemented either.

  • I find the inventory to be woefully small, but I understand that the character we're playing is a child with a tiny backpack. This could possibly be mitigated by bumping up stack sizes for some things (ie: I believe wooden shafts have a stack size of 2...? That seems fairly low)
  • I imagine those spaces at the bottom are some sort of hotbar, so I was frustrated to find that items get shuffled around and don't just stay put. In my mind, if I set items in a specific order in my hotbar, they should always be in that order.

Side-note/Request: I find the sound effect that gets played when the "TUG" splash is displayed during game load to be a little bit on the louder side. Would be nice if that could get toned down a bit or follow configured volume settings.
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16 of 21 people (76%) found this review helpful
74.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 19
Early Access Review
Early Access. Alpha.

If you actually know what these means, then you know the caveats that apply. If you think it just means a finished, released game before the first patch, then move along.

Still here? The game is pretty, the potential is there. The devs are highly communicative with the play testers. They are clear where they are going, are open to feedback, and incorporate it.

So if you want a 3d sandbox building adventure game with a magical (alchemy, crystal and anima types) flavouring? If you want a say in how it developes? If you can tolerate the instability and impermanence of an early access ? This is worth looking into.

Otherwise, it's worth getting...eventually.
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16 of 23 people (70%) found this review helpful
18.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 22
Early Access Review
Minecraftesque Sandbox game, there is some survival, but its not very difficult yet.
Performance is great for an early alpha and so is the crafting.

No containers yet but things look so cool on the ground like chopped wood, i love stacking it one by one.

Great work on the most recent build, I was finally able to play multiplayer with friends for hours with no crashes, now that multiplayer is working this game will be getting hours of my time.
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8 of 11 people (73%) found this review helpful
8.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 20
Early Access Review
After having problems the Devs contacted me as i put a neg review , due to them being so fast in helping i have now changed it to a positive one , today i can play the game , it is hard to work out how to do things , but most of all its fun learning , its a completely different game to most other survival/ build games , but thats a good thing :) looks like it will be good , and im impressed with the support ty.
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9 of 13 people (69%) found this review helpful
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Posted: December 4, 2014
Early Access Review
Re-review Edit (May 2015)

The graphics currently don't look anywhere as good as they did when I first played six months ago. They've gone from a cartoony art style to a more realistic one but they're a bit ugly. So it's not "gorgeous" like I claim.

A developer has assured me on their forums that the current graphics are only temporary. They shared footage of how it should look in a few months time and it will look awesome again.

Gameplay-wise it's still much the same game but with some good new stuff. Traps are particularly cool.

Original Review (Dec 2014)

I'm so in love with the developer's plans for this game. Six minutes into one youtube video and I was sold on it.

Like just the fact that you craft items by placing them on the ground, or in some cases on a crafting workspace, rather than it all happening in your inventory is charming. It's hardly revolutionary but design features like this (and future ones) are all oriented at providing a more immersive in-the-game rather than in-the-ui experience.

At the moment it's slightly bare. You can build well enough and the crafting and farming systems are good. The game looks gorgeous. If you enjoy games like minecraft just for the pleasure of building then you could already get a lot of satsifaction out of this game. Otherwise you might to hold off a little. The devs say multiplayer should arrive soon. And presently you can't customise your character at all. It just randomly changes every time you load the same game. Bit weird that. But their ultimate plans for character appearance customisation are very interesting.

So I'm very happy to recommend the game but it may not be for everyone in its current state.
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Posted: December 27, 2014
Early Access Review
I have only played for 8 hours at the time of writing the review but I can already say that is game is really fun. No Regrets. I spawned into a world, picked up a rock, hit another rock with that rock, used that rock to cut a sapling down, used the stone as well as the vine and stick from the tree to make a crude axe, and continued harvesting trees and stones until I had all of the tools, plenty extra supplies and had found an orchard of orange trees. Made a home out of wood and cobble stone and set up shop with a camp fire, bed and a crude workbench, I also crafted some torches. TUG is quite the enjoyable and relaxing game and I can't wait to see what else is to come from this alpha game!
Gr8 B8 Nerd Kingdom, I R8 8/8 but seriously an excellent game.
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Posted: March 27
Early Access Review
Keep in mind, this is an early access game.

Right now Tug has a stone age and a bronze age tech level and there is little to do, compared to similar games.
The artwork is unique but isn't really polished yet.Navigation in the world can be really hard and you might get lost.
At the moment there is no falling damage but that helps with tall constuction and exploration.

If you can look past these issues that are a natural part of early access you will definately have a good time.
Progress feels good and you Building a house, castle and garden is a lot of fun.
The world seems endless but since Biomes repeat there is not much to explore boyond a certain distance.
However the Engine is capable of creating beautiful landscapes and each biome looks unique and interesting.

The game is relatively stable and has very little crashes for an early access game,maybe even less than some finished games.

I bought the game for 9,99€ but i would still recommend i9t for the current price.

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Posted: January 2
Early Access Review
TUG. This is a game that is definitly needs improvement and I hope it receives it. Being someone who is incredibly open to games such as these, I can't really say whether I was disapointed or not. If this game receives a proper lore buff and a story to why and what you are, then I can see it being an imaginative success. In the creative sense, its very unique and offers a sort of mystical atmosphere. Devs, please make the improvements you promise.
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Posted: December 21, 2014
Early Access Review
It's a bit early but this game is very charming. I really like it. Seems to have active development also. If you understand early access then recommended.
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Posted: December 24, 2014
Early Access Review
Just to make things perfectly? clear: This is a Beta game. There are bugs - and bug fixes. Many things I'd like haven't been added yet. Things that are awkward haven't been tweaked yet. Mult-player was in, then removed, and now appears to be coming back. etc., etc., etc.,

I like this kind of game. I enjoy finding odd glitches. I enjoy watching things get smoothed out over time. I enjoy being part of the development.

If you enjoy this sort of extra-gaming challenge, then you've come to the right place. If you want a game that's finished and polished, please move on.
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Posted: March 24
Early Access Review
This game...Is so much more then a game. It's the best game I have played yet and It's better than Minecraft!

It can be hard for a new player to get the hang of It like myself and It's a hard game for those new to It.

And to everyone with Intel Graphics. Don't worry as you can play this game I have Intel graphics at the moment and I can play the game

But It's the best game I have played and owned! I would rate it 11 out of 10
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Posted: January 27
Early Access Review
I know, Steam shows I have played only 6.6 hours. I actually played it around 30 hours (which is still not much), but I am following this game since the succesfull kickstarter funding. The concepts are super awesome, several things are great, some other not so great, but that's okay, because it is a work in progress. As with many other Early Access games, there are plenty of negative reviews, many of them are complaining about bugs or other stuff, which is part of an early access game. Seriously stop doing it. Don't like early access - don't buy/play it. I just hope this game get's half as awesome as it's developers, because then it'd be still freaking awesome.
But, I still think this game has not enough depth, yet. I bought it,I would buy it again, but I don't play it by now, because I am more into the surviving aspect and less into the creative aspects of sandbox games.
TL;DR like creative sandbox? buy and play. like survival sandbox? buy and wait.
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Posted: July 2, 2014
Early Access Review
This game is SUPER early... probably not a good idea to buy it if you are looking to get a clean smooth play experience. The game is in early access to ACTUALLY get feedback to not just help the game progress in design, but also to get some help troubleshooting/testing the engine to stabilize it.

Update Update Review 5/12/15:

Game has not updated in like a month or something. The project must be dead, they totally arent working on engine systems that take longer than a couple weeks to build and test for a stable deployment for dedicated servers... jerks.

Updated Review:

- AI is CRAZY dumb
- Crafting is a bit clunky
- LOTS of performance issues
- WTF why do gourdes glow? Thats dumb.
- Needs more non blocks in terrain stuff for building
- I'd really like more mob variety
- where the caves at, yo?
- those little chuckling goblin things scare and annoy me to ♥♥♥♥
- needs more pewpew, less QQ

Another update review:

The nubs finally got multiplayer working... nubs.

ANOTHER update review:

- AI still lame
- multiplayer complicated to set up
- WTF, y no linux and mac support, yo?
- crafting still lame
- need tutorial
- Hey, make a recipe book or stop making games, cause you suck...

Well, better get back to fixing all these problems in the game so I can write a better review of it...

(anyone not reading into this clearly, im a dev on the game *high five*)
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Posted: March 29, 2014
Early Access Review
Make sure your Graphics Card is directx 11 compatible! I bought the game just assuming i could run it (didnt look very system heavy) but my graphics card is not compatible. Not really the developers fault i didnt read the reccomended requirements which is why i am not downvoting and the game from what i have seen does show a lot of potential and i hope that as they develop the game more they will optimize it and make it easier to run for those of us with older computers!
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Posted: October 26, 2014
Early Access Review
Tug, in it's really, really early stage in development, is already a really interesting game. Within a 1/2 hour of playing, you'll see how early in development the game is. The scenery is already very impressive, the quality in graphics is already really nice. The controls are easy and simple to work with and gameplay is pretty good as well. The AI is extremely basic right now though... it's easy to out maneuver the only enemy creatures out there, and they're also easy to kill once you have a weapon. There's a creature in the game in which is very creepy and can scare the pants off of anyone with their screams (I know this because it takes a lot to scare me even slightly), but they seem to be completely harmless. There isn't too much content yet to keep a person busy for a long time like other similar games which are further in development obviously, but there is enough to see and do to keep a person busy for about 10 hours or more depending on play style, and I'm sure as this very young game develops further, we'll see a lot more content making the game all that much better giving us hundreds more hours of content. There's plenty of glitches and occasional crashes here and there as well as the potential to corrupt the save file (unlikely though it did happen to me once while I suicided off a mountain clipping through the terrain upon death and spawning inside the terrain falling and dying again). The crashes are more than tolerable because the game automatically saves all the time and you can also manually save after doing something if you're nervous of a crash, though I kind of wish it had multi save files in case it corrupted itself again.

One thing I will say is you WILL get permanently lost a lot while exploring because there is no compass or map and the foliage and terrain is very thick and difficult to see at a decent range while in the forest. I recommend crafting a bed asap and build towers everywhere around your base to help prevent yourself from getting lost (though you'll likely still get lost anyways if your base is in the forest, lol). The best place to build a base would probably be at the edge of a forest biome near another biome so you have that edge to follow and isn't hidden inside the forest but is near the forest so you can collect all the trees needed.

I paid the full $11 for this game and I have zero regrets so far. The dev team seem honest and delivering updates regularly, the direction the game is going looks great so far, next big update potentially being multiplayer support. The only thing I can suggest is for ppl to research a little more into it before buying so that they're not surprised by how early in development the game is in.

Will update this review as I play it more. Current review is based off of v0.6.5
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Posted: April 7, 2014
Early Access Review
I'm Blown Away. First I want to say THANKYOU to Nerd Kingdom FOR MAKING THIS GAME, and for releasing this part of it though it isn't yet finished. I like minecraft alot, my son LOVES minecraft a whole lot. The graphics in MC just aren't my thing. I Love the TUG graphics. With everything that is on the list to come I think my son and I will both LOVE TUG a whole lot!
I'm perfectly happy to just build and get excited about every new little thing until January ;-)
I do hope that what I build now will still be around once the final game is done (Dev's, will it??)
And I'm truly hoping for a method for 3rd person POV; and by the videos, it looks like the PC's are individualized-- I'm assuming that there will be a character creation section for the game too? Or will there be skins? Just wondering.
I haven't been this excited about a game since Skyrim! Thanks again Nerd Kingdom!
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