ATTENTION - This game, engine and associated modding tools are incomplete and under constant iteration. Do not buy this game unless you are interested in supporting the work we are doing and are prepared to deal with all the flaws of an early alpha game.
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Release Date: Mar 28, 2014

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“We are an independent developer and being on Early Access allows us the chance to earn the trust and support of our community by sharing our progress, intentions, and ideas. Also equally important to us is that we are able to make a game and utilize new technology with and for the community and even other developers. We get the opportunity to create strong relationships with our players and get deeper insight into what they are doing and saying so that we can act on what things actually need to change and look at things from other perspectives.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“At the very least until all of our core systems are online. At that time, the tools and engine functionality will give the community a chance to build and modify whatever they like, beyond the scope of our own game's design.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The final form of the game is ever evolving with the new features we discover our technology can do and the discussions we have with the community. The great thing about making an open world sandbox game is anything and everything is possible. The bad part about making an open world is... well, anything and everything is possible. The engine will also be much more stable and the community will be able to make amazing games, models, and maps of their own. When the game is complete, we will have a great deal of new features from physics based projectiles, to responsive water and in game logic systems.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Right now you are able to craft simple tools and weapons in survival. You can also explore a massive procedural generated world and modify it in either survival or creative mode. We also have a primitive form of a closed PvP map which we refer to as the Proving Grounds. For those that like to dig into things, you can also modify much of the world and game rules.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“We will slightly increase the price with major milestones in the game and technology over time. Currently we are asking for a smaller amount of money in support of the game because we feel that the amount of work in justifies a small price this early. If anything were to happen to the game and for some reason it could not receive the support needed to be completed, we hope our community would not feel cheated, as opposed to paying 40 or 50 dollars for an unfinished project.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We use a multitude of platforms to watch and create dialog with the players from live streams and videos from the community, to forum discussions and random twitter exchanges. We also look for insights all over the interwebs and encourage lots of conversation and debate between one another in the community.”
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"The Ultimate Goat. It's Minecraft 2.0. It's going to be amazing."
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Recent updates View all (26)

January 22

TUG Update Alpha 0.8.1 - 1/22/2015

Its been quite a while since we have brought a build off of indev and into the main branch, so this update is a really big deal for us. We have gone through quite a lot in the past several months, and it feels great being able to hit this milestone with the engine getting the first phase of multiplayer running, and letting all of you guys enjoy TUG with your friends *cough*.

We moved new terrain into the main branch, and its faster than its ever been. With that, we also have got some non blocky blocks within the world for various interactions in survivor and a bit of an overhaul on controls in creative mode, to allow you to scroll through shapes. Its all still a bit crude, but it will help get things done. This is a big step for us, but its nowhere near the last… lots of big stuff is still on the way.

A big chunk of our team is on their way to PAX South today, and setting up to show off some progress to the gaming community, so this is a big deal for us. You can visit us at booth #1483. With this milestone, we are also pushing that price increase we have been talking about for some time. But, to allow some last minute backers/contributors/buyers/people, we are putting the game on sale at the $19.99 price point (which means its gonna sit at $10 for a while). Not sure if we are going to do a price increase again… but as we did in this case, we will share those thoughts as soon as we know… it will all just come down to how far we can push this project.

Below, you can check out a descriptive list of things we’ve fixed and still need fixing. You will see some more focus on features and content with the next few updates, and the occasional hot fixes. And If you come across any errors, crashes, or weird instances that just don’t seem right, feel free to let us know on our forums or contact us

As always send all your cuddles to me on the twitters @inoritewtf and any potential nerd rage to @joshuabrookover, hes one of our new engineers… and he needs a good hazing. Also, gratz to Cobell who was moved up from PM to Producer on TUG! (get a twitter already… GOSH).

New Features
  • New Terrain Engine
  • Multiplayer
  • New UI System using CEGUI
  • Expanded Mod capabilities
  • Return Stone
  • New AI Characters

Creative Mode
  • Significantly changed controls

Menu functionality
  • Creative Mode is now functioning and multiplayer ready
  • Fixed several window focus issues
  • Fixed some display errors with the Load Game and Delete Game menus
  • UI Toggling should now work by default (without needing to rebind the key)
  • Using the ‘h’ key to move your hand item into your backpack should now add that item into any available stack
  • The Debug console should now be disabled by default
  • You can once again create copies of your saves and have them appear on the Load Game menus

  • Fixed an error pop up with crafted Leaf Backpacks
  • Stability updates when creating, leaving, or exiting a game
  • Server’s entering the menus will not stop the processing of the game world
  • Fixed an error pop up with the Return Stone being set and used when very far from other players
  • Fixed a crash when a player tried to join a server where other players were actively digging and performing other actions

  • Fixed the issue where generated objects could appear above and below the terrain
  • Fixed an issue where the Sun was piercing through the distance fog and terrain
  • Fixed some seams when altering terrain
  • Fixed a some terrain desync issues
  • Rock cannot be directly tilled

  • Fixed issues where a Client’s hand item or Inventory overflow would appear at the Server’s location
  • Fixed issue where Clients will see red lines at the base of characters showing where physics capsule is heading to
  • Fixed an issue where consumable potions were consuming a charge when trying to place them
  • When Clients die, their hand item does not drop at the Server’s position
  • Players do not spawn in with the exact same head and headwear
  • Removed the durability display for several objects that did not wear out on use
  • Players should see other Players crouching properly now
  • Player now has animation and sound when taking damage
  • Quick swapping to another item while in Z placement will now exit the placement mode
  • Fuel (in a Fire Pit and Stone Furnaces) should now save
  • Fixed an issue with multiple death notices appearing
  • Return Stone should save it’s return position correctly between game sessions
  • The size of a voxel with a max stack count has been scaled small
  • Sound plays correctly for the brown geyser and for a failed craft at the alchemy table
  • Fixed an issue where spawn locations after using a bed were being reset

  • Predators now again properly respect torches held in the player’s hand
  • Spawn rate of Mushroom Man slightly increased

Fruit and Growables
  • Generated trees should no longer have extra, duplicated fruit
  • Plucked fruit should have proper icons
  • Fixed an issue with growable plants and harvesting their fruit if it was still on the vine/tree
  • Fixed an issue with growable plants not growing (during the day) if they were planted at night
  • Growable plants should not have their growth states interrupted if you leave/resume the game before it has fully grown
  • Adjusted the Cabbage Trap’s growth times

Engine Optimizations
  • Greatly improved performance of Terrain
  • Improved performance of Lua Scripts
  • Minor performance improvements to Rendering

Work In Progress
  • Multiple Creative Mode quickslot bars
  • Cabbage Trap functionality
  • Weapon Buffs
  • Tool and Weapon damage states
  • Particle FX on certain objects

Known Issues
  • Some keybinds do not work unless you delete you user_config.txt file
  • Sometimes you lose the ability to change the place/dig voxel size. Reloading into that world will fix it
  • Single Player and Multiplayer names are different
  • Single Player and Multiplayer maps are essentially the same. Single Player simply does not allow additional players to join.
  • If Clients all join at the same time, the Server may lock up
  • If the games crashes while the game saves, it can potentially damage that world save causing corrupted cell terrain data or user inventory.
  • If you get a port is in use error when trying to run Single Player, another program is running in port 6600. Free up that port, or start a Multiplayer game with a different port number
  • Clients can get desynced from the Server causing objects and terrain modifications to not appear. When this occurs, reconnecting to the Server should fix the issue
  • If a Server shuts down while Clients are still connected, the Clients may crash
  • When returning to an area out of visual range or reloading a save, some objects may not load correctly. Reloading the game should fix this; multiple reloads may be needed
  • Torch FX is getting detached from the torch
  • Sometimes objects will load in with no textures
  • Goats can get stuck travelling to food far out of their normal range which may lead to many goats appearing in one location
  • Cabbage Traps grow into a closed state
  • Rarely objects will turn into another random object
  • In Creative, going going full screen will shift the relative location of the quickslot bar and inventory
  • Clients that crash may sometimes leave a body in the server

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January 16

1/16/2015 InDev Branch Update

All the dust is finally starting to settle with our team setting up as the new "controllers" of the project and development has been keeping us pretty busy, but we are pretty psyched to be able to get this indev push of multiplayer out to you guys. Hooray, TUG with your friends!

This first phase is only survival mode, with creative to follow next week. And keep in mind, we still have a lot to do with networking alone, so expect some of the usual bug shenanigans (listed below). We really do need the help identifying issues with the game on many types of hardware, so please post those reports to the forums or send em over to We will be watching and listening and pushing out fixes over the course of the next couple of weeks as they arise.

Also important to keep in mind, multiplayer in this iteration is still fairly early, so don't expect crazy furry parties just yet. With more time and more tech, the experience and player count will improve. As to what that count is, we still cannot say... We are in new frontiers with the networking inside and such a heavy focus on physics AND voxels, so lots to see through development.

In addition to pushing out fixes for multiplayer next week, we are also gonna be pretty slammed getting ready for PAX S, so hang in there if we are not as speedy to get back or as active in the forums as usual.

That's about it for now guys! Enjoy trolling your friends!

- Ino

Found bugs or just nerd raging? Send our lead programmer a tweet @auti0. If it's hugs then tweet me @inoritewtf

Don't have InDev branch? Opt-in here

Note: Creative Mode is currently being reworked. While it is available in the menu, it will crash the game. It is our next priority.

The save system has been updated so any older save games will be not be valid.


  • Multiplayer is back. We’d recommend playing at maximum around 4-5 players. You will most likely be able to play with a few more, but the Server will likely get performance issues
  • The Menu CEGUI Lua and Gameplay Lua have been separated into different VMs. Leaving a game will cause the Gameplay Lua to be fully deleted and re-created on a new game launch. The Menu VM is maintained at all times.
  • Many of the existing GUIs in the game have been ported to CEGUI
  • Put in an intermediary fix for black triangle textures on sharp edged cube voxels that share a single edge
  • Added console commands for /ban, /kick, /banlist, and /unban
  • Added a console /unstuck command that teleports you a short distance directly forward
  • Changes in generation to fix resource issues and sparse biome disbursement
  • Some items’ (tools, weapons, 2 handed objects, and food) hand attachment offsets have been fixed
  • Durability values for various tools and weapons have been adjusted
  • Black Rock has been added to generation
  • Sound issues on the AI have been fixed
  • Crude Beds cannot be used by multiple players simultaneously
  • Very large terrain cracks are fixed, small terrain cracks might still occur on cell boundaries
  • Added in a temporary fix to black-triangles on voxel normals. Still some blending issues remain
  • Fixed biome-weight determination for object population
  • Fixed a very, very rare startup crash caused by multi-threaded operations
  • Fixed offsets for items in hand

Engine Optimizations
  • Massive Terrain overhaul to support multi-player. Terrain generates faster, saves far less data, modifies more quickly, and handles tasks more cleanly in all modes
  • Massive overhaul to LUA garbage-collection logic and script processing to get better performance out of the engine
  • Many various optimizations to billboard creation and rendering
  • Overall many areas of the engine have been tuned and re-tweaked to perform more optimally

Work In Progress
  • Creative Mode
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Fall damage temporarily has been disabled
  • Additional terrain modification improvements to remove floating, 2d, and non-diggable bits of terrain

Known Issues
  • Single Player and Multiplayer names are different
  • Single Player and Multiplayer maps are essentially the same. Single Player simply does not allow additional players to join.
  • If the games crashes while the game saves, it can potentially damage that world save causing corrupted cell terrain data or user inventory.
  • If you get a port is in use error when trying to run Single Player, another program is running in port 6600. Free up that port, or start a Multiplayer game with a different port number
  • There is a potential Client-side crash when you first join a server if other players are performing actions (especially terrain manipulation). If people on the server hold off on actions until the player joins, the player should join with no problems
  • There is a potential Client-side crash if they die very far away from the Server’s location
  • Clients can get desynced from the Server causing objects and terrain modifications to not appear. When this occurs, reconnecting to the Server should fix the issue
  • If a Server shuts down while Clients are still connected, the Clients may crash
  • Clients will see red lines at the base of characters showing where physics capsule is heading to
  • If clients are out of visual range of a set Return Stone position, a lua error will pop up. Clicking okay should clear the error and allow you to continue
  • Hand held torches don’t scare away Cats. They currently need to be dropped
  • When returning to an area out of visual range or reloading a save, some objects may not load correctly. Reloading the game should fix this; multiple reloads may be needed
  • If you plant at night, the sapling will not grow to full size when the daylight arrives
  • If you pick a fruit as it is still on the tree/vine, no more of that fruit will grow. They will grow if you wait for it to drop from the tree.
  • Clients cannot see the target capsule for Cats and Goat. Clients can still damage and harvest them, but they just don’t have visual feedback to do so.
  • The default keybind (ctrl+U) for the in-game toggle UI doesn’t work; if you rebind it to another key, it will work
  • Torch FX is getting detached from the torch
  • Fruit trees may create too much
  • Sometimes objects will load in with no textures
  • Objects can generate above and below the terrain level
  • Goats can get stuck travelling to food far out of their normal range which may lead to many goats appearing in one location
  • Players are spawning in with the exact same head and headwear
  • When Clients die, their hand item may drop at the Server’s position
  • When a Client’s inventory is full, if they eat a fruit, the seed will appear at the Server’s position
  • Cabbage Traps do not capture any client players.
  • Rarely objects will turn into another random object
  • When in your inventory, table type objects all have durability bars even though they do not wear out

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About This Game

Note: PLEASE be sure that your hardware is DX11 capable and not just your operating system. Intel graphics cards do not currently work for this game/tech. We will be lowering the hardware requirements with time, but no set date. Also some known issues with integrated intel graphics cards, so please be aware of that.

This is a fantasy based survival sandbox role playing game. The engine and game are a work in progress, so it does not perform as well as some games made on unity or other commercial engines, but it gets better with each iteration. To get a better feel for where the game is at, check for YouTube videos that were posted within the last month of your reading this. Its pretty tough to gauge what is appropriate to whom at what level of development, so we encourage doing some digging before dropping any money or supporting the project in any way.

While we are building a massive world to explore, a lot of this project is about building solid “cutting edge” tech, to allow people to create and collaborate on their own projects, as well. Modding is not just a part of TUG, its a fundamental consideration in everything we build.

Game Modes

  • Survival Mode: Find stuff, craft stuff, build stuff, beat stuff up, eat stuff, break stuff, break other people’s stuff (or don’t), don’t die. Ya know, survival stuff.
  • Creative Mode: Build stuff… creatively.

Game Features

  • Non blocky voxels: Explore and build in a not blocky voxel world
  • Crafting: Anything you find in game, can be crafted or created in some way
  • Modding: Pretty much anything we can do, you can do as well

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
    • Processor: Quad-core Intel® or AMD® processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX® 11 compatible card with 1 GB of memory, nVidia® 4XX+/AMD® 5XXX+
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX® 11 compatible card with 3 GB of memory, nVidia® 7XX+/AMD® 7XXX+
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
13 of 17 people (76%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
8.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 27, 2014
Early Access Review
I have only played for 8 hours at the time of writing the review but I can already say that is game is really fun. No Regrets. I spawned into a world, picked up a rock, hit another rock with that rock, used that rock to cut a sapling down, used the stone as well as the vine and stick from the tree to make a crude axe, and continued harvesting trees and stones until I had all of the tools, plenty extra supplies and had found an orchard of orange trees. Made a home out of wood and cobble stone and set up shop with a camp fire, bed and a crude workbench, I also crafted some torches. TUG is quite the enjoyable and relaxing game and I can't wait to see what else is to come from this alpha game!
Gr8 B8 Nerd Kingdom, I R8 8/8 but seriously an excellent game.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
8.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 22
Early Access Review
Minecraftesque Sandbox game, there is some survival, but its not very difficult yet.
Performance is great for an early alpha and so is the crafting.

No containers yet but things look so cool on the ground like chopped wood, i love stacking it one by one.

Great work on the most recent build, I was finally able to play multiplayer with friends for hours with no crashes, now that multiplayer is working this game will be getting hours of my time.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
3.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 10
Early Access Review
While TUG seems to have some good ideas, I cannot recommend it at this point. It shows promise and may be worth taking a look at later on in development.

  • There really isn't a whole lot to do at this point. You can build, though there doesn't seem to be a wide range of blocks available just yet.
  • Also, while the texture blending on placed blocks is very nice in most cases, I'm not sure how suitable it is when building a house (ex: grass blending with wood or wood blending with cobblestone wall).
  • In my opinion, some of the tools should work a little bit faster. Ex: digging up an area can be long and tedious.

I've only seen two different sorts of mob so far, though there's supposed to be a third (some manner of predatory cat?). The giggles/growls of the little mushroom imp are irritating.

  • IMPORTANT: Software should almost never make choices for the user. In order to craft, we must throw our ingredients on the ground and press G. If the ingredients match any recipe, the item will be crafted. If the ingredients match multiple recipes, a random item will be crafted. No! Just, no! Take an example where I want to build two spears. I gather two shafts, two spear heads, and some vines, toss them on the floor, and hit G. Oops... I forgot that the vine wall takes two shafts and some vines... Instead, when there are multiple recipes available, pop up a small dialog which lists the available options. For any recipe that is unknown to the player (ie: player has never crafted it), provide the option with an "Unknown Recipe" label.
  • I'm a little worried that the current crafting implementation will result in a glut of crafting components. Compare to Minecraft where a grid defines the resulting item. Without the grid (or without the option above), we need to have specific items in order to decide what the recipe will result in as can be seen with the multiple tool heads that are required right now (axe, pick, hammer, sword). With a grid or the above method, we could simplify the recipe to "a handle + a stone". This means players need less storage space (ie: chests).
  • Items which are not implemented probably should have their recipe disabled. I was disappointed to craft the leaf backpack and find that it does nothing. I was about to craft a chest and read that it wasn't implemented either.

  • I find the inventory to be woefully small, but I understand that the character we're playing is a child with a tiny backpack. This could possibly be mitigated by bumping up stack sizes for some things (ie: I believe wooden shafts have a stack size of 2...? That seems fairly low)
  • I imagine those spaces at the bottom are some sort of hotbar, so I was frustrated to find that items get shuffled around and don't just stay put. In my mind, if I set items in a specific order in my hotbar, they should always be in that order.

Side-note/Request: I find the sound effect that gets played when the "TUG" splash is displayed during game load to be a little bit on the louder side. Would be nice if that could get toned down a bit or follow configured volume settings.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
6.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 11
Early Access Review
NOTE: this is my second review of this game - I originally had not recommended buying this game as it has some really interesting aspects to it but it just didn't seem finished enough to be playable and I was having some stability issues. I have to say since then I've continued to play the game and I've changed my mind, and yes, I do recommend this game. Here is why:

*IMPRESSIVE DEVELOPERS - every dollar in early access is going back into this game- the devs have claimed that they are listening to early access clients and this is true. Within hours of posting my previous review I got a very nice comment from a Cambo (developer) and he recommended I switch the game to the in- dev build (do this by opening your steam library, right click on the game, click properties, click betas, click in dev- very easy to do) as the new terrain generation in the in dev build has been solving a lot of stability issues. I'll tell you , this worked and I was very impressed by the quick response (could have been a prewritten letter for all I know- but still, great customer service in my opinion). And FYI, the in dev terrain build is pretty cool.
*GREAT ART STYLE - you can really see this game has potential and care put into from the art style of the game- almost sort of prehistoric sort of dark feeling to it.
*DETAILED CONSTRUCTION/ WILDERNESS The flora is quite detaled and interesting - lots of different trees, mushrooms, grasses etc to look at - once the crafting system is improved I imagine this will be all be used in interesting ways. The building is a refreshing update to the crafting/ survival game genre - the blocks tend to blend together in the order of how you place them which tends to make the structures very interesting looking. I'm hoping that they'll eventually put a structural integrity into the buildings like 7 days to die - but for now the building is keeping me amused.

Overall - I think this game really is worth purchasing and I would argue the current 10 dollar price is a good investment, the way I see it this game should be very interesting and fun when completed and likely will only get more expensive as it gets better - so why not try it out now? - Don't get me wrong - there is a bit to finish with this game still and if you don't like early access games I'm not sure if this would be for you - theres not much surviving going on in the game , mostly you can just build and explore at this point, and your options for building are still pretty limited. But if you do like crafting/ building and/ or the early access experience this game shouldn't dissapoint you.
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5 of 9 people (56%) found this review helpful
8.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 2
Early Access Review
TUG. This is a game that is definitly needs improvement and I hope it receives it. Being someone who is incredibly open to games such as these, I can't really say whether I was disapointed or not. If this game receives a proper lore buff and a story to why and what you are, then I can see it being an imaginative success. In the creative sense, its very unique and offers a sort of mystical atmosphere. Devs, please make the improvements you promise.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
41 of 43 people (95%) found this review helpful
15.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 26, 2014
Early Access Review
Tug, in it's really, really early stage in development, is already a really interesting game. Within a 1/2 hour of playing, you'll see how early in development the game is. The scenery is already very impressive, the quality in graphics is already really nice. The controls are easy and simple to work with and gameplay is pretty good as well. The AI is extremely basic right now though... it's easy to out maneuver the only enemy creatures out there, and they're also easy to kill once you have a weapon. There's a creature in the game in which is very creepy and can scare the pants off of anyone with their screams (I know this because it takes a lot to scare me even slightly), but they seem to be completely harmless. There isn't too much content yet to keep a person busy for a long time like other similar games which are further in development obviously, but there is enough to see and do to keep a person busy for about 10 hours or more depending on play style, and I'm sure as this very young game develops further, we'll see a lot more content making the game all that much better giving us hundreds more hours of content. There's plenty of glitches and occasional crashes here and there as well as the potential to corrupt the save file (unlikely though it did happen to me once while I suicided off a mountain clipping through the terrain upon death and spawning inside the terrain falling and dying again). The crashes are more than tolerable because the game automatically saves all the time and you can also manually save after doing something if you're nervous of a crash, though I kind of wish it had multi save files in case it corrupted itself again.

One thing I will say is you WILL get permanently lost a lot while exploring because there is no compass or map and the foliage and terrain is very thick and difficult to see at a decent range while in the forest. I recommend crafting a bed asap and build towers everywhere around your base to help prevent yourself from getting lost (though you'll likely still get lost anyways if your base is in the forest, lol). The best place to build a base would probably be at the edge of a forest biome near another biome so you have that edge to follow and isn't hidden inside the forest but is near the forest so you can collect all the trees needed.

I paid the full $11 for this game and I have zero regrets so far. The dev team seem honest and delivering updates regularly, the direction the game is going looks great so far, next big update potentially being multiplayer support. The only thing I can suggest is for ppl to research a little more into it before buying so that they're not surprised by how early in development the game is in.

Will update this review as I play it more. Current review is based off of v0.6.5
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21 of 24 people (88%) found this review helpful
49.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 26, 2014
Early Access Review
So here is how my experience has been so far. When I started the game, I first spawned in the desert. I had no clue what to do next. Some of the rocks were obvious they could be picked up and used and I liked when you hovered over it , you got a description. I had no clue what to do, there was no food, no trees. I think at some point of running around and not sure what to do, I went out of the game and tried to get some tips what to do, like what I could eat. Not much in the desert except the cactus, then I ran into a pumkin or the goard and ate those too.

So I took off running ( after I learned how to run ) and kept going till I got into the forest. Yay!!! trees and more food. Of course I heard those little fairies or sprites, cool sound effects but wasn't sure what to do. ( At some point in my adventure I chased one down with my sword and killed it only to have it turn mushroom chunks- is that it? ) I started wacking things with my stones till I got a tree down, and then tried a bunch of random things to see if I could craft something. Nope, I'm too dumb, so back out to the web to see what I missed. Again Yaa!, I only looked till I could see some of the basics- didn't want to spoil it too much. So back in the game I went.

I started gathering food, hunted some goats and got some meat and some hides, planting crops, building my shelter. ( What no doors, windows, bars no protection? If this was minecraft I would be toast. What if the tiger comes snooping around? Yes I saw a couple and even killed one with a spear. At this point in the game they seem to be easy ) Crap I can't make a fire and I can't make a bed. Back out to Steams discussion board to look up tips again. ( really could use in game references and tips ). So back in the game. Still other than stone I haven't started mining yet. A couple times I started to explore and I got lost, had to create some large stone pillars as a guide to get back. Okay now there are more things I want to craft and I can't remember how. Back out to the discussion board to look things up. (Awsome video tutorials BTW.. thanks for those Skaduush) I was thinking it would be easier going back out to the desert for mining. Okay where was the desert again?? More big pillars to lead me back home. I also learned from the videos I just have to dig down deep to mine. At least I can stay aroung my base camp for now.

Okay I learned a few more things on the main site. I am ready to craft more things and now start mining. See how good my memory is before I go back out to figure out the rest of the crafting.

I can deal with the game getting laggy after playing long periods. I can deal with some glitchy AI with the goats and tigers ( right now that seeems to be it ) who on occasion will merge with their environment or run in place ( go around things you silly animals, go around ) I might need more protagonists in this game, keep it challenging. The game has a prehistoric type feel to it, can we add dinosaurs?? Pretty please? Can I tame and ride one? What does the blue gem on my hand do? So many questions. How about laddders and bridges for being up in the trees. Some looked huge where you cannot cut them down, perfect for a treehouse.

I think once I am the master of my domain, I am gong to stock up on supplies and just head out exploring. ( Still haven't figured out how to make the backpack I crafted work so I can store more, the default inventory is small- unless you want to carry rocks, seems you can carry alot of cobblestone )

Oh and don't be surprised if you go to look at your seed ( character ) and you change sex and size..haha I was trying to make myself all muscular ( read if I carry heave loads my character will get bigger. I seeemed to be at a young man/boy stage, but when I jumped back in the game I was a young girl..funny.

At this point I am keeping my thumbs up as far as my review. Things are going good. I am learning the game, not finding too many faults. I do hope with some of the upcoming updates I can get an idea where the game is going.
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Posted: October 19, 2014
Early Access Review
Let me start by saying that this is a great game, Id give it a 9/10, but I was really pissed off when I first got it. It said on the store page "Co-op" and "Multiplayer" I bought it for those reasons, no review had said there wasnt any co-op or multiplayer. I bought 2 copies of the game for $10 each and thought itd be fun to play with my friend, but when we opened it, it said Multiplayer was "under construction" and the button was shaded and wouldnt do anything. That really pissed me off, as I had bought the game specifically for co-op. I just wanted to write this to tell others about that, and so no one wastes money on a game they probably wont play for a while.
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Posted: October 18, 2014
Early Access Review
For what it seems, Nerd Kingdom have made a rather fun game. Dispite my graphics card whining and complaining that Direct X 11 is a pain in its backside, the game chugs along at what appears to be similar to a similar pace to most survival games in the vein of Minecraft. You start with nothing, and you have to work your way up.

You'll need to build a place or make a base as quickly as possible, and not to survive the night. The cats come out to play and the suprise of the giggling children know as Kinokojin(Those things scared the everliving daylights out of me).

As the game progresses, you'll uncover methods of making the shiny new weapons that arrive to greet you only to introduce them to the wildlife (just cats right now) in the most unfriendly manor while trying to live.

Does it have potential? Yes, it definately does. Keep an eye on their Trello page for some interesting information as well as thier YouTube channel. It is always intersting to see what they are going to add next.

Edit: I've re-written the review after a few more hours of gameplay.
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Posted: November 2, 2014
Early Access Review
As of Alpha 0.6.5....
Somewhat unique crafting system (pro/con? Too early to tell if it will be vast and realistic, or hindered and backward thinking in hopes to keep item numbers or crafting recipes to a nominal amount (and/or to cater to simplicity). Depending on how high the tech tree can go will be how challenging it will be for the dev team to keep it realistic, genesis of bronze age for now. But with magic it can be forgiving.. It's kind of a writer's convenience in games anyway.

Character developement remeniscent of Fable series. If you spend a lot of time in the sun your hair blondes. If you spend most of your time mining your hair is darker. You sit around half the day messing with your base and overeating you become a fat slob. You have a balanced diet and spend a little time exploring you stay fit.

Excellent world gen., biomes transition fairly well

Overall Graphics are good.. If you can run them.

Not sure if this is out in the 0.6.5 build but you are(will be) able to place terrain in voxel or block shapes which makes a big difference when you're trying to make something look good.

Very demanding even with a high end pc. I've seen reviews of this with dream setups and their PCs just couldn't handle it at mid-high settings. Could be due to the new engine they are using and bugs need to be worked out. 2012 Asus Republic of Gamers laptop and it runs smooth for 10 out of every 30 seconds in game. Legacy as well as New Terrain Gen seem to be the culprit.

It's not done yet :). With the recent financial setbacks delaying TUG I find myself yanking more hair out than I can afford. Greatly anticipated this game nearly a year before Alpha release. As much as I hate to say it, I'd rather it take much longer to complete than anticipated and not compromise it.

It's just too early to tell and opinions should be taken with a grain of salt for now (especially this one O.o) Even if the crafting system is a flop its saving grace could be character developement. Who knows what direction they'll go. If I had it to do again I would wait on a purchase of this game until they move toward fine tuning that Eternus engine a bit to make it play nice with voxel, or whatever the issues are. For now their updates, as far as I can tell, are mostly new content. Wary but hopeful. I wish the entire team at Nerd Kingdom the best of luck with this monumental task.
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Posted: October 6, 2014
Early Access Review
At the current moment TUG seems promising, an interesting crafting system, pretty good grafics, and it is enjoyable to play despite the fact that it is still in alpha. HOWEVER, I am a bit weary of the game. It could turn out to be something like "The Stomping Land" or "Starforge" where the devs screwed the community over. OR it could turn out like Mojang's "MineCraft." One can only hope for the latter. It seems to be leaning towards the way of Minecraft with involved devs and community created content. I recommend this game due to its potential, although I have no idea if it will live up to it.
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Posted: November 18, 2014
Early Access Review
Very fun game, I could play this stuff for days without stop, just need some more stuff once it is out of early access, Stuff like a bow and arrow would make hunting a bit easier, And maybe elements such as needing to slice up and stitch/create a small animal fur coat, make yourself look like an eskimo! <3 Maybe some armor, Other than it being in early access, This game has quite a few features! Such as a Unique crafting system, Pretty good hunting, Nice animations, And in my honest opinion, I love the character models, Hell, I DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE! But i like them! Strongly Reccomend!
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Posted: December 24, 2014
Early Access Review
Just to make things perfectly? clear: This is a Beta game. There are bugs - and bug fixes. Many things I'd like haven't been added yet. Things that are awkward haven't been tweaked yet. Mult-player was in, then removed, and now appears to be coming back. etc., etc., etc.,

I like this kind of game. I enjoy finding odd glitches. I enjoy watching things get smoothed out over time. I enjoy being part of the development.

If you enjoy this sort of extra-gaming challenge, then you've come to the right place. If you want a game that's finished and polished, please move on.
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Posted: September 4, 2014
Early Access Review
As it stands, i love the developer for keeping up on so many things! i realllllllly like that you make responses to reviews, or try to make the game better.

For the review, it is, at first comfusing, once figured out, than, the fun starts, crafting is very different. And i like it alot, i recommend it. Ill keep updated with this game for sure :D! Thank you for being alive!
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Posted: October 16, 2014
Early Access Review
Great game, even from only being in the early stages. I enjoy it a lot. It has almost every element I want in a game and the future of it looks bright. Ive spent most of my time since buying it, playing and I dont regret it at all. Very promising future for this one! Keep up the good work <3
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Posted: December 4, 2014
Early Access Review
I'm so in love with the developer's plans for this game. Six minutes into one youtube video and I was sold on it.

Like just the fact that you craft items by placing them on the ground, or in some cases on a crafting workspace, rather than it all happening in your inventory is charming. It's hardly revolutionary but design features like this (and future ones) are all oriented at providing a more immersive in-the-game rather than in-the-ui experience.

At the moment it's slightly bare. You can build well enough and the crafting and farming systems are good. The game looks gorgeous. If you enjoy games like minecraft just for the pleasure of building then you could already get a lot of satsifaction out of this game. Otherwise you might to hold off a little. The devs say multiplayer should arrive soon. And presently you can't customise your character at all. It just randomly changes every time you load the same game. Bit weird that. But their ultimate plans for character appearance customisation are very interesting.

So I'm very happy to recommend the game but it may not be for everyone in its current state.
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Posted: October 2, 2014
Early Access Review
Very cool game! Love the idea. A bit buggy, it crashed a few times, but that's to be expected. Really looking foreward to seeing how it progresses!

Would love to see a more clean cut presentation when building/mining. Was building my house with one big block of wood at a time, then half way through it decided to change to smaller blocks. Not too sure how to mine either. Wouldn't let me use the pick axe on surfaces other than boulders.

Love the vairety in flaura! I hope there's as much variety in fauna too.
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Posted: October 30, 2014
Early Access Review
Although I had early problems getting the game to work, the devs quickly responded to my issues. I've now spent several hours in game, and I can't wait for the next few updates. TUG reminds me of the early Minecraft and Terraria days. If you want to explore for yourself and figure out the various crafting recipes, you'll have plenty of opportunity to do so.

However, the similarities between TUG and Minecraft/Terraria aren't complete. It has a unique crafting model, where you place the ingredients together on the ground rather than combining them into a particular shape.

This game is still early beta, but it has a LOT of potential. I'm looking forward to more.
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Posted: September 13, 2014
Early Access Review
I've only had this game for about 4 days and Already have almost 17 hours on the game, that is how much fun this is. I just can't get enough. The crafting system is great, a little buggy, but great and original. Making your home is just too fun, and exploring is just amazing. Walking aimlessly killing every Goat, and Tiger you see. For being in early alpha, I rate it 9/11.
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Posted: October 2, 2014
Early Access Review
After playing for a few hours I think I'm ready to write this review.
First thing to take note of is that it's in early alpha, this means that everything could change. Another thing is that there WILL be glitches and crashes that you WILL experience throughout your playthrough. This game dips a bit into the minecraft environment but then goes into its own world.

Now let's talk about the actual game. When you first spawn in I had to look at the wiki. I had NO clue on how to get started, though once I found out what I was supposed to do I began to build up my resources. After getting mauled by Sabertooth Tigers I finally found my new home. At this point I was scared, always watching my back in case another Sabertooth Tiger was ready to pounce on me. Then above all that, I had little girls laughing at me, that's freakin' creepy man. To sum that up, I was REALLY feeling the intensity of the game, When I first heard the cave sounds I booked it out of there and never went back.

The crafting is actually a really nice idea, the fact that you're actually crafting on the ground, on flat rocks and then on workbenches (depending on the item your crafting) makes it more realistic. Another thing is that when you're actually looking at the recipe you can actually SEE how the cobination of these things will make the item you'll be crafting.

The building in the game is quite easy to do, the ability to see where a item will be placing is also a nice little extra for building. The blocks meld together which gives it a nice natural feel to your builds. Remember: If you have the materials, you can build anything you want.

Food is essential to survive, we all know that right? TUG allows players to plant crops varrying from pumpkins, gourds to cherry trees. Another thing you can eat is meat from goats. That’s all the food for now but I’m sure they’ll be adding lots more in the future.

The graphics are fine for the stage of development it’s in. Don’t expect some amazing top notch graphics from TUG, if you do that you have a high chance of being disapointed. Though, again this is in Early Alpha so everything COULD change.

There’s some things they’re working on like better terrain generation, alchemy, and different things of the sort.

Multiplayer will also help the game incredibly, once you bring in multiplayer the people who already have the game create a chain reaction. Player -) Friend -) Another Friend -) Another Friend -) ANOTHER FRIEND and so on.

Overall, I say buy it while it’s cheap.You get a game with a lot of potential and all of its updates for only $10 Once this game gets more and more features I can see it being sold for around $30-$45 easily.
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