Can you take control of a mail distribution company where your business will need to adapt to a growing city? Will you be able to handle the pressure of new delivery opportunities or are other delivery businesses step in to pick up the slack and impact your profit margin.
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Release Date: Mar 7, 2014
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"Some might say the Postal System is dead, this games disagrees. The Post was, is and will be a good part of our lives and we have the chance to see it."

About This Game

Can you take control of a mail distribution company where your business will need to adapt to a growing city? Will you be able to handle the pressure of new delivery opportunities or are other delivery businesses step in to pick up the slack and impact your profit margin.

In Excalibur’s Post Master you’ll start out with a single post office, supplying pick-up and delivery services for a small area of the city. To maintain an excellent service you’ll need to hire workers to sort mail, contract security guards to protect your offices from robberies while also purchasing new vehicles to pick up and deliver mail.

Once you’ve settled into your first office, you’ll need to look to the future of your company and determine the best plan of action to expand your services. Will you look to provide the best mail distribution system but supply a small area, or are you looking to conquer the city with several offices and a vast fleet of vehicles.

In order to maintain your claim on postal services for parts of the city, you’re going to need to remain competitive. With a rival business looking to take a cut of the services there are methods of attack to remain the superior mail distribution business. You can carefully plan your delivery routes to make your average delivery time faster than anyone else, or you could lower the prices of your services to remain the cheapest.

Features of Post Master:

  • An ever growing city that changes frequently
  • Hire staff and purchase personnel
  • Set the duties and route of each vehicle
  • Purchase objects for your garage and offices
  • Hire security guards to prevent post office robbery
  • Invest in new offices to expand the reach of your services
  • Adjust the prices of your services, do you want to charge a fortune or undercut your competitors?

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP (SP3)/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated graphics card with 256 MB memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible sound
    • OS: Mac Os 10.7
    • Processor: Dual core 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated graphics card with 256 MB memory (GeForce 7600 GT-class equivalent or better)
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible sound
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Posted: December 21, 2014
This feels like an in-browser flash game and I would play the hell out of this game 7 to 10 years ago. The tutorial is patronizing and slapped together, but at the same time, makes the most basic spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I mean, if you want to show every person who plays your game that you really don't give a rat's ♥♥♥, do exactly that.

I played the game on normal difficulty first time through and it was like sucker-punching a toddler. Did I win? Yes. Was it satisfying? Only slightly. You get a significant amount of cash to start with, so reckless expansion wins the game. Period.

Other details just reinforce that the developers did not take great any care when polishing this game. For example, in your post office, you can get different equipment. A magazine rack, an A/C unit, etc. A decent game would have a description for each like: “Looks like someone took out all the nudie mags” or “Keep your customers cool so they don't go... postal”. See? I just made those up in 20 seconds. Instead, each and every item just says “Customers like a post office with a/n <item_name_here>.” Even the sound effects/"music" doesn't have a long enough loop. Either play this game on mute or prepared to listen to the same "people talking in a store" sound byte played every 6 seconds. Disappointing.

At a base prince of 9.99 USD at the time of this review, I cannot possibly recommend such a game. There are free mods for Skyrim that have had more love poured into them than this garbage.
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4.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 4
Fun for the first hours, than you quickly realize "how to play" this game and you are left with a boring game that lacks any depths.

The UI is terrible and requires so many clicks to setup a Post Office, making you wonder if it is really a Steam game or just a mobile game.
There is no campaigns, no different scenarios, no customization (you can buy air conditioners, plants...but only in the same spot in all your Post Offices,lol...), no late-game (there are only post offices, forget about set-up distribution centers to tweak the flow of packages, airplanes to deliver between towns).
Get it only if you can buy it cheap (got it in a bundle for 1 dollar along with other games), don't buy at full price, it isn't worth even 7 bucks.
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Posted: March 11
The only good thing that I can say about this game is that it makes me want to return to Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe (or OpenTTD, if you will) which is FREE, unlike this heap of junk.
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2.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 9, 2014
A lot of crashes in 2 hours. A few times it wasn't possible to load the save. Not worth the money with such a bad coding.
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Posted: December 14, 2014
The tutorial only LITERALLY put me to sleep.
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Posted: January 5
Buggy and shallow tycoon game that won't hold your interest.
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Posted: May 8
I tried to like this game, but I couldn't. I normally love games like this but this one is so dull. It has few problems, crashing, bugs etc. Very horrible to learn as a new player. Not really worth the money.
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Posted: January 29
Post your self and get delivered!
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1.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 18
Worst managment game ever.
Bad controls,confusing tutorial,and bad gameplay forced my eyes to bleed.
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Posted: September 29, 2014
I created a pair of post offices, staffed them, bought them vehicles and a few amenities, set routes and fixed prices. All of that took roughly ten minutes. I spent the next 50 minutes doing other things in real life. I cooked some soup, put together a decent sandwich (it even had some lemon zest in it), made a banana split, went to the bathroom, and got some things from my car that I'd forgotten earlier in the day. The whole time, the game was at 3x speed. I occasionally hit "ok" on the dialog that told me the day was over, but most of my time was afk.

I came back to the game and found that after a week, nothing interesting had happened. My operation flowed smoothly and made me a good return. Given a month I could open another office, given a year and I could probably edge out my competition with decent advertisements and expanded service.

Here's the thing - the game played itself. All i did was set it up. There's no management, the prices were already reasonable, there were never any problems, and I didn't have to do anything. Other tycoon games give you a reason to keep playing - more things to build, more people to attract, more stuff to see. This one doesn't - it's over as soon as you've finished setting it up. It's barren and simple. It's so simple that I can't recommend it, because you won't get anything out of it, unless you're looking for a screensaver that doesn't move, but takes ten minutes to set up.

Glancing over the developer's history, it seems clear that this is common. Produce a bargain bin game that's very simplistic, release a new one every couple months. And hey, they apparently make enough money to stay afloat, so cheers to that. Given how many games I play that were made by people who tried 10x as hard and came out roughly equal to this one, I can't really decry someone who is literally in business making this sort of thing.
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Posted: March 16, 2014
I'm a huge fan of these type of games. I've spent hours and hours playing Transport Tycoon, Railroad Tycoon, Industry Giant, and city builders like SimCity, Caesar, and Pharaoh. Unfortunately, it's been quite a few years since a good one has come along, so I was happy to see Post Master and gave it a try!

I tried it for several hours, and although it is addictive, the game experience doesn't change. Basically, you're doing the same thing from the beginning. Yes you can buy new offices and expand your business, but running a 2-office business is the same as running 10 offices. You open the office, select your vehicles, plan their tasks and routes, and then try to keep an eye on volume of mail being handled.

This game has a lot of room for improvement, and I truly hope the developers will delve into it further to create a more in-depth experience. It's a nice game, but I do believe this has the potential to become more than that!

My suggestions:
-Allow to upgrade existing post offices.
-Allow to skip to end of day.
-Get a daily status report with details about income and expenses. How much money do you actually make from letters and packages? How much do you spend on maintenance, fuel, paychecks?
-Better and more detailed graphs. It is very hard to see the big picture here.
-Efficiency report for each vehicle, are they actually making money? Is the vehicle too big or too small for the actual volume of mail, or is it making too many or not enough trips to handle their cargo?
-The ability to upgrade a vehicle, to make it faster or expand the cargo space.
-Distribution centers where mail gets sorted.

And I'd love to see the game develop over time, like unlocking things, seeing the city expand, adding more elements to the game:
-Trains, airplanes and boats to deliver your mail
-Adding more different types of mail, unlocking over time, requiring to build specialty buildings and/or vehicles.
Examples: international letters and packages (in combination with trains and airplanes), magazines, advertisement, catalogs, extra heavy packages, fragile packages, and maybe even love letters, christmas cards, birthday cards, party invitations (Yes I know those are realisticly not treated as seperate mail, but I'd love to see more elements in this game)
-In-game companies that ship items using your (or the competitor's) services. For example bookstores, game stores, clothing shops. Business can expand, shrink, or even go broke depending on how their deliveries are being handled.
-A feature from Transport Tycoon: being able to donate funds to a city, so the city will expand, improve infrastructure, allow new businesses to develop etc.

And please, add a campaign or scenario maps!
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4.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 7, 2014
The potential is there, but the implementation is very lacking. The UI is very clunky, and the game is at once very micro-mangement intensive while making it hard to actually monitor status and figure out what needs to be done. Feels unpolished.
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A developer has responded on Mar 10, 2014 @ 5:12am
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Posted: July 15, 2014
******* Adding this on 6-Jan-2015******
Game seems to be abandoned by the dev, no more updates, so yea... no patches, no fixes, no updates, nothing... So you should consider that before buying this game.. If you ask for my suggestion about to buy it or not, I'd still buy it, but at hell big discount, like 90% at least.

This is the link to their first ever, and last seen update

This is the link for their so called "community suggested updates", which was never really bothered

This game doesn't have complex systems as compared to most of the sims out there, so I'll say this is a beginner friendly for those who are new to simulation games. However, I would not recommend it to those who are looking for sim with complex and advance system like Cities in Motion series. If you getting this, you should really get it while it's on sale! Okay ._. enough of my boring talk, let's take a look at my review

Overall game play rating : 7.4/10 (average of whatever score i gave below)

Money Value : 4/10
For $14.99, I personally think it's a bit too high, so grab it while it's on sale! The game should be around $4.99 in my opinion. (YES, I'm cheapskate x_x) Again, grab it while it's on sale!

Graphic presentation : 10/10
Kinda old school isometric artwork, it's simple, it's clean, it's neat, it's beautiful.

BGM : 7/10
You don't get to choose your BGM, but the existing one is good enough for us to play with.

User Interface : 7/10
Everything is simple enough, it's easy to learn and easy to monitor, but there's no hot key binded to any of them.

Simplicity : 9/10
Yes, the game is really simple, you probably won't go bankrupt any time soon. But it's still fun!

- The game is slow... Even with the speed option, it's still slow at max speed... (might improve soon, because people are really complaining bout this).
- Though the game's graphic seems really simple, the recommended processor is at dual core 2.4 GHz, I'm running it on Core i5 1.6 GHz, living in warm climate (about 32 degree celcius outside at afternoon), it caused my laptop to overheat without proper air ventilation (fancy word for getting table fan and cooling pad to give my laptop a blow jo...b).

- The game is not dead! I mean, there's still update for improvement and bug fixes!
- The game is not complex! (for those who don't like complicated sims)
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6.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 7, 2014
Post Master is an intriquing game. You have the ability to run your own privately ran post service much of the likes of UPS and FedEx. You start out in a medium sized post office in a small commercial city and you're trying your best to get your mail service up and running by getting workers for your post office, a fleet of vehicles, and their routes assigned. The game starts out slow though as you're only running a limited amount of routes and trying to invest in infastructure to increase your mail coverage of the local area. It's quite enjoyable. I haven't played much as of yet though I can at least give a brief overview of the features.

You basically micromanage both your post offices keeping track of demand of your business while trying your best to get enough service. You can invest in new vehicles, add amenities to your post offices to keep customers/employees happy, and also hire enough employees such as customer service(front desk workers) and sorters. In the garage, you can choose the vehicles you want to buy but you must first unlock them as well as other things via Bonus Stars which are an alternative currency of sorts which is earned via the Missions system or District Competitions. These bonus stars unlock items to place in your post office, new vehicles, and helps pay for advertising runs. Vehicles though are from bicycles to big trucks with fuel cost, maintence, etc becoming higher but also allowing you to use less vehicles and take in more demand by increase storage capacity of the vehicles.

However, you're also competing against rival companies for a market and coverage. Offer the best coverage, best priced service, and you might be able to conquer a city. On my current playthrough, i'm trying to get a hold of the commercial market in town before moving onto another town entirely. I have my competition on me but i'm currently at the biggest advantage in terms of price and coverage. I've invested alot in infastructure and i'm sitting at at over 60% of the market of the town as mine. Competition is a great feature of any serious business sim or any sim in general as it keeps you on your toes. It means that I must constantly invest in new infastructure in order to keep a hold of the market. It's stressful and fun all at the same time.

The last thing is the graphics and music. The game style reminds me of Sim City, plays a little like Transport Tycoon, but it more focused on mail as being the games title. The music is calming but I wouldn't listen to it for extended play as i'd recommend for any deep sim fan who will spend hours on one game. The game also has very nice ambiance which without music would really bring the world to life. It's the one thing that I like hearing because it makes it feel like a real place. Kind of wish though there was vehicle traffic of general traffic as it would add alot to the game. It's great as is though and if any future updates come then I think i'll put tons of hours into it.

So, if you're into micromanagement, I recommend this game. It's worth the price. Not expensive, not too cheap. You get what you pay for and it's awesome.
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Posted: July 11, 2014
This game advertized itself as some sort of super realistic, amazing, revolutionary game.

It was not.

This game has incredibly repetitive gameplay. Unlike games like prison architect, this game only has one thing to do: buy trucks and deliver mail. This game would be ok if it were a 99 cent mobile game but is in no way worth $14.99 though I have seen games worse than this before, this was the first of the terrible games that I was tricked into buying via false advertizing. Do not buy this game.
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Posted: April 19, 2014
Nice idea but lacks complexity.

Possibly one of the most shallow tycoon type games ive ever played. You can pretty much unlock and have done everything within the first day. After that its just increasing the size of your business which seems to be free to do whatever it wants as theres no competition.

Somewhat disappointing.
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Posted: April 30, 2014
Okay. Where to start...

Graphics: Very simple, cartoony buildings and landscapes. The game almost looks like a slightly polished SimCity 2k, right down to the building models. It's uncanny. In the large post office garages, the vehicle interaction and information tabs actually go outside the border of the building screen, and can be hard to see with the city in the background.

Audio: Not a lot of variety in the background music loop. Note the singular noun there. It all sounds the same. Sound effects and incidentals are okay.

Control: Clickdrag to pan the window gets a little annoying at times. I'd also like the ability to zoom out further to save me the trouble.

Interface: Simple, but it works 95% of the time. An area I would suggest for polishing would be for changes in paths and other variables to go into effect while the game is paused instead of having to unpause the game, then pause it again to go back to what you were doing.

Gameplay: Incredibly uninspired. A sim junkie can figure out how to game the engine within the first hour or so. Get both your first and second post offices fully developed (which can take maybe two hours after you've taken the engine back behind the tool shed), and you can then just leave it running and walk away while the money pours in. On medium difficulty, I completed all of the "missions" and eliminated my AI competitor by day 45 or so using the walk-away method.

Bugs: Surprisingly few and far between. Kudos on this.

Final thoughts: This is a very shallow game across the board, definitely not worth the full $15.00 price tag. This game is categorized under the "casual games" category, and should have been priced as such (if this were maybe half the price, it'd be a little bit more reasonable and falls in line with the one-and-done depth). Save your money and spend it on something with a lot more teeth and replay value.
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6.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 6, 2014
While not as open world as Transport Tycoon or as expansive as SimCity, Post Master has a lot going for it in the business simulation world. Post Master is a great game from a publisher turned developer.

If you ever thought about running your own post office, or are sure you can do better than your local post office, give Post Master a try. See my full review at:
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0.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 10, 2014
fastest gameplay speed is so painfully slow that a single day in the simulation takes real-time what seems like a half hour or more. And, after the workday ends, the clock continues to slowly increment instead of switching to the next day. It doesn't have much depth, but I wouldn't mind that as long as I could actually play the game. Instead, it feels like a screensaver after the first ten minutes. Perhaps if the game devs address the speed issue I will play it again, but as of right now it feels unplayable.
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A developer has responded on Mar 11, 2014 @ 2:36am
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Posted: June 18, 2014
Decent simulator. It lacks the depth of other games in the genre, but the gameplay in this title is straightforward and never feels clunky or unfair.
If you like the "tycoon" genre, this is a good, simple, variant.
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