FreeSpace 2, the follow up to the classic Descent: FreeSpace – The Great War is ready to engage you in the second round. Follow the Grand Terran Vasudan Alliance further into the mysteries of the Shivans. Get your flight stick and hit the flight deck. The last time was just a warm up.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 6 jun. 2014

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Addressing install issues

Some users report an error when trying to launch the game.

We are working on a fix, but you may be able to resolve the issue right now by following these steps:

1. Open the folder where Freespace 2 is installed (usually "C:

Acerca de este juego

The year is 2367, thirty two years after the Great War. Or at least that is what YOU thought was the Great War. The endless line of Shivan capital ships, bombers and fighters with super advanced technology was nearly overwhelming.

As the Terran and Vasudan races finish rebuilding their decimated societies, a disturbance lurks in the not-so-far reaches of the Gamma Draconis system.

Your nemeses have arrived... and they are wondering what happened to their scouting party.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • Procesador: 1Ghz
    • Memoria: 254 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: DirectX 7 Compatible Video Card
    • DirectX: Versión 7.0
    • Red: Conexión de banda ancha a Internet
    • Almacenamiento: 2490 GB de espacio disponible
    • Tarjeta de sonido: Sound Blaster Compatible
    • SO: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • Procesador: 1.4 Ghz or better
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: DirectX 9 Compatible Video Card
    • DirectX: Versión 9.0c
    • Red: Conexión de banda ancha a Internet
    • Almacenamiento: 2490 MB de espacio disponible
    • Tarjeta de sonido: Sound Blaster Compatible
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Publicado el 7 de junio de 2014
0/10 No funciona. Hasta que no fijen este fallo el dedo apuntando para abajo. No me pasa a mi solo, solo hay que mirar los foros. Como puede ser que el juego no funcione de forma masiva. Es que no lo prueban antes de sacarlo o que c o ñ o pasa? Hay alguna solucion, pero poco menos que hay que ser programador. Ademas no somos nosotros los que tenemos que arreglar las chapuzas de los que ganan dinero. Cobran por hacer cosas que funcionen y no por vender juegos que no funcionen. En este caso espero que no alegen que es un uego poco probado ya que el juego tienen sus años.

Si resulta que para que funcione tengo que hacer piruetas informaticas y añadir cosas externas al juego, para eso, me los descargo "gratis", pero que luego no proteste la industria del juego. Tengo solo en Steam mas de 560 juegos, se de lo que hablo, pero ya empiezo a estar harto de la industria canalla esta.

Edito hoy 15 de junio para comentear que le he puesto un ticket:

"Buenas tardes, cuando salio este juego hace unos dias lo compré. El juego no arranca y parece que es un tema generalizado, asi que deduzco que no es un problema puntual e individual.

.-Cuando le doy a jugar me aparece un mensaje:
"Attention, Please configure your system in the launcher before running FS2. The Launcher will now be starter"
.- Le doy aceptar y aparece otro mensaje:
"Error. Freespace2 cannont be run from a drive root directory"
.- He probado incluso desde los distintos ejecutables del directorio del juego

He probado a verificar cache y sigue igual. Miren los foros que estan que arden

Si no son capaces hacer que el juego funcione le agradeceria que me devolviesen el importe del mismo"

He hecho una captura de la pantalla de la tienda donde aparecen los requisitos del juego para que despues si cambian la configuracion del juego no digan qie no cumplia los requisitos, cosa que no sería la primera vez que pasa
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Publicado el 6 de junio de 2014
Basically the last and best space sim. Since the steam edition will most likely throw errors at your face for trying to play an almost decade and a half old game on a modern system, Head over to to get Freespace open with the mediavp's and start enjoying this game in all its glory.

It will:
1. Allow you to actually play the game
2. Play it on any resolution
3. Massively improve the visuals.

The people at are also always available for techsupport and will help you with any technical problems you may run into.
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Publicado el 6 de junio de 2014
Freespace 2 was the definitive in-cockpit ship-to-ship space combat simulator of the transitionary period between the 90's and 2000's. If you have any interest in this genre, and you haven't played this game yet, you're missing out on the masterstroke that paved the way for games like Freelancer and EVE Online.

If you're having technical issues be sure to check out the Freespace Open project, which attempts to fix some of the bugs and update the graphics and lighting to a level contemporary players may be more comfortable with. For me personally, as-downloaded, my installation of Freespace 2 refused to run properly, but after installing FSO, it executes effortlessly.

In the space of a few minutes, you'll find yourself weaving between capital ships, trying to dodge flak, focus-fire on enemy capital weaponry to disarm them, and dog-fighting with customizable ships and loadouts. All the while, a grand narrative is unfolding with plenty of little twists and flavor to keep your interest.

Best of luck, pilots.
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Publicado el 23 de junio de 2014
Doesn't work out of the box (shame on you, Steam, for allowing this to happen) but is easy enough to fix with the excellent Freespace Open Installer ( Do yourself a few favors:

1) Buy the game.
2) Install FSO.
3) Dust off your old joystick.
4) Enjoy playing this superb space combat simulator.

'Nuff said!
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Publicado el 10 de febrero de 2015
Why I recommend this game

This game is what made me the gamer I am today. I bought it back when it first came out, I bought it on Good Old Games and now I've bought it on Steam. Why? I'll tell you why - I believe it's the greatest game ever made.

Why this game is awesome and deserves your attention;
  • The original graphics were fantastic back at release in 1999.
  • You won't be using the original graphics when playing the game.
  • The story was - and still is - amazing. Far better than the usual tripe.
  • There's an excellent balance struck between you being an incredible pilot who saves thousands of lives, and you just being a dude in a one-person fighter who can't single-handedly save the day.
  • You play against both rebel humans, and a dark & insidious alien race.
  • Your Shivan opponents don't have Star Trek-style translators. There's no communicating with them or understanding their objectives. They don't fight for territory and they don't act like humans on a different team. They're aliens - and both their ships and their tactics demonstrate that.
  • All too often, the strength of your enemies in games is inconsistent. They march into the beginning of the game with a roar, and then die with a whimper at the end. Or else you're handed a gimmicky win. This doesn't happen here - both your victories and your loses feel justified and fair.
  • You play a variety of roles. You scout hostile territory, battle enemy fighters, protect large capital ships from enemy bombers, destroy large capital ships as a bomber, neutralize the main weapons of enemy destroyers to give your side a fighting chance, protect innocent civillians in transport vessels, hunt down a traitor and more. Look, it's hard to give a comprehensive list while avoiding spoilers - y'know?
  • There's a huge variety of ships, primary weapons (lasers) and secondary weapons (typically missiles).
  • The community at are constantly creating new content by developing their own missions and campaigns - which you can do yourself - as well as enhancing the game engine, working on new models and textures, improving AI... and it's all yours for free!
  • The community at provide technical support for Freespace 2 Open.

Advice to those who buy it

Y'know what's better than playing a game 15 years old? Playing one with modern graphics!

The community at are regularly churning out improvements which make the game prettier, improve the AI, and expand the content available by creating their own missions and campaigns which you can play FOR FREE. New models, new textures, game engine enhancements, etc.

Read this guide:

I was going to create one myself, but there's no point re-inventing the wheel.
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