Vertiginous Golf is a physics based first person exploratory mini golf game set in a steampunk alternative universe. You travel from a Victorian world of eternal rain to a sun-drenched realm high above the clouds known as the Vertiginousphere, where a game of equally challenging and relaxing mini-golf awaits you.
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“Vertiginous Golf is currently in the alpha stage of development. This means that the game is still being made and will be improved upon on a regular basis. Updates will add new features and content, as well as optimisation, bug fixes and polish. Please give us feedback and report bugs, and we will continue to improve the game for you!

Why Early Access?
We're planning a very open and community-driven development through the full Early Access process until the full launch later in 2014. Players who buy into the Early Access can expect to have input into development decisions as well as frequent updates with new content and features along the way.

Development Time?
We don’t have a definite development-time for Early Access right now, we hope to have all features completed by September 2014 and launch the full feature version in October 2014. However this all depending on the Early Access development process and time, things can always take a bit more time than expected.

In development for PC with Mac and Linux versions planned, Vertiginous Golf will launch on Steam Early Access at March 7th 2014 for $15. The final launch price for the game will be $20 so Early Access backers will effectively get a 25% discount.

What about the Community?
When thinking about Steam Early Access and our basic roadmap for the project, we decided that we wanted to give the community the biggest input possible into the development of the game. That's why we’ve built an extensive Community hub - it's a place that we can share our development progress, ask for your opinions, and work with you to create a game that everyone can enjoy.

When the game arrives on Steam Early Access March 7th, we will be opening up our development process to everyone. We'll be holding regular votes on this site asking which features you want developed first, along with a chance to suggest your own features and even have a hand in crafting the universe of Vertiginous Golf.

So thank you for joining us on this amazing quest to deliver the best dystopian steampunk golf game ever made. We truly appreciate your support and now we're looking forward to involving each and every one of you in the future of the game!”

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"Ever wanted to play steampunk mini golf? Here you go."

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New update & Multiplayer Battle Madness Fun Times!

Hello golfers!

After the exciting release of our alpha online multiplayer offerings, Paul and Christian have been hard at work tweaking and making changes to the entire game as it stands thus far. These updates have been rolled into today's larger update, which should have some exciting changes for you all to explore.

First of all, we have reworked the tutorial system in an effort to convey the skills you will need to successfully navigate the intricacies of Vertiginous Golf. Instead of having one long hole that gives you a once over introduction, we have spread the tutorial out over a number of holes, each one introducing a new gameplay mechanic that you are forced to use. Even if you are a veteran of our courses, we'd love to hear your feedback on the new system.

Many of you have been asking for this feature, and I'm happy to report that the guys have implemented a previous shot power marker to the HUD! Now you can see exactly how hard you hit your previous shot in an effort to help you judge that mulligan to perfection. There are also some general tweaks to the HUD as a whole, but this is by far the biggest, and best new feature!

We have also changed the layout of some holes. We found that while the sadists among you don't mind losing 328,764,823 shots to a tricky obstacle, it can be a little offputting for those coming into the game for the first time. So now the less advantageous routes have been made a little easier, with a few barriers put up here and there to prevent some of the mishaps that happen along the way. If you want to get the best possible score however, you are going to have to trek down some of the wilder paths on each course, which should provide a nice balance between a calm, relaxing golf game and the "Dark Souls of mini-golf" references we have become known for.


Now that we have a functioning online multiplayer offering, it's time to meet up and have some fun! We're going to be hosting a couple of community battle nights where you can play with the developers (and myself) in the epic battle mode! Considering we are all spread out across the globe, we've got three time slots available.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 11 - 8:00PM - 9:00PM PT (Vancouver)

Log in and battle Christian to the death!


The elusive Paul will be logging onto the servers to deal out some golfing pain!

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 12 - 8:00PM - 9:00PM AEDT (Melbourne)

Think you can beat me? Let's find out!

I've set up the time slots as events on Steam, so if you already own Vertiginous Golf, you should get a notification to remind you to log into your closest region!

Well folks, see you on the greens!

Steve - Community Manager
Changelog v0.62 - 7/11/2014

- Updated power/rewind meter with revised "rewind needed" marker - Added new "previous shot power" marker to power meter
- Moved hole/par/shot info to top right panel
- Added an extra tutorial hole and positioned each tutorial hole between the relevant courses so they introduce game features gradually
- Updated a number of median and classic holes with direction arrows and more forgiving obstacles
- Colour indicators on multiplayer chat window and shop notification panel

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Vertiginous Golf Online Multiplayer Update Out Now!

Hello golfers! We know it's been a little quiet on the greens these past few months, but today we can prove the wait has been worthwhile. After countless hours of development and testing, we would like to present the Vertiginous Golf Online Multiplayer Update!

Vertiginous Golf has never been your average golf game and the developers wanted to keep that a recurring theme when it came to online. As a result we have strange and wonderful modes waiting for you all.

Arena mode - players need to sink their ball into holes spread across the spiraling course to "control" them. Picking up coloured eggs will unlock special attacks that can be performed by controlling your hummingbird, allowing you to attack your foes and defend your turf. It takes a few turns to get the hang of, but it's a crazy amount of fun.

Race mode - there are a few race courses in the game where you will be trying to navigate the course as quickly as possible. Once again you collect eggs to unlock fuel for your Influence Bug and weapons to mess with your competition. You can also turn weapons off in this mode if you want the feeling of a pure race, but where's the fun in that? :stuckouttongue:

Classic mode - this is essentially the same as the offline multiplayer where you simply play a game of golf. There are a few handy twists available; first of all you can turn weapons on or off which spices things up and you all take your shots at the same time which means you’re not sitting there waiting for your friends to make a move.

We're going to let you guys experiment with the new game modes, but as always we want all of your feedback. In the next few weeks we will be organising a series of community play sessions where you can face off against Paul, Christian and the Surprise Attack Games team to see who is the best golfer across the skies! Until then, enjoy! - Steve

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“A dystopian steampunk golf game.” PERRRRRR-DOOIIIIIIIINNGGG! My heart’s back up where it belongs!”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“The Classiest Crazy Golf Game I’ve Ever Seen”


Vertiginous Golf has just been updated with a online multiplayer option. Play with up to 8 players and challenge each other on the new Race and Capture the Hole maps. Use 7 unique weapons to defeat your opponent.


Vertiginous Golf is a physics based first person exploratory mini golf game set in a steampunk alternative universe. You travel from a Victorian world of eternal rain to a sun-drenched realm high above the clouds known as the Vertiginousphere, where a game of equally challenging and relaxing mini-golf awaits you. Vertiginous Golf elevates mini golf to a more mature level than the typical casual and child-orientated mini golf games currently available.

The players navigation tools include a putter, chipping wedge, a set of cameras placed at strategic positions on the holes and a fully controllable first person mechanical humming bird that is used to help plan the player's route through the holes.

Crowdsourced Development

When thinking about Steam Early Access and our basic roadmap for the project, we decided that we wanted to give the community the biggest input possible into the development of the game. That's why we’ve built an extensive Community hub - it's a place that we share our development progress, ask for your opinions, and work with you to create a game that everyone can enjoy.

We'll be holding regular votes on this site asking which features you want developed first, along with a chance to suggest your own features and even have a hand in crafting the universe of Vertiginous Golf.

So thank you for joining us on this amazing quest to deliver the best dystopian steampunk golf game ever made.

Current Features

  • PC
  • 18 holes
  • Putter and chipper
  • Rewind, aftertouch
  • 1-4 Player local multiplayer
  • Music and sound Effects
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Full controller support
  • Introductory story elements
  • Beta replay system
  • Oculus VR Support
  • Leaderboards

Future Plans

  • PC, Mac & Linux
  • 45+ holes
  • Online multiplayer
  • Full-blown mystery
  • Extended replay system
  • Handicap system
  • Steam Workshop intergration
  • Avatars
  • Club and ball customisation
  • Daily challenges
  • Steam achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Fully-fledged Oculus VR Support


    • OS: XP SP3 and above
    • Processor: 2.0GHz CPU
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB graphics card
    • Hard Drive: 390 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: 3GB RAM
    • OS: XP SP3 and above
    • Processor: 2.0GHz CPU
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB graphics card
    • Hard Drive: 390 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: 3GB RAM
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The Good
Vertignious Golf is a gorgeous game, both conceptually and stylistically. The game controls aren't difficult to grasp, the music and sounds are well designed, and the interface is nice and clean, not interfering with the graphics -- did I mention they were gorgeous? Oh, yes, I did.

The hummingbird and rewind features are welcome additions to the basic gameplay of minigolf. In fact, given the complexity of some of the holes, they're requirements. The availability of a wedge in addition to a putter is welcome, adding a level of strategy absent in other minigolf games.

The game is also eminently playable -- on the more advanced courses, there are several ways to play each hole, so there's little repetition even with the limited number of courses. If it has a boredom factor, I haven't reached it yet.

The Bad
While I have not identified the game's boredom factor, it does have a frustration factor, and it was found quite quickly.

There are difficult holes. There are even diabolical holes -- the par 3 8th at OSU Scarlet, when the pin is set in that card-table sized tongue of green sticking out into the pond, comes to mind as a real-world example.

Vertiginous Golf, unfortunately, includes a few unplayable holes, where the line between success and failure is both unmarked and razor thin. The penalty for failure is vastly out of proportion to the value of success -- and scores rapidly balloon out of control, rendering an entire round not much more than an exercise in futility. And if I want futility, I can just load up my clubs and go play some real golf (which can fairly be described as two shots worthy of Tiger hidden within one hundred twenty worthy of Tigger).

On the plus side, this is the worst I have to say about Vertiginous Golf -- but since it's central to game play, it's of importance.

The Skinny
Overall, I'll give 7.5/10, though I would strongly recommend the designers re-visit some of the holes and dial it back a little. I don't expect an ace every time, but neither do I expect to be condemned to ten or more strokes because I missed a tee shot by the faintest of margins.

On the cosmetic side, I'd like to suggest allowing the player to choose their ball color (or if that's already in the game, making it more obvious as I haven't found it yet). We golfers are a superstitious lot, and I (think I) play better with a blue or green ball than with a red one. :D

A course designer would be another welcome addition -- way back in ancient times (i.e., the 1990s), the Jack Nicklaus series of golf games always included course design tools, and some of the fan-made courses were genuinely brilliant. The vast array of additional free content also kept the JN games playable far longer than most other games released at the same time.

Overall, this game is Recommended on the basis of design and creativity, and in the hopes that some of its frustration factor is ironed out by the time of its official release.
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Why does miniature golf need to be miniature? Why can't it be the scale of regular golf, so I'm putting through three hundred yards of bumpers and windmills and rollercoasters? Also, why can't mini-golf have lots of mechanical hummingbirds?

Obviously, we've all asked these questions. Now Vertiginous Golf is here to answer them.

It's insanity, but it all works well. It's fun and polished, especially for a tiny indy production like this one. The multiplayer is the star of the show. Charming and imaginative describe virtually every inch of what exists in Vertiginous Golf.

My only real complaint is lack of content. It needs more courses. Partly, that's Early Access. But, the future goals say the final game will have 45+ courses, and it will need to be double that, at least, because it IS miniature golf. Real golf is about honing nuances. Miniature golf, at any scale, is far more dependent on novelty factor. As cool and robust as these course designs are, they're not anything you're going to play fifty or a hundred times. The game needs so many holes that by the time you finish the final holes, you can no longer remember the early holes clearly. That's the only way this will ever be anything more than an incredibly cool way to spend an evening or two. The only way this will ever be a real game.

My hope is that this will turn into a more expensive game, with far, far more content, instead of remaining a cheap game which inevitably starts pushing the edges of its content after just a few hours. At the moment, it reminds me a lot of the disc golf sector of the ps3 game Sports Champions - BRILLIANT, but give me more of it. A *lot* more of it.
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1.9 小时(记录在案的)
A fun and chaotic golfing game with some very cool level design and fun mechanics. You can assume the form of a hummingbird and launch powerups you've collected while golfing to mess with the other players. Can be a lot of fun in multiplayer!
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8.9 小时(记录在案的)
(October 9th)
I just recently got this game and already my friends and I love it. We got it after the multiplayer update and have had a blast messing around it. The singleplayer and multiplayer have multiple options for you to choose from. So you can either make it challenging for yourself by removing the bug influencer, playing on a only green map, or if with your friends play with weapons.

There are also multiple ways to play the multiplayer matches. So far from what I've played they have a regular golf match (9 holes) and they have a race type. Now typically for the regular match it's kind of like a race but you can go at your own pace. My friends and I personally like to take turns and whatnot but you can play however you want.

So I haven't put as many hours into this game as some of the other people here, but I LOVE this game. Just because you play a course doesn't mean you can't go back and play it again. With how the holes are setup, there are multiple ways about getting to your goal. So if you mess up, keep going, and come back some other time and try to beat your score on how you did it before. There are just so many possibilities.

Now this game is currently in Early Access but it's still a great game for where it is at. So here are some Pros and Cons that I have come to find about this game.

-Replay Value (a ton, I really don't see how I could run out of options especially if Steam Community gets involved)
-Lovely Graphics (freaking beautiful)
-Some minor customization on your playing style (no bug influence, yes/no weapons)
-Very smooth gameplay (I play on Splendid graphics and framerate is great)
-Easy concepts to grasp (Left mouse camera, right mouse shoot) (there is more but you get the picture)
-Online Multiplayer (little buggy but whatever, still cool)
-Hilarious to laugh at friends as you explode their ball into oblivion (bombs are awesome. You can explode their ball out of the hole)
-Nine 9 hole courses so far (increases in difficulty each one)
-Button customization (don't like how it's setup? No prob, set it to what you want)
-8 player multiplayer (freaking 8. I haven't had that many friends on here yet but seriously, imagine the chaos of 8 people placing traps for others. Huehuehuehue)

-Online Multiplayer Servers:
Everytime you go to multiplayer you search a region to play in. For some reason it has it set to Europe as default for me when I live in the US. I would like to click on US and search for things there, but it has to search for every game in the regions, which could take some time, stalling for even longer. So if there was a way to have a choice on which region you want to play would be nice.
-Online Multiplayer Options:
Yes you have a lot of options to choose from, and that is awesome, BUT, if you try to change the course instead of repeating the level, you might accidentally mess up and have to restart the hosted game.
-Online Multiplayer Lobby:
I love the fact that you can create your own lobby, it's cool, but you don't have many options in your lobby. Your lobby is always public, so anyone can join. Which is sometimes irritating if I'm waiting for my friends to join. So they join whatever, you can ask them to leave, but they don't always. So you have to restart the lobby. Why? Because you have no kick option.
-Weapon selection:
This is kind of minor but I wish there was a way to choose your weapon with a specific button rather then having to press 'c' 4 times to get what I want. Maybe I can select how I want to set it up and I'm being stupid. I haven't explored all the button options yet, but I haven't seen any options for it.
It's pretty good for the most part, but sometimes you get stuck near a pole and can't see where you are trying to put. Other games have fixed this by making those see through but everything is solid, so on the rare occasion if you get stuck, you kind of have to hope you hit it to the right spot because you can't see.

Yes I have some issues with the online multiplayer, but I can't blame the developers, this option just came out October 6th so I don't expect this feature to be perfect, there are some things anyone/anything can improve on.

There are also some other features that they said they plan on bringing to the game later on. Such as a LOT more customization. Avatars, Putters, Golf Balls, and Levels. Freaking Levels. They said they plan on bringing in Steam Community to this game. Players from all around will be creating their own levels with the level customization will be used (they plan on bringing that and hopefully will). There is so much they can do with this game, I'm just so excited to see what they will do.

So long story short, this game rocks my socks off. I love mini golf in real life and this game really only limits people to their imagination. I hope to see this game keep going and come out with all the features they plan on.

TL;DR - Den outta Den
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If you have an itch for a wacky golf/marble madness style game, you could do much worse than Vertiginous Golf. Admittedly, I'm not that far in but I've enjoyed what I've played so far. Mechanically very good, and oozing with style, I definitely recommend the game. I also find it super relaxing, if you're into that sort of thing.
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It's early access so it's not finished, but single & multiplayer is stable and more importantly - fun. Works fine on wireless xbox controller and keyboard/mouse. Devs are actively communicating ahd implementing improvements. Workshop support will make it that much better when it's released.
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6.3 小时(记录在案的)
This game is really pretty cool. It's a minigolf game with a really cool fantasy-esque atmosphere and neat little contraptions all over. You build up power with swings and can use either a rewind button or a little jet thingie on your ball to move it slightly where you want. At first it seems like rewind is incredibly OP but the game gets fairly challenging and fairly fast. To the point it might even get a bit frustrating to some people. Luckily I was playing it with my girlfriend so I did honestly have a good time watch us both screw up a few times. The game's got pretty good graphics and a neat art style and is surprisingly not too computer intensive too.

It also has online now which they just added. I don't know if I'll do that myself as I'm more content with local, but it's cool to have the option to play with friends. Apparently has weapons and other fun junk if you want.

Another reason I really enjoyed this game. The devs are really cool and seem to be very active even in the steam forums. I had a glitch that didn't allow me to play local multiplayer and made a thread here. The devs worked with me on it and in just a day they released a patch to fix it. That's something you don't see too often when it comes to early access and other junk and is certainly a breath of fresh air.

I will admit the game is a tad big buggy and has the occasional physics or weird clipping bug, but its kind of hard to stay mad at it when it's an early access game. I expect it to be ironed out as time goes on. The devs were very open with what their update schedule is and what their plans are and have so far done what they said.

Anyways, it's just a really nice mini golf game. If you want to play a nice relaxing (or a fairly challenging) game of minigolf you should really give it a shot. even though it is early access, it's a fun enough game even as it is right now and even goes on sale fairly often.

its just fun ok. devs were swell and is looks cool. Not expensive either. Thanks ilu
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Really fun, steampunk themed mini-golf. The visuals look great and the courses are varied.

Constructuve critisism - better manipulation of the camera, option to hide the club itself while shooting, and scale the power meter to make it less "touchy" for the first 25% or so.
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9.0 小时(记录在案的)
great game to wind down with. you don't need a gamepad, don't know why some are suggesting otherwise. it's getting better regularly, and it's already very good.
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4.0 小时(记录在案的)
This game's pretty interesting (albeit not quite as interesting as it looks in the ad, but still interesting enough to play)

Unlike the dev's description I'd describe the theme as more "trippy" than "steampunk" though.
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13.5 小时(记录在案的)

fanciful, frustrating, fantastic. the atmosphere in the game is dripping wet from the blood and sweat the developers put into the game.

For the love of all that's holy, have you seen the lobby in the trailer? Buy the game just for that!
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2.7 小时(记录在案的)
A really great golf game! The level design is amazing, the graphics and audio are outstanding, and the fun to be had is phenomenal. It's great alone but so much more fun with friends! This game shines in the multiplayer modes! Overall, it's a great buy at $15! You won't be sorry buying this game!

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1.3 小时(记录在案的)

I've not has so much fun playing a crazy golf game since buying 3D Ultra™ Minigolf Adventures well over 4 years ago. Vertiginous Golf, is not only beautiflul to look at , it's deviously more difficult to score compared to the older mini golf game. With local coop available now; and, as development progresses with up to 4 player multiplayer this is going to be a great game to play with your online mates. I can imagine the laugh your all going to have playing this.

The game is in early access; if you were lucky enought to buy it via the humble store a few days ago, you'd have got it for half price, right up to its release.

The game is a physics based first person exploratory mini golf game set in a steampunk universe. There are loads of innovations included such as first person mechanical humming bird that can be utilized to plan your shots, there' s a rewind facility that allows you to undo or rewind a shot without losing a stroke (basically a cheat system). The ball can also be controlled using the WASD keys, so rewinding part way, you can then adjust your shot accordingly. There's a whole host of other things included such as moving obstacles, mini helicopters, blockers, platforms, spinners, travelators and other interesting items (eg a glowing semi transparent trail showing you your previous shots) that help or hinder your progress. At the moment there are 18 holes with a further 27 + holes planned in future updates.

As an early access game you can report bugs in the games forums HERE.

You can see videos of game play HERE, HERE and HERE.

Highly recommended even at it's full price of £11.99 ($14.99). That's over £3 cheaper if you can find a friend in the US to gift it too you. ;)
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2.6 小时(记录在案的)
Full review at

You could say Vertiginous Golf is the golfing equivalent of Dark Souls, there’s no hand holding going on here and all you’re told is you have to get the ball into the hole at the end of the course. How you do this is completely up to you, do you try and smash it across the whole field, hoping to get some lucky rebounds? Maybe you’re a bit more conservative and like to go for the paths which are enclosed? Maybe you want that “hole-in-one” every time and you have to pitch perfectly in order to get it. Also did I mention this game is as hard as 7 week old bacon?

Vertiginous Golf is overflowing with options, which is something you wouldn’t normally see from a game which is tied to a sport. Just on originality alone I think this is a good pick-up. It already has great features while in Early Access and promised future developments look even better. I’d only steer away from this if you have ADD and you need fast hot action all over your face in order to feel satisfied, now go clean yourself up.
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1.0 小时(记录在案的)
A solid golf game with plenty of charm and a dab of humor words wont do it justice so check out this video instead -

For those with no time the key pionts are

- Mini golf/crazy golf (obvously)
- Art Deco
- Steam-punk
- Hard puzzles
- After touch ball controll
- Humor
- Nice music
- Unity engin so runs well
- Can play windowed or full screen
- Multiplayer
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2.2 小时(记录在案的)
Highly original, beautifully crafted and rock-hard "mini-golf" game. I have to put that between brackets because although this is more or less traditional mini-golf, it doesn't look or feel like it at all. Imagine playing minigolf on islands in the sky with twisted, devious and brilliant courses in a steam-punk world remeniscent of Bioshock Infinite.

From the moment you start this game up and are greeted with one of the most innovative and immersive menu systems I have ever seen in a computer game you know you are in for something special.

As of writing the game is feature complete and I have not noticed any bugs, there are two courses of 9 holes and a training hole. So don't let the Early Acces label scare you off, this is the first EA game I have purchased and I am glad I did. Appart from adding about 30 more holes and tweaking this game could be considered finished.

Oh did I mention this game was rock-hard? Don't be surprised to get 20, 30 or even 40 over par on your first attempts at a hole. Getting the first hole in one is going to be an epic challenge.

This is obviously a labour of love, the passion the developers have put into this project shines through in every aspect of Vertiginous Golf. You owe it to yourself to give this a shot if you are intrigued, because this is one of the better examples of video games being art without being pretentious. The stylish design and gameplay blend together perfectly and it never feels contrived.

I highly recommend this to anybody looking for a beautiful, relaxing but also very challenging experience.
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A quick review of the awesome..
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This game is as advertised. A delightful steam-punk infused mini golf game that is often challenging, and dang it, even frustrating a times. However, when you sink those difficult shots it feels great, and the whole aesthetic of the game is very appealing. I quite enjoy how you start the game outside of a quaint shop, inside of which you will find the menu that launches the game proper. With regular updates hitting frequently since I purchased the game, I'm definitely feeling like I got my monies worth. I haven't even had a chance to try multiplayer yet but I'm sure it would be a great time indeed.
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This is a great game and the developers have already added some content and made various improvements. It may require a painstaking amount of precision and tremendous amounts of trial and error but in the end when it all comes together and you are making par you feel truly accomplished.
UPDATE: 7/12/14
Being as most reviewers on here have not spent that much time with game (except for rabid) this is the truly unique golf game, that fans of "wacky" golf games have been waiting for. If Kirby's dream course was a turn based strategy game this would be the RTS equal. This game makes you think more than a puzzle game and react more than a FPS. It is incredibly well made and gets better by the month. The only downside I can see to recommending this game is that it will affect my positions on the leaderboards. YOU GUYS ROCK. Thanks for making a great game and letting us go along for the ride as I am sure it will become the standard which golf games are measured by.
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Wonderful! The atmosphere is so well thought out. At first, I was wondering why golf balls would be falling from the sky ;)

It is amazingly challenging and creative. I will definitely be playing more!
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