So nauseous pines, This noxious abyss, I feed from the milk, of ultra violet, Yet I'm lost with you, My floating twin, You're the anchor to the drain, but I am the key, To nothing.
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Release Date: Feb 13, 2014

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"A sort of Hotline Miami/GTA/8 bit vibe. Only problem is enemies are often offscreen, making the game difficult to manage. Cool concept, bad execution."
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November 11

Competition time

UC 2 is coming very soon.

To celebrate, I have 5 keys to give away.

This is the competition, and it's a tricky one, not for the faint of heart.

I want you to tell me how all my games link in with the greater universe of Nauseous Pines. It's been the driving force behind everything.

The most creative will win keys to UC 2. Which will complete the story. ːrailslaveː

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November 8

Total Remake in the works

Stylized as a total conversion

I'm remaking the game from scratch. The idea deserves a better execution I feel.

Thinking more the "Zelda 2" overworld with 2.5d "space harrier" esque battle (instead of 2d)

The shops will be back with more weapons and more teletext, dedicated sections for this

No more mouse and keys, more of a Thunderforce 2 thing, as it was to start with.

Organ trafficking remains ːjarboeː

And linking it more in with the lore elaborated on in Selfie, Snowflake tattoo and my new game

Just to bring it up to scratch with where I am ATM.

I will wipe the planet of this version, get your game on in while it remains.

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“A really amazingly well thought out experience. Short but sweet (and incredibly intense!). Unique and quite powerful in narrative - right up there with things like Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, and RoboCop, in my optinion.”
Tobor Prime(Savage the shard of Goshen)

“An open world bullet hell romp unlike any other, upgrade your guns and jump in on the fun.”

“I measure a game by experience I get from it. The emotions I get from the game are as precious as thoughts I have after i exit. And your game started as an experiment. And then it provoked me to make my very frist steam review. And it was noticed by you. This whole story up until now is very good. And I am glad that I've got your game in the first place.”
Steam User [x]Zmey

About This Game

So nauseous pines,
This noxious abyss,
I feed from the milk,
of ultra violet,
Yet I'm lost with you,
My floating twin,
You're the anchor to the drain,
but I am the key,
To nothing.

Speedrun your Police super bike right into the white hot heart off the skirmish to save the souls of the cities junkies!

- You wont avoid bullets
- You will wheel spin through entrails
- intense soundtrack feat:
Cardiffs Techno terrorist "Manpanics"
and Dylan Barry (Super killer hornet Resurrection, G.M.O.S.S.E., Zenodyne, Every zig, Psichodelya, Flying V)

Featuring teletext art by ITAF 2014 winner Dan Farrimond

Developed by UK based micro-indie team Rail Slave Games, N.P.P.D. RUSH: THE MILK OF ULTRA VIOLET is an intense, vehicular, open world, arena shooter combined with lite RPG elements and a 80s British bedroom programmer feel. There is also an exclusive track written by British electro artist MANPANICS plus classic tracks written by Dylan Barry, Founder of Rail Slave Games.

“Rail Slave Games are to today’s indie dev scene as punk rock was to the music scene back in the late 1970’s” commented Darryl Still, CEO Kiss Ltd. “I can guarantee you that you will not play anything else like this - it is about as original as it gets”.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or newer
    • Processor: dual core 1.8
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with latest drivers
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Sound blaster Audigy 2 or newer
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Posted: June 14
this is a very unique game, unique in that it looks like something you'd have found back in late 80's... a wild time in the game industry... coming fresh off that video game crash... (E.T Phone home...) and looking toward the future with baggy hammer pants, shaded sunglasses and this new fangled gangster rap music....

Although this game wasn't made in the late 80's for the NES, it was made in 2014. I typically love old school or retro games, but this one is just bad. At first I thought it was a NES styled GTA clone but it wasn't.. This game was something similiar to having your colon perferated by a rabid bear. It's just not very fun or very good.

I'd like to think this was made by a high school kid, just getting his feet wet with coding, hungry with anticipation as his future in video game making. Although it probably wasn't..
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Posted: June 14
Unplayable, complete mind♥♥♥♥. I dont get point of making this game, maybe its an artist vision. If yes, author must stop taking heroin.
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Posted: October 24
Got this ♥♥♥♥ for cards :D
Don't buy this "game" with full price ^^
50-55 MB for downloading :D
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Posted: June 8
There really isn't much to say about this game because there's not much to it. I keep dying before I'm able to progress in the plot, if there is a plot at all. There isn't a menu screen, so you can't adjust brightness or anything of the sort and the Steam overlay is apparently disabled. Screenshots are also a feature that is missing from this game. My guess is that I probably got this in a bundle and activated it just for the cards. I know I certainly didn't activate it for the amazing gameplay. It gives you a very short description of the controls in a screen that you have to click past every time you die, but aside from that, it just tosses you into the game with no idea what's going on or what you're supposed to do. I always try to find something positive to say about a game when I review it, because games always have good and bad in them, but other than the soundtrack not being terrible, this game doesn't have much going for it.

I definitely do not recommend this game.
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Posted: June 14
It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to even start the game.
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