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Experience the speed run, glitch punk micro epic. Blaze a trail of destruction around the open world city of Nauseous Pines. Take your experimental Police //RUSH// unit right into the heart of the action, race up the five tier city to save whats left of the cities junkies.
Release Date: Feb 13, 2014
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"//N.P.P.D. RUSH// - The milk of Ultra violet" Major Update/overhaul

March 9th, 2014

The break neck speed promised has now been fully realized.

Experience this white knuckle, speed run, micro epic for your self.

In this update you now have :-

  • 5 totally re-imagined floors of visceral, "glitch-punk", ultra violence.

  • New teletext art from Dan Farrimond

  • Three new super charged music tracks by Dylan Barry.

  • New enemy types including the orbital lightning strike, fat man and the hacked rush rogues,

  • The shop system and floor travel system has been completely streamlined to accommodate for the greater emphasis on speed running.


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“A really amazingly well thought out experience. Short but sweet (and incredibly intense!). Unique and quite powerful in narrative - right up there with things like Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, and RoboCop, in my optinion.”
Tobor Prime(Savage the shard of Goshen)

“An open world bullet hell romp unlike any other, upgrade your guns and jump in on the fun.”

“I like games that experiment with unique visual styles and the music is awesome”
Tom Fulp (Newgrounds)

About the Game

Experience the speed run, glitch punk micro epic.

Blaze a trail of destruction around the open world city of Nauseous Pines. Take your experimental Police //RUSH// unit right into the heart of the action, race up the five tier city to save whats left of the cities junkies.

Solve the mystery of enigmatic nightclub owner Ultra Violet at breakneck speed and uncover the origins of the super drug "Nox" that has left so many without the use of their limbs; and so many females missing.

Featuring teletext art by Dan Farrimond

Plus intense soundtrack feat:
Cardiffs Techno terrorist "Manpanics"
and Dylan Barry (Super killer hornet Resurrection, G.M.O.S.S.E., Zenodyne, Every zig, Psichodelya, Flying V)

Developed by UK based micro-indie team Rail Slave Games, N.P.P.D. RUSH: THE MILK OF ULTRA VIOLET is an intense, vehicular, open world, arena shooter combined with lite RPG elements and a 80s British bedroom programmer feel. The game features a superb sound track including a track donated by Toshikai Sakoda, composer for publishers such as Konami, Hudson, Namco and Square-Enix back in the Genesis (Mega Drive) and Famicom days. There is also an exclusive track written by British electro artist MANPANICS plus classic tracks written by Dylan Barry, Founder of Rail Slave Games.

“Rail Slave Games are to today’s indie dev scene as punk rock was to the music scene back in the late 1970’s” commented Darryl Still, CEO Kiss Ltd. “I can guarantee you that you will not play anything else like this - it is about as original as it gets”. Dylan Barry, Founding Director at Rail Slave Games added “ N.P.P.D. RUSH: THE MILK OF ULTRA VIOLET has been a labour of love and it is an amazing feeling knowing that with the help of Kiss we have completed our journey. Taking our inspiration from memories of our Amstrad computer gaming days and the much missed Teletext TV service, we think we have delivered gaming experience like no other! Special mentions need to go to Softotaku, Stellboxhead, David Webster and Timeteam1982 from the YouTube retro gaming community”

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or newer
    • Processor: dual core 1.8
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with latest drivers
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Sound blaster Audigy 2 or newer
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This is such a weird, filthy, gorgeous game - like a throbbing, writhing, catchy punk or alt-rock single. I am such a huge fan of what's going on here - all the narrative subtext dealing with some pretty complicated ideas, the artwork, and the action-y bullet hell gameplay environment with a bent towards speed running.

I love things like RoboCop, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell... if you dig things like that and love smaller, tighter gameplay experience, this is definitely a steal at the price.

I am super excited to see what Railslave comes up with next. Time to jack in.
Posted: February 17th, 2014
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Indie game, N.P.P.D RUSH - The milk of Ultraviolet, tries it's best to bring retro arcade style goodness to the Steam storefront with it's top down shooter gameplay and maze like level exploration, but unfortunately it falls short in a number of areas. Even with the low cost of entry and the fact that it is currently on sale for 20% off as a new release, N.P.P.D does little to innovate in a genre that has been inspired by a plethora of other indie games as of late. The look and feel are straight out of the mid-to-late 80's, but the gameplay unfortunately doesn't live up to the expectations or the intuitive mechanics we've come to enjoy from other modern classics such as Retro City Rampage or Hotline Miami. If you're feeling nostalgic then you'd be better off saving your money for one of those two titles rather than picking up N.P.P.D RUSH in it's current form. The gameplay sounds interesting on paper, but is only interesting for brief periods of time and coffee break style playthrus. In fact it's very hard to categorize or compare the gameplay when it feels like a combination of less complete versions of more popular games and arcade gameplay styles.

The lack of any leaderboards, steam acheivements, or trading cards is unfortunate because those things might give gamers extra incentive to return to the game. The complete lack of an options menu and the fact that there is no gamepad or controller support is also very disappointing considering that these extra features should be seen as a fundamental inclusion for any and all Arcade style games, top-down shooters, and of course platformers, whether it's an independently developed game or not, and regardless that they are made for PC. This is the year 2014 after all.

Here are the pros and cons:

-- The Good (or at least mediocre): --

- Interesting neon graphic style. Very flashy, much like the arcade games of yesteryear.
- Oldschool gameplay, reminiscent of the old Arcade games, Amiga games, Commadore, and Apple games.
- Keyboard and mouse controls are fairly responsive, while also barely forgiveable.
- Gameplay *can* be fun, but only in short bursts.

-- The Bad: --

- The graphics might be a hit or miss for some gamers. You'll either appreciate the aesthetics or absolutely hate them.
- The music isn't very memorable and can become quite repetitive and annoying after a short time.
- Extremely basic user interface.
- No options menu. **No resolution changes, no windowed or fullscreen control, no volume control.**
- No controller support. This is an absolute must for any and all arcade style games or platformers these days.
- Nostalgia can only get you so far. I appreciate the effort, but the entertainment value here is limited.

For now I'd have to say pass this one up. With a little luck, maybe N.P.P.D will have an update or two that will rectify it's problems and glaring omissions. If you're in the mood for retro arcade style goodness then check out Retro City Rampage, Hotline Miami, Aqua Kitty, Love, Oniken, or Muri, all of which can be found here on Steam. You'll get much more value for your dollar out of them.
Posted: February 13th, 2014
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This game was a dissapointment.

For starters, this game feels incomplete. This doens't feel like something you'd buy on Steam, this feels like something you'd download from the internet for free. It's not propperly full-screen, the mouse-cursor appears above the crosshair, and there's no main menu.

Secondly, it has a nice concept, but doesn't exectute it properrly. In an andrenaline-fueled top-down shooter where move at high-speeds, you'd expect to accelerate automatically, right? Well, in this game, you don't. You have to hold down the dirrection you want to go in.

Thirdly, this is mostly personal, but I was expecting a cyber-punk Grand Theft Auto style game where you could explore freely, but no. Not only are you restricted to missions, but you're timed.

It's quite clear that the developers of this game are competent, but they just didn't go for their full potential.
Posted: February 13th, 2014
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The Original Version of //N.P.P.D. RUSH// blew the mind out of my head, removed my limbs, and tossed me into the hyper-real clusterf##k of patterns and surreal violence that is Nauseous Pines. Now, MHLK 2.0 is Back TO KILL MY BODY.

My first impression of RUSH was like taking a hit of:
It was a thrilling, desperate, intensely stimulating, and sickening ride. The visuals, sexy, tiled, and multi-textured, made me feel like I was bolting through a cramped, neon and chippy glass tower of 198X excess. The parallax scrolling and layering effects gave off the weirdest sense of dimensional overwhelm. The details beg for careful observation and some kind of meaning, but there are urgent matters pulling you into the search for bodies. Memory strategies and knowledge are gained through your failures and experiments, and it all starts to make sense and click in the end. A tense pulling apart of the mind's pattern recognition software is ultimately required to reach and defeat Ultraviolet. The classic version can be found on Desura service for those that crave it's crazy charm.

Installing the new version makes RUSH a totally revamped and extremely arcade like experience. You go way faster, hear louder music and more of it, kill more, face a more coherent and solidified challenge, and easily access upgrade shops from the start of each floor. You get brand new level designs, new graphics, new enemies and game mechanics, new presentation of ideas, and a new level of challenge. If you were perhaps turned off by the charming and quirky but problematic roughness features in the previous version, you will be happy to see that there is now a standard fullscreen mode, intro, menu screen, options and effect settings. When you die, you can start again without repeating the intro text. The new RUSH is a like a hardcore challenge mode. While the pre-patch version seemed to focus more on the mood, aesthetics and weirdness, the updated game focuses on action, speed running, and a smooth bullet hell gameplay experience. There is far less clutter and confusion, and more raw violence. The added CRT monitor, fatchip, and scanline effects are cool, but unfortunately I had to disable them by running in windows xp compatibility mode for my old rig to play without lag (Try running in 256 Color mode for an OLD TIMEY DOS feeling :) Overall, I feel the two versions are almost different games. Each with a different kind of charm and appeal to it. I have yet to succeed in completing my mission in the new version, It really is fare and challenging, I just suck. I recommend you play and master this game with me.

Posted: March 10th, 2014
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Not for everyone, but this is probably one of the only games I'd call "punk" - it knows what it wants to be and it's probably not made for you. A surreal, semi-8-bit top-down speed shooter with a heavy emphasis on your dodging and resource management skills. The only goal is to rescue 30 junkies in 5 minutes* and then take down club owning drug lord Ultra Violet, buuuuuuuut the game is... hectic. Surrealist overlays (the designers describe it as "glitchpunk") and overwhelming visuals turn it from a relatively simple game into an assault on the senses and I'll be honest? It adds to the charm.

It is a game you will probably have to play a few times to beat, and there likely won't be much replay value for you afterwards, but I'll be damned if it didn't accomplish its goal and tell a sick, fun story in the process. Good work from the team behind it.

* You can extend your lifespan but it involves some tradeoffs. Like selling your organs, for example, leading to constant HP drain.
Posted: March 28th, 2014
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