Zoom Player is the most Powerful, Flexible and Customizable Media Player application for the Windows PC platform. Based on our highly-touted Smart Play technology, more media formats play with less hassle, improved stability and greater performance.
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Release Date: Apr 4, 2014
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September 18

Announcing Zoom Player v9.4

Legend :

"*" = New
"+" = Change
"-" = Fix

--- What's new in Zoom Player v9.4:

* New feature to load DirectShow filters directly from a DLL even if the
filter is not registered/installed on the system (Adv. Options / Playback
/ Smart Play / Info & DLL Paths).

The external DLL paths are searched when Zoom Player tries to create a
filter that is not registered with the operating system.

+ All paths are relative to Zoom Player's EXE's folder.
+ Some filters may require registry entries to work.

* New "<" icon next to a fullscreen navigation interface's icon/title to
provide a clear visual indicator that clicking the location navigates
to the previous navigation page.

* New setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation /
Customization) to set the scrollbar's width.

* New clickable icons for "Play all files in this directory" and
"Randomly Play all files in this directory".

* New "Play" icon next to playable entries in multiple fullscreen
navigation interfaces (media library, file browser, etc).

* You can now select MadVR as the Windows Media DRM playback
video renderer.

+ Large playlist load time has been optimized by up to 200%.

+ You can now single-click previous directory icon to go to the previous

+ New "Unknown" icon now used with unknown file types in file listing
fullscreen navigation interfaces (media library, file browser, etc).

+ When loading a playlist comprised of multiple playlists, each with a sort
method specified in the playlist, the playlists will now be individually
sorted and appended instead of the final playlist being sorted.

+ The fullscreen navigation scrollbar width is no longer dependant on the
width of the dialog as that didn't make sense rotating displays (such as
tablets). The scroll bar width is now fixed size.

+ The icon used to access the fullscreen navigation interface's functions
page has been modified to more clearly indicate the action taken by
clicking the icon.

+ On the fullscreen navigation function pages of the media library and
file browsing interfaces, on the "Add to Playlist" entry, the icon has
been changed from a right arrow to a playlist icon to better indicate
that clicking the icon opens the playlist navigation interface.

+ The playlist icon has been replaced with a new, polished design.

- The "Create Contact Sheet" feature got completely broken in v9.3.

- The fullscreen navigation interfaces did not resize when rotating the
screen orientation.

- When playing a media with external audio track files, the used filters
may not have been released properly from memory, causing all sorts of
possible issues (for example, MadVR would not release it's overlay,
covering the video area when playing audio files afterwards).

- The fullscreen playlist navigation interface's font did not adjust in
size to match the "Navigation Line Count" setting and was not perfectly
centered within each line.

- The Alt+"S" keyboard macro that opens the subtitle configuration page
did not work if the "XySubFilter" subtitle renderer filter was used.

- When using a detached control bar on the primary screen to display preview
thumbnails from a video playing on a secondary screen, the thumbnails would
always appear below the timeline, even when there was space above it.

- When using a detached control bar on the primary screen to display
preview thumbnails from a video playing on a secondary screen, the
thumbnails would initially appear on the secondary until the mouse
was moved at least 1 pixel over the timeline.

- The previous fullscreen navigation customization settings were not restored
if the options dialog was closed using the "Cancel" button.

- Resizing the fullscreen station navigation interface width could cause the
station name to overlap the station format and bitrate text fields.

- The Install Center would list an update as available even if a newer
version was already installed if the update's build number was higher than
the currently installed version's build number, for example:
v9.3.0.102 would appear newer than v9.4.0.3

- The "DefaultSettings.exe" file did not reset the Steam Edition's settings.


* The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at:

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September 2

Announcing Zoom Player v9.3

Legend :

"*" = New
"+" = Change
"-" = Fix

--- What's new in Zoom Player v9.3.0:

* Support for registering the GXF, MXF media exchange formats
file extensions.

* New Smart Play profiles for GFX, MXF, Motion JPEG2000 and DVCPro

* Clicking on the fullscreen navigation interfaces title area now
navigates to the previous interface (like using the navigate "left"

* The current navigation icon is now drawn next to the fullscreen
navigation interface's title.

* Clicking the "Main" fullscreen navigation interface now toggles
back and forth between the function page and the navigation interface
selection index.

* The playlist, file browsing and media library fullscreen navigation
interfaces display item and selected item counts on the right-side
of the path section.

* New "Main" entry on the main fullscreen navigation interface functions
page that returns to the main navigation interface selection index.

* The fullscreen virtual-keyboard navigation interface's text box can
now be clicked to move the text-caret to the clicked position in the

* The fullscreen navigation skinning code has been enhanced to control
whether navigation arrows are displayed on each navigator interface.

* The fullscreen navigation skinning code has been enhanced to allow
specifying a specific file for each navigation icon. Navigation icon
sizes are no longer fixed at 160x160 pixels (source resolution).

* New setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Settings)
to pre-load navigation graphics, improving load time at the cost of
additional memory usage.

* New setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation /
Customization) to prevent the navigation icon from being displayed
next to the title text.

* New setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation /
Customization) to prevent the navigation title from being displayed.

* New setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation /
File Tracker) that tracks and displays download progress in the media
library and file browsing fullscreen navigation interfaces when using
the qBittorrent BitTorrent download client:

* New skin-script code specifying the fullscreen navigation interfaces'
icon position and scale next to the title text.

+ Several fullscreen navigation customization features have been moved
from other pages to the new customization page on the advanced options

+ Several fullscreen navigation widget have been polished to better
fit the navigation style.

+ Multiple fullscreen navigation skin files can now reside in the same
folder, allowing graphical element re-use for a smaller distribution.

+ All settings on the fullscreen navigation customization options dialog
page are now updated in real time, making it much simpler to customize
the fullscreen navigation interfaces.

+ Using the fullscreen navigation's navigation skin selection interface
now updates the navigation skin as soon as you highlight a skin entry.

+ Detaching the control bar now overrides all other control bar
positional settings.

+ Adding files/folders to the playlist using the media library or file
browsing fullscreen navigation interfaces now reports the number of files
actually added to the playlist.

+ The Advanced playlist control now works 200% faster by pre-allocating
some RAM (10mb ram for a playlist with 40,000 entries).

- Image rotation was completely broken (did nothing) in v9.2.

- Fixed a vulnerability when loading specially crafted ".BMP" files.

- The information dialog ("I" keyboard macro) will no longer appear
partially off-screen when the playback window is positioned at a screen

- When applying file extension association, the confirmation dialog
appeared in the wrong screen position.

- Adding a streaming URL using the playlist editor would clear the entire
playlist instead of appending the URL to the end of the playlist.

- Hardened the language-pack parsing code to better handle several
types of translation errors.

- The "DefaultSettings.exe" application that resets Zoom Player's settings
to their default values did not work with the Steam Edition of Zoom Player.

- Fixed several issues related to conflicts between assigned double-click
and single-click mouse functions, like the inability to exit fullscreen
mode when double-click is set to switch to "Fullscreen on/off" and single
click set to "Move Video / Window".

- The "ESC" key no longer closes the keyboard editor's key mapping dialog,
allowing the "ESC" key to be mapped.

- Loading playlists with embedded media-duration information skips
the media-duration scanner's background operation from trying to get
the media's duration from the media file itself.

- The advanced playlist control dialog would take twice as long to open
if the 'Search' was set to "Starting with...". Only noticable on massive


* The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at:

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About This Software

Zoom Player is a Powerful, Flexible and Highly Customizable Media Player and Media Center software for the Windows PC platform. Using our Smart Play technology, more media formats play with less hassle, improved stability and greater performance. Zoom Player's fullscreen navigation interface is based on a simple 5-Key system (up/down/left/right/select). The 5-key system is suitable for easy access and navigation by novices and experts alike.

Dedicated support staff & documentation

With Zoom Player, you are not only getting a professional quality software, but also tech support from fans, QA personal and access to the development and art team.

To top it off, Zoom Player's documentation is unparallelled in scope, every feature is explained in great detail, the vast number of customization features are easily searchable through the options dialog search feature and selected features are shown & automatically highlighted.

Main Features

  • A polished user interface (check the screenshots!) with no bloat!
  • The User-Interface is customizable to the extreme with hundreds of settings that control every aspect of the user experience.
  • Use the XBOX 360 controller (or compatible devices) as a remote control with custom functions assignable to buttons and thumb sticks.
  • Over 300 functions, assignable to keyboard keys, mouse buttons, remote control buttons or controller buttons and thumb sticks.
  • Hardware accelerated video Decoding & DeInterlacing (DXVA, CUDA, QuickSync).
  • Hardware, GPU based high-quality image upscaling algorithms (Bicubic, Lanczos, Jinc), maxing out high-end gaming cards for best-in-class video image quality.
  • Digital Audio output over S/PDIF & HDMI Bit-Streaming to external receivers/amps.
  • An Install Center application which makes life easy by keeping decoding components consistently up to date (optional).
  • A fullscreen navigation interface, easily upgrading the PC into a full Home Theater experience or for use on touch-screen tablets.
  • A Command & Control API that works over TCP/IP (the internet), COM or WinAPI, providing access to custom mods you can create yourself.
  • Decrypted Blu-Ray Movie playback with Subtitle support.
  • Video Wall (Span a single video across multiple monitors).
  • Scene-Cut (Dynamic, Virtual Audio/Video editing).
  • Non-Linear 16:9 (widescreen) / 4:3 (fullscreen) video scaling.
  • Video Orbiting (Prevents screen-burns by slowly moving the video image every few seconds).
  • HTML, Flash and QuickTime Interactivity (Browse content from within Zoom Player, bypassing standard media controls).
  • Create custom Mobile-Phone RingTones from playing media.
  • GuardDog (Automatically restart Zoom Player if the player becomes unresponsive).
  • All popular formats are supported : H.264, XVID, DIVX, DVD, Blu-Ray, FLV, WMV, QuickTime, MPEG 1/2/4, MP3, AAC, DTS, Dolby Digital, FLAC and many more including the recent ones such as Dolby-TrueHD, WebM, OPUS, etc...
  • Click here for the complete feature list.

Note: The latest version of DirectX is recommended but not mandatory. We suspect most of you have updated already and we simply did not want to burden you with a bloated download. If you feel it is finally time to upgrade to the latest DirectX, click here.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 98
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 80 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Be aware that browsers using hardware accelerated page rendering can interfere with the smoothness of media playback on lower end systems.
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 120 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: For the best post-processing quality (scaling, smooth motion), a powerful GPU combined with the MadVR video rendering plug-in is recommended. For additional motion smoothness, use a monitor with a high refresh rate.
Helpful customer reviews
360 of 448 people (80%) found this review helpful
0.1 hrs on record
Does not play normal Blu Ray movies. That is to say, you can't buy a Blu Ray movie, put it in your Blu Ray drive, and play it with this media player. A complete waste of money, as it just uses the FFMPEG codecs. VLC is an easy replacement for this.
Posted: April 5
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A developer has responded on Dec 31, 1969 @ 4:00pm
(view response)
20 of 33 people (61%) found this review helpful
19.1 hrs on record
I tried the demo, played a few videos, and was quite impressed with it.
I had a few other Media-Players installed on my computer, but right away I could notice better crispness, clarity and an overall greater quality of the video and audio that I see and hear with Zoom Player. I like the simplicity and intuitive feel of the controls, yet there are still a lot of options available that I can experiment with and set things to how I like. This will now be my default Media Player, and I'm glad to have bought the full version to help support the Developers of this high-quality software.

For a full list of features and comparisons of the different versions of Zoom Player, visit the following page: http://inmatrix.com/zplayer/pro/versions_home8.shtml

PS: As for the argument I see from some, "Why buy Zoom Player when there's plenty of free media-players available?".... Well, call me strange, but I like to help support the Developers of programs I enjoy and use.

Yes, there's free media-players out there, but they also tend to have a "Donate" option some place on their website or an option to upgrade to a Pro version. Plus, there's also a free-version of Zoom-Player that can be downloaded as well.
Posted: April 12
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7 of 11 people (64%) found this review helpful
146.6 hrs on record
this app. for just listening music. and $30.
Posted: June 27
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
181.3 hrs on record
For a Media player that replaces the use of multiple programs to handle a variety of formats, I am satisfied with this. I waited for the summer sale price to try it out and would recommend this.

The only negative I came across is the menu system takes a bit to get use to, Also the ability to at lease have Visualizations while music is playing seems to be lost to me…. still playing around with it.


Great, got it to work thanks to romulous [developer].
Step by step for others in the same spot,

• Ctrl+ O (or right click and select options/setup)
• Select “switch to advanced mode” (if you're not in already in it)
• From the drop menu on the left, select “playback”, “Audio”, and highlight “visualizations”. (Or just use the search feature at the bottom and input visualizations)
• Hit “Add”, and find the plugins you have on our PC.
Posted: July 2
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5 of 8 people (63%) found this review helpful
0.9 hrs on record
Purchased this in steam sales. I have been looking for a media player to run all my music & movies. This so far is ticking all the right boxes. I was running VLC for my media and old school winamp for my music. So far Zoom Player is looking like a winner!
Posted: June 19
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