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The Yawhg is a one-to-four player choose-your-own-adventure game that randomizes a unique story every time you play. The evil Yawhg is returning. How will the town’s locals lead their lives in the meanwhile, and what will they do when the dreaded Yawhg finally arrives?
Release Date: May 30, 2013
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“The Yawhg manages to be one of the freshest experiences I’ve played in years – multiplayer or otherwise.”
5/5 – Gamezebo

“The Yawhg is a gorgeous adventure that's likely to amuse and move you in equal measure.”
8.8/10 – CultureMass

“What elevates The Yawhg from other interactive fiction games is that the writing displays charm and humor that's never mawkish or contrived.”
7.5/10 – Destructoid

About the Game

The Yawhg is a one-to-four player choose-your-own-adventure game that randomizes a unique story every time you play. The evil Yawhg is returning. How will the town’s locals lead their lives in the meanwhile, and what will they do when the dreaded Yawhg finally arrives? The fate of a community hinges on the characters’ actions, and the decisions of their players.


  • Stories which can be played alone, or with friends.
  • A fully fleshed-out world, where actions can have dire consequences.
  • A randomly generated story that's different every time you play.
  • Gorgeous artwork by the award-winning Emily Carroll.
  • Over 50 unique endings that can happen to every character.
  • A haunting soundtrack by Ryan Roth, sound designer for Starseed Pilgrim.
  • A s͎e̝̬̠̭ͅn̬͉̪͕͇s̜̝̮͔͈e͓͎̻̦̣͔͉͢ ̺̰̫͜o̧͚̹͉̰̬͍̲f̛̟͉͈̥̠́ ̢̙̫̖̙̱͠i̺̰͉̟͎͟͡m̺͈̟͚͜͡ͅp͘͝͏̝̲̲͚̤e̵͈n̸̙̮̺̥̩͖̩̤̙ḓ̤͖̀i̛͇̖̞̺̲͈̲̠͟n̸̡̜͜g̴̛̲͙̙̪̳͚͎̼̹͙̮̲̻͓̀͘͞ͅ ̵̷̢̙͍̣̖̭̪͚̻͎̤̞̙̖̰͕͕͞d͝͏̣̝̫̱̱̥̹͇̹̺̮̤͉ͅó̷̯͕̙͔͚͙̳̳̮̣͈͍͚̟̬̟͎̖̕͘o̵̴҉̢̙̬͇̖͉̜͠m̵͏͉̲̠̱͙͉̳̻̖͉̟̦̩͙͉̯͢͟ͅͅ.̷̸̵̧̬͍̙͕̫̝͖̞̩̥̩̣̙͍̗̱͓͈͚͇̣̤͜

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: A resolution of at least 1280 x 720.
Helpful customer reviews
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The Yawhg is absolutely beautiful for what it is, and it's a lot of fun, however, I really can't recommend it. It feels like a demo, or the introduction to a larger game. The entire game plays out like the character creation for a game that never happens. You spend six weeks making decisions that shape and define your character, each one including a small flavor text choice that lets you deepen your character choices, and then, when it feels like the game should be starting for real, all you do is pick a profession and see how good your character is at that profession.

I wanted to be a part of this world, I wanted to take my character out, to play a game with them. Who doesn't want that? This game is maybe worth a dollar. I wont say that I feel cheated, because I truly savor and enjoy the narrative, and the very novelty of a cooperative choose your own adventure experience was just enough to make me feel like at least I had gotten something interesting and beautiful, if lacking, but I would not recommend this for every gamer.

Be very aware, this game is extremely content light, and there is no campaign. Once your character is created after six weeks of character creation choices, that's the end of it. I really crave more, and am very disappointed in how little is here.
Posted: March 2nd, 2014
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What a great game. A few beers, sit around and yell about how magnificent you are. And it goes fast, so even better for drinking. What I'm trying to say is, this game is gorgeous, it sounds great, and it gets me drunk. Really good and drunk.

10/10, would drink again.
Posted: February 27th, 2014
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The whole game is only six turns long. The number of events that can happen in that time seem very limited. In four-five play throughs i had the same things happen pretty much every time. The music is nice but there is no menu option anywhere so you cant turn down the volume or resize the screen or anything. In addition it managed to crash a couple of times which is just rediculous in a six turn game. It would have been a really good game if there was a decent amount of content but sadly as it is its only good for a few minutes.
Posted: February 28th, 2014
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I debated for a bit whether or not to recommend the game. I decided to recommend it, but I thought I would leave some information so that others considering purchasing will understand what they are buying.

1) This game is a text-based "Choose Your Own Adventure" game. There is art (and I like the art) and music (and I like the music), but ultimately, it's about the choices you make.

2) The game is very short. It is completed in 6 turns. However, there are a variety of options to choose from. There are different endings, so choose wisely.

3) If you are looking for a more typical "rpg" experience, this is not for you. If you are looking for something fun, rather light, and enjoyable with friends, this is a good game to pick.

4) I recommend purchasing the game on sale. It is just a little too pricey at it's original price in my opinion, but nabbing it on sale is generally a good idea. I got it at a slight discount.

5) The game is turn-by-turn and is certainly not going to eat any significant amount of your time. If you just need something sort of light to play for ten minutes, this is a good game to pick up. If you are looking for a somewhat more serious game purchase, perhaps you should not buy this. I do not have a lot of time logged in at all, but I have already beat the game a few times.

6) The game, even though it is short, does have some replay value.

7) Ahem. Demon baby. That was unexpected. Especially when it stopped being a baby...

Ultimately, I recommend it. Just remember that this is not a typical gaming experience, and gamers who prefer more standard grinding/number crunching/tactics-style games might want to give this a pass. If you're the type of person to be fascinated by choices and options, to see how your choices affect others and endings, then you might like this.
Posted: March 4th, 2014
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I've played The Yawhg twice on my own and twice with a friend and had a blast every time! It's a really simple concept: something bad's going to happen in six weeks, but you're not going to worry about that, there's hunting to do in the forest, patients to tend at the hospital, and malicious hedges to confront!
You play a minimum of two characters (up to four) playing with friends is as easy as passing the keyboard (or controller) back and forth. Gameplay is simple, you choose an area of the city that you want to spend your week at, and then you choose what you want to do at that location. For instance, at the palace, you can choose to do administration work or attend a ball. Each activity will raise different stats (physique, finesse, charm, mind, magic, wealth). Random events at each location will also raise or lower certain stats, often, you will be asked to make a choice during these events. Whether you pass or fail seems to depend on stats some of the time and on random rolls other times. The game mixes comedy and horror in a way that reminds me of Welcome to Night Vale with a pinch of Princess Maker 2 and the art style of Don't Starve or a Roald Dahl book. It's funny, dark, and at times very disturbing, and it frequently flip flops between funny and horrifying moments in the space of seconds (the endings are particularly prone to this).
Yes, The Yawhg is pretty short, a single playthrough can take anywhere from ten to twenty minutes (or longer if you're playing with friends) and you will be seeing repeat events quite often, but the game has a ton of different endings, and each playthrough tells a different story.
In short, if you like interactive fiction, a bit of comedy with your horror, or maybe you're just looking for something unique, The Yawhg is well worth the full price.
Posted: February 28th, 2014
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For a more comprehensive review, please see my write-up at http://criticalindiegamer.com/2014/02/the-yawhg-review-pc/

What can I say? It is very, very good, but also a brief experience. With a few friends the tales you weave will cause fits of raucous laughter, but they will be short-lived. A play-through takes around 10-30 minutes, and the end phase offers no real-resolution.

A folk music style soundtrack interweaves the basic, but charming presentation of the game. Both are lovely, and compliment one another well.

The Yawhg puts me in a tough place because I really enjoyed it, but I question its worth at $10. I don't usually draw comparisons between price and longevity, but if I paid $10 I can't help thinking I would feel a little let down. There are multiple play-throughs here, but even by the second play you will be seeing the same situations again.

Buy it if you are looking for a fun, memorable experience to play with your friends, and don't mind the longevity issues.
Posted: February 22nd, 2014
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IGF 2014 Nominee - Excellence in Narrative
IGF 2014 Nominee - Excellence in Audio
IGF 2014 Honourable Mention - Excellence in Visual Art
IGF 2014 Honourable Mention - Grand Prize
Indiecade 2013 Selection
Fantastic Arcade 2013 Selection