The future is now with EVGA PrecisionX 16. This software allows you to fine tune your graphics card, including GPU Clock Offsets, Memory Clock Offsets, Fan Speed, voltage and much more.
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Release Date: Sep 19, 2014
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"Kids destroyed their peesees for the achievos."

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July 21

EVGA PrecisionX Update

We understand that there is a lot of confusion and misinformation in the internet community about Guru3D’s article titled “Did EVGA just Steal the Rivatuner RTSS design concept into PrecisionX 15 ?”. We would like to clarify the following:

1. Precision’s original main GUI concept was designed and provided to the community by EVGA in 2008.
2. The RivaTuner control panel and backend code in prior versions of Precision were developed and is owned by the RivaTuner developer. EVGA does not own the source code for any RivaTuner code. EVGA paid for the development and distribution rights per the contract.
3. The new EVGA PrecisionX 15 was coded from scratch by EVGA without copying any of the RivaTuner code.
4. Both RivaTuner and EVGA PrecisionX 15 make use of the NVIDIA NVAPI to communicate with NVIDIA graphics cards and drivers, which is owned and provided by NVIDIA.

Some people mentioned that the file structure in EVGA PrecisionX 15 is similar to the previous version of Precision. During development, we referenced the USF skin format (which has been published by RivaTuner developer at Guru3D forums in 2009 to allow the community to create their own skins). The above mentioned feature would make it simple to allow users to recompile any previous skins to work with the new version of PrecisionX 15. However, we do understand the confusion caused by trying to maintain this feature and we will change it in the next release.

Next, it was also mentioned that the code contains text references (not code) to the word “RivaTuner” and the word “RTTSH.dll”, a RivaTuner file. This actually came from the user interface localization / help (wording). During the original Precision development, EVGA worked with several outside firms to help translate user interface help files into various languages, unfortunately this is a misprint in the translation files and will be fixed. Again, no RivaTuner code was ever used in EVGA PrecisionX 15. We apologize to the RivaTuner developer for this error.

Originally our goal was to add more features such as 64bit OSD, Steam, updated voltage controls, and more to a new version without changing the Precision user’s experience that they were already familiar with. Unfortunately, the “similarities” between the two programs have led people to believe that EVGA might have copied the code and design from RivaTuner, which is not the case. Given the circumstances, in order to remove any questions and to further differentiate it visually from the previous versions of EVGA Precision, EVGA has decided to listen to the community and suspend the downloading of EVGA PrecisionX 15 temporarily while these updates are being implemented.

Please remember, Precision was and is built for the community and without the community EVGA Precision and many other overclocking utilities would not be where they are today. It is EVGA’s commitment to continue investing in the development of PrecisionX by adding the features the community asks for while providing it free of charge!

Thank You,

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July 16

EVGA PrecisionX 15 is Now Available!

The day has finally arrived, EVGA PrecisionX 15 is now available for download!

Version 5.0.0 is a major software rewrite, with new features and updates.

  • New GUI with improved voltage and pixel clock control
  • Support for both 64bit and 32bit OSD
  • Improved OSD compatibility
  • Built in Steam Achievements
  • Improved K-Boost function
  • GPU vitals area on main GUI is now scrollable
  • GUI now shows clock and voltage adjustments in real time
  • + more!

Please post any and all feedback in the forums, we will continue to add more requested features!

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About This Software

The future is now with EVGA PrecisionX 16. This software allows you to fine tune your graphics card, including GPU Clock Offsets, Memory Clock Offsets, Fan Speed, voltage and much more. This latest version of PrecisionX has been revamped with a new GUI, new OSD (On-Screen Display) features, improved voltage and pixel clock control, integrated Steam Achievements and more. True enthusiasts know to go with the number one choice for GeForce overclocking; EVGA PrecisionX 16.

    Key Features
  • GPU, Memory and Voltage Control
  • Power Target Control
  • Pixel Clock Overclocking – OC your refresh rate!
  • Integrated Steam Achievements
  • Frame Rate Target Control
  • Custom Fan Control/Fan Curve
  • System Tray Reporting Support
  • Profiling system allowing up to 10 profiles with hotkey
  • Robust monitoring including ingame OSD with 64 and 32bit support
  • In game screenshot hotkey supports BMP and JPG formats
  • Support for wireless Bluetooth overclocking via custom Android app

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX TITAN, 900, 700, 600 series recommended
    • Hard Drive: 50 MB available space
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I got a few Achievements out of it but i'm really scared of destroying my graphics card to mess about with it anymore.
It's FREE so I can imagine alot of kids downloading it and overclock their graphics card, maxing out everything in the belief that it will run the latest Call of Duty or something.
This thing is actually kind of dangerous because it actively encourage you to damage your system by baiting you with Achievements.
But ya know... there is that Call of Duty kid thing I mentioned... so yeah get it! Fry your card!
Posted: July 16
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0.2 hrs on record
A big step back from the previous, non-Steam version. Poorly thought out Steam implementation for those like me who leave Precision running at all times, achievements that will probably lead a less-knowledgeable person to burn out their video card, buggy OSD monitoring (check out Assassin's Creed 1 with it running - transparent walls everywhere), and removed features from previous versions (why can't I monitor via my Logitech LCD anymore?) make this a pass. Find yourself a v4.2.whatever and install that instead.
Posted: July 16
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0.2 hrs on record
I've always used Precision. But having this in Steam is not a good idea in my opinion.

#1 reason: You can not close Steam down unless you close Precision first.

This should be run outside of Steam. Unless you are looking for bragging right achievments I guess....

EVGA Precision is a good piece of software, I just can't agree with it being run through Steam. So I give this version, the middle finger.
Posted: July 16
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25 of 25 people (100%) found this review helpful
24.6 hrs on record
I first started using PrecisionX 1.0 when I built this machine in late 2010 with my EVGA GTX480. I've never had a need or desire to punch a video card to any crazy limits, but found the framerate soft-clocking, monitoring, and fan speed control to be indispensible. I continued this tradition even in COD ghosts achieving 50 fps pinned using the same GTX480. It wasn't until recently a friend broke up his SLI configuration and sold me his GTX660Ti. My biggest concern buying this card was that it was probably not EVGA. I bought it anyway, thinking, surely this will extend my build for a year. I went to my EVGA account to update an older version of PrecisionX I was running before installing the new card, with just a glimmer of hope that it would work. That's where I found that EVGA offered it to the steam community for all nVIDIA users... free. Not only that they are supporting 64-bit.

The build quality in EVGA cards is overwhelmingly clear with many personal examples of direct comparison, but this is not a reason to just blindly use their software. We know how bloatware can detract from the best hardware available and, well, dynamic soft-clocking to lock a framerate seemed too good to be true, it's going to lag... but no. This tool it's minimalistic and non-intrusive, allowing you to enjoy what you payed for without a tax on performance... much like a 3 million dollar lamborghini coming with shoe strings as door handles. If I can trace this path, as a brand, they'd be aligned with what I look for in gaming. In effect, set in stone as Corsair for memory, or Intel for a processor. It's just the best without having to really check... but I do :D

As far as the transition to Steam is concerned, I say GOOD! I like it! I loved the tool as an EVGA customer and the fact that it's readily available to nVIDIA users through such a large hub is excellent. I recommend it constantly. I often take someone through the more organic process of dialing in and now I can give them this advantage.

If you want to talk about needing Steam open to make use of PrecisionX, that's not entirely true and for 99pct of users, doesn't apply. The settings you make in PrecisionX hold true even while steam isn't running, fact. The exception, I've found, is the monitoring function. In order to display your framerate and other OSD (on screen display) information, PrecisionX needs to be open. This has been the case since I've used the program. Which is fine, for me anyway, because even if I were setting up a game like Titanfall, that is on Origin, I'd only need to keep Steam running while I have the framerate shown during my dialing in sessions. All other clocking and curves will work as you've saved them without steam open, but you may need to make them active within that session of windows.

I'm currently ranked 5th in tdm for the PC version of COD Ghosts and although my k/d isn't earthshattering (operations about 75% complete :D) I can tank straight through the middle of an enemy camp with the confidence of stutter free reflex kills and can ads a sniper rifle clear across stonehaven without a flicker. I can only think of what could be done with some newer, 2011 socket systems, quad channel ram, and 780Ti cards.

Newegg Spec Dream Machine

With a system like the one I spec'd out in the link above I'd still be running this tool, for sure... Lock a framerate utilizing the 144Hz and pour on the settings. Same method, better result is my definition of a powerful tool. Meanwhile... I hope my current specs along with my PrecisionX and COD Ghosts settings will help.

CPU - i7 950 1366 socket (CPU up in Asus bios clocked to 3.2GHz) w/ Zalman cnps 9900 Cooler
MOBO - Asus Rampage III Extreme
RAM - Corsair 6x2GB Tri-Channel PC3 12800 1600 Dominator GT RAM (full kit w/ cooler)
GPU - GTX660 Ti 2GB w/ EVGA Precision X 15.0 tuning
HDD - Seagate Velociraptor 10k RPM 300GB
PSU - Corsair Pro Series AX1200
CASE - Cooler Master HAF X 942 w/ 8x case fans
MONITOR - Acer GD235HZ 120Hz 2ms response 24”
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 retail pkg

In Precision X 16.0 I enable framerate target, for Ghosts I've set it to 90, and turned the fan speed up to 70%. That's it :) After you find what your computer can handle... you can soft-clock your framerate to hold er' steady without having to use vsync.

I'd also like to point out that I did use the framerate OSD under monitoring and another program called HWMonitor (available from CNET) to monitor peak system temperatures while I dialed in my settings. You don't have to kill your system if you take the time to use this. Monitor your heat while you play, it's so important to your PC's health. What you can do for framerate and fluffy settings starts there. As a rule of thumb I'd never want to see my GPU temp climb over 65-70c or any system temp over 55-60c and that's fine for regular use, with the optimal for both being around 10c below that.

The following links are to my steam posted screenshots for parts 1-3 of my video settings in COD Ghosts. Setting your own profile using a private match on stonehaven is recommended. Starting low and observing the effects to CPU, GPU, and RAM with each setting before you target a framerate. It takes more than a few restarts of the game get it right. I would never drop below native monitor resolution, never use windowed mode, nor would I ever use vsync unless I was running 3d. All the rest is performance vs asthetics and what you justify.
Posted: July 28
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This is a GPU readout & overclocking tool
(only for NVIDIA graphic cards)
Highly recommended for SLI users - to see if both/three/four GPUs are actually working. BUT only the non-steam version!!!

- U have to close Precision to be able to close steam
- GPU Snyc does not work properly (2different GTX460s)
- no max GPU/MEM Clock setting (e.g. 840MHz)
=> it's a GPU/MEM Clock offset, now (e.g. +160MHz)
- worse than predecessor
- ingame OSD doesn't work in some games
- no AMD/Ati support
- OC Beginners don't do achievement hunting!!!

+ ingame OSD
+ GPU/Mem clock readouts
(fps, temps, gpu scaling, clocks, fan,...)
+ GPU/Mem overclocking
+ FPS limiter
+ take screenshots (also from desktop)
+ achievements (if U know what you're doing!)

Posted: July 16
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