Lead your team of Runners to survive a corrupt megacorporation’s intrigue threatening thousands of lives in this new action-strategy game set in the most popular cyberpunk universe of all times – Shadowrun.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (530 reviews)
Release Date: Apr 28, 2015

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"Showed at Gamescom 2014 - Great example of an indie studio handling a well-known IP with flair."
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May 21

Updates and an outlook

If all goes well we will see an update tomorrow and another one end of next week (gremlins allowing).

The first update will contain:
- New clothing and pets...yes, pets. Though only for cosmetic purposes and only in the hub
- New clothing
- A fix for the infamous "cannot invite bug"
- Summons will die with their controlling character
- A number of fixes to skill effects and descriptions
- All Side mission grant 3 Karma in co-op and campaign
- Final Mission grants 6 karma to co-op and 3 more for campaign

The next one will have:
The first challenge mission(s) featuring one or two multi-stage missions and new weapons, gear and more pets to get as loot.

Challenge missions are non-story related special challenges, which pit players against three waves of enemies with unusual combinations or new abilities. After each stage players can opt out an go for a consolation price or continue onwards to get the ultimate reward. The setting is prepared by your favorite party dragon Damon, who has taken it on himself to provide the entrapped citizens of Boston with fresh trideos and an ongoing show. Following his great success with The Hunt series in the Rox, he has devised a new show where runners are pitted against a combination of enemies. Already betting is getting frantic around these events!

Following this we will focus on the asymmetrical PvP, meaning player(s) against a game master. This will take a bit, so in the meantime we may release more challenges or a mini story connecting the campaign to the Salem add-on.

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May 8

Frag the lag!

Today is the day!
We have finally fragged the lag issue it seems when our servers will be patched one last time at 15:00 alongside some other fixes.

We don’t want to jinx it, there may still be gremlins lurking around, but we seem to be back to normal. Today, with our hopefully last lag related server patch, you will find your well-deserved apology gifts on your inventory:
- 3 Flamethrowers (so you can flame enemies and think of us)
- 1 additional character slot
- 2 new Bioware augmentations (Zero Essence, usable for awakened characters as well)

Many people have given us good advice on how to handle the issues and told us what they suspected the culprits were. As it turns out, we had three main issues and tragically two of them have very little to do with our team’s ability to code and code well. It is both more tragic and more comical tale (that is if it hadn’t affected our rating s and sales so massively. Maybe one day, looking back, we can laugh without bitterness about it).

The first issue was not enough optimization in certain areas – as described previously, the game had been working so brilliantly from a technical and performance standpoint, that we did not dedicate too much resources to it. We knew we needed to do more optimization, but it did not seem to be a big concern. If it hadn’t been for the other two things, we might have been right.

Issue two was one of our middleware licenses actually putting the break on our servers once a certain number of concurrent users were active (which we were not aware of). Above that number it would slow down throughput, so all our other services (which kept listening to certain commands or pushing things to the client) slowed down with it. As some of them were serialized, meaning they were acting like a chain, they were actually really waiting for something to happen from the previous link of the chain, multiplying the effect of the license slowing down the speed at which commands were coming and going and putting other services like load balancing and thread management into overdrive, crashing CPU. Our servers overheated with waiting and managing that slowness, absurdly enough. This was fixed easily enough once discovered but it took us a few days to identify this weird behavior and the culprit.

The third and most tragic point has to do with the letter D. As in “enableD=garbage collector”. While we optimized the garbage collector (which cleans up “leftovers” on the server, so they don’t clog memory) and following some of the suggestions we got from our code-slinging community members, it did not seem to do the trick. We dug deeper and deeper into garbage collector settings but to no avail – each time the game would just use up the memory available and despite further optimization efforts this did not change considerably. The reason was finally found to be a missing “D” in the config file, which read “enable=garbage collector” instead of enabled. Of course we had looked at every line of this configuration file what must have been a hundred times, but you know how the brain tends to just create the word it expects to see, especially when you did not have more than two hours of sleep for days fighting a lag that was killing your game? This was one of the cases (and enable and enabled are not that far apart). Once we found it, we hit ourselves over the head repeatedly with blunt objects.

All three issues combined killed us in a most unfortunate way. Now with those resolved we actually have 10.000 concurrent players in our mass test and the servers don’t even get warmed up about that. We are cautiously optimistic we are ready to declare the lag fragged for good!
Now we can get back to actually improving gameplay and adding end-game missions and rewards! Please spread the good news and let your friends and Steam or Metacritic ratings know, so we can try and get the game off the ground again.

Thank you all for your patience and support in this really rough patch of our life as a developer.

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“After spending many, many years playing the pen-and-paper version of the game, I've found that even in Early Access, Cliffhanger Productions' multiplayer-enabled, tactics-focused take on the tech fantasy universe is the purest Shadowrun videogame experience on offer today.”

“The addition of co-operative gameplay could be exactly the kind of addition that the Shadowrun franchise needs.”

“Shadowrun Chronicles is XCOM with magic”

Digital Deluxe Edition

  • A pre-order for the first campaign update of Shadowrun Chronicles – cause the world of Shadowrun Chronicles will be ever expanding with more missions and new content!
  • A useful extra set of items, weapons and armor which will help you get an edge on the street the first campaign update for Shadowrun Online for free on release of the update!
  • Listen to the music inspired by Shadowrun Chronicles on the bonus soundtrack!
  • Did you always want to try the Shadowrun Tabletop game? The Quick Start Rules give you an introduction to the world and the ruleset of the game. Gather your friends around the table and slip into the Shadows with them!
  • The Boston Adventures bring the Boston Lockdown scenario to your Shadowrun Tabletop group! Get intel on the Boston setting and play a run inspired by the Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown Campaign!


  • A whopping 240+ pages of roleplaying goodness with the Pen and Paper RPG Campaign Book Boston Lockdown as a pdf!
  • A pre-order for the first campaign update of Shadowrun Chronicles – cause the world of Shadowrun Chronicles will be ever expanding with more missions and new content!
  • A useful extra set of items, weapons and armor which will help you get an edge on the street the first campaign update for Shadowrun Online for free on release of the update!
  • Listen to the music inspired by Shadowrun Chronicles on the bonus soundtrack!
  • Did you always want to try the Shadowrun Tabletop game? The Quick Start Rules give you an introduction to the world and the ruleset of the game. Gather your friends around the table and slip into the Shadows with them!
  • The Boston Adventures bring the Boston Lockdown scenario to your Shadowrun Tabletop group! Get intel on the Boston setting and play a run inspired by the Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown Campaign!

About This Game

Lead your team of Runners to survive a corrupt megacorporation’s intrigue threatening thousands of lives in this new action-strategy game set in the most popular cyberpunk universe of all times – Shadowrun. Blending X-Com style gameplay with RPG elements in the unique Shadowrun setting and adding an extensive single- and co-op campaign, Shadowrun Chronicles offers the next generation of tactical turn based action games.

Entrapped in a city plagued by a deadly virus, assaulted by the minions of a megacorporation, attacked by infected and with a dragon on a rampage through the city you have to unearth the secret conspiracy that connects it all.

As the leader of your team of Shadowrunners, you will have to use magic, technology and every weapon available to you, to save the lives of thousands in a city at the brink of extinction. Grow you character, plan your missions and control your team in combat or play live co-op with other players to overcome the challenges ahead of you. Meet your fellow runners in the Back Alley or hire henchmen to help you succeed.

Set in the dystopian near future of our world, where magic has awakened and blends with technology, creatures of myth and legend have returned. Elves, Dwarves, Orks and Trolls walk among the neon-lit streets, while the matrix connects everyone and everything as the corporate towers cast their long shadows across the globe. You are a Shadowrunner - a secret operative on the edge of society, hired for the jobs no one wants to be connected with. A cyberpunk rebel surviving by skill and instinct in the shadows of the corporate towers!

Welcome to the dark side of the future, chummer. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.


Word of warning: The game is tough - it's designed that way. Running the shadows is never easy and going in guns blazing will certainly get you in trouble!

  • Run and Gun! Gripping and deadly tactical turn-based combat in true Shadowrun style: Choose from a wide array of skills groups, magic, technology and weapons to survive!

  • Teamwork! Build up your team of runners or join with other players in live co-op to find the best combination of skill, magic and technology for survival.
  • You'll never run alone! Team up with friends for your next run or swap stories with other runners in the hangout. Take your friend's characters with you into a mission even when they are not online.
  • Every move counts! Dive behind cover, find alternate routes with clever use of your skills, send your drones or spirits into battle and use any weapon at your disposal to make it out alive.
  • Be who YOU want to be! Create your individual Shadowrunner in a completely level-free character system from over 60 different combat and non-combat skills, unique backgrounds and five metahuman races. Start a muscle-packed former Troll bouncer and become an expert Rigger, sending your drones into combat or complement your spell slinging mage with the abilities of a skillful sniper. The choice is yours!
  • Gear up! Employ a variety of armor, augmentations, cyberware, magic and of course tons of weapons! Lob a grenade at your enemies, blast them with a mana ball or pass them unnoticed by hacking their security systems. Over 50 different enemies from vicious gangers to combat drones and corporate wagemages await!
  • Shape the future! Developed jointly with the tabletop RPG books your actions in the game will shape the future of the whole Shadowrun universe!

Requires internet connection to play!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7/Windows 8.1
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024 MB NVidia or ATI graphics card
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Requires internet connection to play
    • OS: Windows 7/Windows 8.1
    • Processor: 2.5+ GHz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 2048 MB NVidia or ATI graphics card
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Requires internet connection to play
    • OS: OSX 10.7 +
    • Processor: 2.0+ GH or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024 MB NVidia or ATI graphics card
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Requires internet connection to play
    • OS: OSX 10.7 +
    • Processor: 2.5+ GHz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 2048 MB NVidia or ATI graphics card
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Requires internet connection to play
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024 MB NVidia or ATI graphics card with dedicated drivers
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Requires internet connection to play
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04
    • Processor: 2.5+ GHz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 2048 MB NVidia or ATI graphics card with dedicated drivers
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Requires internet connection to play
Helpful customer reviews
22 of 25 people (88%) found this review helpful
12.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 23
I love Shadowrun and played the tabletop version for years, thus I was looking forward to this game, specially after the terrific series by Harebrained Schemes. Unfortunately as it is I cannot recommend it. Assuming that 07 out of 10 would be a recommendation, this gets a 5.5 out 10 for now.

The game feels bare as it is. It looks good but it lacks depth, both in customization and combat. There are no attributes (they have been transformed into skills), skill trees are simplistic and streamlined and there are very few choices. Shamans and mages have been striped of most of their powers (specially if compared to Shadorun Returns and Dragonfall) and there's no Overwatch. Seriously, no Overwatch?

Combat is well-balanced but most of the time you don't need much of a strategy. More often than not it is enough to position yourself around a corner and wait for the enemy to come looking for you, therefore exposing himself and making for an easy target. Still, the AI do have some resources, such as ganging up on one character to take him out quickly - much like players do. Overall it is the most polished part of the game.

The story begins well but so far it does not impress. The prologue sets up an interesting narrative involving a Dragon and people succumbing to madness, but nothing interesting comes out of it, or at least not until now. Missions are repetitive (clean out enemies, rescue someone by cleaning out enemies, recover something by cleaning out enemies...) and so far there are no memorable NPCs in the game.

The lack of an offline mode is annoying to say the least. It seems the developers did not learn anything from EA's Diablo 3 debacle and therefore must commit the same mistakes. The game still lags despite the updates and there's nothing more frustrating than being disconnected mid-mission and being forced to restart it.

Don't misunderstand it, this is NOT an MMO by any stretch of the imagination. This is a single-player game with a multiplayer option. It doesn't need to be online only. If developers read reviews and take them to heart (as they should, after all who are they making the game for?), then please listen to your community and get cracking on that offline mode.

Now in all fairness the developers have been working very hard and the updates have improved the game. Skill trees are evolving, new weapons and costumes being integrated into the game and, with time, I believe the game will become the Shadowrun experience we all expected and will surely love. It's is just not there yet.

With that said, I'll continue to play the game and supporting it, even though I cannot recommended it as of yet, at least not for the current price. I hope to return to this review and change it to a YES! as soon as development catches up to expectations. Until then, save that money, spend it on of the other Shadowrun games or pre-order Shadowrun Hong Kong!
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6 of 8 people (75%) found this review helpful
123.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 23
I have mixed feelings on this game. I love Shadowrun (it’s an rpg), but this is an xcom-lite tactical game with a Shadowrun theme. The big question: ‘is it fun and worth the sticker price?’ Yes its fun, but that might be my Shadowrun allegiance speaking. I don’t think it’s worth the sticker price, due to the lack of replayability and the stale co-op. There are better and cheaper tactical games out there, and for that matter, Shadowrun games as well. SR Chronicles has no offline single player mode, and had a horrible rollout because of it. I wrote two other reviews before this and the devs asked me to reevaluate each time, so I’ve put in more than a hundred hours playing multiple characters start to finish getting a good feel for the game. I’d pass on this game for a couple of months in hopes that they get their act together; even then this should only be a $15-20 game.

-The community
-The graphics in the tactical map
-The music: Mass Effect 1 meets the original Shadowrun '93 game
-The theme

-Thumbnailed character portrait at creation.
-Character names aren’t unique – I’ve been in matches that had multiple people with the same name.
-I've had up to 8 people stuck in a party, which can only handle 4, and we all had to restart the game to get a mission to work.
-Broken character clothing as loot, with no way to sell the 20+ pairs of blue jeans, etc.
-Skills/gear max about midway through the game, making the skills kinda boring.
-No magical counterpart to cyberware – initiation would be nice.
-Low essence cyberware is no longer available midway through the game, so if you install something early on that you don’t like later on, you’re potentially stuck with it (if you already have 3/4 slots filed).
-Lack of variety in music.
-Voice acting is flat - tone is always the same, so in combat people won’t sound frantic, or are overly bubbly, etc.
-Many missions share the same maps, and in many cases you start and finish in the same spot.
-Graffiti seems a bit bubblegum and usually looks like it was done with a giant sharpie marker.
-Character conversations in the hub: low-res character models, terrain that normally looks good, but is zoomed in so much it becomes a pixilated mess. To top it off the objects in the setting are high-resolution.
- Occasionally when you kill someone they’ll become obnoxiously clipped to their gear as it rolls away (most notably flamethrower users).
-There needs to be a message system for the in-game friends list to make sense.
-Co-op needs an initiative log or something along those lines to fix the cache click problem – so you don't worry about attacking the same guy or moving on top of each other, stealing each others melee kills, and potentially losing multiple turns to actions you didn't know you took (I frequently lost 1 or 2 turns this way, but I've lost as many as 4).
-Co-op incentive just isn’t there: If you get together with all your friends and try to run through together it’s fun-ish (but needs voice chat to coordinate), but you really can’t play with anyone else in the interim unless you want to continuously go through the same levels. If you get left behind, trying to co-op with your now higher level friends is even more difficult, because you could be stuck doing 3-6 damage while the guys you’re with are doing 20+ and they are sporting 20+ points of armor and 3x your hp, making you a flimsy target that can’t get better gear and is only getting a fraction of the karma. While your group may go back and redo all the missions to catch you up the rewards make it more like grinding for the sake of grinding.
-If you run this game solo the npc’s only come with a single skill and sometimes their skills will unlevel between missions, and they don’t otherwise keep good pace with the karma level of the story.

The devs have already drastically changed how the game was balanced since it released (abilities, damage, etc), and this is a game coming out of early access. They have whole portions of the game that aren’t even developed yet, that are part of the core game. The bugs are frequent and atrocious. You’ll find yourself having to logout of the game every few runs. Set pieces in the background will attach to the foreground, and trolls horns will disconnect and float in the next square over. Uncontrollable screen spinning is also a problem every now and again, as well as broken cursors. Critical hits will often cause the screen to zoon into the backside of a wall, instead of on the action. Frequently the End Turn button will disappear or move somewhere else on the screen. I think my biggest gripe is that the ability buttons don’t have enough of a click box (or it changes randomly) and when you go to click an ability you instead move to the space below the ability box. There are so many bugs that it’s not uncommon to run into people grumbling about something that should have worked (e.g. over 100% chance to succeed at a skill only to fail). If early access was closed beta, then the release is open beta. This is not a completed game and from day-to-day you wonder when they will reset your skills and what major nerf or tweak is going to happen next. All games get rebalancing, but this game gets totally retooled every time a patch comes out, especially with things like pets being added before fixing the bugs, making you feel like the devs still don’t know where they wanna go with it.
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7 of 10 people (70%) found this review helpful
14.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 19
Finally a Shadowrun game that you can play online with your friends (or total strangers). The storyline is engaging, character development is fast and not too complex while still giving you a lot of options. The missions are challenging and the only thing I am really missing is PvP (which is supposed to be available in a future patch).

All in all I am very happy with the purchase (I got the game in early access, but never played it a lot during that phase). Would recommend to anyone that likes turn-based strategy games and of course the Shadowrun IP.
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4 of 7 people (57%) found this review helpful
10.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 21
+Streamlined Shadowrun gameplay
+Nice Audio
+Impressive character customization

-Absent story
-Disconnected from world
-One hub, dismal as all hell
-NPC's are boring and have little useful information

I love Shadowrun. This ones great for you and your friends. Just don't look for groundbreaking plots and twists/characters.
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6 of 11 people (55%) found this review helpful
52.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 20
Imagine you can play Left 4 Dead turn-based, Able to upgrade your character with more skills and weapons? That't what SC:BL is about. No usual MMORPG stuff like grinding, stupid repetitive quests: just raids in all its glorious beauty. Team up with 3 random dudes, and go for it! 1 quest if you feel hasten; 10 quests if you have your time! Each quest takes 15-20 minutes of your real time, so you can plane in advance.
Co-op it the greatest feature of the game for me. I always liked co-op board games like Pandemic, Arkham Horror, Battlestar Galactica, Shadows Over Camelot etc. I don't know about PvP (which is yet to come), but Co-op is just great and that is exactly why you should buy the game. There is some content yet to come, but for me it is already a masterpiece.
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150 of 198 people (76%) found this review helpful
180.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 1
First off, this game was not developed by Harebrain Studio, but another developer, Cliffhanger. While not a bad thing in itself, I did expect their own take on the Shadowrun title. After hours of playing Shadowrun Chronicles, it seem the games from each developer share little in common other than the Shadowrun universe. So I make the opinion of if you wanted another Shadowrun Returns/Dragonfall, you should wait for Hongkong otherwise you'e getting a more action oriented Shadowrun with a linear story. It's not exactly worth its price tag right now.

Chronicles is a stripped down version of Shadowrun Returns in almost every aspect. What I can say about the story is that they released the first chapter for the game and I think it is somewhat bare bones. The chapter has set up a pretty good premise with a decent plot revolving around a mysterious infliction and a dragon. Unfortunately I believe it falls flat on developing any good antagonists or story companions at all. What pieces of characterizing is through nodes you click on and read while doing a mission, which seems lazy to me. What I also feel I need to say is that there are no dialogue options at all. There's little to no decision making throughout the game so replay value relies solely on trying out different character play styles.

There is a hub of npcs like Shadowrun Return, which they're placed just as merchants, offer main quests and side quests or adding a small amount of context to the world. Currently, there is one major hub for the game and you don't really travel beyond that. Perhaps we will able to travel to different locations in future content.

What is different is that the game is unlike its predecessor is fully online. Meaning you are playing on server and requires to have an internet connection. It also means that if the server is lagging, there will be time delay in your actions in and out of a mission.

The real divergence is in the skill system. There are no attribute scores like Shadowrun Return of any sort instead skills are packaged into different sections: Mind, Body, Blade, Blunt, Hacking, Rigger, Pistol, Automactic, Shotgun, Spellcasting and Summoning. You invest skill points or Karma into these skill sections. Investing point grant abilities and passives of sorts. There are some synergy between abilties and passives, but not much depth to it. It seems right now there is no cap limit to amount of karma you can earn, but there is no way to get a refund on your karma or respec unfortunately.

I want to mention that there is no matrix combat in this game. Hacking is now apart of other "unlocking" abilites (Organ Harvesting, Picking Locking and Demolition) that allows you to open doors to loot random items while doing a mission. Also there is only right now a very crude character stats page showing only what tier of skills you invested, but no details in what your hit percentage, critical strike, and such.

The combat is where the meat of the game is. It's a turn base strategy game with usually four teammates. These characters can be henchmen of your choosing from a random list of mooks. who are not customizable at all. It can also be someone you can invite a player from either a friend list or out of the chat channels. Unfortunately, there is no quick start or looking for group system in the game making it not so much user friendly for those who are shy or whatnot.

The gameplay itself is often described to be similar to XCOM games where your characters are relatively fragile and getting hit by anything can be lethal or at least very damaging. So the game revolves around getting your character into a good placement to flank or take cover from your enemies. I like mention there is no types of cover in this game such light, medium or heavy cover. It just cover now.

The enemy AI is pretty solid in that they'll try to on the most part get into cover and flank. Also they will try to focus fire, which can be good and bad.

The missions themselves get rather repetitive and bland as you go along. It so far consists mostly eliminating all enemies or defending an area or character with some minor nuances. The same could be said about mission environment as you sometimes play the same map with different objective at times. As for enemies variety is pretty decent in what you fight as you progress with occasional boss fight.

Since this game is considered a "MMO" or Massive Multiplayer Online and with that end game content should be discussed. As of right now, there's literally none. You cannot do anything after finishing the chapter, but you can join other player's story progress to garner more karma. Making end game content into a grind fest of sorts. Cliffhanger have announced they are going to release end game content soon though.

What is missing though, if you have played XCOM or other Shadowrun games, is Overwatch. Overwatch allows you act against any enemy that enter your view range. It is considered to be one of the key elements for this genre that helps your charactes from being rushed by the enemy.

What I wish it had as well is cover/environment destruction like in XCOM. It has little to none of it this game, which was rather disappointing in hindsight. I believe it would made battles more dynamic and more complex than its simple current form.

Bottomline is that there is more work to be done for Shadowrun Chroncicle if it going to be more of an action packed game. In its current state is a very mediocre game that like other co op games gets somewhat better if played with a chummer or a friendly community player. I feel so far I have not gotten my money worth out of the game so I am inclined to not recommend it right now.
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49 of 58 people (84%) found this review helpful
45.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 4
This is a rough gem but it’s still a gem. There are scant few cooperative turn based strategy games out there. In many ways it reminds me of playing the old Hero Quest™ board game from my youth but with a dash of the original Guild Wars™ and a whole lot of Shadowrun to top it off.

Like in Shadowrun this isn’t going to be some cakewalk co-op game. You will need to use cover, time combos, and carefully consider your routes through the levels. But planning your route is enjoyable because the environments are easy to read and detailed enough to convey the atmosphere. Your abilities even cause car alarms and windows to shatter. Unlike most tactical games session length is nice and short. You can hop on, hit the global chat, and be in a game and done within a half an hour, or less.

All that being said this game does have issues. Many of the game mechanics do not reflect the Shadowrun setting well. Mages use mana, there is party limit for drones and spirits, and a quick hack can drop a person dead. All games can lag but when this game does it especially drags down the experience. A team of four gets eight inputs a turn. If every input had a five second lag that would be 40 seconds lost just waiting per turn. It very quickly adds up to tens of minutes just waiting for input lag. For a cooperative multiplayer game there are conspicuous number of features missing for a game that has finished beta. For example you can’t whisper to people, there is no group finder tool, and there isn’t even a list of hotkeys or controls.

Overall though I think this game has a certain charm about it. Like playing a quick board game with friends and then saying “drek” when the dice go bad. At it’s current price of $29.99 it is a little steep but worth it considering it just released, and definitely worth it if you can find it at $19.99. If you like Shadowrun, you like turn based strategy, and you like co-op this is worth checking out.
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60 of 81 people (74%) found this review helpful
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217.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 13
This is a top down 3-D, RPG-LITE, turn based tactical game with short, combat-oriented missions. The game design decisions are built around the idea of quick play for Co-Op: from the UI, to the tactical choices to the repercussions for individual actions, everything converges to generate a combat-focused fast-play experience by turn-based standards.

RPG or Tactical?
As something of a hybrid Tactical-RPG title, I would say its leaning markedly towards the tactical end of the spectrum. If you’re coming in expecting a full-blown RPG with a dynamic interactive story, you’ll likely be disappointed, as the efforts of the developers is more oriented towards generating a dynamic tactical game with high replay value on their content (ie. mostly gratuitous gun-fights with bodies dropping all around). The story telling emphasis has increased markedly with the latest April updates, so while it's not a branching story with player choices altering the narrative, it does have a good plot and a good immersion with a large number of NPCs to interact with (and mixed but overall very good voice acting mixed in too).

Character Building
Character creation is also more like a richer version of a tactical squad based game than a full-blown RPG. Everything is skill tree oriented, and its like a much larger X-Com mechanism with a linear progression down each tree and many of the progressions offering “this or that” choices. Characters can have two weapon trees active, plus two trees filled with passive abilities, which in many cases are kinda like what attributes would do in a traditional RPG system.

It seems implicit that they first decided on the combat mechanics and then built the character skills and abilities while trying to keep things balanced, like you’d expect in a tactical game. It was not designed to cater to people who bought the game so that they can build a very specific sort of mage or what have you, so everyone would do well to know that before purchase.

Visual customization of your character is all about a wide and ever growing wardrobe of exotic fineries and sultry rags. Its still a work in progress, but it's extensive now and will continue to get expanded upon post launch.

This is really the strength of the game. As noted, the core philosophy is quick play, and this has come together very nicely with game mechanics that generate decisive results off of single actions. What does that mean? Well, good shots with a clear line of sight or done with melee weapons have a VERY high chance to hit. Likewise, getting hit does a LOT of damage in relation to most characters ability to take damage. Things are quite furious here, so its basically the opposite from the Shadowrun Returns attritional combat model where firefights drag out and sometimes see characters get hit with an assault rifle and it degrading their hit points by 8% in extreme situations. Conversely, targets that are buttoned up behind cover have a much lower chance to hit, so you're really encouraged to use sound tactics and maneuver.

There’s also interesting dynamics with a rock-paper-scissors aspect based on physical-tech-magic damage and armor, some targets being extremely vulnerable to one, but immune or resistant to another (physical damage being the ‘safe but doesn’t open vulnerabilities’ option). There’s also a marking system where deckers and magic users can “mark” a target that opens up the abilities for other team members attacks.

I personally would endorse the AI as being respectable as well. The melee based enemies are aggressive and generally just try and bum-rush you, while the missile enemies play it much more conservatively and use cover. While there are the occasional bad moves, they generally put together a coherent strategy with the more purely missile oriented forces I've seen in the game really trying to probe around my flanks.

Multiplayer or Singleplayer?
You can play either way. There’s 4 player Co-Op, but you can also easily play single-player by running the whole team yourself (your main character and 3 Henchmen). Co-Op is REALLY fast as everyone is allowed to move right when the player turn starts - when one person initiates a move, everyone freezes while that's finished, but there's no waiting on someone else unless they're the last person to move that turn. Get with a team that knows what they're doing and its maybe 30 second turns - very fast pace for turn based! It takes a whole different tactical approach and I found myself fairly terrible at it after being used to controlling the whole team, but all the mechanics come together beautifully to keep the game moving.

There’s also global chat and I’d say its generally quite friendly, as we might expect in a game that’s currently Co-Op oriented.

There isn't PVP yet, but they’re working on it, though deathmatch style PVP between mature runners probably isn’t coming anytime soon (major balancing issues there with the high end PVE abilities, stun combos and so on). However, one of the ideas is to have asymmetrical PVP where one set of players takes the runners and the other controls the Gang or Corporate troops. The other option is for an “Urban Brawl” with set teams of combatants without the high end abilities/kit. Not sure when this will be implemented.

Overall this is quite stable for me on a Mac. A new update can see problems but they get sorted quickly enough, with most bugs being more of the nuisance variety rather than CTD type stuff.

Future Content
One thing to keep in mind with SRC is that launch isn't launch in the way that a singeplayer game is. Its a pay once to play business model, but they're planning ongoing content updates for free combined with quarterly DLC, so development is ongoing in the style of Online games. So, expect lots of changes from the features offered, the game balancing and so on.

Apparently new squad building mechanics are on the short list of features with the NPC Henchmen runners, which will add a lot for single player runs (or runs with 2 players with each controlling a single henchman).

Whether or not this is a good purchase for you really just comes down to the preferences of the individual here and your expectations. You’ve got a number of things that are well developed or emphasized and then a number of things that RPG fans would be disappointed not to see (and if its something that's going to really slow the gameplay down, it might not ever make it into this Co-Op focused game).

SRC offers a unique package of turn based Co-Op (that can easily be played singleplayer) with brutal fast play firefights that still have that heroic feeling of "I'm gonna rush in there with my Katana". The story and atmosphere have improved by leaps and bounds this April, so you've got a good context to draw you in too. So long as you're not looking for a pure RPG experience, I feel confident to give SRC a solid recommendation as the 15-30 minute gunfights are great fun with a seriously addictive quality.
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Posted: February 21
Early Access Review
This game is looking and feeling more and more like Shadowrun.

What it has:
Trolls, Orks, Elves, Dwarves, and Human Metatypes
Background Trait (pick 1)
10 Skill Trees with 10 Skills each.
Excellent environmental and thematic effects
Very nice turn-based strategy fighting
~5 portraits for each metatype and gender
A basic storyline to string along a series of runs
~50 clothing options, from gloves to goggles, that are not gender locked
(Yes, you can be a male troll with garters and striped stockings and a tube top.)

What it NEEDS:
Cyberware, either as a skill tree or as an equipment set
De-laced conjuring and spellcasting
Significantly more choices and styles in spells
7 types of damage (stun, ballistic, physical, fire, cold, toxic, electric)
Armor (While there are armor inlays in the game, such as ceramic plating or polymer coating, there needs to be MUCH more variety and customizeability)
One-Shot runs
Secondary Objectives/Rewards
Astral/AR views
Descriptions and tool tips and variations in gear choices
Neverwinter-Style Player-Generated Run community content
3-5 social hubs (including one or two matrix channel/chat/community/thingies)

PANs as an inventory/equipment/cyberware management setup
You could sell cosmetic AR in a microtrans cash shop!
Fixers and Gear Tests
Crafting/Engineering Tests
Spell Assembly
Group Initiation
Trolls to be roughly 40% bigger than they are now, and receive lower cover bonuses and have higher reach.
Advanced magical tricks to be unlocked at certain karma levels/initiation instead of cyberware enhancements (masking!)
In game explanations of RFID chips and why 'looting badguys' is a terrible idea
Heat and Infamy
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Posted: April 27
  • Graphic style is very similar to single-player Shadowrun: Return games and I like it.
  • Coop mode is unique experience. It's similar to Divinity: Original Sin but gameplay is much more fast-paced (less roleplay, more action).
  • Decent storyline, tons of side-quests.
  • Nice difficulty. Success is based on tactics, not luck.
  • Great cosmetic customization. Dwarf in bikini? Splinter Cell elf? Everything is possible! (you can find many cosmetic items in missions from random loot).
  • Buy2Play. No extra microtransacrions. No F2P ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

  • No roleplay, no branched dialogs, linear story. It will stay as it is because that's how game designed.
  • User Interface - developers changed a lot of stuff recently and it's very new and unpolished yet. Many elements look out of place.
  • No customizable henchmens.
  • No PvP (but it's planned in near future).
  • Lag. Servers under heavy load and such amount of players wasn't tested properly.
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Posted: March 28
Early Access Review
As a fan of turn-based strategy games, and a fan of Shadowrun tabletop since 1st edition, I was absolutely delighted when I heard about the Kickstarter for a turn-based strategy MMO designed in the world of Shadowrun.

A little background before I begin (skip past the line if you just want the review):

I have been a consistent member on their forums since donating to the Kickstarter. Through that I have found Cliffhanger to be a small independent studio, and true to their name at the start, asked for a very modest ammount for such an ambitious project. However, they got the funding to do it, and through a number of pitfalls (like losing their artist... like literally, disappeared!) and some setbacks in the initial development (realizing they needed a stronger game engine to do everything they wanted- and had to design a new one to accomodate!) they finally launched the Early Access Alpha. I have also consistently participated in this process since it launched.

The Alpha launched smooth, and for the most part each update has been tight and bug-free. When bugs have come up, they quickly take care of them. They care very much about the project, and are as passionate as the fans they're making the game for, and it shows in every update.

Now that they're about a month away from officially launching, I feel comfortable giving as complete a review as I can. I have to say I still look very forward to each and every update as it has gotten better and better! They have ALWAYS listened and responded to feedback, and extra development time was taken to make the game 'right' based on that feedback.

Shadowrun is a game set in our world's future. Magic has once again awakened, including dragons and creatures of myth, which both blend and clash regularly with Megacorporations and high-tech advancements like cyberware and AI's. Magic returning to the world was not a smooth process, and led to reshaping the landscape of politics, society, and even warfare. That's where you come in. As a shadowrunner, you exist in the shadows of those giants (politics, society, and warfare) to work for often unknown employers with even more ineffable agendas... Whatever pays the bills, right Chummer?

Character Creation is easy to grasp, You choose a gender and a race (Ork, Dwarf, Troll, Elf, or Human) each of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. You may select from a variety of backgrounds to help round out your character with other qualities as well, and help set a tone for how you want them to develop.

The list is ever-expanding with them adding to it all the time. Backgrounds examples are: Bouncer, Ex-Cop, Gutter Rat, Ganger, Spirit Talker (magic, remember), Engineer, Tribal Youth, Lucky, and even "Boring" if you don't want any of the other options (it has neither bonuses or penalties). And you'll have a place to put in your own text to expand on that and tell your character's unique story.

The most fun part of character creation is (of course) designing the character! You get to choose from a wide selection of fashions, gear, and hairstyles to build your character with. One of the best parts is THERE IS NO GENDER SEPERATION IN FASHION, giving you the widest selection to choose from! You want to make a male Ork in a mini-skirt? Go for it chummer, we don't judge! You don't want to be all girly-girl as a female Elf character? Put on a road-warrior stop sign top with some camo pants to go with your cigar and automatic rifle!

The next update before the official launch will also include a variety of skin tones to choose from as well!

You have a number of Skills to choose and build up, but you can only use two Skill-sets at a time during any given run (Pistols, Automatics, Shotguns, Conjuring, Spellcraft, Hacking, Rigging (drone combat), Blades, and Blunt Weapons). Find the combination that works best for you and build them up with the XP you earn, increasing the 'Skill Tree' system which opens up more options and manevuers for your character to use during combat. You can buy into as many Skill sets as you want, but be careful not to spread yourself too thin by doing so! Better to aim for a couple specialties, especially early on. There's a lot of really good, tough choices to be made there!

Your "Attributes" are represented by a Body Tree, and a Mind Tree that you can build up as well. Are you fast and limber, adept at dodging things, or big, tough, and built like a brick? Maybe a little bit of both? Are you knowledgeable about lockpicking, and data manipulation, or observant and quick-witted? Again, little bit of both? This should be completely nailed down in the next update, so I don't know the particulars, but we have tested a number of the systems that will be going into it. These Trees will help 'fine tune' your character with little bonuses to health or dodge, make you more adept at skills and feats you can perform (lockpicking, hacking, breaking objects, etc).

Gameplay is solid as a turn-based tactial game. The tutorial eases you into it, but it can get deadly quick as you progress further into the plot. Gangers, corporate security forces (as well-armed as any paramiliatary force), armored drones, cyber-security dogs, and spirit guardians all stand in the way of your goals, and armor only goes so far against a chainsaw-weilding ganger maniac, or a security captain with a flame thrower!

One thing. It's not 'open world' like a lot of MMO's. There are social hubs you gather in, and a map of the city that you travel through with various zoned instances, that open up more and more areas for you to explore as you progress in the game. It's easy to forget that though once you're in and playing.

The main story has mostly been hidden from us until launch, so I can't give an honest review to that. The only things we know for sure is a dragon went on a rampage, everyone's getting infected with some sort of insanity, the city's gone on lockdown, and if we want to survive we need to get a supply route going for one of our contacts, and there's a lone officer stuck in the middle of this without backup that needs our help (and can pay well enough).

Another BIG thing we've known since the Kickstarter, our combined actions will affect the world in a MAJOR way. Cliffhanger has teamed with Catalyst (the current producers of the tabletop game) to co-create this story. The combined actions of our characters will bring down one of the biggest Megacorporations in the world!!

Which one? Well that's for us to decide!

There will be OPTIONAL PvP in the game as well! They have already outlined a few modes for us. One is a run team (their characters) vs another team playing the role of NPC security forces or gangers. The other is a "Running Man" style of team vs team in a Sport style environment with leaderboards and such, and another is 'objective based' which pits two teams against an environment and an objective that doesn't mean they have to fight each other... just keep the other from it.

So if you're a fan of Shadowrun, you'll want in on the action and see what both Cliffhanger and Catalyst have in store for us!

If you don't know Shadowrun, but are a fan of tactical turn-based strategy games, this is definitely worth a look!

If you're a fan of interactive roleplaying with other players in a dystopian cyberpunk futureistic setting? Well it's still worth a look! I can already tell you from the forums there's the opportunity for a thriving roleplaying community in this game, and the Dev's are already working on possible things to encourage it (private 'hang out' areas for groups to talk away from the main social hubs, etc.)

Hope you enjoyed the review, and with any luck I'll see you in the shadows!

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Posted: March 14
Early Access Review

Shadow Run Chronicles: Boston Lockout came into early access Mar 31, 2014, and should have a full release on April 28th 2015. I believe they have a long way to go, but with that said let's get into exactly how i feel the game is now. To start out the game has its main gameplay elements and they work great. It contains a decent amount of customization and skill trees, but it still has a long way to come until i can say 100% buy this game. Along with the limited customization the story is very short and the missions can get very repetitive. This being said, everything i have said as negatives the devs have said they will fix or expanded upon. I really can’t wait to see what the devs can do for the full release.


  • Core Elements are all here
  • Fun combat
  • Regular Updates
  • Show tons of potential for the full release/future updates
  • Multiple races
  • Multiplayer


  • Needs more customization
  • Needs more missions
  • Can become repetitive
  • It's just not finished


Don't buy Shadow Run Chronicles: Boston Lockout unless you can be patient. It's not finished, but the updates that have come out up until now really show promise. The core gameplay is finished and is tons of fun. If you can be patient for the development process this is definitely something you should consider picking up.


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Posted: January 27
Early Access Review
Okay, if you're coming down here to read reviews to decide if you should jump into early access, then the answer is simple.


It's not that the game is bad, it's not *good* but it's early access, it's going through puberty right now. It'll grow out of some things and stubbornly refuse to change others. Eventually it'll be done.

But you're not going to gain any special insight by joining early. Personally, I would rather have spent the money on something else, but hey, this was my first early access, I was young and inexperienced.

I still have to smack the thumbs up button, because the game is progressing and it's decent, but like a pot of rice, ain't no point in taking a taste when it's still cooking.
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Posted: January 11
Early Access Review
First off, I'd like to say that I will *gladly update my review* if this game comes to fruition, however, after reading other reviews and experiencing this game myself before and after the last update, I'm extremely doubtful.

Going for a Q1 2015 release? We'll, we're in Q1, meaning the devs have less than 3 months to move this game into a release ready state.

What is missing? Umm, everything?

This game is in a state of "hey I put something together for you to *look* at" - this is not, imo, playable in it's current state.

Sure, you can "play" but there are no MMO elements. No player to player transactions, I've yet to even see another player outside of a multiplayer mission.

Right now, things are extremely clunky, extremely unfinished / unimplemented, and unless there's just massive updates that the devs have ALREADY DONE and have not released, there's just no way in hell this game is going to be ready for a Q1 2015 launch. Based on the commentary from the devs, it seems like we're pretty much getting things as they get completed, which means in reality, for this game to be ready for a launch in a state of actually being finished and a true 1.0 version, I'd say you're looking more at like, 2017, based on the frequency of updates and the fact that the game's already a year behind.

I'm a big time fan of SR, and was really excited about this game after SR Returns and Dragonfall.

The distinction needs to be made that this is not being made by the devs of the two games referenced above. Cliffhanger Productions has chosen their name appropriately, because right now they are hanging on a cliff, and I'm not sure how much longer their grip will last.
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Posted: March 6
Early Access Review
I wanted to wait for the release date before I write anything, and now that the game has one I guess it's time to write a commend... so why don't I recommend the game (at the state it is) ?

Well I don't know how you guys play ShadowRun, but for me the "legwork" is the most important part of the game, the "roleplaying", the interaction with other characters, the information gathering, connection establishing, alternate route finding... not the "dungeon crawling" and not the "fights" (or dice-orgies as I use to call them).

As I'm experiencing the game right now, it has no legwork at all, no attributes(!), an absurd skillsystem (i gotta skill pistols to pick locks? shotgun-skilling helps me use explosives? And whats up with the strange race-boni? There are no social-skills of any kind since you don't need them.) it's just not a roleplaying game.
(Skillsystem had a slight change since I wrote this, not enough to rewrite everything but I want to be fair so I add this, it's a little less absurd than it was before, as non-combat-skills have been moved to 2 new trees but still no social-skills or attributes)

So what is it? Think of it as XCom, but only the battles and even those are not as good as XComs or Xenonauts.
Yes there is kind of a hub in between the missions, but so far there is nothing important there. You can buy stuff, just like in the village in Diablo, just less roleplay than in the village in Diablo (yeah hard to believe I know).
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Posted: January 24
Early Access Review
Shadowrun Online has been in Early Access for a while and the game has changed quite a bit since it appeared on Steam. The December update really has started to put some meat on this bone, content-wise. Maps are a lot bigger and varied now, and Coop is a blast. There is some stuff to do outside the missions, quest givers, skill trees, etc. Visual character customization is really above what you'd expect. Still ways to go, mind, but you can see that the game is going in a good direction by now.

Obviously it's not done yet, but that feeling of playing a Shadowrun game is already there. If you're into the setting, want to see it grow, or just want to play a turn-based game with a friend, I recommend it.
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Posted: April 30
This game isn't bad, not bad at all. It's fun, actually. If you like the genre, you are about to have a good time.

Sadly, this game has a lot of unused unfulfilled potential. It could have had deeper tactics.

I bought this because it says "Shadowrun". And although it has cyberware and metas and magic and dragons, it lacks the flair, atmosphere and spirit of our most beloved cyberpunk version. Something that "Shadowrun Returns" and "Dragonfall" were all about.

Still, this is a lot of fun.
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Posted: May 10
Genre - MMO Turn Based Tactical Sci-Fantasy

I have played the other turn based Shadowrun games and had no idea what to expect with this one. When I first loaded it up and I realised it was an MMO I was very surprised to say the least. Thinking it just to be a standard RPG that allowed you to play some missions co-op.

I have played the game for about 8 hours over last two days (that should tell you something straight away) and I am really enjoying it. There is currently an active player base and you can do 'runs' with characters at all levels, this might mean you are a bit OP in early missions so I wouldn't recommend this if you like a challenge. However, if you can't get real people at a similar level you can always take the AI henchmen.

The game has you starting in a standard MMO town area with shops and npcs to talk to, and all the other human players milling around. It doesn't take long to get your first quests and make a team of willing volunteers or AI slaves. Each mission is a turn based combat affair. However, all your moves happen at the same time. So no waiting for one player to decide what to do. The weapons and abilities are as varied as in other Shadowrun games with e all the races to choose from. As you level up you get to make your character more unique with ability choices, although be careful here as there is currently no way to re-skill. You can also hack turrets and use abilities to loot secret areas, which is a nice touch.

I think this game is an innovative addition to the turn based combat genre and I hope other developers will learn from this model, and we will have a lot more co-op simultaneous turn based combat in the future. This would be a great addition to an X-Com or Jagged Alliance games. Hint, hint.
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Posted: January 26
Early Access Review
Alot of changes the last couple of updates. So much better than before, keep an eye on it, fingers crossed the devs will keep pushing it in the right direction!

Gameplay is much more interesting now, and there is a promise to get even better.
Visually the game looks better with the improved textures and effects.

What i'd like to see is more on the story side, and more customisation options.
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Posted: January 24
Early Access Review
Shadowrun Returns was missing the one feature I've always been looking for: Playing together with my buddies.

This together with all the customization options and the nice art style, I'm really looking forward to the release of Shadowrun Online.

(Playing as a pistolero dwarf in suit, ray ban glasses and converse, BÄM!).
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