WindForge is a side-scrolling block-building game where you explore hostile skies in an ever-changing Steampunk world. Everything you see can be created or destroyed, creating an RPG without barriers that rewards creative problem solving and improvisation.
User reviews: Mixed (384 reviews) - 69% of the 384 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Mar 11, 2014

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“Windforge gets to a very hard place to reach.”

“There isn't much time to take in the majestic beauty when your makeshift airship is under attack by a flying whale.”

“One of the best looking games at GDC in March.”
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About This Game

WindForge is a side-scrolling block-building game where you explore hostile skies in an ever-changing Steampunk world. Everything you see can be created or destroyed, creating an RPG without barriers that rewards creative problem solving and improvisation. Take off in fully customizable airships, and embark on a journey of discovery and survival that will take you to the heart of the world and beyond.


  • Epic story line and quests that drive gameplay without constricting freedom
  • The first game to include minable sky whales, and meat blocks
  • Large completely destructible procedural world with multiple environments
  • Contra-style action mixed with the creative fun of Terraria
  • Build and fly fully-functional airships
  • Over 1200 craftable items and counting
  • Easy-to-control, skill-based combat with 360-degree aiming


The modern way of life on Cordeus is reliant on refined Sky Whale oil. Everything from the machines used daily, to the food that is eaten, is ultimately dependent on the oil. The citizens of Cordeus are so hungry for oil that the once abundant population of Sky Whales is dwindling. At current rate, the noble species will face certain extinction in a few short years. To avoid falling back into the dark ages, civilization must find a new source of energy. It is said that an ancient people named the Aetherkin had exotic sources of energy. Energy more powerful than anything any human has ever seen. Unfortunately, research related to the Aetherkin is strictly forbidden by law. In an attempt to save humanity’s way of life, YOU have been secretly hired to uncover this ancient energy source.


  • Freedom & Creativity
  • Explore, create and destroy anything!
  • A Dynamic Procedural World
  • Steampunk Airships

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System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB graphics memory and Open GL 3 compatible GPU
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
56 of 62 people (90%) found this review helpful
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5.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 2, 2015
No, don't buy it. It isn't worth it.. It's buggy and unfinished.
They gave up. They will mostly never update the game because they "have bigger projects now".
They ran with the money and thats all.
I don't know why they got Green Light in the first place.
1 euro is enough for this game. Hell even free.
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32 of 36 people (89%) found this review helpful
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10.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 10, 2015
Great game, if only it didn't crash after a white screen with no errors. Not to mention that the developers completely abandoned it a year ago. I really liked this game... while it was playable for me.

Edit: I'm going to review the actual gameplay, Props to Mr. Cheese for pointing my flaws out.

The setting and the atmosphere are what make this game. Being able to build a sky fortress out of Balloons and Propellers make you feel awesome, not to mention the different layers of the world that make the game exciting.

What made the game not reccomended by me:
Me and others have had the white screen crash, that appears when you start the game every time, making it unplayable.

If you think it's worth the risk, pick up the game. If it works, you will not be disapointed.

EDIT # 2: Okay, so I got the game to work, it must have been an update that windows ran, the only time I'm genuinely happy that windows auto updated, really. I'm keeping the not reccomended because of that: it is NOT optimized well, the frame rate drops regularly, but the game is still good.
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65.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 3
TLDR: DO NOT GET THIS. The game is stupid hard near the end, physics are glitchy at best, and the devs gave up on the game. What more do you need to know?

I bought the game a couple years ago, it was fun for a while untill it became a massive grind. I would spend hours upgrading my ship just to go into the gas layer and get insta-killed by a squid. Half the times I would lucky enough to kill a squid or whale it would just fall out of the zone leaving me with no loot. The temples are easy enough if you can spam healing items to walk across the traps. The bosses at the end of each temple though are impossible to kill unless you are able to use the guns on your ship.

I left this game three weeks after purchase and waited for it to get better, since then, they have only updated it a couple times with a changelog you could fit on your phone screen.
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4.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 5, 2015
This game is a lot of fun. I do have issues getting a little motion sick with this game because the graphics are very small and move very fast. The movement is also a little odd. Overall, though, it is a lot of fun. It is easy to compare this to Terraria, but it really isn't like it. It is both a building game and has a story mode. It's pretty awesome. I definitely recommend it.
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47.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 15, 2015
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say...

I have a newfound respect for Windforge after writing my previous review a year ago. While I played it, it was a game that kept my occupied for several hours on end. The kind of game where I kiss my wife goodnight on a Friday and don't see her again until Monday morning!

It does have its faults, but those can be pretty much overshadowed by one very high point - it has atmosphere. You will not forget playing this game; it will be etched into your brain long after you put it down, a few months and dozens of games later.

The developer has abandoned it - well, gone on to work a real job and try to earn a living. I think that term "abandoned" gets tossed around way too much these days though. This isn't an online game so there's not really and maintenance to be done or constant server upkeep needed.

If you go back to the 1990's, you could technically argue that every game released for a console back then was "abandoned" since none of them ever received an update after release.

Windforge has that same feel. The game is complete and perfectly playable.

Even if every feature planned may not have been fully implemented (just a guess since I don't actually know the backstory behind the release of the game) everything that is in the game is playable and works fine.

It has a strong enough story to keep you moving along and a large and expansive open world to keep you wanting to explore further, build bigger and be stronger.

It has RPG elements like character stats, NPC quests, and even has a certain SNES type of style to it.

It has survival elements like crafting and cooking.

And it has originality - on the player's part.

Here's a true story that happened earlier today:

I crashed my starter ship into another ship in the higher atmosphere. They weren't trying to outright kill me, so I let it ride out for a while - our mangled wrecks hovering in mid-air. Then I looked it over and liked their ship a lot more than my own...

I grapple-hook my way above their balloons and pull out my drill. I pierce a hole through their roof, down to one balloon, then proceed to set it on fire with my drill. It goes up in flames, burning holes through their floor and dropping one crew member down to the darkness below.

Still no signs of aggression... I suppose the only crew member who realized my intentions was about 2 miles below, screaming his last breath!

Now, it gets interesting....

On attempt one, I drill out the other balloon and the other two crew members spot me and fire their shotgun and machine gun at me. They not only destroy the balloon the rest of the way, but hit one of the large furnaces (?) behind me, it goes up in a fireball and we all die horrible fiery deaths.

Attempt #2. I hold off on shooting out the other balloon and instead, swing down below to see if I can get a better angle to invade their ship. As I swing, their ship changes direction and the steel propeller sucks me in and I get processed into ground beef.

Attempt #3, I sit and wait. I see one of the crew start shooting at something and a second later a HUGE WHALE rams the side of the ship, kills two crew members, tears through a wall, destroys one balloon and blows up the same furnace as before.

Attempt #4. No signs of the whale. I drop down one deck and drill the crew member left off the deck to the bottomless abyss below. I open the hatch and see the crew on the other side start firing again... great, another whale! While their backs are turned, I commandeer the controls and drop the ship off screen.

We're now falling at terminal velocity with all the controls (and crew) at my mercy. The crew's being tossed around like rag doll, totally helpless.


We smash bottom first into a few trees and then bedrock. Splinters of wood spray everywhere and the 3 crew members left flatten like pancakes due to the impact.

I survive with 2 health and a badly damaged ship... but it's now MY SHIP! Mwuahahahah!!!

Anyway, it's events like those that make this game stand out from the sea of mediocrity on Steam. Pack a PBJ for lunch one day, skip Pizza Hut and do yourself a favor and buy this game instead! You'll get a lot more enjoyment out of it than a Pizza can provide!
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