Part fighter, part brawler and made from pure awesomeness, Lost Saga is an action-packed beat-em-up styled game that will take your skills and push them to their max! Switch from over 60 heroes on the fly, letting you create an endless amount of combos!
User reviews:
Mostly Positive (12 reviews) - 75% of the 12 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Mixed (551 reviews) - 58% of the 551 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Dec 8, 2013

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“Lost Saga is without a doubt one of the best fighting MMOs out there.”
4/5 – MMOHut

“Players who are more into brawlers will find this a satisfying game with lots of potential.”
8.4/10 – MMOSite

“The developers did a great job and I think that their constant updates and additions just make an already great game just that much better”
4/5 – MMODen

About This Game

Part fighter, part brawler and made from pure awesomeness, Lost Saga is an action-packed beat-em-up styled game that will take your skills and push them to their max! Switch from over 60 heroes on the fly, letting you create an endless amount of combos!

Game Modes
• Deathmatch – An 8 player free-for-all where you fight for the top spot!
• Team Match – A 4v4 styled Deathmatch mode where coordination counts.
• Prisoner – Hog-tie your enemies and free your allies in this team oriented mode.
• Champion – A classic 1v1 arcade-styled fighter!
• Power Stone – Protect your team’s stone, while destroying your enemy’s!
• Boss Raid – Transform into a massive boss and destroy all of your foes!
• Faction War – Opposing forces clash together! Which team will you side with?
• Faction Elite – The best teams from Faction War compete amongst each other!
• Crusade – Journey with your friend into an epic labyrinth of doom!
• Adventure – An evil claims the land, travel with your friends to rid the corruption! (Coming Soon).

Key Features:
Over 60 Unique Heroes
An ever-growing roster of Heroes that range from the legendary King Arthur, to the infamous Robin Hood, there's no telling which Heroes you'll choose to master first! Pick between melee, magical, or ranged heroes to duke it out with your friends and enemies!

Hero Switch Combos
Tired of being limited to one combo skillset? In Lost Saga, every Hero has their own skills and combos. Swap your Heroes in and out in mid combo, unleashing a dizzying amount of chain combos! What kind of combinations will you create?

Character Upgrades
Level up each of your characters and choose what each of their strengths will be! Create a lightning fast Kage Ninja or create a rampaging Barbarian, the choice is yours!

Mix and Match Gears
You are what you wear! Each character has four basic Gear (armor, helmet, weapon and trinket) that form their basic skill set. You aren't limited to those skills though, as you can equip gear from other Heroes, creating your own custom tailored Hero!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Pentium 4 - 1.5GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 5600 or equivalent class
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Pentium 4 - 2.0GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 6600 or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
Customer reviews
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Mostly Positive (12 reviews)
Mixed (551 reviews)
Recently Posted
3.9 hrs
Posted: August 22
I been playing for years i find it to be fun yet sad because all of the kids who ruin it with there raging and complaining its a pay to win game just deal with it. Lol. But its cool.
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0.8 hrs
Posted: August 17
This game should be called "Throw your wallet at your screen please" simulator.
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281.7 hrs
Posted: August 17
servers are ♥♥♥♥, good game tho when there aint lotsa lag
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1.4 hrs
Posted: August 14
-Obnoxious community
-Horrible controls
-MAJOR class imbalances
-More P2W than your average crappy Korean mmo
-Unpolished, feels like it's in pre-alpha

Don't bother with it, there are MUCH better games on the market right now.

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0.8 hrs
Posted: August 13
I had such high hopes for this game prior to its Steam launch, but due to the fact that it is laggy like my sack of ♥♥♥♥, this game is just UNPLAYABLE. I live in NA and the classes are just overpowered and one shot everything. This game is definitely not worth your time and money in in-game transactions. This is honestly why my brother committed suicide. He just got so depressed over this game's implayablilty, that he just went off the deep end if you know what I mean. Thanks for reading.
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983.1 hrs
Posted: July 29
Really good game! People say its not rlly that good since its Pay 2 Win but it really isnt! Take it from the guy who has played practicly 1000 hours playing this wonderful game. It's not Pay 2 Win because the only real thing you need would be skills and technique and once you mastered that, your can master anything

But eh its just my opinion and its your choice to play its a solid 9.5/10 in my book
(That little .5 is the community, the communtiy is a bit...... off)
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16.2 hrs
Posted: July 27
For those who love anime and pvp, this game will get you for days!
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0.2 hrs
Posted: July 27
I played Lost Saga NA for over 5 years, with over 8,000 hours invested into it via another gaming software. I've played it through two different host swaps, and as time continued on, one thing remained true the entire way: the game gets MUCH worse over time.

Now, is Lost Saga really a bad game when looked at as JUST a game, meaning looking at nothing but how the game plays, the mechanics, the fighting styles, the attack systems, the utilities, and all that? No, Lost Saga is not a bad game in that regard. Actually, it's an extremely good game. It's a game that bites off of the fight systems within various other games, the most apparent one being Super Smash Bros. Including all of that, it has some extremely unique features as well, with the main selling point of the game being one: the ability to swap between mercenaries in-game. Not only that, but the customization of the game is pretty fantastic as well. You're able to use a piece of equipment bred from one character and place it onto a completely different character, and use it the same way you would the original character it came from. Really, that is EXTREMELY unique, and would make for such an incredible game if handled correctly.

That's exactly where the problems with this game come in. It wasn't handled correctly, not even slightly.

This game was created to release specific equipment, for cash purchase only, that's SO powerful that it makes pretty much everything else not even worth using. That way, you're left to choose one of two choices: spend the money to obtain these items so you can continue to play the game normally, or spend no money and lose every single game you play, to the point of not even wanting to play any longer. In addition to that, these sales of incredibly overpowered equipment were done EXTREMELY often (usually every 1-2 months) just for the sake of continuing cash flow for the company running the game. There was no other reason, it was just simply for money.
I might as well add onto this: these equipment releases were also TIMED releases, meaning that if you didn't buy them within two weeks, you couldn't obtain the item other than by other extremely (and I mean EXTREMELY) expensive means. So, instead of just a poorly-crafted pay2win system, you also have to deal with the pressure of buying items within 2 weeks.

You see, metagame (aka meta) exists in virtually every online game out there. Perfect balance among multiple different classes isn't achievable in any game, and I understand that 100%. However, perfect meta usually exists among a marginal difference in base power, one that's significant but not futile in defeating, and can be defeated with a significantly larger amount of skill. In a game with perfect meta, the weakest character can beat the strongest character easily if the user of the weakest character has a noticeably larger amount of skill. In Lost Saga, that's not the case... not even slightly. The greatest player in the entire server can be using the character he's the very best with, but still get absolutely destroyed without even a slight hint of a second chance by a meta player who's spent lots of money and has extremely high stats. This may sound a bit shocking/unbelievable, but not only is it the 100% truth, it's also something that's not very surprising and happens quite often within the game.

This extremely drastic, game-ruining problem that exists within Lost Saga is like the tree that creates all of the branches of problems within the game. The lack of balance between the EXTREMELY large, vast amount of equipment within the game causes there to be absolutely NO diversity among playstyles from player to player. You will enter 4v4 games, and meet 7 other players all using the exact same things; from the characters themselves, to the equipment those characters use, to the equipment they character-swap to use. The lack of diversity among playstyles causes distress to the players who cannot afford to spend all of the money required to keep up with the meta, causing the community of free/low-cash players (which is the thick majority) to become upset with how the game is played. This results in toxicity spread throughout that part of the community, which results in toxicity spread throughout the high-cash playerbase, which ultimately results in just a very toxic community overall (which is exactly what Lost Saga is composed of). You will find it extremely hard, if not completely impossible, to play a single game without either having a toxic player act toxic towards you, or feel the need to act toxic yourself. Either way, toxicity is created and spread.

That is the main problem that exists within Lost Saga, but it isn't the only one. Allow me to spawn a list of other, less important, problems that exist within the game:
1. Two other problems with the community: an entire 32-member guild famous for directly attacking other players' internet connections just to win games in tournaments, and well-known foreign players who play games with NA natives (which, in-result, ruins the games due to how connection-sensitive the game is), with both of these facts continuing to reign true without any punishment towards the players mentioned.

2. Broken game servers. The servers are extremely cheap, and it's nigh impossible to play games with other NA native players that don't live within about 500 miles of you (sometimes less). And even with solid connections and not much distance between you and the other players, the servers still have a natural .75-second delay that's absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to avoid, no matter the circumstances (even the game's moderators lag).

3. It's being ran by a very incompetent company. You can have a very important issue, such as your account being hacked, send in a ticket to support, and receive NO response to it at ALL. And heck, even if you DO get a response, it usually will take 10-14 days for it to come. What's worse: you have global moderators, who work for the actual company and not in-game, logging into the game and playing games with the players, and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help them; just directing them to the broken support system that ignores your request tickets.

Did I name every problem in the game? No, I didn't. And I admit I didn't. I'm just tired of talking about this game, and that's it. I think I've done more than enough to make you understand how bad it is, and why you should never play it.

Quick disclaimer before I end:
This review had absolutely ZERO intent to come off as complaining/crying/etc. It may have to some, yes, but it wasn't. Truth is, I've always been a very high-ranking player. As I said above, I have over 8,000 hours invested into the game, over the course of over 5 years (started May 2011). I've been a very well-known, high-ranking player throughout all 3 hosts that this game has been run by, up there with the very best the entire time. I was a long-time meta slave, who spent just around $3,500 on the game throughout all of these years. And, despite all of that, I still say what I say in this review. And no, it wasn't that I just suddenly burned out, and became upset like all of the non-cash players. I do have some regret behind playing/spending as much as I did... but, I have FAR bigger regrets in life, and this one isn't even CLOSE to being the biggest. I quit the game in the same position I had been in for the past 5 years: up there with the best of them. I say everything I said in this review because it's the 100% truth, and I took the time to say it because I know I have some credibility and/or "qualification" (if that's what you want to call it) to say these things. They're the truth, and the truth needs to be told. That's all there is to it; there's no complaining involved here at ALL, only the 100% factual truth.

Thank you for reading all of this, and I hope I was able to help.

- Alne/Cannibal, NA Lost Saga.

Final game rating: 2.7/10
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0.5 hrs
Posted: July 23
Gud gaem
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Twenty-Fifth Chanx
644.6 hrs
Posted: June 29
I'm a koreaboo
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281.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 17
servers are ♥♥♥♥, good game tho when there aint lotsa lag
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2.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 28, 2014
First of all, it's important to note a few things:
There are 20+ downvotes from people OUTSIDE the U.S, simply because they cannot play NA Lost Saga, despite there being EU Lost Saga, IN, Korean, and even South American. The reason for the block is lag issues, this being a fighting game, lag from people across the globe will break gameplay.

Secondly, if you see people who write reviews and only appear to have a few minutes of gameplay (myself and others), it's because we are veterans who have played the game long before steam, and due to technical issues cannot merge existing accounts with steam.

Anyway, this is a great game, taking fighters for KoF, BlazBlue, and from Asian manga series. You have the capability to switch fighters at any time, equip gears found from other fighters onto your own for skill customization, which thus creates endless combo possibilities (sometimes a bit too much). There's PvP, PvE, Plazas, and HQ's, where you can invite friends in all cases. There's an in game market system akin to Steam's own, where you can buy other people's gears and sell your own, (even comes with taxes!).

Just, just try it.
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6.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2014
Finally the day has come after many many years Lost Saga NA is finally on STEAM!!!! I've played this well over 5k hours in the past 5 years and this is my most favorite game of all. I don't know why but it just is.

The graphics are very low key and good, even on my r7 250 im hitting 125fps on max settings. And even before I got a gaming computer this game was able to run an intergrated graphics card around 65 fps. Note: frame rates do drop at random moments in the game.

The community gaming. There is a giant gap of players who A) Played for years. B)Recently started playing. The difference is huge and growing. Admittedly at first this game isn't the most fun as I was once a newbie. But after time you just get good. You'll realize different stragies to play and win. Some will say it's a PAY2WIN but it isn't. Since the major client update on September 30, 2014 that has been gone. When you start the game you will automatically get a select few of basic, but pretty sweet perm heroes. In lost saga we have what is called "Skill level" It arranges your matches to only play people within a certain range of your skill level. With Cadet being the lowest skill level and Admiral being the highest. Everyone has a different style of playing to tailor to their liking. Say you want to just spam/camp base, get a mage, like pressuring and fighting up close? Get a melee hero. Want a hero with a gun, get a ranged hero. Want one of those special mixed hero, get a special hero. Want to be a complete ♥♥♥, get a cyborg<<<< Everyone will complain about the hero you use so just ignore them. Also anyone can get very easily angered in game.


ONLY THING I DONT LIKE: The community itself varies. People can be nice but often idiots or just want to fight and don't care for talking.
Just like Dota there are people from other regions that ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t this game. Lag plays a very prevaliant part of this game. Often times hits are either not registered or delayed when hitting a lagger.They are called Indos(indonesian) Which in my opinion is the only thing that ruins the game

There are 8 different game modes but you'll often find these: TDM, PRISONER (ONE LIFE PER ROUND), ADVENTURE MDOE, DAILY MODE, AND POWER STONE. Mostly you'll find farm rooms where you just chill. There are passive things you can do like fish in a plaza or go relicing for items(in game currency or gear)

Gears of this game: As with any hero you can have up to 4 epic or rare gears in the following order, weapon, armor, helmet, and trinket. The weapon is only epic and only for that type of hero. Say if you have a cowboy, it can only use an epic cowboy weapon. The armor, helmet, and trinket can be any rare or epic gears. Rare gears are not a part of a certain hero released already. Epic gears are the special gears of a hero, but do the same thing, the only differnce is that you are able to add stat points. Medals also add stat points, you are able to get up to 6 medal slots.

Overall Game: 8/10 Community iffy, Gameplay fun as hell

Overall Game: 9/10 Only game like it's on kind. If there honestly were another game built just like this one I would go try it out. But for the past years nothing has been like it. It maybe the reason why I like it so much.
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Not Recommended
0.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 30, 2015

My review is only facts. I admit ignorance when confronted so instead of disliking my review and running off why not start an argument?

- Bad community
- Pay to win
- No support team
- No balance
- No skill is required to be good
- To many bugs
The morons who give this game a positive review are idiots like me who spent over thousands of dollars into this game. Now before you click the funny button let me explain why.

1. You must pay for the simplest of features. You cannot have a female avatar without paying real money. You cannot keep playing without paying real money. (No matter what anybody tells you this is factual. This has actually happened to me three times. Please correct me if they've fixed this in the comments.)

2. They're plenty of events that may give you pretty cool gear but it's nothing compared to what they have in the shop. Gears that will switch locations with players across from the map. So all you have to do is jump off the edge and use the gear. Z8Games is smart doing this because the competitive players will patiently wait until the next week or so they release a gear to counter the previous. Thus making a endless cycle of addiction and paying to win. Another thing you will notice as a new player is that you can pick up gears that opponents drop. If it's a gear that somebody bought they will whine and complain in the chat about how much money it costed them for that one gear. What they tell you isn't a lie.

People giving this game a positive review are fine with this aspect. (Which is why they're so many.)
Balance is another problem this game has that will never be fixed. This is impossible because of ways around the skill rank system and the amount of over powered gears that have already been given to players.

1. Players are able to repeatedly join rooms and act as a noob getting damaged by enviromental hazards and jumping off the edge. When the game detects this it lowers a players skill level. This allows them to join rooms that new players have created.

This is the one thing aside from the pay to win that could somewhat make the game better if it was fixed.
Gameplay is horrible.

All you'll be doing as a free player is PVP because the PVE is nearly impossible to beat. Also expect to just open hero scrolls and gear chests.
So many ♥♥♥♥ing errors.

When you try to delete anything it tells you to type a confirmation code. When you type it in it states that you're the one incorrect when it's literally impossible to decipher the text thats flying off the edge of the panel you read it on.
This game in the past have had worse connection problems so I'm going to mildly criticize it on that.

1. Instead of blocking a foreign ip address (don't ask me how it works, Korean Lost Saga managed to do it) if you're locale isn't set right you can't play the game.

2. People with great connection are getting cannot operate.
This game takes no skill to play.

To win in this game all you have to do is buy a premium hero and literally I MEAN LITERALLY throw your head back and forth on your keyboard.
Hackers still exist, fishing gives you ♥♥♥♥, no support team, bad community and the game has little to no features.
Money spent: 2600$ +

There is nothing good about this game and it took me six years to realize it. How long will it take you?
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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 8, 2015
To be brutally honest here, I know why many people gave this game a bad review. Although, in general, I wouldn't necessarily listen to what most people said about the bad reviews. Although a fair portion of it might be true, it's more-or-less extremely exaggerated, and for most of the given part, is taken with a little pinch of salt. Is this game "Pay to Win?". I can't lie here and say no, but saying yes would be just as much of a lie. You can easily play this game without spending a single dime and actually be able to compete with other players. For me, I have 56-58 permanent characters (none are under 15$), and I would say I paid for less than 5-10 of them. We're at the point where complaining about a game like this being "pay to win" isn't actually a legitimate argument.

There are tons (when I say tons, I mean tons) of events that give away free crap all the time. Most of them don't really even require effort, it's just that people don't bother doing them. At higher ranks, you can argue that this game is competitive to a level that it's utterly boring, but there are ways to go around that. Do you need to play with the highest ranked players? Hell no, grab a friend and do a 1v1, and play for freaking fun. My main concern is that everyone is fanatic over winning that they've become corrupted, psychologically insane and some may even be lunatics. But it's easy enough to avoid these kinds of players: every single damn game has these guys. There's a block button you know.

To address concerns that other people have been complaining about, I first must put this out for the public to realize: THIS VERSION IS MADE FOR THE NORTH AMERICAN SERVERS. DO NOT POST BAD REVIEWS IF YOU CAN'T ACCESS THE GAME BECAUSE YOU LIVE SOMEWHERE OFF THE COAST OF BRASIL OR INDONESIA. I swear, half the bad reviews were just foreign people unable to access this game's version. Yes, lag can also be a slight issue, but if you live on the Eastern coast of North America you should be fine. Only some people experience lag from the West coast. As for bugs/issues, this game does have quite a few, but they're nothing game-changing at all. I mean, slight text bugs? Unreleased styles? Unintended prizes? If you're going to complain about SUCH minor issues, don't even bother to play video games in the first place. Period. Go grab a book if you get that startled over such little things. Most bugs aren't big, but it may look like an issue, considering this game has quite a few.

Although the purpose of this post was to tackle the certain complaints, if I were to conclude, I would say it's a great fighting game. Whenever I'm bored of playing shooters, action games, MOBAs or whatever it may be, I often find myself having a few matches on this game. Huge variety, uncomparable customization options, various modes and styles: it has all that's on my hit-list. Although it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you're into cartoony/animated (or anime) inspired visuals, along with a huge variety and great action, then this game would be for you.
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Posted: November 28, 2014
I've been with this game since it launched into the stages of Open Beta Testing with OGP, so around 5 years now. And over that time, I've watched the game evolve and flourish. Yes, there's been some missteps, but we're here, and the game is at it's best, the best it's been in a long time.

For starters, our current hosts, Z8Games, have given players the most stuff our of all three publishers (OGPlanet and WeMadeUSA being the other two). Z8Games regularly gives out chances to get style packages (let's you completely style out a hero regardless of style level restrictions. It also let's you choose to have the female gender). We also just today had a perm hero scroll in the attendance calendar, which gives a player a random permanent hero!

We also had a large game changing update recently that made the game a lot more newbie friendly. the first quest you do now gives you a scroll that lets you choose a permanenet hero of CHOICE out of a selection of heroes. Master modes of dungeons ALSO now give perm hero scrolls as drops, which means even more chances at free permanent heroes!

Now, onto the part I'm sure you're wondering about. Is the game pay2win? With the current state of the game, I can honestly say it is not. With all the free stuff being given, a free player can get a lot of permanent stuff, as well as GOOD permanent stuff. I myself have gotten 18 free permanent heroes, and then paid for one (a premium, only available with cash). Now, while premiums and rares might only be available through cash, that doesn't make the game pay2win. Some of them are outright bad, and some of the better ones have a free hero that's as good as that rare or premium hero, so you can still compete.

All that said, I give this game my full seal of approval. I say give the game a shot. If you don't like it, chances are it just wasn't meant for you. After all, not all fighting games appeal to everyone. However, be considerate of others if you review the game. Even if you didn't enjoy it, others might as well.
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417.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 8, 2014
Took a guys clothes off before bashing his head in with my giant hammer

11/10 would bash again

You can finally be a storm-trooper who doesn't miss!

11/10 star wars reference ayyy lmao

The game is pretty alright in my books.
The game has a cash shop, a cash shop that lets you buy any hero, for a permanent amount of time (I'll expand on this later), the cash shop also allows you to buy in-game boosts for upping your experience and in-game cash rewards, you can use your dosh to buy lots of in-game money, which in turn allows you to browse the market of sealed gears, and cherry pick exactly what pieces you want, it also allows you to buy perm. gear chests (much cheaper then cherry picking, but, its a lottery system, you get what you get).

The reason I say that real dosh allows for permanent characters, is because normally, you buy characters with the normal in-game cash for 2 hour, to 10 hour increments, and can stack hours onto eachother as much as you like. Same with items, you can buy items themselves in the normal shop, for 1+ day increments, tho, you can also use in-game cash, and a lot of it too, to buy permanent gear chests, and permanent <Insert clothing item here> chests. The normal chests have low chances of yeilding a permanent item.

Speaking of gear chests, don't worry too much about obtaining these, as you'll obtain plenty of them, by just playing the game, and logging in all the time! Seriously, every day, of every month, has a log-in reward, and if you log-in consecutively, you get rewards too! The consecutive log-in rewards reset at the start of a new month.
Some of these log-in rewards can be gear chests, permanent gear chests, legendary chests, permanent legendary chests, oh, and my personal favorite, "+10 permanent gear chests/permanent legendary chests" which give you a permanent gear, with "+10" stats! And hey, the gears you don't like, save them up for use with a moderately cheap "gear mixer", where you plop in three gears of any kind, and get one new gear back!. Or you can use a "parts mixer", where you plop in three of the same kind of gear, and get a new gear back of the same kind of gear! Over the time you play this game, you can rack up some pretty sweet gear!

Combat is pretty simple in the game, controls only consist of your arrow keys for movement, and your "asd" keys; A for jumping, S for defending/blocking, and D for attacking, you use different combos of these keys pressed together to trigger skills. Now, as I've just said that the key to attack is the D key, you'll find a lot of needing to press the D key.

You'll find that people complain a lot about spamming, when the only way to attack when your skills are recharging, is with the D key, there is no hidden attack with F, so complaining about spamming is just why.

Remember, just because it has a cash shop, doesn't make it P2W. If that cash shop sold skill (Better D, and S smashing skills), then it'd be P2W.

I know of many time's where the "Great Paladin" and his mighty hammer, were all it took, to smash a premium character into the ground (He's obtainable with the free permanent hero scroll you get after playing for a while). Heck, even the easy to obtain knight can kick some serious ♥♥♥, great defense, great speed, and a good skillset, including a passive skill, in reality, all the basic heroes in the game, can kick all the other hero's asses around. Again, the game isn't really P2W, it just has a cash shop that allows purchasing basically everything in the game if you are up for shortcutting ♥♥♥♥.

My main concern, would be, fixing the pricing of basically everything in the game. The heroes, for in-game currency, that is, seems just a tad bit pricy. And with real life dosh, buying one character, permanently, is about $15. They should really introduce, at most, $10 dollars or so, for characters that you've unlocked by leveling up, and $15 for characters you still need to level up to unlock. but hey, that's on them.

Oh, a really fun mode to play, is champion mode, essentially, 1v1 me bruh, where two fighters duke it out, till one loses, the winner stays in the ring, while the next challenger steps up, really fun!

A lot of players giving this game negative reviews, have barely any hours into it, note, that they probably just assumed "CASH STORE, THE WORD PREMIUM IS BEING USED? I HAVE TO PAY TO "WIN" THE GAME AHHHGGGH BAD REVIEWS". Another thing to note, this steam version is for 'Murica and Canada for the most part, seeing how the steam editions title, includes North America in its god danged title.

Oh hey, speaking of it not being P2W. You get a permanent hero scroll near the beginning that lets you pick from 13 heroes, a second one later on that lets you pick from 20+ heroes, and then one when you reach level MSG 1, you get a "Permenent Hero Package" which lets you pick any non-rare, non-premium character from the game, and any hair, hair color, skin color, facial expression, and, yes, some sexy underwear.

OH hey, want proof of all the free stuff you get?
I've thought of it, and added some screenshot links below!
-permanent scrolls just for playing:
-lots of permanent gears, from free perm. gear chests:
-[Most Recent Screenshot] All of my perm. heroes were free, and all the gear they have equipped are permanent gears I've gotten for free!!:


My overall rating for the game, and all its parts, is:

7/10. Could be improved, could be much worse.

+NOT P2W (You can use real dosh, but real dosh isn't required to be victorious)
+Defi. NOT P2W (Money doesn't magically make you stronger, or more skilled, then your opponents)
+Easy combat
+Lots of free stuff thrown at your face over time
+Lots of quick fun
+Champion mode is an especially fun side-view 1v1 standard fighting style game-mode
+Basic heroes can hold their own when up against later unlocked characters, and even against 'premium' characters, and 'rare' characters.
+Ability to use your own heroes can determine the outcome of a skirmish, instead of just the heroes
+++++You get four permenant heroes, just for playing the game for a while.

-Overly expensive items, both in-game currency-wise, and IRL dosh-wise
-the ability to buy basically everything in the game, for IRL dosh, allowing hella shortcuts, tho, SHORTCUTS DON'T MEAN YOU PLAY WELL, so ayyy lmao.

Ayyyy thanks for reading if ya did. This is basically my thoughts with the game so far, and I'll probably be putting in many more hours into it. I'll update it every couple of patches to the game, depending on any improvements to the cash store, or any devolvements to the game.

Keep in mind, my high hour count, compared to a lot of people who have bad reviews of the game, but barely have put any hours into it!

(On top of whatever my current hour total is on steam, prior to this, I've put in roughly 250+ hours into it, before hitting steam)
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Not Recommended
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Posted: September 12, 2015
Take an online-gaming community and mix it together with the balancing and fairness of a Korean game, throw in some poor server connectivity and a pinch of salt and you've got Lost Saga. Lost Saga is a 3-D Action Fighter with a small, dying community of passive-agressive 10 year olds, salty 30 year old basement dwellers and a mixed in foreigner demographic of angry South Americans. The game is absolutely pay-to-win and the servers run like a dying turtle suffering anal distension due to having too many raisins shoved up it's ♥♥♥ by these said 10 year olds. The community is atrocious, so don't expect any friendliness if you're new to the game and get ready to brush up on your "one-combo per person" textbooks because unless you can figure out some cheap new way of ♥♥♥♥ing other players with the same old "victory-stick" then you best prepare yourself for the anal-ravaging of a life time. This game is ruthless on any form of gamer, whether you play casual or play to win, and unless you're the competetive, masochistic type that loves ramming their head against a wall till the smallest shred of self accomplishment comes trickling out of that blood-soaked, rotten head of cabbage you call a face, then I suggest you try Leage of Legends. You might find yourself actually cracking the wall.
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Posted: November 25, 2014
I have over 1.5k hours in this game since its beta release. It has grown to have an incredibly diverse set of things to do and fight with.

But you won't see much diversity in fighting if you play long enough and start fighting people who have played a long time like me, or pay cash to get the exact gears they want.

To start, Lost Saga works like a fighting game, but you can choose from over 90 characters, each with 4 different base gears.
Helmet, Armor, Trinket, and Weapon. Each one of these has an "epic" version that you can put on another mercenary, except for the weapon. When you have 0 health, instead of being killed from being hit, you drop gears until your naked, and then die from a final punch.

This is unique to Lost Saga, and while it can be AMAZING, you will run into people who just abuse 1 or 2 things from 1 or 2 mercenaries. So while I recommend this game, expect to fight some ♥♥♥♥♥.
EDIT: Also, with the current way the servers are being managed, there are a ton of people who lag. Lagging in a fighting game is bad, mmk?
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Posted: December 5, 2014
Before I go into the specifics I'm just going to say this flat out: The game is ♥♥♥, no question about it.

Here's the thing, I've played this game since OGP; even beta'd it with my friend before it even came out. I spent literally years lying to myself about how great the game was. I just quit recently because after all this time I got fed up with it.

Here's why:

1. Pay to win: You must throw your wallet at the screen to be even competitive in this game. While I played, my main was the Dark Shaman and it was a low tier character I completely dominated with. Main reason is that I had to buy certain gears to keep him viable as the game devolved into a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ basicly money only game. The main people I see voting for this game are most likely people fine with this aspect and have already spent a ton of money. To them, there's no point in quitting since they've already invested a large amount of funds in this product.

2. There's no point in the characters this game showcases. You could easily just make an avatar and outfit him or her with whatever style or gameplay you choose. You want a magic character, give him a staff, you want a ninja, pick the kunai, and etc. If they had made the game to where you couldn't interchange different character gear and only able to use gear you bought, the game would be perfectly fine. But guess what, you can; making the point of having such characters moot and pointless.

3. The game seems to force you to pvp. Reasons:
a. Lags like hell during crusade and other pve modes.
b. exp gain is slow compared to playing with someone for a couple of hours.
c. The difficulty in Adventure mode is unbalanced to where the only way you get a somewhat adequate exp gain is to do Master with a bunch of people.
d. Party with people at your own risk. If you don't play with friends, you may get leeches that hang back while you fight everything. It's just not worth it in the greater scheme of things.

4. If you aren't a veteran, you're pretty much screwed. The main reason is that certain gears people own showcase an incredibly OP ability that's either hard to dodge or difficult to counter. You're also faced with people with stats in the 100s in which you can only beat by some obscure tactic that involves a gear you missed out on. The thing is, if they hadn't dragged their feet on getting this game to steam, this problem probably wouldn't be that bad. Coupled with the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ room rank finding system, new players would run before they sat around long enough to dig their heels into the experience and just roll with it.

5. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ community. 9 times out of 10 you will come across a shitbird that has his ego so far up his ♥♥♥ that he believes he can beat anyone and raises a complete ruckus wherever he goes. How do I know this? I was at one point said shitbird with an ego to match it. But at least I wasn't all talk like so many others. I could back up whatever I said with force. I was however, helpful and nice to newer players and took it easy. The fact still remains though, that there are people like me and people much worse than me.

6. Too many farm rooms. To get past the slowpacedness of this game, even the veterans farm. I never took part in it as I preferred to suck it up and do crusade or fight people. About 90% of the rooms you'll see in the queue are farm rooms. Anyone that states otherwise is full of crap. Even the people that have put more time into leveling their characters than I, farm their asses off to do so. In that sense, there's not really much accomplishment.

7. Slow leveling. One actually has to fight at least 8 hours out of a day and win the majority of his matches in a large room to make headway once you get past lvl 30. If you don't want to do this, you can sade or adventure with possibly unreliable people or you can just fish. This is the slowest leveling method of all.

8. Premium characters: Iori, Kyo, Mai, and Project K are probably the characters that you'll encounter most when playing other people including the veterans. Along with Staff Master and Destroyer, all 6 of these characters make the game even more pay 2 win. You can literally, I mean literally throw your face in the keyboard and win these characters. Which once again, makes the game even more pay2win since 4 are premium and 2 you can buy to bypass the rank restriction.

9. The events are crap. Sure, you get certain things to sort of catch to those that have been playing forever, but these events are far in between the instances where they update the shop with new gear everyone runs out to buy.

All in all, I put myself through a lot with this game. I had a total of about 60+ characters and 200-300+ pieces of gear in this game. I survived the transfer when OGP didn't give us our crap and bought, all of my crap back again. I'm telling you this from experience. This is former Dark Shaman master DarkShamanTazuna/Ace~Of~Bunnies telling you that, if you want to save a few bucks to play something better and not as p2w, run as fast as you freaking can because you will be left with nothing but an empty feeling and an empty wallet. Hell, I'd suggest LoL or Dota2 over this mess. RUN! You can't even call this review biased because I spent an incredible amount of time in this game and almost ruined my marriage over this. I had that amount of stuff in OGP and in Z8. If anything, I'd say I was being super objective. The fact that this was allowed on Steam is rather appalling if anything else. The only people that gave it a thumbs up were majority veterans that have played before it came here. Steam is a home to me and with this release, it feels like my home was violated by this hobo.

If there was anything I had to say that was good about this game, it would be that if you are able to make friends cherish them and play with them as much as you can or that they'll be available for. I made some extremely good friends while I played and I do miss them. However, I have no intention of returning anytime soon.
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