Rogue's Tale is a single player turn-based dungeon crawling game. The game takes place in a place called Frostmourn Keep and its underlying dungeons located in the World's End Mountains. The goal is to overthrow the current king of the Frostmourn Keep and become the new king.
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Release Date: Mar 28, 2014
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July 21

Version 1.11

Including a bunch of new features:

- Added secret rooms and new custom levels.
- Added new elemental creatures and mosters.
- Improved some of the less used talents.
- Enabled Linux version on Steam.

Secret rooms can now be present on any level but they are still rare enough to not be worth actively searhing for. Instead, it may be worth to try and get one of the automatic search effects to find them. There's also 20 new custom level templates with one or more secret rooms in them.

Elementals are creatures that are completely immune to the damage and effects of their own element (e.g. fire) and they have an aura that damages all other adjacent creatures.

Steady Shot and Silent Cast have been somewhat weak talent choices in the past and they have been buffed slightly. Steady Shot can now be used with Silent Move to do double damage while hidden. Silent Cast now also teaches Clearcasting, which is a passive skill that gives the caster a chance to cast spells without using energy.

The Linux version should now be available on Steam. It still has some issues with all the various distros available and it may require some tinkering to make it work. If you are not sure how to install the required 32 bit libraries on your Linux distro then you should try the demo version on the site before buying this game.

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April 30

Version 1.10

Including three new features:

- Improved graphics performance.
- Improved quality of life.
- Partial Linux support.

Improved graphics performance was a side effect of trying to make this thing work on Linux. Some of the graphics bottlenecks were not apparent when the game was played on Windows, but when they were fixed for Linux, they also improved performance on Windows.

Improved quality of life through making enchanting less grindy had been on my to-do list for quite some time but it took few emails to finally nudge it forward. What this means is that the Wizard's Guild now gives the player three choices to choose from when enchanting items making it much easier to experiment with different enchants.

Partial Linux support is slightly less than what I would've wanted to achieve but it will have to do for now. What it means is that if you happen to have Steam installed on Linux, Rogue's Tale in your library and some skills to determine which 32 bit libraries (if any) are missing and install them as needed, you can make it work on Linux.

Most of the required libraries should be present when you have Steam running, but since I have only tested it in less than ten different distro/version combinations out of bazillion and almost all of them required some tweaking either through enabling opengl pipeline in the launcher or installing missing libraries, I won't be signing this off as having full Linux support.

Since there is no full Linux support there won't be any standalone versions available for Linux (nor a mention on the store page that it exists). Personally I use 32 & 64 bit Debians and they're the only ones I have any knowledge of and other distros won't get much help from me.

Demo version is available on the Epixx website and if you can make it work on your Linux distro and version then the Steam version works also.

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About This Game

Rogue's Tale is a single player turn-based dungeon crawling game.

The game takes place in a place called Frostmourn Keep and its underlying dungeons located in the World's End Mountains. The goal is to overthrow the current king of the Frostmourn Keep and become the new king.

  • Classless character building where you can be the kind of rogue you want.
  • Seemingly unfair, untimely and unforgiving deaths which are also permanent.
  • Ways to counter these deaths by learning the game mechanics.
  • Random dungeons and encounters.
  • 24 talents to build your character with.
  • 30 spells to build your character even further.
  • 60 heritages that make your next character stronger.
  • 30 challenges to complete once you get the hang of the game.

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 2GHz Intel or AMD
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 9600 or similar ATI/AMD card
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • OS: Debian 7+/Ubuntu 12+
    • Processor: 2GHz Intel or AMD
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 9600 or similar ATI/AMD card
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Requires 32 bit libraries and properly set up xrender or opengl. Older distros do not seem to have xrender support and they must add -opengl parameter in the launcher's expert settings located in the settings tab (start the launcher, click settings tab, type -opengl in the expert settings field).
Helpful customer reviews
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1.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 14
tl;dr: Get one of the games listed below instead, unless you know what you do when you buy a "real Rogue" game - endless frustration.

  • Compared to many other rogue-like or rogue-lite dungeon crawlers, the graphics are nice.
  • Dying and creation of the next adventurer is fast. With each adventurer dying within 30 seconds to five minutes, this is a positive aspect.
  • There are many extras in the game, like gaining equipment for later characters through exploration.
  • Using other monsters to your advantage is sometimes possible.
  • This is a true recreation of the Rogue game of 1980 with modern graphics.
This game is for hardcore gamers, those who like getting their teeth pulled without anesthetics, because it is badass. :)

Still, if you want to have fun playing games, I suggest to play any of these games instead - from casual to more hardcore:
  1. Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle
  2. Sword of the Stars: The Pit
  3. Tales of Maj'Eyal
  4. Darkest Dungeon
Why do I suggest these games, instead of Rogue's Tale? Any of these games will give you a feeling that you survived the last encounter (or did not) because of choices you made. In Rogue's Tale you realize each time something happens that you won or lost because of the random number generator - your decisions do not matter. Toss a coin instead - on tails you lose.

It felt to me like playing an old buggy version of Rogue where the end boss can spawn one step from you when you enter the dungeon. Monsters, loot and interactable objects seem to be generated completely randomly. You do not survive or die because you made the right decisions, you do so because you had a lucky or unlucky roll. As Rogue's Tale's environment is mostly open areas (not narrow tunnels or small interconnected rooms), you can rarely use the environment to your advantage.

Using other monsters to your advantage is sometimes possible. Creatures who are usually docile may attack your opponent if you lead him to them. Unfortunately some of your opponents will be of the invincible kind, so that they decimate the complete level, including you, without losing one hitpoint.

This is how my playthrough for the first ten adventurers went:
  • Some died to an invisible spike trap after a few steps.
  • Some were slaughtered by the first brigand they encountered after a few steps.
  • Some of them actually found weapons and armor immediately after entering the dungeon, getting them equipped just fine - and died to three opponents attacking simultaneously two minutes later.
  • A few more tests showed a complete dependency on the game's random number generator, instead of modern game design. It is truly a recreation of the 1980ies Rogue-type games. Suffer, player! :)
In my eyes, the game's major flaw is that it is Rogue. You will die because of the flip of a coin, after a few seconds or minutes.
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Posted: March 1
I had to take the time to write this review, as i played this games for a few years now.
Great roguelike game, and getting better with updates.

Your simple goal is to become the King, by defeating the old one.
The current king is announced at the start of the game, and is the player who last claimed the crown.

There are no classes, you can develop your character as you like. There are different talents, and you control your 4 base stats to improve you character the way you choose.
Dungeons are random, with some pre-generated ones, so games are always different. And after you complete the dungeon, one way or another, you can reset it, and adventure more. There are no limit on resetting dungeons, so you can explore until you challenge the king, or die.

Frustratingly hard, until you get the hang of the game mechanics and ways to counter enemies,
death is lurking around every corner! And after, too... You really need to think your next move when in tight spot, if you want to get out of it alive. Death is permanent, unless you have a certain amulet, in which case you might get a second change ..=)
The basic game is simple, but has surprising depth as the game has "heritages" to unlock, making the game a little bit of easier as you unlock them, as once you unlock them you can use them in later games.

Overall, personally i have spent countless of hours trying to learn from thousands of deaths, and even succeeded in thinking before acting. And, ive yet to achieve the crown, despite hard trying. This next game Im gonna get there..!
Really a good game, if you like a challenge.

Besides, in the coming update, there should be an easier difficulty level for those learning the game, wanting more casual experience, or not just man enough to handle the game. Good job!
maybe the easier setting takes out those nasty bad reviews telling the game is too hard....

I really recommend it, best roguelikes ive played. If you got the stomach for it, its hard as hell for beginners, and youll die a thousand deaths =)

Thanks for reading.
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Posted: February 19
Seeing that quite some of the bad reviews missed some central points, I kinda felt the need to drop one myself! Sorry ´bout that.
Actually, the mere fact that, while having lots of arguably good "big" games, I keep coming back to this one should say it all.
The "Rogue-like"-Tag on a game is tantalizing to me. And the more down-to-the-core-Rogue-like it is, the more I like the game. Only regrettable feature would be ASCII-graphics ;)
And these games tend to be hard. Very hard. The kind of hard that the majority of younger people can´t cope with, maybe? The Generation WoW: clicky, blingy , levelup..! I don´t know. I know, that back as a kid in the former GDR, I "played" Bards Tale on a C64, hundreds of hours, without even knowing what an RPG is. No Internet, Nobody to ask...
I believe that this is the reason for the success of, say, Dark Souls. It´s so hard, that winning something is actually rewarding again! And that feels good.

And I like Rogue´s Tale! You have to know that it´s hard and random. But that also means the very next item can be that difference-making blessed Ring of Something... You do die, and sometimes cheaper by the Dozen, but hey, it´s hard! But over time, you learn various ways of shaping chances in your favour. If you play it like an generic japanese RPG, then you are bound to fail early and often. It´s a turn-based game, every turn you can make the best decision based on stats and inventory. Most of my (hundreds of) deaths were avoidable in hindsight.

In short, if you like the concept of rogue-likes, maybe played NetHack and the like, or if you like challenging games, then this one´s well worth a try.
For people who enjoy games that splash you with levelup from the start, you might find this game, ahm, ...unrewarding, which is great irony in itself!
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Posted: April 6
a Desura player fan coming to Steam
starting on a fresh account, i haven't played in quite some time, but I have many many dozens of hours into the game.

first of, you might want to check the game website which stand as a wiki made by the game's creator,
Game website & guide
this will give you all the tools you need to start earning heritages, and getting better and better.
heritages are account bonus that gives you STRONG advantages.

I have to say i'm utterly impressed by how many people downvoted, and complained about how punishing the game is, and how many bad reviews there is of this game I love...

I strongly disagree with every single one of them, to every complain about an unfair death, I bet you ask the OP, he was just carelessly exploring, unaware of game mechanics and just randomly complaining about rng.
checking the game's website should help you pass through this point.
After a few heritage unlocks, if you play carefully you'll die a LOT less often, and the game isn't made for your chars to live forever, but to live long enough to have a shot at the KING.

think of it this way : the longer you stay alive, the more likely you are to die but the more powerfull you'll be to defeat the king.

I think way too many player just fail to see the point of the game, expecting something this game is not. That doesn't change the fact that this is a unique game, very well tuned.

and founding very rare equipment, wich are not displayed in the wiki (some blessed rings/amulets) is really a awesome feeling, you'll find yourself saying : THIS IS THE RUN I WAS HOPING FOR!

its maker is talented, and deserve support, + the game gets content updates since a very long time.
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Posted: January 29
This is a true roguelike, albiet a bit distilled to its fundimentals. Yet its done so in a great way. The game is incredibly simple, but also incredibly hard. All my time invested, still yet to be victorious! Damnit!, ♥♥♥♥!, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥! How the ♥♥♥♥!?! You will be sayin all those things and more. Play this game and see what brutal truely means! By the way I oh so recommend this game!
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