Alpha Kimori™ Great Doubt™ Episode One is the first of a trilogy of bright and colorful Japanese Anime inspired story-driven episodic 2D Role Playing Games, which feature an intricate action-adventure epic story with a delightful mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements.
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Release Date: Mar 17, 2014

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“Alpha Kimori: Great Doubt is an excellent, thought-provoking RPG.”
4/5 – Gamezebo

“Sherman3D created a brightly futuristic world with a style of its own that stands out from the pack.”
84% – RPGFan

“Alpha Kimori is a great indie RPG that starts out simply enough, but provides surprising depth in its themes and story.”
4/5 – Operation Rainfall

About This Game

Alpha Kimori™ Great Doubt™ Episode One is the first of a trilogy of bright and colorful Japanese Anime inspired story-driven episodic 2D Role Playing Games, which feature an intricate action-adventure epic story with a delightful mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements.

The story of Alpha Kimori™ is set 50 years after the alien invasion of Earth when the newly discovered planet Kimori plays host to two warring human factions – the Bidarians, who want to reclaim Earth, and the Jinrians, who are contented with their new home. Even as the Bidarians destroy with their mighty Robotic Intelligent Cybernetic Armor (RICA) technology, the Jinrians defend the planet with the ability transmute into colossal indigenous creatures. Amidst the turmoil, young Bidarian warrior, Rick, falls in love with Jinrian princess, Yuki.

1) Cute Japanese anime inspired graphics with full sprite battle animation.

2) Engaging sci-fi-fantasy love triangle interactive novel storyline with lots of twists and turns.

3) Life bars and escape option during combat.

4) Classic Japanese RPG Turn Based Battle gives players time for strategy.

5) Ki Skill animation and battle elemental special effects.

6) Four visible party members and switchable lead character.

7) Avoidable combat with visible enemies.

8) Player is never lost with quest journal.

9) Theme song sung by the popular Vocaloid character, Hatsune Miku ( composed by Yossy ).

10) 5 hours of average gameplay time.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 600 Mhz
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 6.0 compatible
    • DirectX: Version 6.0
    • Storage: 70 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible
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Not Recommended
5.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 1, 2014
Alpha Kimori is a sci-fi Japanese-style RPG set on a planet that humans have colonized and fled to, and home to two warring factions: one that wants to reclaim Earth, and one that wants to live in peace on their new home.

This game is really bad.

In a good RPG, combat requires some tactical decisions and creative use of skills and abilities to beat tougher enemies. In Alpha Kimori, combat is purely a grind, with 99% of fights requiring nothing more than mashing Attack, 1% requiring the occasional Defend command to heal, and 0% of the fights requiring the use of a skill. The sole exception to this rule is the final battle, which is the game's only interesting fight. I highly recommend using JoyToKey and setting up a turbo controller so that it will do the button mashing for you.

In a good RPG, characters are deep and memorable, live in an interesting world, and take part in a grand story. In Alpha Kimori, the plot is dumb and predictable, the heroes have no interesting qualities, and the world is shallow.

Here's the plot: one faction likes to kill animals and people to drain their energy. Our heroes are the only few people that think that rampant murder might be wrong. So, after murdering a few hundred bunnies and birds, the heroes decide to abandon their home for another faction that is only a little less bloodthirsty. A few times, they remember the one defining moment in their lives (the one time someone said that killing was mean) in the form of about ten flashbacks to the same event. There's supposedly a romance in there too, but our leads have less chemistry than oil and water.

I should also mention that the quest design is awful. It mostly consists of running through the same dungeons over and over again, sometimes taking the long way around just to stretch out the game.

The graphics look decent, except that the character won't stay anywhere near the center of the screen. The music is upbeat but not at all memorable. The controls are sub-par, and the game is in desperate need of a sprint button.

I really only continued this game out of a morbid curiosity to see how bad it would get. The bad news is that this game really just isn't even entertaining. For most of my playtime with Alpha Kimori, I was actually playing Mario Golf and letting the turbo controller do all the heavy lifting. This game is a tedious mess, and I can't recommend it to anyone, even if you get it free.

The developer needs to get the first game right before continuing with this "trilogy".
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Not Recommended
5.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 23, 2014
"So Hashbrick do you recommend Alpha Kimori Episode 1?"

"Absolutely!" is what I would have said if it didn't have so many things wrong with it. At this point it is nothing more than a "Well if you like RPGs and don't mind a huge let my guest"

Let's go down the list of everything that just makes this a disappointment in any regard.


Short - 5-7hrs depending on how hard you grind there isn't much going for it. The story has a hard time taking off and when you are done you are still wondering what exactly went on in that short time frame. This is exactly why RPGs were never made in episode form originally, it is hard to tell a meaningful story in a short period of time.

Soundtrack - Get ready to hear the same damn music over and over. One of the songs actually sounds like watching a citcom where it hits the high notes and out comes the actors running down the stairs with their names appearing. It is a very odd taste of music and you will groan everytime you hear it even with the short episode.

Lack of Strategy - The only time you will ever use "skills" is on boss fights to quickly defeat them, other than that the whole game is cruise control of spamming just attack and watching ♥♥♥♥ die. There is no weaknesses or status effects just a minor attack up, attack down system.

Redone & Overused Areas - Get ready to go to the same damn areas you go through in the beginning of the game with the exception of the final area that is new everything is rehashed for every quest and side quest. You litteraly do not venture more than a woods right next to your town and nothing more. There is times where you wish they'd just wipe the enemies clean and just let you run instead of running into lvl 1 ♥♥♥♥ at lvl 32 just cause its the very first area but you need to do quest X here for the 10th time.

Story - Extremely weak story of a love triangle (or lack there of) between a brain dead, can't think for myself female that is obbsessed with the main character to the point it makes you sick. Then this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ likes the chick you could care less about while you hunt for another chick on the other faction to realize that you could care less about your own morals that were forced on you by your crazy ♥♥♥ parents who have no problem to just kill you off if you fail your exam?!?! Oh ya and something about some alpha ship that came from Earth to this planet, with two factions; one that wants to get back to Earth and one that wants to just stay and make the best of it, who then made these Kimori human like things but not considered humans who consider themselves gods, while 7 souls of angels that turn into some kinda gem thing implanted in 7 different characters that can call these angel things in battle, while the other faction can turn into enemies and the reason to kill monsters on the planet is to harness their ki energy for....reasons. Confused yet? Good don't expect anything else when it ends there is nothing if anything explained in this crazy mindless plot. (It is suppose to sound like a run-on because of how short the episode is and how much they jam in your throat)

Items That Don't Matter - Throw your items in the garbage, you will never use them if you are on par with the levels you should be. As for weapons and armor you will get hand outs during the story no point of ever using the stores ever...

Lack of world building - There is no detail in most the areas you will travel through, just plain grass, caves, one town and a small one with little to nothing in it.

Cutscenes - Not only will you see the same cutscene cut up in different places over 10 times in different points in the game as they ram it home that "this is the defining moment of change!" You will also be greeted to ingame cutscenes that require npc movement that takes so long and you can't move until its complete. The graduation ceremony you watch 3 npcs walk up take their document and go back to their place, for what, what point is there making the player wait a long ♥♥♥ time for no gain, no dialog, just movement... Seems like they just did one flash back and cut it up cause it was too much work.


Graphics - looks good for a 2D RPG, models are nicely detailed.

Battle Engine - While not having to actually use it much, it is overall a well built battle engine turn based menu system.

Character Building - While being short it does a ok job at detailing some of the characters and giving them a background, this is probably the shining moment in the game and the only shining moment. There are some cliched character of course but for the most part the reasons and ambitions are clearly detailed throughout the short episode.


If you like a RPG with a meaty story, look elsewhere. If you don't mind grinding mindlessly and go through the same areas over and over again for a little piece of pie (the story or lack thereof) then by all means take the plunge. I can't recommend this game based on the obvious issues with this game there is no meat for the lover of RPGs and in retrospect if I had known it was going to be what it was I probably would have not pushed myself through the entire episode.

2/10 - extremely average run of the mill RPG with little to no reason to actually need to experience it.
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Not Recommended
9.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 6, 2015
Falls short in too many areas. Just going to echo the major points, though:

1. Combat is too simplistic. Just spam your high damage ability and grind. Nevermind any kind of "balance" concerns, it never even attempts any kind of depth by giving things like ability/class variety, itemization, consumable management... nothing!
2. Writing is too awkward. I can forgive the above point and a weak story/premise if the writing is good (especially since this is an RPG where the focus is on writing).
3. I did complete the game. The "hours played" is a little long because I left the game on for an hour or so while I did other stuff. I don't think the game is too short. If anything it's too long. I say this because this game IMMEDIATELY throws you into grinding. And there's plenty more grinding to be had throughout. On top of that, you revisit the same areas all the time! Basically this is a ~2 hour game stretched into 7 or so. And you can't avoid at least doing some grinding. I was about level 37 on the last boss and he presented the only challenge of the game. If I was... I dunno, level 25 or something I don't think he would be beatable.

More on the writing-
The major problems come from two sources: everything is too direct and on the nose (Main character is told to kill, he states that he refuses to kill. Every person has to explain everything like how the government is fascist and fascism is bad. People outright point out their own biases and then say, "But you're not like that" within one second of meeting someone, etc etc) and the dialogue itself is awkwardly phrased. It sounds like it's written by someone with a passion for writing, but their first language isn't English? Like if you were to meet this writer in person you'd be impressed and say, "Wow, your English is great!" but it's not up to snuff when it comes to dialogue in a written story. The phrasing is always SLIGHTLY off. On top of that, it neither attempts to be natural or what I call "movie dialogue" (where each line is meant to both move the plot forward AND demonstrate a [thin] personality within 5 or so words).
So- to put it more simply- it's kind of a pain to read.
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46 of 57 people (81%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
8.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 30, 2014
Here is your generic JRPG.
Though, it has beautiful music, a catchy battle theme and a great story concept, the story is almost non existent.
75% of the time, you will be in the same three zones, grinding through monsters.

And that's pretty much it.
The other 25% you will get a little bit of the story, and some character who orders you to go back again to the zones you were already three time through.

An spoiler-free example:
Someone mentions, that this girl wants a word with you, so you head to her home.
The girl isn't there but you can talk to some stranger in her house, who tells you that she is in the flat of that dude upstairs.
So you go upstairs, only to find out she and that dude aren't there either.
Gladly, another random person tells you they are both at a top secret place, and because he's a nice guy he will tell you where it is.
IF you bring him this stone, which is unfortunately at the end of a place you already been three times.
To reach this place, you have to grind two other areas, which you been obviously too, in the past.

Another example:
There is this super important tower which you have to get to immediately.
But first, you have to get a few items, from the zones mentiond above already.
Once you recover the items, you may notice, that you bought these exact ones about an hour ago in the town.
So yeah, thanks for nothing, let's head finally to the tower now.

This basically the gameplay.
Someone tells you to grind through those three zones, you go back, to another port of your hometown, only to get told to go through the damn three zones again.

Sounds a bit harsh, but really: this games doesn't deserve more than 2 out of 10 points.
Especially with that price, which is way to high.
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94 of 154 people (61%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
4.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 19, 2014
It's clear that a ton of work went into Alpha Kimori's legitimately impressive spritework, visual design (that very much brings to mind the classic Phantasy Star titles) and custom systems. Unfortunately, the experience quickly becomes mired in tedium thanks to an absolutely insane amount of backtracking, terrible writing and boring characters. After two hours I could stand no more.
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Not Recommended
8.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 22, 2014
I wish I could recommend this game. It's clearly not just another crappy RPGM game: the devs put effort into the art and story, and it shows (I played through the whole thing mainly because the story seemed promising). Unfortunately, it fails at being a game. As other reviewers have noted, the characters' ability sets are all made with the same cookie cutter, and battle is extremely repetitive with no tactical aspect: attack, rinse, and repeat.

Maybe get it on sale if you're an avid JRPG fan; otherwise, avoid.
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6.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 7, 2014
Excellent Game, been awhile since I played something that really kept me interested story wise. Also liked the classic JRPG feeling, I look forward to part two when you release it!
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5.9 hrs on record
Posted: April 26, 2014
Alpha Kimori: Great Doubt - Episode One is Sherman3D’s first foray into making an in-house video game, with their previous work having been mostly outsourced programming and artwork for games such as Drawn to Life and Scribblenauts - and a fairly good first game at that. Sherman3D have brought something fairly unique to the table by releasing a Malaysian-produced Role-playing game more in-line with classical Japanese RPGs than anything.

Alpha Kimori takes place in a future in which aliens known as Centaurians have invaded Earth. A god-figure known as alpha Alpha - a giant spaceship - comes to the planet and rescues a chosen few humans, who are in-turn protected by 7 Angels who serve it. Alpha brings these humans to Kimori, a new planet in which humanity can begin anew.

The humans quickly run afoul of eachother and split into two warring factions, the Bidarians and the Jinrians. The Bidarians wish to drain Kimori of its resources (Crystals known as Ki Crystals) to create an attack force to take back Earth by force, while the Jinrians wish to live in harmony with their new planet and embrace the second chance they have been given.

Alpha Kimori follows Rick, a genetically-enhanced Bidarian supersoldier who begins to question whether the values he was raised on are morally right, or if he was just raised to believe they were. The story is a politically-rich tale with surprisingly complex themes of morality and legacy, and there are enough twists and turns to keep you gripped and waiting for the next scene of character interaction to find out where the story is going.

The story is definitely the most important and interesting aspect of Alpha Kimori, and you will find yourself pining for the second episode by the time you’re finished with the five hours this title delivers. Despite a few spelling errors and awkward translations here and there, the story is detailed and well put-together, and will definitely have you thinking about it afterwards.

The game is designed much like a standard old-school JRPG and doesn’t have that many unique aspects going for it as far as gameplay is concerned. It is an unfortunate example of an average game in this respect, as what it does pretty much just works and isn’t that interesting. This is especially noticeable at times in the story when you are expected to backtrack through areas littered with the most basic of enemies.

Much like in Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, the combat system is a standard turn-based tirade with attacking, special abilities, guarding, and items. There is no substance and no interesting combat options. Even when you unlock one of the most important plot-related abilities, it’s just slapped in the Skills menu with your other abilities. The only thing setting it apart from regular JRPGs is the fact that combat order isn’t dictated by a speed stat - instead the player characters always go first, except for one minor exception found in an extremely easy fight later on in the game.

I found the biggest problem with the gameplay is how insultingly easy it is. I didn’t find myself challenged by a single fight until the final boss, which was just straight-up unfair unless you have a good stockpile of powerful healing items. For the most part I found I could win fights in a single turn, which was only furthered by the fact the critical hit rate in the game is ramped up all the way. Critical hits happened so often that it looked like they may as well have swapped the crit rate with the normal hit rate.

Most new areas came with enemies that were only slightly more difficult (Generally more health and a tiny bit more damage) but with exponentially increased experience rates. In one area I was getting 100 experience per enemy, only to have that boosted to 300 per enemy in the next. This made me feel like I was permanently overleveled and made the game a breeze, coupled with the fact leveling up restores all your health and Ki (The game’s Magic Points).

Disappointingly, the design of the game feels like a lot more effort was put into artificially extending the game than creating anything with substance. You are repeatedly sent back through areas that have no relevance to the story whatsoever, and some parts even damage the story just for the sake of 10 minutes of added length.

The backtracking isn’t all bad though, as graphically the game is spectacular for what it is. All the graphics are beautifully hand-crafted pixel art very reminiscent of Phantasy Star and the Super Robot Taisen series, and the battle graphics are fully animated and a joy to watch, and each area was designed extremely well and rewarded venturing from the route you were to follow, making the backtracking a perfect chance to go back and find things you’d missed the first time around.

Accompanying every area, battle, and gripping scene is Alpha Kimori’s absolutely superb soundtrack. There is very little to complain about with the music in the game, with every song perfectly orchestrating the importance and emotion of every scene. The composer of Alpha Kimori really outdid themselves and I applaud them for creating such a beautiful soundtrack, which is most definitely the best part of the entire game and made my experience all the more enjoyable.

In conclusion, there are a few major problems with Alpha Kimori, but these could all easily be fixed, and I eagerly await the second episode with fingers crossed hoping that they have done so. I would recommend picking up this game if you value story more in video games more than anything else, as it is a spectacularly well-told story which now has me craving the second episode just so I can find out what happens!

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55 of 89 people (62%) found this review helpful
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: March 18, 2014
yes the game IS amazing. i really love it and will get the next episode.
BUT episode 1 has like 5-6 hours of gameplay and does not really end. its just episode 1 from a total of 3. and of course that kind of sucks...
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Not Recommended
4.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 27, 2015
Alpha Kimori is an ok game that suffers from some debilitating issues

easy to learn battle system.
Good art
good music

the fights are relatively easy without any grinding required.
I don't know if it's due to the translation or not,but the dialogue and plot are so terrible I cannot continue to play this game. reading the dialogue is like watching a soap opera it is that level of forced conversation. In fact a soap opera is better.

Update! I got developer comments. That's awesome. That makes the dev's credibility go up a notch in my eyes just for that. And, given that I think I'll add some more detail to this review so they, and others, can understand exactly what I'm talking about.

Warning! Small spoilers along with *a lot* of text below

The issues I have with the story are more to do with the character interactions. I played right up until the two main characters have spied on the lady in the cloak and it's time for graduation. I've got three specific examples I can show right at this point in the game:

1. you are ordered by one of the elder's to follow the woman in the cloak. Why does this person order you, someone that's not even graduated to follow someone? I could see the motivation for choosing the MC as being an internal political struggle since maybe the MC and his family has leanings towards the other elder you are supposed to deliver the package too, a test of loyalty for the character to see if he is willing to follow orders since he doesn't like to kill and may be conspiring with the enemy, or some other thing. However, whatever the motivation is for having the MC follow the woman in the cloak we aren't shown any of it. All we have is a blatant plot hook that the player is smacked in the face with. The Elder even says something to the effect of "she trusts you" but we don't know that. The Elder certainly shouldn't know that. It makes the Elder come across as either knowing way more and being scary intelligent, which it didn't for me, or just some dumb guy that has powers of the script.

Aside from the fact that having a non-graduate tail someone who could be an enemy spy instead of trained government agents the presentation to make the MC as a choice could've been better: Something like "that areas mostly for trainees, you being there makes perfect sense so go ahead and catch up and see what you can learn" It's not great but it's better than "Plot character appears and forces you on a quest"

2. On the day of graduation the character "confronts" his parents with his lack of desire to graduate and be a soldier. This has several flaws:

A. The MC seems entirely unaware of the situation he's in and how his opinion will be construed. Either the MC doesn't understand his situation and therefore is stupid or he does understand the situation and doesn't care if his parents reject or report him and is willing to accept death. Now if he's aware and is willing to accept death he's either brave or depressed at his existence maybe verging on suicidal. However, we don't see any of those traits in the MC prior to this. We see only a sort of vague resistance to his situation. He'll avoid killing the beasts if he can, but if the player chooses to charge headlong into every fight killing every animal drenching the characters in the blood of the fallen that's all good. So the MC is neither directly opposed nor directly for. he's only sort of "meh"

B. His parents reaction is so over the top it is unbelievable. The line "I'll kill you myself" is probably what pushed it over the edge for me. That single line says so much about the characters relationship with his parents as well as theirs with him and yet the response to it is "oh well I guess I should go to graduation then".

C. There's no variation in the text. It seems like a small point and yet throughout this whole very intense conversation the text is the same. I don't know if there is inflections or raised voices or anything. It reads monotone.

I have no problem with the plot being straightforward. Straightforward is fine. I don't need a bunch of choice trees like mass effect to enjoy a game. But I do need to be able to believe the characters. With this game I felt like I was watching a presentation not playing a game.

Hopefully this makes my point of view a little more clear and also doesn't come across as emotional. I have tried to present my examples objectively without rambling. Feel free to comment and let me know if this comes across as too personal instead of professional.
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Recently Posted
3.9 hrs
Posted: October 1
Its not a game, its a pile of garbage.
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0.1 hrs
Posted: July 21
its just boring honestley
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4.9 hrs
Posted: June 7
Product received for free
It's an RPG made by RPG-maker

== Story ==

The story is interesting, but it really lacks details (there are some inconsistencies, for both the story and the character psychology). Also, there is an annoying flashback that you will get to see at least 10 times.. (remember Naruto's flashbacks ? Well, it's in the same style).

The battles are also not consistent with the story. You defeat a character, but in the story he actually defeats you.. It's a bit misleading, and devaluates a lot the battle (why did you fight him in the first place if he knocks you down anyway in the story ?)

== Battles ==

The battles are unfortunately dull and boring - your characters become very quickly OP, the animations are slow, and you spend most of your time doing battles that you know you will win.

An average battle in this game : you kill the monster in 2 shots, the monster kills you in 15 shots, and before your health goes down, either you lvl up or you just heal yourself with a spell.

However, the final boss battle is really challenging - I wish all the (at least boss) battles of the game had been like that !

Bonus : the 7/8 unavoidable consecutive battles that are just copy/paste of each others, and that you know you will win because you one/two shot the monsters

== Quests/Gameplay ==

"Hey ! I've heard that this and that guys will meet in secret.. I won't tell you where, unless you bring me back this thing that someone stole from me."
> You go meet the guy, walking through 2-3 zones infested of monsters, the guy tells you that he needs you to bring him another item
> You go search for this item, walking again through 2 zones
> You just wasted 30 min - 1h just so that you know where to go next

These kind of quests are necessary to continue the story, but man I wish I didn't do those. It does not add anything to the story, and it really feels like content-filler at this point.

== Music ==

Hell yeah, the music is really awesome in this game. That's one of his only positive points, but the OST is really cool, especially the main theme.

== Visuals ==

Aside from some of the animations that are a pixel mess, the sprites are very well done and eye-candy.

== Characters ==

Like I said above, sometimes they are not really consistent.. But I liked them nevertheless

== Conclusion ==

Don't play the game for the gameplay - play it for the story. It has some dull phases here and there, but it's a quite good story.

However, I don't think it's worth the 9.99€. For 10€, one would expect a more challenging / less dull gameplay, as well as a more refined storytelling, and this is the main reason of my downvote.

If it included both episodes 1 & 2, it would already be better. I just want either more content for that price, or more gameplay quality.
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One Man and his Droid
0.1 hrs
Posted: February 16
...I've seen all I need to in five minutes... broken english, an 800x600 res that looks shocking, glitchy graphics, a fighting system that's been bettered a million times over... absolutely pointless wasting any more time on this... Ugh.
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8.9 hrs
Posted: January 17
It was difficult for me if I should recommend you this game or not. I chose for a no, because I wanted to quit on this game a few times during chapters 1 & 2. I enjoyed chapter 3, but it was the shortest of them all.

+ Typical JRPG game (decent story and ok music)
+ Easy straightforward English for the beginning player or non-native English speakers
(but maybe too easy for the other gamers)
+ Different enemies, character design
+ Good bossfights (maybe that's the way the combat should have been for the entire game)

- Short game, not many quests
- Dull quests (you can't choose to do a side mission or not)
- Small area & always returning to previous ones to stretch out the game
- Only a few items you can buy, very low character adjusting items
- Unrewarding, unbalanced overpowered combat (grinding)
- Critical hit chance for your characters is way too high, you are also way overpowered
- Unskippable special ki-attack scenes (very repeating & boring)
(- Maybe an option to unlock artwork when finishing certain parts of the game)
(- Maybe an option to adjust screen size, graphics aren't great on full screen and the 2nd screen option is too small)
(- No option to delete save games in-game)
(- Mouse sensitivity can't be adjusted in-game)
(- Music gets too repetitive after a while)

Grab this game when you are an (J)RPG fan and the price is low.
I got it at a low price and finished the game, so it's not all bad.
I can't compare it to other JRPG's because I haven't played many JRPG's.
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5.1 hrs
Posted: December 30, 2015
A short but interesting game.

As you start up the game you are greated to a anime sounding soundtrack, and to be honest I did not know what to think. The style is very JRPG and I am not the biggest fan of the genre. Eventhough the presentation made me think JRPG and indie, I was very suprised by the game. It is not a game of the year ofc, but it is still a fun little titel.

Well it`s a turnbased attck game, you have your basic classes the warrior the mage etc. But this game is set in a future like theme, so everyone has there own abilities based on the stone in them. It`s hard to explain without spoiling the story. The gameplay is decent but get`s repetative and slow very fast. Only the story really keept me going. A big flaw for me was the short amount of grinding I needed to do, in order to become a unstoable god. This balance flaw should be fixed in my opinion.
There are also a few fetch quest whitch makes a lot of the gameplay whitch was not in any way interesting.

All the cahrecters are pretty great. One thing I did not like was the fact that the charecters personality are sided. This is not a bad thing, but this stops cahrecter develpoment and makes the charecters really boring at times.
The main charecter dose not belive it is ok to kill, therefore his "girlfriend" helps him out by killing the creatures he is told to. This reapets throughout th story again and again, I will talk more about this in -story-.

The main bad guy is your starting leader and he believis it is ok to kill creatures in order to go home, the main good guy belives the opersit. I will talk more about it, but as said the charecters are really one sided and stays that way throughout the story.

The style is 8-bit and it suits the game for the most part. Not much to say here since the game is as short as it is.

The music is pretty great, the soundtrack remeinds me of other games from the same genre. A small problem about the music is that it loops and repeats in every area, and when you enter a new area. This can make the music a bot tiresome at times.
Now about the sound. The speciel attack sound is pretty....loud! I needed to constantlly turn up and down my volume becouse new charecters had a highpich speciel attack. This is not a flaw, but really annoying.

The story is as folows: humans has been removed from the earth becouse of aliens have taken over. They find another planet to live on and are split into 2 factions. The ones that want to go back to earth and the others that want to live on the new planet. These factions are at war, becouse the first faction wants to kill the ki creatures on the planet, in order to power thier powerfull robots.

The main charecter hates to kill ki creatures and his girlfriend kill for him, in order not to make himself a bad name around town, when the main charecter gets a chance to join the other faction, he goes for it.

Without spoiling to much, I can say the story is good at times, but really get`s boring at other times. The climactic ending made up for it in my opinion, but really judge for youself.

The game is short, a weak RPG, and gets really boring at times, still I found the game enjoyable, eventhough it has flaws, This for me was a decent game, and if you are a fan of the JRPG genre, you could give it try.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: December 30, 2015
This is a turn based RPG

Options menu:
- Music on/off
- Fullscreen on/off
That's it. No cancelling cut scenes, text speed, music volume ...

'tis a joke?
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Gundam Karn
6.4 hrs
Posted: December 20, 2015
l liked it come on episodes 2 and 3!!!!!!!
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2.1 hrs
Posted: November 30, 2015
pretty cute and fun!
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6.1 hrs
Posted: October 18, 2015
An another anime inspired JRPG game...I'm always up for those! 5 hours of gameplay is indeed very accurate and if this is RPG maker game it has alot more effort in it than many others of it's kind out there.

However it also is still lacking in many many areas. Here's the key points:
  • Graphics are nice and detailed better than what you usualy find in most indie jrpgs.
  • Soundtracks are good but not much of variety of them. Their prided hatsune miku soundtrack is a nice addition but when it plays on almost every occasion get's a bit boring.
  • Sound effects of charackters in combact are very weak and lame, I'm sure you can get better SFX from but it's something one can get used to and don't care.
  • Combact itself is quite repetetive, charackters really could use more skills to obtain, however almost all enemy encounters are avoidable if you so desire.
  • The game is really easy, until the last boss fight, where it suddenly becomes frustatingly unfair and luck based.

And lastly it's calling itself the "story-driven" so I guess the most important thing is whether the story is good? The answer would be - yeah it's ok. By no means great, the emo protagonist is a bit annoying, cliche dialogs are a bit too obvious, some nonsensical forced quests inserted out of place is...really annoying, but It's still engaging and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

So overall the game is above average, I'd recommend it for everyone who likes JRPGs. Full price is acceptable, on sale - definitely.
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