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Race to unearth the mystery of a forgotten civilization and rescue your kidnapped fiancé in this atmospheric adventure, suitable for beginners and diehards alike, which features a haunting blend of puzzle-solving and investigation.
Release Date: Apr 15, 2014
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Indie Royale Phoenix Bundle!

June 4th, 2014

Introducing the Indie Royale Phoenix Bundle! For the next week only you’ll be able to purchase Cognition Episodes 3&4, The Cat Lady, Lost Civilization, Face Noir, Reperfection and a secret game. All as part of a bundle with a discounted price.

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About the Game

Race to unearth the mystery of a forgotten civilization and rescue your kidnapped fiancé in this atmospheric adventure, suitable for beginners and diehards alike, which features a haunting blend of puzzle-solving and investigation. As amateur archaeologist Sarah, journey from the dark corners of Prague to the forgotten chapters of Mayan civilization as you solve clever puzzles and unravel ancient secrets that could lead to proof that alien life exists on Earth. Featuring over 120 richly-detailed and animated scenes, haunting sound effects, and a refreshing variety of challenges ranging from point-and-click adventuring to hidden object challenges, the fate of the world rests in your hands.

  • Haunting storytelling and atmosphere
  • Archaeology adventure suitable for all skill levels
  • Blends engaging puzzles and hidden object challenges
  • Over 120 richly-detailed scenes and 30 interactive characters
  • Atmospheric sound and musical score

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor: 1.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 509 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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For a hidden object game, Lost Civilization is a very well-done game, certainly one of the best that I've played. While on the short side (what HOG isn't), the few hours that you spend clicking around the screen is worth the story. And the fact that you do more than just find junk hidden throughout screens that'll make a hoarder blush makes it worth playing. I'd actually consider this title more of a hybrid of HOG and PnC adventure game because it has you solve puzzles in addition to randomly clicking on a cluttered screen. Any fan of hidden object games should feel right at home playing this one.
Posted: April 27th, 2014
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With a gripping plot, Lost Civilization is definitely one of the better "casual games" I've played. Most hidden object games can be quite dull, but this one feels like a hybrid between a hidden object game and a traditional point and clicker. Many of the puzzles in the game are well thought out and well executed. However, the voice acting (not that there was much) definitely could use some work. Also, the game was quite short, but I think in games like this, shorter is sometimes better. Overall, Lost Civiilization is another winner for Phoenix Online. 7/10.
Posted: May 11th, 2014
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Short, sweet. The protangonist is occasionally a ♥♥♥♥♥, the geography and depiction of real places is hazy at best and you are of course beset by a strange desire to rifle through dumpsters hunting random objects for no apparent reason - this is of course par for the course in any hidden object game though!

The good: The puzzles are quite fun, the addition of a sort of reverse hidden object game where you have a bunch of random objects and have to place them within the scene is quite nice and the vague attempt at a narrative is not nearly as bad as some I've encountered.

The bad: Hidden object games that have a tendancy to pop up behind you meaning you are forced to constantly backtrack over areas you thought were complete in order to find an object which the game has only just deemed you worthy of being allowed to find. Complete inability to hold onto my cursor despite running full screen meant it kept creeping into my other monitors and I'd find myself simultaneously clicking in and out of game at the same time.

Overall: Probably not worth the price tag shown but as an amusing couple of hours distraction if you can pick it up cheap, it's not too bad.
Posted: June 12th, 2014
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
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if you like hidden object games, youll love this game or enjoy it very much
some sections of the game drawn out at times, though i havent finished the story you might like it.
its related to technology and the protagonist is and archaelogist . good voice acting that helps you inmerse yourself in the game.
Posted: June 28th, 2014
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If you want to play a hidden object game, go get another one. There are plenty of them which are much better than this. If the game wants to have a plot, then it needs to make sense. Otherwise, spare us the horrible cutscenes and nonsensical gameplay.

I got this game because I live in Prague and I was excited to play a game that takes place here. The visuals are pretty accurate, for the most part, but the content is absurd. It's like someone made the images based on postcards and photos of Prague, without ever having actually gone there. I knew something was wrong when one of the most popular attractions in the city, Charles Bridge, was completely abandoned in the middle of the night, with a lone artist standing there telling you Prague is a dangerous city. Not even remotely close.

But most people will be more interested in gameplay than accuracy. Unfortunately, it leaves a lot to be desired. So far what I've played through has been frustrating. Lots of cutscenes. The hidden object puzzles are mostly standard, very easy, not very many objects to find, but now and then they throw in something absurdly difficult (like a hookah broken into two pieces, one of which is partially obscured - most people would never have recognized a dismantled hookah, and even I, someone who uses them occasionally, needed a hint to find the second piece).

The plot is pretty cringe-worthy. You, the English woman with an American accent, are looking for your boyfriend, the guy with the Polish name who lives in Prague. He doesn't answer his door, so your immediate action is to break into the neighboring apartment, smash all the windows, and then use a rope to swing into his window (by rappelling down to the floor below you, even though his apartment is next door). On the way you commandeer an artist's stall on an abandoned bridge in the mdidle of the night, apparently selling your paintings to thin air and receiving in return coins from every country *except* the Czech Republic, which are then used to open a machine and get... a letter opener? To pry a note out of a crack in a statue (another irritating bit of inaccurate nonsense - the statues on that bridge are very famous and very well cared-for). The note is from your boyfriend who tells you to meet him at his apartment, but to get inside you have to retrieve a key from a sewer grate with a fishing pole, because apparently he doesn't have a doorbell and AARGGHH I want to pull my hair out just thinking about the convoluted loops you have to go through. What on earth were they thinking when they made this game?

And now and then on the way you suddenly need to do a hidden-object puzzle which has nothing to do with the terrible plot. Quick, you have to break into your boyfriend's apartment! But first, you need to reassemble a hookah, turn on a projector and locate the flag in the film, grab a blue butterfly off the wall, and... wait, what were we doing again? Anyway, off to break some windows...

Don't buy it. If you want lovely pictures of Prague, there are loads of them elsewhere. If you want a game that won't make you facepalm yourself into a concussion, most any other hidden object game will do the job nicely.
Posted: June 4th, 2014
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